Rumble at the Rock Information….

Everyone here at hopes everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. With that said…its time to get back to work. With Rumble at the Rock 9 looming its time to get some information out there for everyone to digest and one of the biggest bits of information for every RATR is the stipulations tied to the matches. We will see several traditional RATR stipulations and environments return and they will be tied to specific matches. See below for that information:

RATR Stipulation
America vs. Best Solitary Confinement
World Title Infirmary Match
LSD Prison Yard Match
ICON Gen Pop Match
Tag Title Guard Tower Match
Singles/Tag Match Gen Pop Match
Singles/Tag Match Gen Pop Match
Singles/Tag Match Gen Pop Match

Simple math should tell all interested parties that not EVERYONE will be making the PPV card as opposed to War Games where Lee made it a point to make sure everyone had a match.

So with that said here are the confirmed matches for RATR….one you knew about…the second one you are finding out for the first time now:

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

Prison Yard Match
High Flyer vs. Max Kael Jr. vs. MJ Flair©

Coming off the draw from the first Chaos we can confirm that Michael has more to say regarding the LSD Championship match, but for now we do know that both High Flyer and Kael Jr. have wrestled their way into the Title Match at RATR.

We can also confirm that there will be number one contender matches at RATR where the winners will get title shots at a future date. As always the card is subject to change and with that in mind…..if you have heat…keep it going….if you have no heat… better get some. Champion or new signee…..if you have no heat you will have no PPV match.

Look for a Hot Take from Lee Best this week to speak more about RATR and other happenings in the land of High Octane.

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