Not all is lost



Reports coming from inside the deepest depths of Camp Bandit are saying that barring a miracle, The Maestro of COOL, Cool Jiles, is OUT for Refueled VIII.

Word is, the Bandits aren’t releasing an official statement in an attempt to keep their opponents in the dark. Apparently, while Jiles did make great progress, all the while not managing to give himself frostbite, it wasn’t enough.

With Refueled VIII less than 48 hours away, all eyes now turn to Bobby Dean and the biggest weigh in of his life.

And who will be the randomly selected superstar that gets to witness the entire thing?

All this and more at Refueled V!!!

Plan C

The one you don’t fuck with.
Roleplay Countdown


  • Exit Conference: Part 3

    Hello. Is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. …the feeling, is mu-tu-al. I won’t front. You...
  • Exit Conference

    Refueled 8. What’s left of it. The fire is out. All are gone. Except the three left behind. Debris is everywhere. It’s dark. It’s miserable. Amongst all of it,...
  • Who will it be?

    BREAKING NEWS. With the possibility of Cool Jiles being out for the main event, High Octane Wrestling has announced that a random superstar will be selected as a witness...
  • Pig Headed

    The old guard is out.  The new guard is in. The roster has seemingly doubled overnight. The pressure to perform, and keep ahead of the pack, doubling right along...