I’m Not Booked

The authorities were called to the O’Dell residence in Manchester, England whereby a semi-naked man (Jonny O’Dell) was seen jumping on a trampoline in his mother’s back garden early this morning.

The distressed next door neighbour (Mrs. O’Brien) raised concerns as O’Dell exercised with plastic dumbbells whilst jumping on the trampoline… in only his knickers.

Commenting on the incident, Jonny O’Dell had this to say: I don’t do any tricks.. I just jump.

Adding: I stay fit, I watch what I eat..  because I never know when my next match is going to be. My last match was at War Games but I’m not booked at Refueled so it gets to be a lot longer between matches. So I don’t know my arse from my elbow at this point so I’ve got to stay in shape for my next match. I’ve got to be ready.

Pressured further by police whilst under a recorded interview at the station, O’Dell rambled: No. No I won’t be at Refueled VIII. I’m not booked for one thing. I’d even offered my services as a referee but whoever makes the decisions decided to not make any offers. So I’m not booked, I won’t be there.

Jonny O’Dell was released without charge.

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