Visit to the Grave

August 21st. Dusk, the sun is set behind the horizon, it no longer shines brilliantly in the sky. Leaving just enough light to see. Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It’s one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles, California. Located in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Jace is seen kneeling at a grave while placing flowers down off in the near distance. The camera man slowly makes his way to Jace. The name on the tombstone is that of Jace’s mother. Anna Savage. Jace dressed for the occasion in his Black suit. 


“It’s been awhile since I had a chance to come visit mom.”


Jace pauses for a moment to collect himself as a slight breeze goes by.


“I have a few things to tell you. I know you aren’t going to want to hear this.I got into some trouble with the law and went to prison for a few years.”


Once again pausing for a moment but nodding his head this time as if he had heard his mother’s reply. 


“Yeah I know you never wanted me to go down that path and be like my father. Now, I have no choice but to do so. My entire life I have struggled with trying to do the right thing and trying to succeed. Now. I choose to succeed and in order to do so I need to be like him. I need to be as ruthless as he can be.”


Jace once again silent for a moment.


“I understand you don’t like this but it’s too late. You see it has already begun. Tearing apart the HOW Arena, destroying our opposition was thrilling. It will continue until we get the respect we deserve. You know even though he was a bastard one thing for sure is my oldman commanding respect wherever he went. Now it’s my turn. I am going to get the respect I deserve and it starts at Chaos. I hope you can understand and forgive me for what I’m about to do. I have no other choice, this has to be done.”


Jace stands from his kneeling position and wipes off the little bit of dirt from his pant leg.


“I’ll be back to visit again, promise.”


Jace walks to and gets in his limo and sitting in the back is a long time friend and former manager Tidus Howe. Tidus ran a group called The House of Howe. Many great stars belonged under the banner but non really loyal to each other. Howe managed each career separately. Bringing numerous stars championships and epic matches.


Jace:“Sorry to keep you waiting old friend. I needed to say some things to my mother before we proceed with future plans.” As he reaches into the bar for a beer, opening it and taking a drink.


Tidus:“No worries bro. I get it. Now that we have caught up on the way over here and you said your peace to your mother. What can I do for you? I didn’t think you contacted me just to have a beer with an old friend.” He takes a drink of his beer


Jace:”I need some help. Since returning to the ring. My career has been lackluster, to say the least. I’m nowhere on the same level I use to be. I need to get back to that. I need for the assholes of HOW who look down on me to realize who I am.”


Tidus:”What is it you need them to realize Jace? You haven’t had the best career to prove anything. Sure you have two tag titles under your belt. You have a few great and memorable matches that standout. Here is the thing though, you did it all with Hollywood at your side. I honestly can’t say you have done anything on your own. You’ve come close a few times and can perform well but in the end you always come up short.”


Jace:”Your right Tidus. I haven’t which is why it all begins now. I have been back and forth. Caught in between trying to be a decent person in the ring and do what I need to in the ring to win. This come Chaos though in the triple threat tag match I will show all of HOW just who I am.”


Tidus:”And who is that Jace?”


Jace:”I’m a fucking Savage. I will do as I please to you and there will be no way of stopping me.”


Tidus:”So what is it exactly you want me to do?”


Jace:”It’s obvious I want you to manage my career from outside of the ring. I need you to promote me and get me better matches. One by one I am going to eat the competition until I make my way to Cecilworth and claim the Icon title for myself. I don’t need Hollywood to win my battles. Come Chaos it’s fucking on.”


Tidus:”First things first you need to beat 2 other teams at Chaos. You have the teams of Ground  Zero and Egg Bandits to deal with. Both teams in which are stacked with good talent.”


Jace”They don’t mean shit to me. I understand the may be good but if no respect can be given to me then fuck ‘em. They all want to overlook me? They all just seem to think that because we follow Hollywood that he is the only god damn threat we pose? They can go eat a bowl of fucking dicks. 


Egg Bandits are playing kid games with grown ass men. I don’t have time to twitter battle. They want to try and insult us, saying we are throwing a tantrum? They can say what they want facts speak for themselves. At the End of Refueled we were the ones left standing. We made our declaration of war. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I don’t have time to fuck around. I want to be the best and because of that their bullshit outside of the ring has no effect. When we step into the ring this time they will know just who I am.


Same goes for Ground Zero. They have only gotten a taste of what I can do at War games. They’ve seen what we do as a group. They as well as the rest of the roster now knows we give no fucks and will do what we please when we please to do it.” 


Tidus:”Okay I’ll do it. I’ll manage you once again. But only from the outside. I’m not getting involved ringside, Hell I probably won’t be at a show but I will promote you and work out your deals.” 


Jace:”Good that’s all I need you to do.”


The limo pulls up to Jace’s house and waits for the iron gate to open before pulling in. Once at the top of the drive Jace notices his P.O’s car parked near the door to Jaces office.


Jace:”Great my P.O is here. Wonder what he wants.”


The limo stops and the driver gets out and rushes over the the back passenger door opens it up for Jace and Tidus. They step out and head inside.  


Tidus and Jace walk in to find the P.O waiting for him with a cup of coffee. Officer Harmon acknowledges Jace as he walks in. 


Harmon:”Mr. Savage great to see you again.”


Jace:”What do I owe for the pleasure of your company today?”


Harmon:”I’m here checking on you to make sure you are following the rules Mr. Savage. You see as part of your probation conditions you are not supposed to leave the city of L.A without permission. Last time you had permission.”


Jace looking like he is not going to like what he is about to hear.




Harmon:”That has been revoked. You see a report came in saying you are responsible for an assault, property damage and vandalism. Now my superiors want me to violate you and send you back to jail until you can be seen by a judge.”


The realization of what Harmon is saying is starting to sink in and Jace gets a sour look on his face. 


Jace:”No, you can’t do that. This is bullshit.”


Harmon:”I’m not going to arrest you but you do have a court date with the judge and you are not allowed to leave L.A until the court hearing. From there we can see where you are at with all this.”


Jace:”I’m going to tell you right now I am going. I have to go and nothing is going to stop me from doing so. Do you understand that? I don’t care what I have to do I will make it to my match. My team needs me to be there”


Harmon:”And you need to be here. I’m warning you right now Mr. Savage. If you do go you will be arrested and you will sit in jail until you see a judge. Don’t mess this up because I won’t be able to help you if you leave.”


Jace:”This is utter bullshit! How can they expect me to live a better life if I’m not allowed to do what I need to and when I need to do it?”


Harmon:”You need to get this sorted out until then you need to stay put. I mean it.”


Harmon sets down his coffee cup and makes his way to the door. After opening it he tells Jace he hopes he makes the right decision and leaves, closing the door behind him. 


Jace:”What in the actual fuck was that. Who the fuck went to my P.O and said all of that shit! Fuck, whoever it was crossed a line and they will fucking pay for it I swear it.”


Tidus:”Look man you have to calm yourself down. I’ll see what I can do. Let me get your case info and all of that. I’ll get you there for your match.”


Jace:”Good because as far as I’m concerned come Chaos I start my path the Cecilworth Farthington but I have to make my way through Noah Hanson, Robert Dean and Dozer in singles competition to do so. After this Chaos I am personally issuing a challenge to Robert Dean. Let’s hope he accepts it and the brass make it happen because if not…Well they’ve seen what we can do when we are pissed. If Robert Dean refuses my challenge I will make his life hell until he does. I will make my way to the Icon Championship. I will BEAT Cecilworth Farthington and I will be crowned the new champion. Let someone stand in my way. They won’t survive.”


Tidus:”Good I like the tenacity. I’ve seen this look before. This is what you need my man. Focus all you have into it and no one will be able to stop you. I feel bad for The Egg Bandits and Ground Zero because when this bomb goes off their eggs are cooked.”


Jace:”You’re damn right. But enough of that for now. Since I brought you out here to help me, you can use one of the spare bedrooms for awhile. If you need anything ask my assistant Benny he will get it for you.”


Tidus:”Thanks I appreciate it. My bags?”

Jace:”No problem bro, and Benny has taken them to your room. He should be in the kitchen no making sure dinner is ready if you want to have him show you to your room.”


Tidus taking the hint that Jace wanted to be alone at this moment and decides to take him up on the offer to speak with Benny. Tidus heads out of the office door shutting it behind him. 


Jace walks over to his desk. He pours himself a glass of whiskey. With his glass he walks over to the office bathroom and looks into the still broken mirror.


Jace:”It’s about to be one hell of a ride ain’t it pal. By the time all of  this is over We will be sitting on top of it all. With not a single person able to stop us. We will takeover that is a fact.” continuing to look in the mirror as he sips his drink and the scene fades. 

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