Previewing next week’s Friday Night Chaos

Last Friday night at what turned out to be a memorable final episode of Refueled…

Mike Best kicked off the evening with the explosive announcement that Friday Night Chaos returns starting August 30th.  But Lee Best does not ‘do the dance.’

Backed by the one and only Dick Fury, newcomer Austin Bishop defeated returning HOW wrestler Steve Solex in his debut match.

The five man faction of Ground Zero (HOW Champion John Sektor, Evan Ward, Christopher America, Rhys Townsend, and Silent Witness) came out to deliver their anti-Low Octane Wrestling manifesto, vowing that if ‘HOW is going to go down in flames, then it’s going down with a fight…’

MAXKAEL Jr. also debuted at Refueled VIII and defeated Crash Rodriguez.

With Lindsay Troy in his corner, Dan Ryan kick-started his quest to win the HOW world title with a win over former champion Halitosis while fellow stable mates Eric Dane and LSD Champion M.J. Flair make peace with Mike Best.

Silent Witness defeated Evan Ward and Rhys Townsend in a battle of Ground Zero stablemates.

The first match announced for Rumble at the Rock will be: Mike Best vs. Christopher America

MAIN EVENT/TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Dying Breed: Darin Zion and Noah Hanson defeated The Egg Bandits: Cancer Jiles and Doozer © to become the new HOW Tag Team Champions.

After the match, Brian Hollywood returns and unveils his new faction consisting of Zion, Hanson, Rodriguez, Scott Stevens, Jonny O’Dell, Scottywood, and Jace Savage. The new group’s first order of business is to trash the Yuengling Arena to bring down the curtain of the Refueled era.

Next Friday night on the return of Friday Night Chaos…

Mike Best was not pleased with the destruction and mayhem Brian Hollywood and his faction left behind at the end of Refueled VIII. How will the 51% owner of HOW respond?

Black Mamba James Ranger vs. The Incredible One
-The Black Mamba is back in HOW and meets The Incredible One in the opening show of the night. TIO competed in HOW in 2015 while he with Boardwalk Wrestling and was last seen in OCW.

High Flyer vs. MAXKAEL Jr
-Fresh from making a big splash at War Games, the legendary High Flyer returns to singles action next week when he takes on the newcomer MAXKAEL JR. in what’s sure to be an exciting match. MAXKAEL JR. won his debut match at Refueled VIII and a win over High Flyer would certainly help get him into the ICON title discussion.

The Benchwarmers (Jonny O’Dell and Scott Stevens) vs. Dan Ryan and Eric Dane from the stable formerly known as the Best Alliance
-O’Dell and Stevens joined forces with the Hollywood faction and helped destroy the set and much of the Yuengling Arena last Friday. Next week, they face a stiff test when they step into the ring against team of Dan Ryan and Eric Dane. Ryan is coming off his big win over Halitosis. Dane is looking to put War Games behind him and make his mark in HOW.

In a Triple Threat Stables Match, The Hollywood Faction vs. The Egg Bandits vs. Ground Zero
-Both the Hollywood faction and Ground Zero made statements last week in Tampa but in much different ways. Next week in Atlanta, both groups get to test their strength when they battle for faction supremacy with the Egg Bandits, who themselves will be looking to rebound after losing the tag team title to Darin Zion and Noah Hanson.

M.J. Flair © vs. Scottywood in a no DQ, anything goes match

-Scottywood got the type of match that he wanted. Now can he follow through and win the LSD title for the sixth time? M.J. Flair proved quite resilient at War Games spending the most amount of time in the ring of the ten contestants. She would like nothing better than to consolidate her hold on the title with a signature win over the Hardcore Artist and HOW Hall of Famer.

Cecilworth M! Farthington © vs. Doozer

-At War Games, Farthington did something that’s rare in War Games matches- he left the ring with the same title he walked in with. Finishing second in the match assured that the ICON title would remain in his possession. Now, he gets the number one contender for the ICON title, wily veteran Doozer from the Egg Bandits. Doozer got caught in the vortex of the Hollywood faction’s end of show rampage last week and ended up in the hospital after the show. Can he recover quickly enough to put up a challenge to Farthington? Or will Farthington crack the Egg Bandit and continue his impressive title reign?

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