Full library added to HOTv

Original HOTv logo found and is what you see above...

HOWrestling.com and Darin Zion have come to terms to air all past PWX episodes on HOTv. Zion and Lee Best started negotiations prior to War Games and the finalize contract came in from Zion’s legal team today. Zion had the following to say on the deal:

“I wanted to put a true spotlight on PWX’s legacy. Not many people know PWX’s prominence on HOW throughout the years. It molded a reasonable portion of HOW talent providing them a proving ground before reaching the pinnacle of their careers. While some PWX loyalists will dislike this announcement; I will confirm that a substantial amount of the proceeds with go to fund and start an organization to take care of people with mental disorders. Pariah’s Voice will honor those who think their voice is silent when speaking about depression, anxiety, or addictions. We all struggle. Some struggle more than others. I wanted to give a voice to many who lost their voices back in 2017. Not many people knowthat John Pariah, his ex wife Lillith, and James Silkk all perished in a car wreck. Pariah struggled with depression throughout the years while on the road. It’s an important step for PWX’s and his legacy.”

Lee Best shared his thoughts as well:

“Look not only was PWX part of the HOTv family at one point, most of the HOW long time members wrestled there at some point or another. My relationship with Pariah was an off an on again one but that was always skewed by our competitive natures. PWX was the original “second sandbox” if you will, in the land of High Octane Television. The passing of Pariah a couple years ago was not only tragic but avoidable. Depression is something that shook my family to its core at one point and that is something John and I often talked about. It is my hope that with replaying PWX shows on HOTv the memory of John will live on within the industry that literally he gave so much for.”

All of PWX’s library will be opened to the public including recently unpublished PWX tribute show #InHisName. Portions of the unfilmed Pariah tribute show will serve as a documentary to open up PWX’s library to HOTv.

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