PCW and MVW are coming to the land of High Octane

HOWrestling.com can confirm that tonight a very quick negotiation took place that has resulted in both Missouri Valley Wrestling and Political Championship Wrestling coming to High Octane Television. The deal was brokered by Lee Best and new MVW CEO Ray McAvay and Laura Bergman. With McAvay, a former HOW World Champion and War Games winner, it wasnt a difficult decision for anyone involved to get the deal done. They will replace Valor Pro Wrestling on the HOTv network.

The details of the deal will see any and all MVW wrestlers allowed to wrestle in High Octane Wrestling and all past and current PCW and MVW shows will be aired on HOTv effective this weekend.

The length of this deal is unknown but this opens the doors to all sorts of interaction between the companies and we already seen current HOW World Champion John Sektor appear in MVW during the build towards this years War Games.

Lee Best had this to say about the deal:

”Look at the end of the day I will always try to gain access to creative and impactful wrestling content for HOTv and just because I am only 49% owner does not mean I am done working. PCW and MVW have always been on my radar and there is a soft spot towards Ray McAvay no doubt. I am exited about the possibility of several MVW wrestlers making their way over to HOW and I have no doubt that coming to HOTv will bring some new eyes to their product. It is a win win for all parties……..RAH !”

Before we posted this we were told Michael Best approved of this deal.

There are rumors of more deals being brokered literally as we speak. Stay tuned


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