The First Apostle

Gone are the false monsters of the past, whom are just men.

What a wild and interesting journey it has been over the last several years since Dick Fury last was associated with High Octane Wrestling. But that is professional wrestling in general, isn’t it? At least for those whose passion pushes them to the limits. Those who travel constantly just to be able to step into the ring and do what they love.

But alas, this is not the story of Dick Fury returning to HOW. At least not entirely. But to get to the now, we must understand the series of events that led to today.

It was a little more than a year ago. While Dick had proven himself to be a good worker and a talent with a fan base, he had yet found his stride. Every professional wrestler can break out and only needs to cease the right opportunity. It was the around this time Dick was able to capitalize and get his shine.

In the months leading up to this career changing moment, we had begun to see a more serious side of Dick Fury. Gone were the innuendos and comedic situations. He had grown frustrated with a company that seemed only to push those certain few, leaving everyone else to flounder no matter how hard they worked.

Ready to say, ‘Fuck it all’ and just walk away, Dick’s discontent for crooked booking grew with every showing and every word he spoke. When he was booked against yet another one of the seemingly untouchable talents, guarded by management, he knew this was going to be his final match. No longer would he pour blood, sweat, and tears for a company that revolves around only a handful of people who had no true talent.

Little did he realize; it would be this pairing that would catapult him to a new level with the fan base. One that even the management could not deny. As per par, his opponent rambled out unoriginal and cliché bullshit when talking about his upcoming match with Fury. The same shit that every generic wrestler spit when they open their cock holsters as they never learned to move above that.

But it’s when they called themselves a wrestling God and future legend, Dick truly lost it. Hearing the same tiresome shit for the thousandth time set him off and Dick would come back with a promo that contained a bit that would go on to get millions of YouTube plays over and over, as fans watched Dick deliver an intensity like never before.

“The proof is right there. Freddie Styles runs his gums non-stop about being a future legend when Dick is standing right here before him, in all of his fucking glory as a bona fide living legend already.”

His chest puffs out a bit as he raises his pointer finger.

“A fourth generation superstar.”

A second finger raises.

“A champion in every promotion he has ever stepped into.”

A third finger now rises.

“The man who will fuck your mother, your sister, and your lover in front of you just to show how much of a cuck you really are.”

Now a fourth finger stands erect on his hand.

“The man who puts asses in seats just by being announced to appear.”

His thumb joins his fingers now to display all five appendages.

“The future… Championship Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion…”

He tilts his head down as he turns his neck, looking at his hand, fingers out.

“Freddie talks about being a God in the same breath his questions himself and where he stands in all of it.”

Still holding his hand up, Dick looks back to the camera.

“Dick bows down to no one you shitty fuck. You are Dick’s God?”

He scoffs before looking back at his hand.

“If Freddie Styles is a God, then by the hand of the living legend.. this hand right here…”

He tilts his hand slightly, all five of his fingers still out.

“…will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger… this hand right here…”

He continues to look into his open palm.

“…will rise above you and come down across your face with the force of a thousand whores sucking two thousand cocks…”

He takes a breath.

“This hand right here shall be the hand raised in the end… securing Dick’s legacy as the living legend once again and thus becoming….”

He moves his head back to stare into the camera once again.

“A God killer.”

On that day, Dick would stake a claim that would set forth a series of events that pushed the shitheads in the office to put him over. The God Killer was born. Over the next few months, Fury rose through the ranks, but when finally getting his chance to become the first title holder not in the circle of gangbang fucks, the company did what the company does.. and fucked Dick Fury over once again.

He was done. Gone from the company, walking away from a respectable downside. Fury hit the independent scene and grew the legend of the God killer on his own, unable to be held back any longer. Fast forward to earlier this year, 2019. Dick returned to that company, but not to rub in the faces of the twisted management, his personal success. But to introduce the first man to follow The God Killer. The First Apostle of Fury.

Dick Fury introduced the world to Austin Bishop.

Bishop tore through talent after talent, securing a spot at the top, with Dick by his side. Maybe things had changed like Dick was promised. Maybe this would be the dawning of the age of Fury, the momentum led by Bishop. Of course, Austin getting his shot at gold, it was proven that shit people do not change just like the circle jerk of talent babied in the promotion.

Once again, Fury left, this time taking Austin Bishop with him. They would never look back at the promotion, only smiling as in the months after it began to crumble. On the skirts of it going away, with everyone seemingly jumping ship, Dick and Austin began to look at the future.

That future? That future is High Octane Wrestling.

Where else could a destructive force such as Austin Bishop truly be released and prosper? Where else could The God Killer grow, then a place that those who’s whole schtick is being ran by the God of HOW? The truly is no better fit than High Octane Wrestling for Dick Fury and his first apostle to bring forth the next phase of pain distribution.
And it all starts at Refueled with Steve Solex.

Solex in his own right, is a fine damn athlete. Securing his own impressive career his way, Steve Solex has worked for quite a few well known and established companies, adding new accolades wherever he goes. While maybe not a legend in the making, Steve Solex is not one to dismiss. With him being the first opponent for Austin Bishop, it is all more important that a mark is made. Just too bad it shall be at the expense of Solex, whom is also making his debut in HOW.



The streaming video rolls up, showing bright white shoes without a scuff mark to be seen. As the view rises, focusing on extremely straight white slacks continuing it’s journey until we are visually rocked by a sweet #970000 colored dress shirt wrapped in an angelic white, sharp, suit jacket and topped off with a silky black tie. As the screen raises further up, we see him in all of his glory. Wearing shades with lenses that also dawn a variation of red, Dick Fury just smirks. Behind him is a brick wall, littered with graffiti including the spray painted word ‘GOD KILLER’ at an angle.

But it is not the wall which serves only the purpose of a background that catches your attention in the background, but the monster of a man standing between Dick and the wall. His chiseled features of his upper body, bare for the world to gaze upon as he only wears jeans and a belt. His skin, made darker, by the excess of hair both on his body and his face, while his locks flow down in an unkempt manner. No grin can be found on this man, only a snarl as his lips arch upward.

Fury slowly raises both arms, until they are stretched out beside him, his head angling up as if he is peering into the sky. Continuing to stare above, he begins to speak.

“High.. Octane….”

Fury’s head moves down, he sunglass covered eyes looking forward, seemingly staring into your soul.


He shoots another one of his trademark smirks before turning his body slightly to the side and moving his arms in a way which to point at the monster behind him.

“Allow the God killer to introduce you to The First Apostle of Fury and the bringer of the apocalypse…”

The large man steps forward, passing Fury by a step as Dick turns his body back to face forward.

“This is… Austin Bishop.”

Bishop clinches both of his fist and grits his teeth as his eyes pierce the viewer’s soul. The cocky smirk returns to Dick’s face yet again.

“The God Killer could sit here and run down the achievements of the monster which stands beside him. He could go over each and every bone that has been broken at the hands of The First Apostle.”

Austin’s intensity never lessons.

“There are many things that The God Killer could say to give you an idea of just how dangerous Austin Bishop is and just how much destruction he will rain down upon HOW with… but… actions speak much, much louder than words.”

Fury turns toward Austin.

“Ain’t that right?”

Austin just lets a low rumble of a growl as Dick turns back toward the camera.

“HOW has a history of employing beast. Of introducing the monsters that live in the darkness. For many years, many men feared men such as Chris Kostoff, Max Kael, or Rhys Townsend.”

He raises his right pointer finger.

“And for all of those years, those men brought pain to many. But that’s just the thing.. those so called ‘monsters’ were nothing but mire men. Violent, and even sometimes evil men, but just men.”

Dick’s smirk has dissipated and now a look of seriousness has replaced the once filled with cockiness over his face.

“But The First Apostle is no man. Oh no, not even close. The God killer searched high and low until he found the perfect specimen of rage. A true monster brought to end the reign of each and every block that has held the doors of High Octane open over the last couple of decades. To remove them from history, one by one, brick by brick.”

Dick continues as Austin still radiates anger.

“Then use their motionless and damaged bodies to rebuild the legacy of HOW, and to raise from the ashes of the world in which he shall burn down the new High Octane Wrestling.. with no God in charge… but.. a..”

He raises his hand up and slowly pulls his sunglasses off with one hand, tossing them to the side before slowly finishing with one last word, his previous sentence.

“God Killer.”

From serious to silly almost, Dick Fury’s smirk returns. He adjust his tie before continuing.

“But first, we will not be seen as those who just talk. There will be action. The first unfortunate soul that will step into the ring with The First Apostle? Steve Solex.”

Austin Bishop cracks his neck.

“Now, don’t get Dick wrong. He respects the shit out of Steve Solex. Steve Solex is a hard worker, and is no light task to be handled.”

He pauses for a moment.


Fury takes a breath.

“While the master of the SolexPlex will most definitely have a great run in HOW, it will not start at Refueled, and it will not include a victory over Austin Bishop.”

He says it with such certainty.

“Since Dick likes Solex so much, he wants to give him an opportunity. An opportunity to avoid an expensive ride with the EMTs. He wants to give Steve Solex a chance to leave Refueled not only in one piece physically, but to be the next part of a much larger puzzle.”

Fury waits a moment before continuing.

“You see Solex, Austin here is just The First Apostle of Fury. But Dick sees much promise in you. With the right guidance… you could be… unstoppable.”

Dick smiles.

“Save yourself some pain and learn with The God Killer and Austin Bishop how to truly harness your power and bring upon destruction. Join us Steven… Become an Apostle of Fury… or unfortunately fade into obscurity, known only as the first victim at the hands of Austin Bishop on his journey to smash each and everyone in his way. “

He pauses for a moment.

“The choice is yours. make the right one.”

Dick smirks before turning and strutting off camera. Austin Bishop steps closer again, snarling into the camera before throwing his hands up, grabbing it. The next few moments are those filled with the smashing of the equipment until the feed fades to black.

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