War Game Roleplay Scores and Notes….

Below are the tag title and War Games ME roleplay scores. IF you have any questions please hit up Lee Best as always he was the only and singular roleplayer for this event.


Wrestler Readability CD Description Creativity Match Relevance Average Final Score Notes
Cool Jiles 3.50 2.50 2.75 3.25 3.00 3.00 2.60 To be honest going the carnival route for attacking this PPV rp series was pretty gutsy. Either was going to be amazing or fall flat on its face…..and to be fair it landed somewhere in the middle. Cannot deny the creativity part of this series (tied to Doozers rps as well) but it could have also been tightended up quite a bit as well. End of the day it was a decent rp series
Doozer 3.50 2.50 3.00 3.25 3.00 3.05 2.64 Popped for the High Octane Cemetary and Fraggle Rock lol. Enjoyable series for the most part but the dialogue ran too long in parts. Seemed like the non speaking parts were just a task and not used effectively enough. Creative way to trash talk and the Tag Titles did come across as important which is good obviously.
Team Score 3.03 2.62
Kostoff 3.50 2.50 2.25 2.25 2.75 2.65 2.22 Liked the inclusion of a little bit of a story here with a typical Kostoff roleplay. You can tell the big man is trying to end this final run in HOW with some meat on the bones. Sadly there just wasn’t MORE to this series than the one rp and the one posted could have been more in of itself
Witness 3.75 3.50 3.00 2.75 3.00 3.20 2.76 Great formatting of this rp series which helped in making it easy to read and follow along. I obviously popped for all the history and I did enjoy the prospect of “whats next” for Witness after War Games. Could have done a little more focusing on the opponents but nitpicking.
Team Score 2.93 2.49
Stevens 3.50 2.50 2.75 2.50 2.50 2.75 2.40 First roleplay was all about Stevens and his view on Lee Best…who is NOT in the Tag Title Match. Had a decent set up but the whole rp being based on Lee took away from the Tag Title match. Second rp was solid in terms of talking about each team with some quick dialogue at the bar with O’Dell. I felt like that could have been done better as it just read like “Oh shit I better get some match relevance here in at the end of my last rp”. Decent overall series that could have been a ton better with more of a focus on the structure and laying out of the series
O’Dell 3.50 2.50 3.00 3.00 2.75 2.95 2.56 Loved the actual bolding of the speaking/setting parts (#97red) as it made it easier to read. Owning the Bench Warmers name was smart and took away from any opponents effectively using that against Odell and Stevens. Creative way to deliver pretty basic content. Needed more meat on the bones as each rp felt like they were ending before really ever starting.
Team Score 2.85 2.48
Zion 3.50 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.75 3.05 2.64 Pretty good character development series from Zion here. The interaction with Hanson and the inner struggle could have been better executed however. Nothing really creative out of this series but I did get the sense of how badly Zion wants to win…and win on his own
Hanson 3.50 3.00 2.75 2.50 2.75 2.90 2.42 Starting a PPV rp series with a flashback took me out of my immersion right away.  I however did like the use of the opponents character account in the rp as that was clearly some IC tweets. Proper use there for sure.
Team Score 2.98 2.53
Crash 3.50 2.50 2.50 2.25 2.50 2.65 2.32 There is some real writing potential with Crash but this series never really got off the ground. Not sure if time was a factor but this did not read as well as his previous rp here in HOW.  In the end it was some loud cursing and some throwaway dialogue mixed with some potential good story telling
Dean 3.50 2.50 2.25 2.00 2.50 2.55 2.14 Liked the follow up to the weight angle but obviously this was a sub par effort for a title match at the first PPV back. Nothing more to say really….had potential but failed in the end
Team Score 2.60 2.23
Hollywood 3.25 3.00 2.25 2.25 2.25 2.60 2.28 Never left the office setting. Match relevance was slim to none in terms of being addressed directly minus the last couple paragrahs in the last rp. Better effort needed with the Tag Belts having so much heat and first time they are being rewarded. Especially from a former World Champ
Savage 3.25 3.25 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.80 2.44 Liked the cutting of the hand and stitches as that can be used in the match writing but other than that nothing really stood out. I feel the probation part of the character could be fleshed out more and how it directly effects his life as a wrestler (travel, checking, family etc etc).
Team Score 2.70 2.36


Wrestler Readability CD Description Creativity Match Relevance Average Final Score Notes
Eric Dane 3.50 3.25 2.75 2.50 3.50 3.10 2.68 I am a sucker for a call back to an old injury and the concussion/neck injury from the past was well played to start the series. Dialogue ran too long at the end of the first rp tbh as the team waiting on Dane. Outside the MJ Flair and doctor secondary story where Dane literally escaping concussion protocol… the 2nd and 3rd rps were decent trash talk and reactive roleplays but didnt really come off as anything great. Good writing overall but I feel the strategy behind the series could have been better. I did pop for the final paragraphs of the rp series…great play on Best/Defiant
Lindsay Troy 3.50 3.50 3.00 3.25 2.75 3.20 2.76 Ok that is HOW you start a rp series. Very creative way to play off of the Refueled show and leading to how much LT’s family is affected by her profession. Very solid rp series that gave you enough of the info with the intricate NPC’s and other characters LT has history with. Good stuff.
Dan Ryan 3.50 3.25 3.25 3.25 3.50 3.35 2.88 A very well written rp series from Dan here. I am very much intrigued by the past between Ryan and Harmen….great little nugget tossed into this series. Overall the match relevance was solid as he touched on everything he could possibly touch regarding his opponents. Nothing great across the board but very good for most of the categories.
MJ Flair 3.50 3.50 3.25 3.25 3.75 3.45 2.96 The perspective coming from the young MJ was simply awesome to read. The logic behind the how and the why the War Games teams were put together, how the actual Champions are devauling the championships, to her values as a wrestler. Great stuff. The Three roleplays flowed so well that I didnt realize that I just read 10k+ worth of words. Kudos and the only knock I would have is maybe MJ could have thrown more of what her in ring strategy was going to be for the match…only real thing missing from this series that didnt have enough meat on the bones. PS….actual training for a wrestling match…..refreshing.
High Flyer 3.50 3.00 3.25 3.50 3.50 3.35 2.88 Ok I was legit entertained throughout the entire rp series. After reading this rp series if we don’t see a HF vs. Scottywood feud I will be a sad panda. The series put over the unpredictable nature of Mr. Harmen and I for one am here for that. I like how HF was not sure who was BEST for HOW (mike or lee) but whoever was paying him was where HF’s loyalty lies. By the end of the series I felt like HF was coming to War Games to win one of the shinies and the HOW would be by any means necessary
Team Score 3.29 2.83
Max Kael 3.50 3.25 3.50 3.50 3.25 3.40 2.92 OK I popped huge for Sutler returning to the land of High Octane canon. As always Max is superior when it comes to creativity. The clever subtle digs while at the 4th wall of twitter were smartly written as well. Overall another very good rp series from Max. He had me on the line regarding the World Championship lol.  I need more fleshing out of the Council story here in HOW as I know that was more of a OCW brainchild. I am eager to see that continue past WG
Farthington 3.50 3.50 3.25 3.75 3.25 3.45 2.96 Gotta give Colin credit for stepping outside the box for this rp series and go down the road he did. The parody of his War Games opponents surely had some lines that went over and the almost bipolar nature of the rps read well. Still confused by the desire to kill the company you are a champion in as a way to promote and elevate the championships but its obvious Colin had fun writing this series and thats all that matters. Creativity was by far the best category here.
Sektor 3.50 3.50 3.25 3.25 3.75 3.45 2.96 Very sold rp series. Had a little bit of everything. Played off the last match and the loss for Sektor…..interaction with his team……used the HOTV network to hype some interactions at a local show inside the JD universe and ended it at the 5 Time academy. Great strategy involved here and the mental state of Sektor was put over here well. Most noteworthy for me as the reader was that Sektor is still “alone” and i liked how he played off the dynamics between Eric and Lee as a possible weak point for the opposition. The writing between the dialogue could have been cleaned up….that would be my only real low point
Halitosis 3.50 3.00 3.25 2.75 3.50 3.20 2.76 So refreshing to read how well Halitosis put over his opponents throughout this series. Read really well and its obvious Halitosis knows his history and he played to it well in this series. I enjoyed the different settings throughout the series but I would be remiss if I didnt mention that after the first rp the series kind of ran together in the final two rps. Still a very solid series from Halitosis and he put over the match very well while giving us an idea of where he is at mentally for it as well.
Scottywood 3.50 3.00 2.75 2.75 3.00 3.00 2.60 Loved the tone set in the first rp of the series but once the series hit the road down to Florida it kinda lost some luster for me. Really put over the mental state and how important War Games is for Scotty. The Frankie dialogue could have been condensed and done better but overall a good series….just felt like once the road trip started that it went into cruise control
Team Score 3.30 2.84


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