Meet the Team: High Flyer

The highest paid wrestler in High Octane Wrestling,  Jack Harmen aka High Flyer, brings a resume unlike most to the land of High Octane.

Flyer initially came to prominence in Mexico, wrestling inside the historic AAA federation. He traveled to Japan and Europe before he ever legally worked in the states. By 1998 and the age of 21, he had wrestled in over 30 countries, including Japan’s prestigious Super J Cup Tournaments, without ever having legally worked in America. High Flyer had returned home and worked numerous independent promotions along the east coast, specifically Philadelphia. In 1999, High Flyer signed a contract with the IGN affiliated Internet Wrestling Organization, where he eventually became the first man to win the promotion’s “Grand Slam”, a term loosely used backstage to describe winning each of the IWO’s 8 major championships. Eventually, only two other individuals would accomplish this: AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) & Schitzo Todd. In 2003, the promotion shut down due to growing financial concerns and the unrelated death of a beloved Hall of Famer, Syphon Fission. In 2011, Jack Harmen purchased the entire tape library to the IWO.

In 2003, he joined the (now formerly) Disney run fans Wrestling Organization. He is one of the few individuals to hold any Heavyweight Championship for over one thousand days, winning the fWo World Heavyweight Championship in October 2005 and losing it in May of 2009. He is a two time FWO world champion. Flyer went on to nbW, where he would become the World Champion and join it’s Hall of Fame in 2012. Shortly after, Harmen went off to PRIME, winning the tag straps 3 times and the 5-Star Championship once. During this time, High Flyer wrestled across 9 different federations with over 80 television apperances in 2008 alone. In 2010, Flyer slowed down and focused on his new homes, NFW & EPW. In NFW, he gained success as a mischief maker, doning multiple identites and personas on his way to winning the National Title from Rook Black. Striking a friendship with NFW Hall of Famer and former Ultratitle winner Nova, the two formed Superfly Express and won the Everette Tag Team titles. Shortly after Nova left NFW, Harmen went heel, won their World Championship, and the promotion hit a standstill. Team VIAGRA joined DEFIANCE, and then, joined LoC, where they would become two time tag champs, and Jack Harmen would win the Legacy title.

Throughout his career, High Flyer is considered one of the greatest aerial artists in professional wrestling. He has the gimmick of a Snow Selling, Time Traveling Neighborhood Lunatic. He has played this persona as both a crowd favorite and a villain.

He is also apart of the successful tag team Team V.I.A.G.R.A. alongside his brother-in-law, Tony Davis and his manager/protégé Mary-Lynn Mayweather. They were once called the best tag team in PRIME’s history, and have had 12 World Tag Team Championship reigns across multiple promotions.

Harmen has been inducted into five Hall of Fames, the IWO, nbW, jOlt, UTA, and PRIME. Jack has held 21 World Championships, 24 Tag Championships, 22 mid to low card championships, and 14 Cruiserweight Championships.

Lee Best had this to say about High Flyer signing with HOW:

“Look I respect greatness and High Flyer is the epitome of great. I have admired this man from afar for many years and the fact that he is here in HOW, competing at War Games,and a member of The Best Alliance…..well that blows my fucking mind. Although it is a bit sad to not have him here in HOW during his prime………there is no bigger WILD CARD here in HOW at the moment. He is dangerously unpredictable and I cannot imagine what he will do in the Cell come War Games. I will be enjoying his HOW debut with the rest of the masses…….and as a fan.”

Big words of support from the GOD of HOW and the world is wondering with Lee just exactly what we will be getting from High Flyer tonight at War Games.

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