May 19th, 2015: War Games 2015 – Blaze of Glory- The Battle Between The Davidsons

In May of 2015, HOW World Champion Tara Davidson was on top of the world.

Tara had won the HOW World Title at Iconic from Michael Best and successfully defended the title seven times before War Games. She had also picked up the ICON title and the LSD in the middle of an impressive run where she was unbeatable and walked into War Games the holder of all the single’s title.

However, while the Red Queen reigned supreme inside the ring, her marriage to Jason P. Davidson was on the rocks. There were cracks in the foundations of Project Ego (JPD, Tara, and Michael Best) dating back to Iconic. Then Tara won the title and the Davidsons marriage began to fall apart at an accelerated rate.

So with their marital problems coming into the forefront, it was only fitting that the main event at War Games would feature a team captained by Jason P. Davidson taking on a team captained by Tara Michaels Davidson.

With HOW also in flux from the departure of several long time stars and Lee Best declaring that HOW was going to go out in a blaze of glory, the 2015 War Games Main Event featured wrestlers from Boardwalk Wrestling and 4CW while the opening match of the night would see a team from Team Boardwalk taking on a team of HOW wrestlers.



-Scott Stevens
-Darin Zion
-Brian Hollywood
-Christopher Diamond


-Ian Bishop
-Sean Fuller


-Jason P. Davidson
-Ryan McKenna
-Ray McAvay
-Reggie Rivid
-Matt Meyhu (Boardwalk)
-Bradley Carrington (Boardwalk)
-Amp (Boardwalk)
-Muhammed Murder (Boardwalk)


-Tara Michaels Davidson
-Scott Stevens
-Brian Hollywood
-Darin Zion.
-Julliet Brooks (Boardwalk)
-Sativa (4CW)
-CJ O’Donnell (Boardwalk)

War Games 2015
CCW Arena
New Orleans, Louisiana
May 19th, 2015

The HOTv logo gives way to a live aerial shot of tonight’s War Games pay per view live in New Orleans. It is obvious that the images being shown are being filmed from a helicopter as the viewers at home are shown the unique set up for tonight’s show.

As the helicopter circles the arena we come around to the parking lot where a huge screen has been set up and thousands of fans have filled the parking lot up to watch the War Games in the parking lot via the screen.

As the helicopter circles one final time we see the name on the building of arena.

Cajun City Wrestling.

The feed then cuts live to inside the arena where we get a live up close shot of the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to WAR GAMES!! Tonight we see High Octane Wrestling take on Boardwalk Wrestling and of course we will see Tara Michaels Davidson defend ALL the titles tonight inside two rings as she takes on a team led by her husband Jace Parker Davidson.

Benny Newell: Ex Husband….that bitch has been put on notice.

Joe Hoffman: Until it’s been notarized they are still married Benny and there is still hope for the FIRST Family of High Octane.

Benny Newell: There is only one family in HOW that matters….and that’s the one that created this motherfucker…..BEST.

As if on cue….well let’s face it… was on cue…..we cut away from the announcers to the hard camera that is positioned across from the rings inside this Cajun City Wrestling arena and we see……

There is a buzz in the air as the darkness quickly gives way to a single spotlight inside Ring 1 and we see the GOD of HOW, Lee Best, standing with a microphone in hand.

Nothing else is visible as the Creator begins to speak but the buzz and tension in the air is palpable.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentleman I am coming to you live inside this soon to be infamous arena…….and the future home of Cajun City Wrestling…….this is WAAAAAARRRRR GAAAAAMESSSSSSS!!!!

With that the lights come fully on and we see that not only is Lee surrounded by the huge War Games cell but that the arena is…..small.

The cameras pan around to show a few hundred fans that have filled the arena up. The two ring, one cell structure, has literally taken up half of this arena.

Lee Best: Tonight we begin a journey that ultimately ends with the death of myself and of course High Octane Wrestling….

The crowd boos at that notion but Lee continues….

Lee Best: It is a well-known fact that I am sick… is a well-known fact that I am worse off than I have let on….and it is a fact that some people want me to die literally and figuratively before I plan to……..well to all that have decided to jump on this Blaze of Glory tour I got two words for you……THANK YOU.

The crowd cheers as Lee nods his head in agreement.

Lee Best: You cannot do this thing that I do for 13 years…….8 straight as of this month……without some ups and downs…..and we have had our fair share of both. But I am 100% confident that the group that has assembled together with me will go down with the proverbial ship with me and at the end of it no one will be able to deny both the longevity and the perseverance of High Octane Wrestling’s wrestlers and staff. We will go out on our terms…….and WHEN I decide it is time…..TONIGHT IS NOT THAT NIGHT!!!

More cheers as Lee walks across ring one and thru the ropes into ring number two.

Lee Best: You see I have plans….BIG PLANS….that will see not only HOW wrestlers competing in this arena but also Boardwalk Wrestling and 4CW. You see War Games is just the start here in this arena…..we are here to open the arena up with a bang……because after this you will only see the FUTURE of HOW, 4CW and Boardwalk competing in this arena. That is right….Cajun City Wrestling will be the new development grounds for these three great companies………CCW will serve as the training grounds for all those looking to either hone their craft or possibly hang on at the tail end of their careers……CCW will be the first ever development system set up for THREE COMPANIES……… are welcome.

Lee pauses as everyone takes in the information.

Joe Hoffman: Wow. One development brand for three wrestling companies?? Ambitious and progressive idea to say the least.

The feed cuts back to Lee who is leaning on the ropes staring at the hard camera thru the cell.

Lee Best: Make no mistakes about it though people. Although I have reached a business agreement with both Boardwalk Wrestling and 4CW does not mean that tonight I expect my High Octane Wrestlers to take it easy….blood will be spilled….bones might break…..but at the end of the night……respect will be earned.

With that Lee smiles and heads to the back as the few hundred fans inside the CCW arena give the HOW owner a standing ovation.

We then cut to a video package highlighting the past several weeks of HOW and Boardwalk interaction. As this ends the camera comes back live to the ringside area where the V.I.P’s that were allowed access inside of the building are sitting in their seats anxiously awaiting as the steel cage is lowered down over both rings. The fans outside of the arena watch patiently as the camera pans down to the announcers table at the Hall of Fame duo of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell are ready to call tonight’s action.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for the first of two War Games matches where Team High Octane Wrestling lead by Scott Stevens will going up against Team Boardwalk Wrestling lead by Ian Bishop.

Benny Newell: This isn’t going to be a match Joe, it’s going to be a massacre. High Octane Wrestling has been dominating Boardwalk Wrestling from the start and tonight we finish the job.

Joe Hoffman: That’s a hard point to argue Benny since High Octane Wrestling currently houses the Boardwalk Wrestling World Tag Team Championship belts currently held by Jason P. Davidson and his wife Tara Davidson.

Benny Newell: Soon to be ex-wife and future Mrs. Benny Newell you mean. If you’re going to act like you know what you’re talking about than get it right Joe.

Joe Hoffman: The fact remains Benny that yes the team of Ascended Supremacy do indeed hold the Boardwalk Wrestling World Tag Team Championship belts but neither one of them is in this match here tonight.

Benny Newell: Doesn’t matter Joe we’re going to win here tonight in this match. Scott Stevens and crew are going to plant the HOW Flag right in Boardwalk’s ass. Why? Well that’s because not only their careers but their very lives depend on it.

Joe Hoffman: Truer words have never been spoken Benny because I believe that Lee Best will be livid if Team HOW doesn’t walk out with a win here tonight. But you have to also remember the head of Boardwalk Wrestling Michael Pettis was allowed to pick most of Team HOW.

Benny Newell: A decision that will come back to bite him in the ass because in just as few moments we’re going to prove that even our D team is better than the best that Boardwalk Wrestling has to offer.

Joe Hoffman: There is only one way to find out Benny. The cage is set, the fans both inside and outside of the arena are set.. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

The lights inside of the arena dim slowly as the sound of “Sexy And I Know It” fills the arena. The V.I.P’s start to stand on their feet and cheer wildly as the Jackhammer Chris Diamond makes his way out on stage. Diamond has his trademark visor on and a steel chair in his hand as he looks down at the gigantic steel structure surrounding both rings.

Joe Hoffman: It’s VisorHeat time ladies and gentlemen as Chris Diamond is the first participant in this match for Team High Octane Wrestling!

Benny Newell: Who would have ever thought we’d see the day that Chris Diamond would be representing HOW in a War Games match? At least the motherfucker looks like he came prepared with that steel chair in hand.

Diamond makes his way down the ramp towards the two rings raising his steel chair in hand and talking trash along the way. Diamond passes referee Joel Hortega on the outside of the ring then makes his way up the steel ring steps and enters the first ring. Diamond waves his steel chair around and begins banging it on the canvas waiting his first opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Diamond looks ready and we’re moments away from finding out just who the first person from Team Boardwalk Wrestling will be. I need to note that earlier tonight backstage that it was Team HOW that won the coin toss to decide who would have the man advantage in this match.

Benny Newell: Can never go wrong with head, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: You flip many coins Benny?

Benny Newell: No coins just Ho’s, Joe. Just Ho’s.

Joe Hoffman: As I was saying Team HOW won the man advantage in this match which means once this match begins the first person that will be allowed to enter once the allotted time expires will be a member of Team HOW putting whoever the first person into this match from Boardwalk Wrestling in a two on one disadvantage.

Benny Newell: That’s if this Boardwalk asshole lasts long enough in the ring with Chris Diamond and that steel chair. Those V.I.P’s down there better realize they’re in a splash zone because Diamond’s about to splatter a motherfucker’s brains all over the place.

The lights in the arena dim once again at the sound of “The Black Wind Howls” fills the arena. Once again the V.I.P’s around the ringside area stand on their feet. However this time they begin to boo loudly as Boardwalk Wrestling superstar Sean Fuller makes his way out on stage. Fuller stands there with a sneer on his face looking none too impressed by Diamond or the V.I.P’s down around ringside.

Joe Hoffman: And the first person selected in this match for Boardwalk Wrestling is a former Atlantic City Champion in Sean Fuller. From what I’m told Benny this Sean Fuller is a very dangerous man that not only enjoys inflicting pain but he enjoys receiving it also. This could be a very tall task for Chris Diamond whether he has a steel chair or not.

Benny Newell: If he loves pain then he’s come to the right place because if Chris Diamond wants to keep his job here in High Octane Wrestling then he’s going to stick there steel chair somewhere up in Sean Fuller to the point it has to be surgically removed.

Sean Fuller slowly makes his way down the ramp and ignores the V.I.P’s that are shouting and screaming in his direction. Fuller passes referee Joel Hortega but instead of entering the steel structure he begins digging under one of the rings. Everyone watches patiently as Fuller pulls a steel pipe from under the ring. It’s not quite his usual Bokken but tonight it will do the job. Fuller makes his way up the steel ring steps and enters the first ring with the steel pipe in hand. Joel Hortega closes the door to the structure as inside of the ring referee Matt Boettcher calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Slowly Chris Diamond and Sean Fuller begin to circle each other in the center of the first ring with weapons in hand. Fuller is the first to go on the attack by swinging the steel pipe at Diamond but Diamond is agile enough to duck out of the way. Fuller turns around and swings the steel pipe again but once again Diamond is nimble on his feet and ducks out of the way. Frustrated Fuller begins to try and back Diamond into a corner. Fuller rears back and swings the steel pipe once again but this time Diamond uses the steel chair to block the shot with the steel pipe. The force from Fuller’s swing alone is enough to cause Diamond to drop the steel chair. Fuller rears back once again and swings the steel pipe but Diamond is fast enough to move out of the way causing Fuller to hit the top turnbuckle. As Fuller turns around Diamond plants a boot to the mid-section that causes Fuller to drop the steel pipe. Diamond unloads a series of right and left hands to the face of Fuller before whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle. Diamond gets a running start towards the corner then leaps into the air going for a big splash but Fuller sees him coming. Fuller explodes out of the corner and hits Diamond with a flying knee to the mid-section that almost rips him in half.

Joe Hoffman: Diamond was on a roll but his momentum was just stopped cold by Sean Fuller who connected with vicious flying knee to the mid-section of Diamond. It was a train wreck of a collision and I’m afraid that Diamond might have just suffered a broken rib or two.

Benny Newell: Suck it up your visor wearing bitch! This is War Games! There is no crying in War Games! Get on your feet and beat the fuck out of this Boardwalk faggot!

Fuller turns around and stalks over his fallen prey as Diamond holds his ribs on the mat in pain. Diamond screams bloody murder as Fuller yanks him to his feet in a waist lock and begins to squeeze him with a bear hug. Fuller skillfully keeps Diamond locked from behind and makes sure his arms are locked around Diamond’s injured ribs as he yanks him side to side like a rag doll. Referee Matt Boettcher comes over and asks Diamond if he wants to give it up but Diamond screams no. Fuller squeezes harder on Diamond’s ribs before hoisting him up and over with a release German suplex that drops Diamond down onto the canvas on his head and neck. Fuller gets back up to his feet giving Diamond no time to breath as he yanks him back up to his feet again. Fuller gets a running start and then launches Chris Diamond head first into the steel structure. Diamond falls back down to the canvas in pain as a smirk begins to form on Fuller’s face. Fuller grabs a hold of Chris Diamond by the hair and begins to drag him over towards the steel structure. Fuller kneels down and then pulls Diamond’s head through the ropes to begin grating his forehead back and forth along the steel structure. Diamond screams in pain as the steel begins to bust him open and causes him to start bleeding then suddenly the timer begins to count down.






The buzzer sounds as the lights dim and the sound of “Perfect Insanity” begins to fill the arena. The V.I.P’s stand on the feet and begin cheering wildly as Brian Hollywood makes his way out on stage. Inside of the steel structure Fuller let’s go of Chris Diamond and quickly goes to grab hold of the steel chair that’s on the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: The next member of Team High Octane Wrestling is none other then one half of the former HOW World Tag Team Champions and the leader of Sex & Money in Brian Hollywood. Chris Diamond is in bad shape here now that Hollywood has arrived Sean Fuller is going to have his work cut out for him.

Benny Newell: Goddamnit Diamond! This was supposed to be a two on one situation here but that fucking idiot got his face kicked in and now it’s one on one for Hollywood and that Boardwalk asshole has the steel chair that Diamond brought to the ring with him.

Hollywood marches down the ramp towards the ring as Sean Fuller waits patiently not taking his eyes off of Hollywood for a single moment. Hollywood passes Joel Hortega on the outside and then begins digging under the ring for a weapon. After a few moments Hollywood pulls out a metal trash can from under the ring. Hollywood makes his way up the steel ring steps then literally throws the trash can at Sean Fuller. The distraction is enough to allow Hollywood to enter the ring safely. Sean Fuller charges at Hollywood with the steel chair but Hollywood gives Fuller a boot to the mid-section that causes him to drop the steel chair. Hollywood leans down and grabs a hold of the steel chair as the V.I.P’s cheer wildly. Hollywood rears the steel chair back and waits for Fuller to regain his vertical base. As Fuller straightens up Hollywood swings the steel chair but Fuller is quick enough to move out of the way of the shot. As Hollywood turns around Fuller charges and then connects with Bleed For Me flush to the steel chair causing it to collide with Hollywood’s face. Hollywood hits the canvas hard as the steel chair goes flying. Fuller takes advantage by hooking the leg and making the cover on Hollywood as Boettcher slides in for the count.



THR- NO! Chris Diamond leaps in and breaks up the count before the three!

Joe Hoffman: Big time move by Sean Fuller kicking that steel chair right into the face of Brian Hollywood. We would have had our first elimination of the night right there but a bloody and batter Chris Diamond made the save for Team HOW.

Benny Newell: Fuck! I almost had a heart attack there thinking that Fuller was going to pin Hollywood within moments of him entering this match. But thank fucking goodness for Chris Diamond and his half dead ass! DRINK!

Diamond gets up to his feet and swings a right hand at Fuller but Fuller blocks it before unleashing a series of forearm shots to the face of Diamond. Fuller grabs a hold Diamond and whips him into the ropes. As Diamond rebounds off the ropes Fuller catches him and hits him with a tilt-to-whirl backbreaker that sends Diamond crashing down to the canvas hard. Diamond again screams bloody murder as he holds his ribs in pain on the canvas. Fuller gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of the trash can on the canvas and sits it in the center of the ring. Fuller reaches down and then grabs a hold of Diamond by the hair and pulls him back up to his feet. Fuller gets Diamond into position and sets up for his finisher called the Silencer onto the trash can but Hollywood gets back up to his feet. Hollywood charges back up to his feet then clips the back of Fuller’s right knee causing him to lose his grip on Diamond and collapse down to the canvas hard. Fuller rolls around the canvas in pain holding his knee before using the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. Diamond grabs a hold of the steel chair off of the canvas and throws it at Fuller. However Fuller sees it coming and catches the steel chair with both hands but what he doesn’t see is Hollywood. In a flash Hollywood charges forward and connects with the Executive Promise flush to the steel chair. The force causes the steel chair to bounce off the skull of Fuller and knock him out cold. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Fuller as Boettcher slides in for the count.





Joe Hoffman: And the first elimination of the night is scored for Team HOW as Brian Hollywood with the help of Chris Diamond connected with a steel chair assisted Executive Promise. Sean Fuller put up a hell of a fight but in the end the two on one advantage for Team HOW was too much to overcome.

Benny Newell: I’ve never loved Brian Hollywood so much in my life! And now with both him and Diamond still in this match that means the next Boardwalk Wrestling asshole that dares shows his face is going to be at a disadvantage too!

Joe Hoffman: And that person should be appearing at and second here because the timer is ticking down.






Sean Fuller is helped out of the ring by Joel Hortega as suddenly the lights in the arena dim as the sound of “Die, Die, Die, My Darling” begins to fill the arena. The V.I.P’s stand on their feet as Boardwalk Wrestling’s own Ataxia appears out on stage. Ataxia hunches over and looks around the arena slowly but clearly amused by the entire situation. Inside the steel structure Brian Hollywood can be seen trying to help his teammate Chris Diamond as much as he can. Ataxia dances around on stage a bit before slowly making his way down the ramp towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Here is a man that’s known as a professional wrestling terrorist. Ataxia is infamous in Boardwalk Wrestling and if there is one person on Team Boardwalk Wrestling that could be a wild card in this match then you’re looking at him.

Benny Newell: Just look at this fruit cake Joe. He’s dressed head to toe in a suit and tie for a War Games match but yet he paints his face and is wearing a fucking potato sack on his head. What you call a wild card I call fucking riddled with Downs Syndrome. This guy might be too fucking stupid to realize he’s having pain inflicted on him.

Ataxia wobbles his way down the ramp much like the way a penguin would walk before passing by Joel Hortega who wants no part of the Boardwalk Wrestling star. Ataxia stops in front of the steel structure and just peers into the ring at both Diamond and Hollywood while scratching the top of his mask. Ataxia shrugs his shoulders then begins digging under the ring for a weapon. After a few moment Ataxia lets out a loud cackle as he pulls a cheese grater from under the ring. Ataxia makes his way up the steel ring steps and enters the ring. Ataxia begins waving around the cheese grater wildly as both Hollywood and Diamond decide to try and surround their opponent. Diamond is the first to charge towards Ataxia but he gets a cheese grater shot right to the throat for his trouble that sends him crashing down to the canvas hard. With Ataxia’s back turned Hollywood charges in but Ataxia turns around and hits Hollywood with a hip toss that takes him off of his feet and sends him crashing down onto Diamond hard. Ataxia drops the cheese grater then grabs a hold of Hollywood and pulls him back up to his feet. Ataxia hits Hollywood with a couple of right hands then whips him into the turnbuckle spine first hard. Ataxia gets a running start then leaps into the air and hits Hollywood with a big splash in the corner. Hollywood slumps in the corner a bit but Ataxia reaches out and applies a claw hold submission on the leader of Sex & Money. Hollywood screams in pain but then Ataxia begins ramming the back of Hollywood’s head in the turnbuckle repeatedly while keeping his grip on the claw hold.

Joe Hoffman: What a vicious move by Ataxia that he calls the Facepalm. Hollywood is helpless in the corner and by this point Diamond has to be suffering from the loss of blood in this match. It might be two on one right now but Ataxia has definitely swung the momentum onto the side of Team Boardwalk Wrestling.

Benny Newell: How the fuck are TWO fucking HOW wrestlers getting their asses handed to them by just ONE Boardwalk Wrestling fuck? And Hollywood expects to wrestle later tonight and win the HOW World Championship belt? Get it fucking together you idiots!

Chris Diamond pulls himself back up to a vertical base and sees Ataxia viciously ramming the back of Hollywood’s skull into the turnbuckle pad. Diamond charges towards the corner and goes to tackle Ataxia but Ataxia wisely moves out of the way and causes Diamond to hit Hollywood with a spear in the corner. Diamond pulls himself away from the corner but Ataxia comes rebounding off the ropes and takes Diamond down to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. Ataxia gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Hollywood by the hair and begins to drag him from the corner. Ataxia pulls Hollywood over into the second ring then launches him face first into the steel structure. Hollywood hits the canvas hard as Ataxia turns around and heads back over into the first ring where Diamond is still on the canvas. Ataxia walks over and grabs his cheese grater off of the canvas and then makes his way over towards Diamond. Ataxia gets a running start then leaps into the air and hits Diamond with a senton splash right across his injured ribs. Diamond howls in pain but Ataxia quickly grabs a hold of Diamond’s head and begins rubbing the cheese grater along his forehead. Ataxia rips and tears at Diamond’s flush like the grater was a bow and Diamond’s head with a fine tuned violin that he was using to play beautiful music. Ataxia pulls the cheese grater away and before leaning down and literally begins drinking Diamond’s blood.

Joe Hoffman: Good God! Ataxia is busted Diamond open even wider and now he’s drinking his blood right in the middle of the ring!

Benny Newell: This is a whole new level of fucked up even for High Octane Wrestling. I think this might be what puts Stevens and the tampon incident to shame. Wait, nope my Kool-aid stand is still the greatest thing ever. DRINK!

Ataxia gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Diamond and helps the bloody mess back up to his feet. There is blood dripping from Ataxia’s mouth but Ataxia gives Diamond a boot to the mid-section that doubles him over in pain. Ataxia turns and races towards the ropes as Diamond wraps his arms around his ribs in pain. Ataxia rebounds off the ropes then leaps into the air and hits Diamond with Now That’s Fucked Up. Ataxia’s knees collide with Diamond’s collarbones and both fall to the mat with Ataxia landing crotch first on Diamond’s neck. Ataxia holds the position but reaches back and holds one of Diamond’s legs and referee Matt Boettcher slides in for the count.





Joe Hoffman: Ataxia has overcome the odds and he has eliminated Chris Diamond from this match using his finisher. Now it’s just one on one inside of this steel structure with Ataxia for Team Boardwalk Wrestling and Brian Hollywood for Team High Octane Wrestling who hasn’t gotten by up to his feet yet.

Benny Newell: If by some miracle we manage to lose this match tonight Chris Diamond can expect his pink slip to be in the mail. Come on Hollywood get off your ass and kill this psychotic motherfucker!

Chris Diamond is helped out of the ring by Joel Hortega as Ataxia gets up to his feet and heads over to ring number two. Ataxia walks over to the fallen Brian Hollywood then flops down on the canvas. Ataxia just sits there and wonders what to do with Hollywood but suddenly the timer begins to count down.






The lights in the arena begin to dim as the V.I.P’s begin to stand on their feet. The sound of “Til I Collapse” begins to fill the arena as the V.I.P’s begin cheering wildly. Team HOW Captain Scott Stevens makes his way out on stage as inside the steel structure Ataxia decided to exit the structure altogether. Stevens raises his arms into the air proudly and begins marching his way down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the Team Captain for Team HOW! The Scorpion Scott Stevens is on the way to the ring and once again HOW enjoys a two on one advantage!

Benny Newell: But what about Ataxia? I can’t figure out if this guy is trying to high tail it out of here or is he going to take the fight to Stevens up on the ramp?

Ataxia begins digging under the ring once again and this time pulls out a ladder that he begins sliding inside the ring. Stevens however charges and hits Ataxia with a clubbing blow to the back of the head and sends him down to the arena floor hard. Stevens grabs a hold of Ataxia then whips him spine first into the steel ring steps hard. Stevens grabs a hold of Ataxia once again and this time tosses him back into the steel structure. Stevens reaches under the ring and pulls out a baseball bat that he enters the steel structure with. Stevens raises the baseball bat high into the air as Ataxia gets back up to his feet. Stevens hits Ataxia with a shot to the mid-section with the baseball bat that doubles him over in pain. Stevens raises the bat high into the air again then hits Ataxia with a shot to the spine with the bat. Ataxia arches his bat in pain but appears to be giggling about it. Stevens wraps the bat around the neck of Ataxia then uses it to hit him with a side Russian leg sweep down to the canvas hard. Stevens gets up to his feet then makes his way over to the second ring and begins to yell at Hollywood to get up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens has taken control of this match and has Ataxia down and out. Now he’s trying to get Hollywood back into this match so that can use their two on one advantage versus Ataxia.

Benny Newell: I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Stevens has been a Boardwalk destroyer as of late defeating Nick Lawrence over in enemy territory and now he’s using that baseball back to make this Ataxia fag his bitch.

Hollywood gets back up to his feet then him and Stevens head back over towards the first ring where Ataxia is pulling himself back up to his feet. Stevens gives Ataxia a boot to the mid-section then whips him into the turnbuckle spine first hard. Stevens grabs hold of Hollywood and whips him into the corner but Hollywood reverses the whip and sends Stevens into the corner. Stevens leaps into the air and hits Ataxia with a stinger splash in the corner. Stevens grabs a hold Ataxia and pulls him out of the corner and tosses him towards Hollywood. With ease Hollywood catches Ataxia and hits him with a backbreaker and follows it up with a reverse neckbreaker that takes him down to the canvas hard. Hollywood gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Ataxia and lifts him back up to his feet. Both Hollywood and Stevens grab a hold of Ataxia and whip him into the ropes. As Ataxia rebounds off the ropes he leaps into the air and hits both Stevens and Hollywood with a two footed dropkick to the face that sends them crashing down to the canvas. Ataxia gets back up to his feet quickly then stalks around Stevens as he gets back up to his feet. Ataxia grabs a hold of Stevens from behind and then hits him with a German suplex that sends him crashing head first back into the turnbuckle that he calls No Bitch. Ataxia gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of the ladder on the canvas and begins to set it up in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if it’s instinct or out of desperation but Ataxia as managed to fight back against the combined efforts of both Brian Hollywood and Scott Stevens. Now it’s Ataxia who is in control and I think he has bad intentions in mind.

Benny Newell: Just where does this fool think he’s going with that ladder? You’re inside of a steel cage with a roof on it you fucking moron!

Once the ladder is set up Ataxia begins climbing to the top of it. Hollywood gets up to his feet then walks over to the over side of the ladder and begins climbing it also. The V.I.P’s watch on curiously as both Ataxia and Hollywood reach the top of the ladder. Hollywood fires a right hand at Ataxia but Ataxia fires back with a right hand of his own. Both men begin landing haymakers back and forth trying to knock the other off of the ladder. Hollywood fires off another haymaker but Ataxia catches his fist and begins biting it. Hollywood screams in pain but Ataxia grabs Hollywood by the back of the head and slams him down forehead first onto the top of the ladder. Hollywood is barely holding on but Ataxia climbs up and flips over before hitting Hollywood with a huge sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the ladder sending him crashing down into the next ring. Ataxia lands awkwardly against the ropes but the sacrifice pays off as he completely takes out Brian Hollywood. The crowd both inside of the arena and outside erupt from the big time move.




Everyone inside of the ring is down and in pain as on the outside of the arena replays of the hug powerbomb are shown. Inside of the arena the timer begins to count down as we’re about to get another competitor into this match.






The lights in the arena dim as the V.I.P’s stand on their feet curious to see who the next person to join the fight will be. The sound of “Acid Rain” fills the arena as the crowd begins boo’ing loudly. The Team Leader for Team Boardwalk Wrestling in Ian Bishop appears on stage. Mr. Incredible stands up on stage and looks down at the carnage in the ring with a smile on his face.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the leader of Team Boardwalk Wrestling! Ian Bishop has arrived and with everyone down and out inside of the ring this man can come and practically clean up. This could mean bad news for Team High Octane Wrestling.

Benny Newell: Okay so Brian Hollywood is dead and the good thing about that is that maybe Ataxia is dead too. So now we just need Scott Stevens to get on his feet. If Stevens can just hold on until the night HOW guy enters this match then we have a chance!

Ian Bishop makes his way down the ramp towards the ring as slowly Scott Stevens begins to stir. Bishop passes referee Joel Hortega on the outside then makes his way up the steel ring steps. Ian Bishop enters the steel structure then immediately runs up to Scott Stevens and kicks him a stiff kick to the ribs that causes him to howl out in pain. Bishop stands in the middle of the ring then reaches into his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a blunt and a lighter. Bishop places the finely rolled piece of work between his lips and lights it up. The crowd boo’s loudly as Bishop stands in the middle of the ring taking a long toke off of his weed then gives Stevens a kick to the skull. Bishop takes another hit off the lit blunt before kneeling down beside the fallen Stevens. Bishop takes the blunt out of his mouth and offers it to Stevens but Stevens is too injured to accept his offer. Bishop takes offense to this and grabs a hold of Stevens’ hair. Bishop holds Steven in place and then begins to put out his blunt using Stevens’ right eyelid. Stevens kicks and screams in pain but Bishop places his knee on Steven’s chest to keep him down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: What a sick display by Ian Bishop onto the Captain of Team High Octane Wrestling in Scott Stevens. It’s like Bishop didn’t even come her to wrestle, he just came here to hurt people!

Benny Newell: This is War Games Joe, you know better than anyone that if you walk into a match like this then you’re not walking out in one piece. Right now Stevens can only hope that this timer starts ticking down a little bit faster.

Bishop gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Stevens and lifts him back up to a vertical base. Bishop gets a running start then launches Stevens head first into the steel structure. Stevens crashes down to the canvas hard as Bishop walks over to the ladder set up in the middle of the ring and begins to fold it up and lay it on the canvas. Bishop turns his attention back to Stevens before grabbing a hold of him and lifting him back up to his feet. Bishop gives Stevens a boot to the mid-section then hits him with a snap suplex then sends him crashing spine first across the ladder. Bishop gets back up to his feet then walks over and grabs a hold of the steel chair on the canvas. Bishop walks over and then grabs a hold of Stevens to lift him back up to a vertical base. Bishop pushes Stevens into the corner then opens the steel chair and slides Stevens’ right arm through the opening. With the steel chair wrapped around Steven’s arm Bishop grabs a hold of him and hits him with an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends him crashing down arm and shoulder first right onto the steel chair. Stevens flops around on the canvas like a fish out of water holding his arm in pain as Bishop pulls himself back up to his feet. Suddenly the timer begins to count down before we find out who the next competitor in this match is.






The lights in the arena dim as the V.I.P’s stand on their feet. The sound of “Failure” begins to fill the arena as the crowd begins to cheer wildly. Darin Zion appears on stage and he appears to be holding a clown’s head in hand. Zion has a wild look in his eyes and points down directly towards Ian Bishop inside of the steel structure.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Darin Zion and it looks like he has his sights set directly on Ian Bishop. With Zion out here this gives Team High Octane Wrestling a three on two advantage in this match.

Benny Newell: Watching both Bishop and Zion go at it at Dealer’s Choice over in Boardwalk Wrestling had to been one of the gayest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. But if it’s for the sake of a win I’m pulling for Zion to Ronald McDonald that motherfucker!

Zion marches his way down the ramp towards the ring dragging the clown’s head with him. Zion passes referee Joel Hortega out on the outside as inside the steel structure Bishop begins to dig in his pocket for something. Zion marches up the steel ring steps and then enters the steel structure. Zion makes a bee line for Bishop looking to hit him with the clown’s head but Bishop raises his hand into the air and blows cocaine into the face of Zion blinding him. Zion drops the clown head and uses his hands to try to clear his vision but Bishop goes on the attack. Bishop hits Zion with a boot to the mid-section then plants him with a double underhook DDT that spikes him down to the canvas. Bishop gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Zion and lifts him back up to a vertical base. Bishop hoists Zion up into the air and then sit him on the top turnbuckle. Bishop hits Zion with a hard right hand to the face then grabs a hold of the ladder and begins dragging it over to the corner. Bishop lifts one end of the ladder and sits it on top of the middle turnbuckle pad under Zion. Bishop moves out of the way as suddenly Ataxia comes back to life and enters the first ring. Ataxia charges then runs up the ladder before leaping up and hitting Zion with a huge hurricanrana off the top rope and sends him crashing half way across the ring. Ataxia lands awkwardly on the ladder which once again leaves Ian Bishop as the only man standing inside of the steel structure.

Joe Hoffman: I thought Ataxia was down and out but he just came out of nowhere and hit a huge hurricanrana on Darin Zion. Brian Hollywood still hasn’t moved from that powerbomb earlier and Stevens might have an eye injury along with an arm injury.

Benny Newell: These son’s of bitches are like cockroaches. No matter how much we stomp them they keep getting back up and coming back for more. Our guys might be hurt but it’s still a three on two advantage goddamnit!

Ian Bishop walks around the ring and then notices the trash can on the canvas and grabs a hold of it. Bishop clears a space and then sits the trash can in the middle of the ring. Bishop turns around then grabs a hold of Stevens and lifts him up to a vertical base. Bishop hits Stevens with a right hand then whips him into the ropes but Stevens reverses the whip. As Bishop comes off the ropes Stevens hoists him high into the air and then on the way down connects with Debbie Does Dallas flush to the chin. Bishop is laid out and Stevens falls to the canvas too still holding his arm in pain. Slowly Bishop begins to pull himself up to his feet but as he stumbles backward he runs right into something. Bishop turns around and sees that the something happens to be a very pissed off Darin Zion who has made his way back up to his feet. Ian stumbles backwards before making a bee line for the structure door to get the hell out of dodge as Zion gives chase. Zion and Bishop begin fighting on the outside of the steel structure as Ataxia slowly begins to stagger up to his feet inside the ring. Ataxia sets his focus on Stevens on the canvas but almost out of nowhere Ataxia gets side swiped with an Executive Promise right to the face from Brian Hollywood. Ataxia staggers towards the ropes and rebounds off but Stevens has gotten back up to his feet then grabs Ataxia and nails him with the Toxic Sting down onto the trash can in the center of the ring. Stevens hooks the leg and makes the cover on Ataxia as the referee slides in.





Joe Hoffman: Injured, battered… it doesn’t matter! Brian Hollywood and Scott Stevens find a way to get the job done and they have eliminated Ataxia from this match. That leaves Ian Bishop all by himself but the timer is about to run out.

Benny Newell: Let it run out Joe because with Ataxia gone it just means we’re one step closer to victory!

Both Stevens and Hollywood fall to the canvas completely exhausted as Ataxia is helped out of the steel structure. On the outside Zion lifts Bishop into the air and drops him sternum first along the steel barricade. Bishop begins to stagger around the ringside area as Zion follows him around. Zion gets a running start then leaps up to the ring steps and leaps off towards Bishop but Bishop grabs a hold of the timekeepers bell and smashing it into the face of Zion in mid-air. Zion crashes and burns down to the concrete as the timer finally begins to tick down.






The lights in the arena dim as the V.I.P’s stand on their feet once again. However there is no music that plays and no one appears out on stage. Even Ian Bishop is confused as the next person that is supposed to enter this match should be a Boardwalk Wrestling star.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is going on? They got two fuckers left to come out so where are they?!

Joe Hoffman: I’m getting word from that back about the last three people in this match. Nick Lawrence, Eliza Lovecraft for Boardwalk Wrestling and Jay Stevenson for High Octane Wrestling have all been deemed unfit to compete here tonight! That means everyone that’s in this match has already been out and this match will in with Ian Bishop in a three on one situation against Darin Zion, Scott Stevens and Brian Hollywood!

Ian Bishop begins throwing a fit on the outside of the ring as Zion begins to pull himself up to his feet. Bishop doesn’t even notice that Zion is back up but suddenly the crowd begins booing as the Living Legend AMP becomes racing down to the ring with a kendo stick in hand. AMP shoves Hortega out of the way then hits Zion with a shot to the back of the head with the kendo stick that sends him down to the concrete. AMP grabs a hold of Zion then lifts him back up to his feet then tosses him over the barricade and into the V.I.P section.

Joe Hoffman: The Living Legend AMP isn’t even in this match! He’s in the other War Games match later tonight but he’s out here with a kendo stick and he’s helping his Boardwalk Wrestling teammate Ian Bishop!

Benny Newell: Leave it to this Boardwalk fuckers to try to cheat their way to a victory. They couldn’t handle HOW straight up so now they’ve got to bend the rules to their advatage!

AMP goes over to Bishop and begins to explain the situation to him. AMP begins pointing up to the top of the cage as Bishop begins to argue back with him. AMP pleads with Bishop to scale the cage to protect himself from begins pinned by an HOW star. Reluctantly Bishop agrees and begins to slowly but surely climb the steel structure even though he has a fear of heights. AMP slides into the steel structure with his kendo stick and begins laying out both Stevens and Hollywood with it. As AMP does his damage inside of the ring Bishop has finally reaches the top of the structure. Bishop stands on wobbly legs trying to swallow down his fear of being up so high but then notice Zion beginning to stir in the V.I.P section. Bishop reaches into his pocket and pulls out more cocaine. Bishop snorts a good bit of the cocaine then gets a running start and leaps off the top of the cage. Bishop sacrifices his body and land in the V.I.P section just to take out Darin Zion. The V.I.P scatters from the carnage of human bodies as the crowd outside of the building loses it’s mind.




Inside of the structure AMP loses his shit and quickly rushes out to check on his partner. AMP leaps into the V.I.P as EMT’s begin to rush out to check on Bishop, Zion, and any fans that were injured in the process. AMP helps Bishop up to his feet then begins to help him towards the ring and into the steel structure. AMP gets to his feet then goes to attack Stevens but both Hortega and Boettcher cut him off and prevent him from interfering any further. Both Stevens and Hollywood get back up to there feet and grab a hold of the half dead Bishop and lifts him up to a vertical base. Stevens holds Bishop from behind as Hollywood calls for the finish. Hollywood charges and goes for the Executive Promise but Bishop moves out of the way and Hollywoood connects flush with Stevens’ chin by mistake. Hollywood rushes over and tries to check on the fallen Stevens but Bishop comes up from behind and hits Hollywood with a low blow. Hollywood crumbles down to the canvas as Bishop gets back up to his feet. Bishop lifts Stevens up to a vertical base before hoisting him high up into the air. Bishop brings Stevens back down with The Incredible Drop down onto the steel chair on the canvas. Bishop hooks the leg and makes the cover on Stevens as the referee slides in.





Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how he did it but Ian Bishop has eliminated Team HOW Leader Scott Stevens from this match and now it’s a two on one situation!

Benny Newell: How the fuck is he still moving after leaping off the top of the fucking cage? What the fuck is in that cocaine he just snorted earlier?!?!

Scott Stevens is helped out of the steel structure as AMP is forced to head to the back. Bishop staggers back up to vertical base but hasn’t noticed that Brian Hollywood is back up to his feet. Not only is he back up to his feet but he has the baseball bat in his hand. As Bishop turns around Hollywood swings the bat but Bishop dodges it. Bishop gives Hollywood a boot to the mid-section that causes him to drop the baseball bat then shoves his head between his legs. Bishop lifts Hollywood up into the air and goes for You’re Incredibly Fucked but Hollywood counters it with a big back body drop that sends Bishop crashing down to the canvas. As Bishop staggers back up to his feet Hollywood charges and connects with another Executive Promise. Bishop is out cold but suddenly Zion is back up and he slides into the steel structure. Hollywood goes to make the cover on Bishop but Zion grabs a hold of Hollywood and hits him with Delusions of Grandeur onto the the ladder. Everyone is stunned that Zion would do such a thing but Zion gives to his feet and begins yelling down to Hollywood that Bishop is all his finish.

Joe Hoffman: This match was over and Darin Zion just turned on his own partner Brian Hollwood!


Bishop staggers back up to his feet as Zion turns around and goes to get his clown head once again. Bistop grabs a hold of Hollywood and then nails him with You’re Incredibly Fucked in the center of the ring. Bishop hooks the leg and makes the cover on Hollywood as the referee slides in.





Joe Hoffman: It was three on one but somehow Mr. Incredible has been just that fucking incredible and now it’s one on one. Zion versus Bishop… winner takes War Games for his respective company.

Benny Newell: Sweet baby Cheezus Christ please let there be a miracle and let Zion win this match. Help me out this one time and I’ll give up drinking I swear!

Hollywood is helped out of the steel structure as Zion shows no remorse for what he just did to his own partner. Bishop gets back up to his feet as Zion gathers the clown head. Both men walk to the center of the ring and Zion swings the clown head but Bishop uses his lighter and some other substance to blow a fireball into the face of Zion. Darin drops the clown head on the canvas and holds his face in pain as Bishop grabs the clown hard. Bishop rears back and scatters the clown’s head over the skull of Zion which crumbles him down onto the canvas. Giving no time to recover Bishop grabs a hold of Zion and spikes him with You’re Incredibly Fucked down on top of the steel chair. Bishop hooks the leg and makes the cover on Zion as the referee slides in.




Joe Hoffman: Ian Bishop just spike Zion with You’re Incredibly Fucked after firing a fireball to the face but somehow Zion managed to kick out before the three! Team HOW is still alive!

Benny Newell: Come on Zion you stupid grinning asshole! Destiny is at your fucking front door. The bitch is naked and primed to fuck! JUMP ON THAT SHIT!

Bishop gets up his feet then grabs a hold of Zion and goes for a second You’re Incredibly Fucked but Zion pushes him away. As Bishop charges Zion turns and nails Bishop with a Pele kick to the face. Zion gets up to his feet then pulls the ladder to the center of the ring. Zion pulls Bishop on top of the ladder then steps through the ropes and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Zion perches himself on the top rope then leaps off and connects with The Catalyst Splash down onto Bishop on top of the ladder. Zion hooks the leg and makes the cover on Bishop as the referee slides in.




Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion went for it all and connected with the high impact move off the top rope onto the ladder but somehow Ian Bishop got his shoulder up and kept this match alive for Team Boardwalk Wrestling!

Benny Newell: Damnit Cheezus I’ll give up drinking AND hookers! My two favorite things in the world just let Zion win War Games!

Both exhausted and completely drained but both men refuse to give up. Zion gets up to his feet and grabs a hold of the steel chair off of the canvas. Bishop gets to his feet as Zion swings the steel chair but Bishop quickly plants a boot to the mid-section that doubles Zion over in pain. Bishop leaps over Zion and goes for a sunset flip but Zion is still holding the chair. Zion leans up out of the pinning position and clobbers Bishop with a shot to the head with the steel chair. This dazes Bishop who staggers back up to his feet but Zion comes up from behind Bishop and gets him into a school boy roll up. Zion holds Bishop into position and then pulls on Bishop’s pants for extra leverage as the referee slides in.







Zion gets up to his feet and gets his hand raised in victory but Ian Bishop attacks Zion from behind and cracks the baseball bat over the head of Zion. The bat breaks and half as Zion collapses down the canvas as Bishop spits on Zion’s fallen body. The V.I.P’s boo’s loudly but Bishop flips him off as he leaves the steel structure.


As we come back from commercial break, Darin Zion is seen standing in front of Blair Moise. Darin’s smile goes ear to ear as you can tell he’s ecstatic about kicking Ian Bishop’s ass in the War Games match. Sweat drips all over his body and Darin Zion can be seen grabbing his back and holding it. He’s hunched over in pain as Blair Moise walks up to him.

Blair Moise: Zion…

Zion immediately cuts her off and hugs her. She looks at him rather annoyed as her dress get completely drenched in his sweat. He smiles at her and winks as he shakes her hand to start the interview.

Darin Zion: Pleasure to finally meet you Blair. We haven’t had much opportunities like we’ve gotten tonight. But I finally think I deserve the time to talk to you after that hard fought War Games match.

Blair Moise: Absolutely! You fought valiantly against Team Boardwalk and finally pulled off the major win against one of your arguably greatest challenges here to date.

Darin Zion: Winning one War Games match now adds to my resume. I’m a Tag Team Champion and have one War Games match under my belt. But I’m not done yet!

Blair looks at Zion rather confused. She just watched the carnage that Zion went through and cannot believe that he’s still standing confidently on his promise to win BOTH War Games matches in one night. Her eyes squint a bit in confusion. Zion continues to move around, keeping some momentum around, but you can tell he’s a bit exhausted.

Blair Moise: You still think you’ve got both War Games matches? Ian Bishop took you to the limits before you eliminated him and even then, it looks like you’ve injured your back more….AND hit you with a bat after the match… You’re obviously…

Darin Zion immediately cuts Blair off and grabs the microphone from her hands. His eyes completely grow in intensity as the camera slowly focuses on him. She backs away; wondering how mad Zion really is. Zion slowly holds the microphone, carefully articulating each word he speaks. The intensity increases as his anger starts to show through.

Darin Zion: I’m obviously what? Broken goods? That I cannot handle this pressure and that the entire roster thinks I’m a joke? Well I just proved that I’m Sex and Money’s greatest asset tonight. Even greater than my partner in arms Brian Hollywood and Noah Hanson. I’ve actually won a War Games match. I’ve now done more than rest of my team.

Blair Moise: Which brings up another question…why did you eliminate Brian Hol…

Zion gives Blair Moise the biggest scowl he’s ever given someone. It seems like a touchy subject for him. After a few moments of glaring at her, he immediately lightens up and speaks in a normal voice.

Darin Zion: Pure and simple: OPPORTUNITY! Brian held me back in that match…and he held me back from winning the World Championship. Brian, I’m not quitting Sex and Money. I…simply created opportunity like I told Tara I’d do. I took you out because you’re a threat to me taking all the Gold in HOW. It’s simply that. He knew I’d do ANYTHING to get the World Championship. And I did just that! How you dare question my tactics, Blair?

Blair Moise: It’s just…it’s just..

Darin Zion: What? See I’ve wrestled in this sport 10 years and I don’t need you of all people to question me. I know what the hell I’m doing. Brian and I are still cool. He’d have done the same to me. Plus with our new developmental company starting soon; I want to give the talent a role model to look up to: a New Standard to set for HOW. You know I’m the Catalyst and tonight I change HOW forever. Tonight’s the night Darin Zion wins ALL THE GOLD, sets history, and gets looked at as a future Hall of Famer. And there’s not a damn fucking thing anyone can do to stop me from winning those belts. Ian Bishop could dive off that cage and try to kill me, but won’t succeed. Brian can say all the words he wants; but he won’t keep me on his leash like a little bitch. Jason and Tara could dominate me…but you get my point…no one in the World Title War Games match will not stop me from setting a new standard for all CCW talents to look up to for decades to come. Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got a match to prepare for.

Darin Zion immediately shoves the microphone into Blair’s hands and storms off towards the back. The scene fades to black as we cut elsewhere.

We cut backstage to another part of the Cajun City Wrestling Arena where a waiting Brian Bare is nervously awaiting to interview the Captain of Team HOW, Scott Stevens, as he watches Zion on the monitors with Blaire Moise. Once, Zion is finished, Stevens turns and approaches Brian.

Brian Bare: Congratulations are in order tonight as Team HOW defeats Team Boardwalk here tonight in the Big Easy.

Scott Stevens: That is right. High Octane Wrestling has been saying we are better than every wrestling promotion that’s out there. We’ve proved it when we defeated their wrestlers in Atlantic City and we proved it again here tonight when my team drive the nail into Boardwalk’s coffin here tonight!

Stevens shouts and Brian nervously adjusts the tie on his cheap polyester suit.

Brian Bare: Have to give a lot of credit to Darin Zion for the victory as well because he proved that he had the talent and toughness to pull out the victory when Ian Bishop looked to be on the verge of victory.

Scott Stevens: You’re mistaken Brian, Zion should be crediting me for what he did here tonight.

Bare looks more confused than normal by the statement.

Brian Bare: What do you mean?

Scott Stevens: It’s simple Brian, this team was on the verge of utter collapse and destruction. I am the one who was able to turn us into a unit. Mike Best didn’t want the job in the first place because all he ever did was fucking run us down. Silent Witness talked a big game but when it came time to deliver on his promised it turned out to be smoke blown up our asses, and don’t get me fucking started on Townsend!

Stevens yells for his hatred of the previous captains.

Scott Stevens: I am the one who gave these men a purpose. I am the one who gave them the drive to want to put an end to Boardwalk. I am the one who elevated everyone on my team. If it wasn’t for me Zion would’ve been eliminated number one. That is why I am the captain of this fucking team because I make everyone better. This is why I won War Games tonight, not Darin Zion.

Stevens smiles big into the camera.

Scott Stevens: Thank you for helping me win my first War Games Zion because that’s what good little soldiers do, they help the captain win. You’re contributions will always be remembered here.

Stevens points to his heart.

Scott Stevens: The record books will show that I am the one who lead HOW to victory over Boardwalk not you because without me Zion, you’d be stuck in Brian Hollywood’s shadow. You’re welcome by the way.

Stevens tips his hat to Zion.

Scott Stevens: My team’s dominance here tonight has kicked off the new Cajun City Wrestling Arena off with a fucking bang!

Stevens shouts with join.

Scott Stevens: And there’s one man to thank for that.

Brian Bare: Zion?

Bare says but Stevens snatches by his tie and yanks him close.

Scott Stevens: ME GOD DAMMIT!

Stevens yells and spit flies out of his mouth hitting Bare in the face.

Scott Stevens: I got the victory here tonight. I am the one who lead HOW to victory, and I won War Games, not Zion!

Stevens lets go of Bare.

Scott Stevens: Tonight the world witnessed history as I won my very first War Games in this historic arena, and I have proven time and time again that I have what it takes to succeed in HOW. While others have left, I have remained here waving the banner and leading the charge and if it wasn’t for me leading High Octane Wrestling, Boardwalk and every other fed out there would annihilate us. HOW should be kneeling before me and singing my praises because I am the one that holds this company together. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another War Games match to win.

Stevens says to Brian before pushing him out of the way.

High Octane Radio officially returns this Saturday at 8pm CST with Lee Best hosting

Back in Black hits the PA system and once again out comes the GOD of HOW….Lee Best. But this time he is not alone. He has the EPU agent by his side.

The two stop at the top of the entrance ramp and the as the music fades out Lee brings the microphone to his lips once again.

Lee Best: Now that you have seen Darin Zion and HOW DESTROY Ian Bishop and BoardWalk Wrestling it is time for the big one……but before we get to that let me get a few things out there. First thing is first….since that coward Bishop wanted to be a sore loser……I want to officially announce that Ian Bishop will be taking on Darin Zion in the Main Event on the return of Monday Night Mayhem. Now with that said….let me get to some new hires.

Lee puts his right hand on the shoulder of the big man next to him and continues

Lee Best: You see for us to go out with the proverbial bang that I want us to I need to surround myself with some people that will make sure we go out like we started back in 2002…….a house on fucking fire. To do that I had to swallow some pride and iron out some differences that naturally occurred from working with these people for SOOOO LOONG. Even families fight right? Well this family has always had that and I have made peace with several people who have agreed to come back and help me end this properly….Ladies and Gentlemen…..welcome back to the land of High Octane Wrestling…….and the reason this big bad ass EPU Agent is standing next to me ……JUST IN CASE….CHRISTOPHER AMERICA AND MARIO MAURAKO!!!!!!!!

The crowd erupts as the Hall of Famer Christopher America makes his way out with the single greatest tag team wrestler in the history of HOW Mario Maurako at his side.

Lee positions himself with the EPU agent between himself and America and Maurako as he continues.

Lee Best: Now these two men have agreed to come back with obvious stipulations within their contract. Let me start with the new Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling and the man that will serve as an authority figure when I am not around…..Mr. Maurako.

The crowd pops at the announcement of Commissioner Maurako.

Lee Best: Mario has and always will be the single greatest tag team wrestler I have ever met and although we have had our differences in the past we made our peace late last year and it was Mario who was instrumental in producing the HOW versus Boardwalk War Games match……he is and always will be one of the best wrestling minds I know and I am PROUD to have him back serving in the newly created Commissioner role…….but as great as a mind Mario has… one tops the man standing next to him…..Mr. America.

America smirks as the crowd pops for the Hall of Famer.

Lee Best: I saw no better setting than to have America to return than at War Games. An event he won twice. He is a living legend….a HOW Hall of Famer…and an American treasure.

Now it is Lee who is smirking as he gives America the praise he has always craved from Lee.

Lee Best: Now America, along with Mario, have contracts that end this December 31st and it is my hope that both men will be competing in the ring at ICONIC shortly before that. Up to that point Mr. America and Commissioner Maurako will be instrumental in helping CCW get its footing as they will provide unlimited knowledge and experience to all those that will be competing in CCW in hopes of one day gracing HOW, Boardwalk or 4CW arenas.

Lee pauses as America and Mario nod in agreement.

Lee Best: So with that said….welcome once again to both Mario and America both returning to the land of High Octane and let us get back to the action as its now time for the….

Lee is cut off as suddenly the EPU agent rips the microphone out of the hand of Lee and pushes the GOD of HOW to the ground.

The crowd is stunned as the big man stands over Lee.

Suddenly Hall of Famers Jatt Starr and Max Kael rush out from the back and stand between the EPU agent and Lee.

Joe Hoffman: The adopted Son out here protecting the Father…….what is going on???

Lee is helped back to his feet by Max and he stares into the eyes of the EPU agent who is slowly pulling down the skull themed mask he is wearing and it dawns on Lee who exactly has been in HOW this entire time and at this side.


Lee is cut short as the man pushes Jatt and Max to the side, kicks Lee in the gut, and proceeds to powerbomb him on the stage. The sound of the cancer filled body of Lee hitting the steel echoes loudly throughout the CCW arena.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is the Commish and America doing??? THEY ARE JUST STANDING THERE WATCHING!!!!

Both Max and Jatt are back to their feet and in the face of the EPU agent and then they do it……..

They both begin smiling and they embrace the big man.

Benny Newell: THEY ARE FUCKING HUGGING HIM???????!!!!!

Both America and Mario join the embrace and the crowd is puzzled as the men separate and raise each others hands to the masses.

It is America who then walks over to the EPU agent and fully pulls the mask away and we see clearly who the man is….even with a newly shaved head it is obvious.


Kostoff pulls Lee’s limp body up and hands him off to America who promptly executes a nasty looking pedigree type move to Lee.

Joe Hoffman: Oh dear God. I heard rumors that America was planning on doing this tonight to someone when I got wind he was in the building. Apparently he calls that move OLD GLORY……..I think Lee is dead.

The sound of Lee’s scarred bald head hitting the steel entrance ramp results in a sickening sound. A small puddle of blood forms around the head of Lee as this super alliance of past HOW superstars stands tall over the man that created the very environment they are standing in now.

As the new mega alliance walks to the back, medics rush out and begin attending to the GOD of HOW as we cut to an advert.

Back live and the HOV inside the CCW arena replays what just went down with Lee Best and America, Maurako, Kostoff, Kael and Jatt Starr. As the video ends and we cut back to the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe and Benny the sound of the crowd buzzing can still be heard both inside and outside of the arena.

Joe Hoffman: As God as my witness I sure as hell did not see that one coming and I KNEW America and Maurako were coming back tonight……

Benny Newell: All. Will. Die.

Joe Hoffman: For once……I think you might be right. If Lee is truly going to go down in a blaze of glory I sure as heck don’t see him allowing a bunch of former stars to return to HOW only to embarrass him at War Games.

Benny Newell: Bottomlines. Besty. Death.

The attention of the fans is quickly turned to the two rings, one cell setup as the arena goes dark and spotlights light up the War Games cell as it is now time for the main event.

Joe Hoffman: Obviously we will give you an update on the condition of Lee as we get it but for now it is time for the 16 man main event. Two teams of eight, captained by Jace and Tara, will be competing for the right to capture all the singles gold that is currently held by Tara. From what I understand….

Joe is cut off as newly minted Commissioner Mario Maurako makes his way out onto the entrance ramp.

The crowd is both cheering and booing the HOW Tag Team legend as he stops at the top of the entrance ramp and brings a mic up to his marvelous lips.

Mario Maurako: As you all heard only a few minutes ago I am now the Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling and with Lee out of commission it falls upon me to make sure the rest of the show is carried out in a most marvelous way……

Mario pauses as the smirks at his own play on words.

Mario Maurako: So with that said and with this show officially kicking off the CCW Development Territory I think it is only fitting that there is more than ONE TRUE CHAMPION here in High Octane Wrestling. I believe the cancer has gone to Lee’s head and he was just not himself when he decided to move forward with only one champion. That’s why I am proclaiming right now that the LSD, ICON and World Championships will be won tonight and will be DEFENDED not only in HOW…..but also in Boardwalk Wrestling and 4CW……..because let’s face it……you cannot be a World Champion if you are only competing in The Best Arena in Chicago.

The crowd pops for the announcement.

Mario Maurako: So with that said….good luck to all 16 wrestlers tonight. 3rd place will get you the hardcore themed LSD Championship while 2nd will gain you the technical ICON Championship and we all know that winning the match will get you the World Championship. Good luck to Tara and of course to her husband and fellow Captain Jace Parker Davidson…..and you are all welcome.

With that Mario turns and heads to the back as its time for the Main Event where now all three championships will be officially contested for.

Joe Hoffman: Well if there is anything that came out of that attack on Lee is now there will be more than one winner here tonight but let’s be honest……it is still all about that World Title that currently has been around the waist of Tara for months now.

Benny Newell: Mario is already throwing his weight around? Seriously? Someone get me Crow’s number….I got a bridge that Mario can meet him on.

Joe Hoffman: Really?

Benny just shrugs as he cracks open a brand new bottle of Jack Daniels.

Joe Hoffman: Anyway…..before we start I have been instructed to let everyone know that Mario has changed up the way the match will start tonight. Instead of the traditional War Games rules that we saw play out earlier tonight we instead will see all 16 men and women in the ring to START off the match.

Benny Newell: Thank fucking God…..that is one good decision I can get behind. Let’s get these assholes wrestling and going at it right off the bat……we all know Scott Stevens will be eliminated first anyway.

Joe Hoffman: Will you ever let up on that poor man.

Benny Newell: No…and I have my reasons and he knows that I know that he knows that I know why.

Joe can only shake his head as King of Everything by the Anarchy Club hits the CCW Arena’s PA system and Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out with his team close behind.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Jace with his HOW Brethren Ryan McKenna, Ray McAvay, and first round selection Reggie Rivid. Joining them is Boardwalk members Amp, Matthew Meyhu, Muhammed Murder and Bradly Carrington.

Jace leads his team into inside of ring one where Nigel Lette is in charge of the door with both Joel Hortega and Matt Boettcher inside the cell ready to make the pinfall and submissions calls.

Jace and his team obviously have a plan in place as all four members of Boardwalk Wrestling head over to ring two (the ring on the right for those watching from home), while Jace, McAvay, Rivid and McKenna take up residence inside ring one (the ring on the left for those watching from home).

Joe Hoffman: Clear strategy here by Jace as he is clearly counting on the Boardwalk and HOW members of his squad to work closely together.

Benny Newell: Tonight is the night where we see the REAL HOW wrestlers step up and win …….and by REAL I am of course talking about Scottywood……

Joe looks at Benny incredulously as everyone turns their attention to the entrance ramp as Blood by In This Moment hits the PA system and the team led by the World, ICON, LSD, and Tag Team Champion Tara Michaels Davidson make their way out from the back.

Tara is obviously in front as she is having a hard time walking with the World and ICON Championships around her waist and the LSD and Tag Titles around each shoulder.

Directly behind her walks a determined looking Scottywood, Scott Stevens, Brian Hollywood and of course the winner of the first War Games match this evening….Darin Zion. Joining them are Julliet Brooks, Sativa and CJ O’Donnell. Sativa being the only representative of 4CW in this match.

Joe Hoffman: Tara is on such a roll right now I just don’t see how anyone can take away the World Title from her tonight. Benny you got any predictions before we officially start?

Benny Newell: Scottywood wins the World…..Ray McAvay wins the ICON and Tara retains the LSD…..with Jace being one pissed off motherfucker after tonight…….bank on all those…..seriously…hit up Paddy Power now and make the fucking bet.

Joe Hoffman: Although I have never bet on anything in my life I would obviously put money on Tara retaining at least ONE of her single titles tonight. I do not see her finishing outside of the top 3.

Benny Newell: Which means she will… that you said that……but now that I said that it probably means she won’t……..

Benny winks at the camera as a nod to the IWC as the cameras focus back on Team Tara as they have literally just entered the cell and are standing outside of Ring one.

With both teams inside the cell we see Nigel Lette lock the cell door and then we get a split screen look at an aerial shot of the War Games cell with both teams inside and a shot of the crowd outside in the parking lot all on their feet watching the action live on the huge HOV that has been set up.

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go folks……16 entrants…….3 Championships…….2 rings………1 cell……

Benny Newell: And a partridge in a motherfucking pear tree. RING THE FUCKING BELL BOETTCHER!!!!

As if on cue Boettcher does just that……and War Games is officially underway.

The crowd is cheering loudly as we see Team Tara literally surround both rings as the HOW and Boardwalk portions of Team Jace remain embedded in their positions in both rings one and two.

Joe Hoffman: This is one of those calm before the storm type of moments and I am just curious as to how these Boardwalk and HOW guys will interact with each other when they see members of their own company getting attacked by members of the other companies but on the opposite team.

Benny Newell: it is all about the titles Joe. At the end of the day every wrestler is here for themselves. Do you honestly think there is any loyalty anymore to companies? It is now painfully obvious to me that everyone is here for themselves and at the end of the day it is all about the coin. You have gold around your waist and there is no doubt you will make more money………who signs your check does not matter.

Joe Hoffman: You may be right Benny….

There is some serious tension in the air as Team Tara and Team Jace are staring each other down and the crowd is begging for the carnage to begin……..and it does.

Seemingly out of nowhere all four Boardwalk members of Team Jace literally run towards the ropes in Ring 2 and dive to the outside.

Amp nails a suicide dive on War Games winner Darin Zion sending him crashing into the steel mesh of the cell wall.

Carrington and Murder fly thru the middle rope and take out Stevens and Hollywood…..

Meyhu executes a similar suicide dive as Amp to the opposite side taking out HOW Hall of Famer Scottywood.

The other eight competitors looking on in and outside of Ring one quickly react to what just happened in the other ring and we see Tara, Brooks, Sativa and O’Donnell slide into Ring One and quickly begin exchanging blows with Jace, Rivid, McAvay and McKenna.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go!!!!!

The crowd begins booing the HOW wrestlers in Ring One as we see Mckenna gain the upper hand on Sativa, McAvay going toe to toe with Tara, while Jace punches Brooks into a corner while Rivid and O’Donnell exchange blows in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd not liking the men beating up on the women in Ring One.

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck if they got a dick or a clit……Tara is the champion of champions!!! Cunt Punts for EVERYONE!!!!

It is complete and utter chaos as the camera pans out to show the action both inside and outside of both rings.

The camera focuses in on the action outside of Ring Two where we see Meyhu nail Scottywood with a short armed clothesline sending the Hall of Famer down to the floor while literally only a few feet away Amp irish whips Zion face first into the cell wall as the first drop of blood for this match spill as Zion’s forehead is busted open quickly.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has been thru hell already tonight and even after winning earlier he still took a bat to the darn head courtesy of Ian Bishop.

Benny Newell: Fuck Bishop. He lost…focus in on this match Joe…..can you at least act professional for once in your life?

Joe is lost for words as we see Stevens has rebounded and has just nailed Carrington with a high running knee but is promptly met with a superkick from Murder that sends Stevens down to the floor.

Murder is smiling but that quickly fades as he turns into an Executive Decision superkick from Brian Hollywood who promptly covers Muhammed for the first pinfall of the match.

Matt Boettcher slides out of the ring quickly and begins the count…..



Amp breaks up the count with a boot the back of the head of Hollywood……but is then sent flying into the wall of the cell himself as Zion dropkicks him from behind.

Zion helps his stablemate up and together they begin tag teaming on Amp while we turn to the action in Ring One.

The action has split up in Ring One has in on corner Tara is literally stomping a mudhole into McAvay while in the opposite corner her husband and opposing Captain, Jace, is doing the same to Julliet Brooks.

Outside of Ring one McKenna is using the cell wall as a cheese grater as he is grinding the forehead of Sativa back and forth……literally not giving a damn.

A few feet away Reggie Rivid has all of his alleged 265 pound frame on the chest of CJ O’Donnell is punishing the man with rights and lefts…both to the head and to the body… the Boardwalk superstar is covering up the best that he can.

Joe Hoffman: I have never seen this brutal side of McKenna before. As the kids would say…he is showing no chill.

Benny Newell: What the fuck did you just say.

Joe Hoffman: What? I read that all the time in tweets.

Benny Newell: First off get the fuck off twitter…..secondly…….please…please….act professional will you? I am tired of carrying this Hall of Fame team for fucks sake.

Joe shakes his head as Benny takes a shot….smirking the whole fucking time as we cut back to Ring Two where the first weapon of this match has just been used.

We literally cut over just in time to see Scottywood writhing in pain after taking a perfect vertical suplex from Meyhu directly onto a ladder that was pulled out onto the floor by the Boardwalk man.

Joe Hoffman: The hardcore artist is fittingly the first one to get a taste of hardcore in this match.

The sound of flesh hitting steel makes Meyhu smile as he pulls Scottywood up to his feet and rolls the HOW Hall of Famer into Ring Two and quickly follows suit.

On the other side of Ring Two we see that Muhammed and Amp are working together as a team as they literally working over both Hollywood and Zion with tag team moves…alternating between each man….the last move a double DDT to Zion sending the already bloodied man head first into the floor while Hollywood looks on hopelessly after taking double drop kick to the chin.

Joe Hoffman: Smart move here by the Boardwalk guys as they are focusing in on Zion and Hollywood who both wrestled earlier tonight.

Stevens, the self-proclaimed Captain for HOW earlier, is faring much better than his fellow double booked peers.

He has Carrington propped into the corner of the cell and is delivering heavy chops to the chest as the crowd counts along.

They reach the count of nine where Stevens pauses, smiles, and delivers his Debbie Does Dallas European uppercut, causing the man to leave his feet and crumple to the arena floor where Stevens promptly follows that up with a several stomps which the crowd counts along with as well…..and after a vicious ten kicks, Stevens raises his arms high in the air as the VIP’s cheer their approval.

Back inside Ring Two Meyhu delivers a beautiful belly to belly suplex to Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: It appears Meyhu is just toying with the Hall of Famer.

Benny Newell: Scotty is just biding his time…trust me.

But that does not appear to be the case….for now… Meyhu follows up the belly to belly suplex with a German Suplex……….then a T-Bone Suplex……and then a perfect stalling vertical suplex.

The CCW arena crowd gives Meyhu a standing ovation after the display of perfectly executed moves as the man stands over the limp body of Scottywood…..





Meyhu pops right up and delivers a wicked kick to the temple to Scotty…..mostly out of frustration……knocking the Hardcore Artist back to the canvas as we head back to Ring One where the action has picked up considerably.

Once we again see that husband and wife are on opposite sides of the action as literally the roles have reversed from when we last saw these two as now both McAvay and Brooks have the upper hands on the Davidsons.

The sound of steel meeting skull reinforces this notion as Brooks can be seen delivering a steel chair shot to the head of Jace…driving the mans head between the steel of the chair and the steel mesh of the cell wall on the outside.

Meanwhile inside the ring McAvay has gained the upper hand on Tara by literally going for broke with an insane spinning tornado DDT from the top rope. Knowing its two early to go for a pinfall and instead follows up the DDT with a reverse chinlock.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay being very smart here. Using his full 190 pounds to put pressure to the back of the neck of Tara…..hopefully to wear down the High Octane Champion.

Benny Newell: Its pretty obvious that McAvay is no stranger to violence on women.

Joe Hoffman: Let it be known that no one will ever beat Tara if they take it easy on her and you know that.

Benny Newell: CUNT PUNT……….win. Easy.

As the camera focuses in on McAvay applying the screws to Tara we literally see McKenna diving off the top rope and crashing and burning as Sativa moves out of the way of the flying Scotsman.

As we see Sativa trying to gain her breath as McKenna writhes in pain on the ground we see the big Texan Rivid meet the steel ring post as O’Donnell sends him flying into it via a hard irish whip.

O’Donnell thinks about going after Rivid but instead slides into the ring and for the first time we see a Boardwalk member help out a HOW teammate as CJ delivers a big boot to the head of McAvay causing the man to release Tara from his grip.

CJ then looks to the outside and sees Brooks roll Jace into the ring and runs directly towards the man and delivers a perfect baseball slide causing Jace to fall awkwardly to the floor once again where Brooks brings down the steel chair to the right knee of the wannabe Hall of Famer.

CJ then turns around and sees McKenna slowly getting to his feet and he charges across the ring and executes his own suicide dive to the outside…………….but his head meets the two feet of McKenna as the Scotsman executes a perfect standing desperation dropkick to the diving O’Donnell.

Joe Hoffman: I think McKenna just broke that man’s neck.

Benny Newell: It’s all good…….its fake remember….he will be wrestling on Mayhem.

Joe Hoffman: Really?

Benny Newell: Really……now….CUNT PUNT and then hashtag that shit and make it real. Until then……drink.

McKenna gets back up to his feet only to be met with a punch to the liver by Sativa who then quickly follows that up with donkey punch to the back of the mans neck, causing him to drop to his knees, which is not a good thing as Sativa executes a short running bulldog driving the McKenna headfirst into the arena floor.

The High Octane Champion, watching all this from the center of the ring, never sees Reggie Rivid sliding into the ring behind her.

He grabs Tara by the hair and pulls her head back and with a smile he nails her with his Impaler inverted DDT finisher….spiking her head into the canvas with the sheer force of the move.

Rivid makes the cover on the High Octane Champion.



Brooks slides into the ring to help Tara…..


Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!! RIVID JUST PINNED TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Hortega jumps up and proclaims Tara got her shoulder up just in time….

Joel Hortega: DOS!!!!!! DOS!!!!!! DOS!!!!!

The crowd is buzzing at the near fall on the High Octane Champion. Outside of the ring her husband is on his knees looking into the ring and is shocked at the near fall just as much as the next person as we cut away back to the action in Ring Two where the Team Tara members are now in complete control.

Back in Ring Two Zion and Hollywood have regained their advantage and have broken back up into individual battles as Zion has Amp inside the ring while Hollywood and Carrington are now inside the ring as well paired up.

What hasn’t changed however is the fact that Meyhu is just completely dominating Scottywood but has yet been unable to put him away……and has taken the fight to the outside as he has begun to use the environment as he drives the ladder into the stomach of Scottywood who is lying prone on the arena floor.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Stevens has finally gotta Murder figured out after the man had been switching up his stances on Stevens for the last several moments.

Stevens, not looking worse for wear after the earlier match so far, is using the steel mesh of the cell to his advantage.

We cut back inside the ring where Hollywood just nailed Carrington with his diamond cutter-esque Paper Cut signature move just as Zion jumps off the top rope and delivers his Catalyst Splash red arrow move.

Zion makes the cover on Carrington as Hollywood superkicks an onrushing Amp.

Sex and Money make the cover on the two men as Boettcher counts with both arms…




Bryan McVay: Carrington and Amp from Team Jace have officially been eliminated

Joe Hoffman: Well there ya go Benny…the first two official eliminations of War Games and both Team Jace members.

Immediately after the pinfalls Zion and Hollywood walk thru the ropes from Ring Two into Ring One and snag Rivid by the head and toss the Texan to the outside and promptly help their Captain to her feet.

On the outside we see Sativa has pulled what appears to be Scottywoods barbed wire baseball bat out from under the ring and is about to use it on McKenna when McAvay makes the save out of nowhere by grabbing the stick from behind her.

Zion and Hollywood see this and immediately climb the turnbuckles closest to that action and proceed to execute a perfect dual missile drop kick to McAvay. The force of the tag team move causes the barbed wire hockey stick to go flying out of his hands and several feet away.

The Ganja Goddess helps the two Sex and Money members to their feet, appreciating their save there, but as she turns she is met with a closed fist punch right to the nose by a revived Ray McAvay.

But just as he delivers the blow he hears footsteps and as he turns he moves out of the way just in time to see O’Donnell meet Sativa with an accidental running single leg high knee.

Joe Hoffman: He calls that Irish Knowledge and man did Sativa eat that one there…..

McAvay delivers a double clothesline to the Sex and Money teammates and then turns and delivers the same move to O’Donnell and then looks down at the knocked out Sativa…..and then at the barbed wire hockey stick.

He walks briskly to the stick and picks it up.

He then pulls Sativa up to her feet and proceeds to put him into his dragon sleeper finishing submission move with the barbed wire hockey stick pressed against her throat.

Once again on the other side of the ring Julliet Brooks see what is going on and starts over to make the save.

But as the blood begins to pour from the neck of Sativa, Joel Hortega has no choice but to signal for the bell as Sativa is out cold and bleeding like the proverbial stuck pick.


McAvay drops the lifeless body of Sativa to the mat and looks at his blood covered arm. He almost smiles at what he did but the smile quickly turns to dismay as he sees Brooks airborne with a steel chair in her hand.


Rivid DESTROYS Brooks with his own steel chair and the Boardwalk female wrestler crashes to the arena floor lifeless as the steel chair shot to the head knocked her out cold as well.

McAvay covers her as well as Hortega counts as Rivid fights off a charging Hollywood and Zion with his steel chair.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by pinfall by Ray McAvay………Julliet Brooks!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Two eliminations by McAvay there and things are starting to heat up here.

Zion and Hollywood back off from the raging Texan with a chair and head back towards Ring Two where there are only four men still battling and Meyhu is STILL dominating but unable to eliminate Scottywood while Scott Stevens has the upper hand still on Muhammed Murder.

Joe Hoffman: 12 eliminations to go here folks and I have a feeling that they are going to come fast and furious now that everyone has a little more room here in the cell to move around.

As if on cue Stevens hits his diamond cutter like finisher The Toxic Sting off the top rope on a ladder in the middle of the ring on Murder and Boettcher makes the count as Scotty hangs on to the leg of Meyhu for dear life to keep him from breaking up the pinfall on the opposite side of the ring.

Boettcher begins the count




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by pinfall Muhammed Murder!!!

Zion rolls into ring two and helps Stevens to his feet and congratulates him on the elimination while on the opposite side of the ring Meyhu turns around again in frustration and begins stomping the royal shit out of Scottywood.

Back on the other side Zion turns to see where his tag team partner is at and he is shocked to see his head crashing into the steel of the ladder….courtesy of a curb stomp…aka Bow to the King……from Jace Parker Davidson.

Zion rushes out of the ring to help Hollywood but he is met in the side of the head by the chair wielding Texan and he crumples to the apron from the chair shot from Rivid.

Stevens looks at his fellow Texan and puts his arms up in the air as Jace covers Hollywood.

Boettcher races out of the ring and makes the count.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by pinfall Brian Hollywood!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Like I said they are coming fast and furious now and man what a curb stomp that was by Jace.

Benny Newell: Drink for Stevens being scared of a fucking chair.

Stevens instead turns to help Scottywood but as he does he notices that Meyhu has given up on eliminating Scottywood and has headed towards Ring one…….where the action now turns to.

As we cut back to Ring One both Ryan McKenna and Ray McAvay have begun tag teaming on the High Octane Champion Tara Michaels Davidson.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is as clear as day that the focus is now on eliminating the champion and honestly you cannot blame these two.

Benny Newell: What can I say….CUNT PUNT THE BITCH.

But instead of doing just that, McKenna holds Tara up for McAvay who is now holding his trusty Big Bertha golf club that he conveniently pulled out from under the ring.

McAvay lines her up and swings……..


The head of the golf club meets temple and Tara is instantly knocked out…….but McKenna urges McAvay to take another swing…..and he does.

And predictably he meets her temple once again and she goes crashing down to the canvas in a heap.

McKenna motions for McAvay to make the cover but is confused as he sees a concerned look on Tin Cups face. He sighs heavily as he turns around just in time to see a knee coming from his face but he is able to duck just in time.

Joe Hoffman: ANOTHER Irish Knowledge!!!!

CJ nailed McAvay with his finisher but the force of the blow sent the man thru the middle ropes and to the arena floor.

Frustrated, CJ turns around to see McKenna getting back up to his feet, and he rushes the Scotsman.



O’Donnell covers McKenna as Hortega counts










Completely winded from all the swings……..Meyhu drops the club and covers his peer from Boardwalk.





As Meyhu stands up after pinning O’Donnell he turns his attention to Tara who is completely out.

Joe Hoffman: Huge moment here for Meyhu as he could literally eliminate the High Octane Champion here…and he looks to be doing just that.

Smiling, Meyhu covers Tara as Hortega counts.





Hortega pops up and once again signals that Tara is not eliminated……this time saved by a member of Sex and Money.

Benny Newell: How is that motherfucker standing? That chair shot from Rivid was fucking brutal.

Meyhu is just as confused as he jumps up and kicks Zion right in his goofy ass forehead. Meyhu then picks up the golf club once again and this time shoves the handle end of the golf club right in the mouth of Zion, exposing the man’s pearly white teeth to the masses. Smiling, Meyhu then drops his heel right into the mouth of Zion and the sound of boot to teeth causes the crowd to cringe as one.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Meyhu is just destroying people here.

Benny Newell: I gotta give it up to the guy……who wouldn’t want to kick those fucking teeth of Zion in though?

Joe Hoffman: Touche……cant argue with that.

Meyhu raises his right boot to deliver another blow but suddenly he falls backwards as he is rolled up by a still dazed Tara Michaels Davidson.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by Pinfall Matt Meyhu!!

Meyhu pops up instantly after the three count and is shocked by the outcome. He still has the golf club in hand and swings it violently.


Hortega falls to the canvas completely knocked out.

Meyhu then turns towards the High Octane Champion and swings violently again and connects to the ribs of Tara as she was crawling away.

The sound of the wind escaping her lungs can be heard throughout the arena. Meyhu raises the club again but this time his swing is stopped by a returning McAvay.

McAvay swings his own club at Meyhu but the Boardwalk wrestler falls to the canvas and out of harms way. He quickly rolls out of the ring and exits the War Games cell just as Nigel Lette and HOW medics enter to care to Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: Someone needs to lock that door………Lette is obviously going to take Hortegas place here as we see Hortega being carried out by the HOW medical staff………what the heck is going to happen next???

Benny Newell: CUNT PUNT!!!!

The action cuts over to Ring Two where Jace and Rivid are working very efficiently as a team as they attack Stevens and Scottywood.

Scottywood who literally has gotten no offence in so far in this match but has absorbed all the punishment continues to prove how resilent he is as his old nemesis Reggie Rivid tries to finish what Matt Meyhu started.

Joe Hoffman: Rivid and Jace are working well here as they take turns beating down Scottywood and Stevens here. I feel sorry for Scottywood here as he has been on the defensive the whole time. You feel like if he gets one good break here he might just pull out a championship.

Benny Newell: The fact that you said that confirms that he wont you idiot….everyone knows that.

Back in the middle of the ring Rivid locks in his Corpus Christi Crucifix submission hold on Scottywood as Stevens and Jace exchange blows….big impactful blows….to the point that they actually brawl thru the middle rope and to the outside leaving Rivid and Scottywood in the middle of the ring by themselves.

Scottywood has nowhere to go as Rivid wrenches back on the hold and with no one near to help the Hardcore Artist begins to fade.

Joe Hoffman: There is just nothing for Scotty to do here…..he is in serious trouble.

Boettcher raises the left arm of Scotty and it drops.


He raises the arm again…..


Joe Hoffman: Scottywood is completely out here folks……..such a sad ending here.



Once again Zion saves the day via a springboard leg drop from the ropes in Ring one all the way to the back of the head of Rivid in ring two.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood survives another day!!!

Rivid pops up and is greeted by a super kick from Zion.


Rivid falls backwards completely out cold. Zion crawls over to the knocked out Scottywood and places the mans arm on the chest of Rivid.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by pinfall……REGGIE RIVID!!!!!!!!!

Seeing what just happened Jace slides into the ring and rushes Darin Zion and proceeds to curb stomp the royal fuck out of him.

The crowd pops huge for the impact of the move as Jace covers Scottywood.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by pinfall Scottywood

Joe Hoffman: Jace not wasting anytime there and eliminates Scottywood who has no freakin clue that he just eliminated Reggie Rivid.

Benny Newell: Great showing by the Texan though even though he didn’t eliminate anyone. That man is going to do some shit the rest of this year.

Back in the ring Jace is not done however as he quickly covers Zion who is out and literally running on fumes after the earlier War Games match and the damage he has taken during this match.




Scott Stevens literally dives and saves the three count on Zion just as Boettchers hand was coming down.

Jace pops up and nails Stevens with a right hand that causes the man to bounce off the near ropes and as he does he grabs Jace by the back of the next and pulls down hard to nail him with his Toxic Sting finisher….


Seizing the opportunity Jace promptly jumps in the air and nails a reverse curb stomp on Stevens.

Benny Newell: A fucking curb stomp facial!!!! BOW TO THE FUCKING KING!!!!!!!

Jace drops and covers Stevens.





Joe Hoffman: We are down to our final four……Jace and McAvay versus Tara and Darin Zion!!!

Jace then turns towards Zion and sees the opportunity for a third consecutive pinfall but he is stopped in his tracks and as the camera pans out we see why.

Tara has just entered Ring Two with the barbed wire hockey stick in hand.

Joe Hoffman: Well this is what we all have been waiting for….Tara versus Ja—-

Ray McAvay has other plans as he nails Tara from behind…….and we see that he is now wearing a crimson mask courtesy of the very weapon Tara had in her hand.

Benny Newell: Dammit Ray…..I wanted to see THAT!

Jace and Ray nod at each other as Jace turns his attention back to Zion who has crawled all the way to the far ropes and is trying to pull himself up.

Jace is smiling as he watches the man struggle and as Zion makes it to the top rope he turns and flips off Jace just as the Captain nails him with a right hand that sends him flying over the top rope and to the outside.

Zion falls in a heap and its more than obvious now that his tank is on empty.

Joe Hoffman: You cannot fault Zion for his efforts here. Great showing and you gotta wonder how he would have done if he would have just competed in only one War Games match. No matter what he will go down as a winner here tonight.

Benny Newell: Only can be one…

Joe Hoffman: Well actually….next elimination will secure a belt for the remaining three…..

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah.

Back inside ring two Ray has picked up Tara and is staring the High Octane Champion down as she can barely stand.


Ray reaches back all the way to grandma’s house and delivers a smack that can be heard all the way back in Chicago in The Best Arena that sends Tara down to the canvas…but not out.

Instead it does the opposite.

Tara jumps up to her feet and is legit pissed the fuck off as she nails Ray with a right hand…..and then another.

Joe Hoffman: Ray just woke up the Red Queen and I am don’t think he is going to like what happens next.

Tara punches Ray all the way to the ropes and then sets him up to be irish whipped into the far ropes but she ducks under kicks him in the gut……and goes for her Scissors Kick finisher called The Goodnight Kiss but Ray ducks out……leg sweeps her to the ground……..and promptly nails The Red Queen with a curb stomp.


Jace stop in mid punch to Zion to turn to the ring just as Ray is connecting with the stomp to the back of the High Octane Champion.

His first instinct is to help his wife but instead he watches…….as Ray covers her.




Bryan McVay: Eliminated by Pinfall….TARA DAVIDSON!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: It is official……the High Octane Champion will be leaving without any titles tonight……wow….amazing.

Benny Newell: Better start looking for some new recruits……shit is going to hit the fan now for sure.

As the camera pans out to show the reaction of Jace to his wife being eliminated we see Zion charging with the ladder that was in play earlier in the match….


Zion takes Jace out with a square shot to the forehead with the top of the ladder. He slams it down on Jace and slides into the ring just as Ray is getting up to his feet.

Tin Cup never gets a chance to turn around as Zion pulls him backwards by his head and locks in Rays own dragon sleeper finisher.

Benny Newell: What is with all this theft…..its crazy what levels people will go to in an effort to win this match….fucking CUNT PUNT and win it already!!!

With no one to break the hold Ray has no chance as a dried crimson faced Darin Zion leans back and puts all his leverage and strength into the hold and finally we see McAvay go all the way out and Boettcher begins raising his hand.


The arm drops


The arm drops again


Bryan McVay: Eliminated due to submission….and NEW LSD CHAMPION………RAY MCAVAY!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: We are down to the final two…..Darin Zion who already won a War Games earlier on this card and Jace who outlasted his whole team he drafted for this match.

As Boettcher helps McAvay out of the ring we see Zion turn towards Jace and as we see Zion sitting on his knees in the middle of the ring completely spent, we see Jace slowly pulling himself to his feet with the help of the ring apron and we see that he has been completely busted open and much like his wife earlier…….he seems to have come ALIVE after the shot delivered by Zion with the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go folks. One of these men will be crowned ICON Champion and the other will be crowned World Champion and I just think its fit—–

Joe is stopped in his tracks as all of a sudden the War Games cell begins to rise.

Everyone in the arena is puzzled but begin cheering as the cell continues its path to the ceiling and the cameras capture both Jace and Zion staring at the ceiling as the cell is no longer a factor in this match.

Suddenly Back in Black hits and everyone turns towards the entrance ramp expecting to see Lee Best but instead we see the new commissioner Mario Maurako make his way out.

Mario Maurako: First off I want to congratulate both of you for making it this far and especially to you Mr. Zion for a great showing here at War Games…….but I think its only fitting that the TRUE FANS and not these corporate snobs witness the finish of this match…..OPEN THE DOORS!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Did Mario not see last years War Games……..or maybe that is exactly what he is thinking.

Benny Newell: Screw you guys….I am going home.

With that Benny rips off his headset and takes off as fans from the parking lot stream into the arena and head towards the ring.

Joe, seeing that Benny has the right idea, takes his headset off as well and quickly follows suit.


It is pure chaos as the fans, mostly drunk fans, file into the CCW arena and all the corporate big wigs who had all the VIP seats run for the hills.

Back outside of Ring two we see Jace climbing into the ring as Zion struggles to get to his feet.

The fans literally surround the ring and actually fill in ring one as well.

There is literally nowhere for Jace, Zion and Boettcher to go. Whatever the outcome is going to be….its going to happen right here in this very ring.

Jace, bleeding profusely, walks up to Zion, who’s face is covered in dried blood, and stands over the man who literally has no strength left to stand…….and extends his hand.

Somewhere twitter is breaking as Jace helps Zion to his feet and motions for him that its go time and if they are going to finish this match surrounded by these rabid fans then the finish is going to start with both of them on their feet.

Then just like last year’s War Games we see the final two go toe to toe with right hands.

Zion and Davidson deliver heavy right hands to each other as the true High Octane fans inside of Ring one and surrounding Ring Two scream for blood and a conclusion.

After what seems like an eternity, which was only probably 20 seconds, Zion can no longer fire off an effective punch. The man is just literally running on emotions only.

Zion fires off a final right hand that does nothing to Jace and Zion literally collapses against the man. Jace pushes him off of him and looks at him and mouths the words

“Its over”

And with that Jace delivers a kick to the stomach of Zion which doubles him over easily and with one step backward and then jumping forward…..Jace executes a perfect scissors kick which sends Zion crashing mercifully to the canvas below.

After executing his wife’s finisher flawlessly, Jace runs towards the far ropes and then nails Zion with a final curb stomp and the fans go apeshit as he falls to the canvas and FINALLY covers Zion.

Boettcher counts…




Bryan McVay has long left the scene but the outcome is clear.

Your new ICON Champion is Darin Zion and your winner and new WORLD CHAMPION is JACE PARKER DAVIDSON.

The camera pans all the way back as we see the fans from Ring one rush into the Ring two and mob the new champion as a defeated ICON Champion lies helplessly on the canvas.

We cut backstage in the Canjun City Wrestling Arena where a large group of security guards are seen running through the hallways urgently, and both Brian Bare and Blair Moise look at one another before following.

All of a sudden the two interviewers for High Octane Wrestling come to a halt as they see the combustible scene exploding in front of them as an enraged Scott Stevens is brawling with the security force, and winning.

Stevens is systematically blooding the guards with his bare hands and tossing them into the concrete walls as if they were nothing.

One security guard tries to sneak up behind the Texan and it doesn’t end well for him as Stevens breaks his nose with an elbow that sends blood flying. Stevens then doubles the man over with a knee to the stomach and he proceeds to lawn dart the man into the concrete wall and after his head collides with the wall he lays motionless on the ground.

Brain and Blair watch in horror as Stevens takes out the rest of the security guards before turning around breathing heavily with the look of disdain on his face and hatred in his eyes.

Blair tries to stop Brian from going towards Stevens, but he doesn’t listen and approaches him with microphone in hand.

Brian Bare: Bad break tonight……

The sound of the microphone hitting the ground echoes throughout the hallway as Brian lets it fall after getting kicked in the stomach before eating the concrete floor from a Toxic Sting. Stevens picks up Bare and positions him between his legs.

Blaire screams in horror as Stevens power bombs Brian through a nearby table.

Stevens gets to his feet and stares down at Bare before hawking a huge loogie onto the man.

Blaire Moise rushes over to Bare to check on him.

Stevens kneels down next to Blaire and says to her with coldness in his tone.

Scott Stevens: Leave, or suffer the same fate.

Stevens says as she looks at him with horror before slowly moving away from Bare and running away.

Stevens makes his way towards the exit and he kicks the door open to the outside.

As he goes to find his rental car he sees the ambulance in the distance loading Lee Best into the back.

Scott Stevens: Oh no you don’t.

Stevens sprints over ambulance and decapitates one of the EMTs with a clothesline.

A security guard tries to restrain the Texan, but he gets his face rammed into the back of the ambulance door and having his teeth rearranged from the metal knee brace on Stevens’ right knee.

Stevens climbs into the back of the ambulance and sees Lee lying there in front of him strapped to the gurney. The other EMT is yelling for him to get out from the front of the ambulance.

Scott Stevens: Wakey. Wakey.

Stevens says with a slap to Lee’s face.

Anger starts to fill the face of Stevens as Lee is barely conscious from the beating earlier in the night and Stevens grabs the gurney and pushes it out of the back of the ambulance with full force.

The end of the gurney hits the road and flips over with Lee Best strapped to it.

Stevens smirks as that brings back memories of the LPW invasion almost three years ago.

As Stevens climbs out of the back of the ambulance the other EMT confronts him, but Stevens kicks him in the balls and spikes him into the pavement with a DDT.

Scott Stevens: You knew this was coming Lee!

Stevens shouts as he runs and punts the dangling head of an unconscious Lee.

Scott Stevens: You cost me everything!

Stevens yells as he turns him over and starts unloading right hands to him.

Scott Stevens: You cost me my match with Mike!

The punches become more violent.

Scott Stevens: You cost me my revenge against Scotty!

Lee’s stitches start to tear and his face begins to cover in blood as Stevens continues to punch away.

Scott Stevens: You cost me the world title!

Stevens hands begin to get caked in blood.

Scott Stevens: You’ve made me an embarrassment to everyone I know!


Scott Stevens: My friends!


Scott Stevens: My family!


Scott Stevens: But most importantly, me!

Stevens quits punching Lee and the man is barely recognizable as his entire face is covered in blood.

Stevens begins to unstrap the GOD of HOW from his restraints and places him between his legs.

Scott Stevens: You’re going to remember what I do to you Lee.

Spike Piledriver.

Lee’s head is driven into the pavement unmercifully.

Stevens doesn’t look satisfied with the job he has done drags the unconscious owner over to a concrete curb and forcefully opens his mouth and makes him literally bite the curb.

Scott Stevens: Good night sweet prince.

Stevens sadistically says before stomping the back of Lee’s head and forcing his mouth onto the curb with a vicious curb stomp.

Scott Stevens: Like I said, you’ll never forget me after this night.

Stevens says before walking off.


Roleplay Countdown


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