June 16th, 2014: War Games 2014 – The Battle for Ownership of HOW

Good morning HOW fans. We are just hours away from High Octane Wrestling invading Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida for War Games.

Tonight, HOW will crown new tag team champions. Which of the six teams competing tonight will leave as the champions? Will it be the Egg Bandits, Cancer Jiles and Doozer? Will it be Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage? Darin Zion and Noah Hanson? Scott Stevens and Jonny O’Dell? HOW Hall of Famers Chris Kostoff and Silent Witness aka…The LOD? Or will it be Bobby Dean and Crash Rodriguez?

Also tonight, Cecilworth Farthington enters the War Games match as the ICON champion. But who will leave with the title?

Max Kael will walk to the ring as the HOW World Champion. Who will be the sole survivor tonight and leave with the HOW world title wrapped around his or her waist.

And most important, who will win the critical 1% of HOW?

Will it be the God of HOW, the creator Lee Best, who has put together an impressive team consisting of some of several legendary figures in the wrestling industry:  “The Baws” Eric Dane, ‘The Egobuster’ Dan Ryan, ‘The Queen of the Ring’ Lindsay Troy, The legendary High Flyer, and an up and coming legend in the making M.J. Flair?

Or will it be the son, Michael Best, who has assembled his team of some of the most iconic wrestlers in HOW history. ‘The Hardcore Artist’ Scottywood. ‘The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia’ Max Kael. ‘The Gold Standard’ John Sektor. Cecilworth M! Farthington. And Halitosis.

Today, HOTv will give you three appetizers to tide you over with the replay of War Games 2014, 2015, and 2016 before the main course takes the stage tonight- War Games.

First, War Games 2014.

Once again, ownership of HOW would hang in the balance as the ultimate prize. Both Lee Best and Michael Best put together teams to fight on their behalf for control of HOW.

Lee’s team would be headed up by HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr and featured all three HOW singles champions.

Mike would lead his own team into battle.

John Sektor held a death hold on the HOW World title belt in the first six months of 2014 having won the title at Iconic from David Black in December of 2013 in a three way match that also included Professor Keller. Sektor came into War Games on the heels of successfully defending the title four times over a 177 day title reign.

Could Sektor somehow leave War Games with the title?

And who would leave War Games with ownership of HOW?

War Games 2014 Card
Steve Solex vs. Justin Carnate

Ryan McKenna vs. Chris Kostoff

Scott Stevens vs. Tara Davidson
-as a side note, this match took place two weeks after the infamous used tampon episode between Tara and Stevens.

-Michael Lee Best
-David Black
-Max Kael
-Silent Witness
-Rhys Townsend


-Jatt Starr
-HOW World Champion John Sektor
-ICON Champion Shane Reynolds
-LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson
-Christopher America

War Games 2014
The Best Arena
Chicago Illinois
Jun 16th 2014

The image of the steel cages high above the ring are shown as pyro goes off around them and continues all the way up the entrance ramp until a large explosion is heard on the stage. The High Octane Vision comes to life with the logo of the 2014 War Games highlighting the member of Team Star and Team Best as the sound of “Monster“ by Eminem echoes throughout the arena. The Best Arena is buzzing with excitement as the camera pans around the packed out crowd, showing various signs and banners.


I Paid to See Steve Solex!

Mike Best = New Champion & New Owner.

David Black Won’t ReTweet Me. L





As the end of “Monster” plays, the camera focuses in on the Hall of Fame commentary team, Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, welcome to the 2014 edition of War Games, once again LIVE on pay-per-view from the Best Arena here in Chicago. What a great night it promises to be. We have four great matches lined up for this evening, including the main event tonight where virtually everything is on the line from championships to the ownership of the company. We could have a new owner by the end of the night.

Benny Newell: But we won’t Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: What makes you so sure?

Benny Newell: Lee wouldn’t have put up his company to that douche of a son of his if he didn’t have it in the bag Hoffman. Just look at the team; all the current reigning champions, the greatest War Games competitor and the greatest HOW superstar of all time. Mike’s team is good but good cannot beat greatness Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: We will see when those two teams clash later tonight, but on the card as well is a very heated rivalry as Scott Stevens looks to inflict some pain and punishment on Tara Davidson.

Benny Newell: Fuck Stevens, the dude is a joke.

Joe Hoffman: Why’s that?

Benny Newell: Because no bad ass would’ve let Tara stick a fucking tampon down their throat!

Joe Hoffman: Also on the card we have “The Demon of HOW” Chris Kostoff taking on Ryan McKenna, and the youngster as of late has been looking to make a name of himself at the expense of the Hall of Famer.

Benny Newell: McKenna has this in the bag Hoffman. Kostoff is a pushover and just needs to die already.

Joe Hoffman: Strong opinions from my broadcast partner, and lastly our opener is between Justin Carnate and the returning Steve Solex.

Benny Newell: My money’s on Solex. He made a statement and is looking to cash in by whooping Carnate’s ass.

Joe Hoffman: And we may see that happen here tonight but first we have to pay the bills.

Benny Newell: Fucking commercials, drink!

The HOR returns Friday Night!

Joe Hoffman: Fans, we’re getting ready for Steve Solex to take on the elusive Justin Carnate in just a moment. Benny, what are your thoughts on this matchup?

Benny Newell: Joe, Carnate is a loose cannon. He’s mentally disturbed. And every time he says “question” I drink.

Joe Hoffman: Oooh-kay. Fantastic insight of course.

The lights in the arena begin shutting down in random spots bringing the arena into darkness. The fans cheer as they all bring out their cell phones to create an eerie light.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes Steve Solex. Solex LAST appeared in HOW when Carnate, formerly Justin Voss, smashed him through a table. And he reappeared at Mayhem last week while Carnate spoke backstage.

CUT TO: REPLAY: Backstage, crouching in the corner of the locker room, Justin Carnate smiles a wicked grin at the camera. He rubs his hands together, like a fly, a slight chuckle resonating from his throat.

Justin Carnate: Ryan. Ryan, I came down to that ring and we had our conversation. I asked you the questions. I asked you the question and you answered them. You answered my question by being folded up with the vDriver II.


Justin Carnate: Yet YOU get the stage. YOU get the podium. YOU get the order of everybody’s attention on the BIGGEST – SOAPBOX – OF ALL! War gamessssss.

He nods slowly.

Justin Carnate: I DEMAND to be on the War Games stage so I can continue my quest within High Octane Wrestling to enlighten them to its OWN incarnation. I DEMA-

The camera quickly pans back as someone clobbers Justin Carnate from behind. CLANG! A steel chair drives down on top of his masked head. Then again. The hooded assailant turns the chair so he can drive the edge of it into Carnate’s body before tossing it aside with a loud clatter.

He pulls the hood back and reveals his face to the camera. Steve Solex.

Steve Solex: Me too, dickhead.

Stomp to the face.

Steve Solex: See you there.

Solex leaves the scene as Carnate rolls around, clutching his midsection with arms wrapped around his body in agony, rolling from side-to-side.

CUT TO: Back into the darkened arena as a single white pyro blasts off the top of the entrance ramp.


“Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine explodes over the announce system and the booing begins.

Joe Hoffman: I think Steve Solex made his point pretty clear last week, Benny. Carnate is in for a tough time.

Benny Newell: Solex is gonna batter his head in with a steel chair, Joe. Carnate is just disturbed and he disturbs me. God damn fruit loop.

Steve Solex steps out onto the entrance ramp and the boos begin to rain down heavier on the cocky sonofabitch. He smiles to himself on the stage before pointing out to the cheap seats. He makes his way slowly down the ramp when the crowd cheers.

Joe Hoffman: Holy shit! Right behind him! Carnate!

Benny Newell: What is the creepy bastard doing?

Joe Hoffman: I believe the term is “ghosting”, Benny. He’s just following him down to the ring. Steve Solex doesn’t even know he’s there.

As Solex steps, so does Carnate. Carnate makes no motion to attack him. Just stands as close as he can without being noticed while Solex makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: He’s watching Solex like a hawk. Just following his every move. This is weird, Joe.

Benny Newell: Damn straight it’s weird. DRINK!

Solex seems perplexed by the reaction of the fans yet continues to the ring. The referee, Matt Boettcher, inside the ring watches intently awaiting for something to happen. Solex hits the ring steps and up onto the apron when he suddenly notices movement behind him. He jumps back, ready to strike as Carnate stands there. His head to one side, like a bird of prey, studying what he’s about to snatch up. Solex scrambles between the ropes into the ring, keeping them between the pair.

Joe Hoffman: Solex just got the fright of his life. He didn’t even know Carnate was there.

Benny Newell: Well fuck me, Joe. If you had a two-eighty pound masked behemoth sneaking around behind you you’d piss your pants quick I think.

Joe Hoffman: Keen observation. Solex is telling referee Matt Boettcher to get between them. Carnate just slowly stepping through the ropes.

Boettcher puts his hands up as if to stop Carnate, who makes no further movement. He justs watches as Solex walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up onto the second rope. He looks over his shoulder at Carnate before he flings his arms into the air. Carnate never stops watching.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate just watching him. Solex still finds some time to showboat.

Benny Newell: This is Sports Entertainment, Hoffwit. You gotta entertain! DUH!

Joe Hoffman: “Hoffwit”? That’s new.

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Solex drops down into the ring as Boettcher calls for the bell. Carnate steps into the center of the ring and holds his arms out from his side, as beckoning Solex to attack him. Solex bounces on the balls of his feet, sizing up Carnate. He charges.

Joe Hoffman: Solex charge- OH! Big boot to the face. Solex back up!

As he charges, Solex leaps for a dropkick but Carnate slaps at his feet and he just finds canvas. He is quick to his feet and to a corner as Carnate begins to move toward him. Solex bursts out of the corner, catching Carnate with an elbow.

Joe Hoffman: Stiff elbow. Carnate caught unawares. Solex with a knee to the gut. And another. Drives a double axe-handle into the back of the doubled over Carnate. Carante on one knee.

Benny Newell: Don’t underestimate, Solex, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Some rare insight from Benny. Why is that?

Benny Newell: Coz he’s an asshole. He does what he wants.

Joe Hoffman: That was worth it. Solex into the ropes, catches Carnate with a dropkick to the back. Carnate down.

Solex drops a knee into Carnate’s back before grabbing his right leg and elevating it. He rocks the knee brace on the leg with a stomp as the fans boo. He stomps down on the right knee as Carnate lies on his belly.

Joe Hoffman: Solex going to work on the knee of Carnate. A good strategy. Slow down the big man and remove his foundations.

Benny Newell: It’s an obvious strategy, dick. What the fuck else would you do?

Joe Hoffman: Solex grabs a hold of that right leg and just drives the knee into the canvas. Ouch!

Still holding the right leg by the ankle, Solex drives it into canvas again and again before using the leg to roll Carnate over onto his back. He leans down and grabs the other ankle but before he can form any offense, Carnate uses his leg strength to launch Solex into the air and back into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive leg strength by Carnate. And he’s on his feet, albeit tentatively.

Benny Newell: What kind of asshole says “tentatively”? DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: Solex charging out of the gates. WHOA! Carnate smashes him with a monster clothesline and Steve flips through the air, crashing on his head and neck.

Benny Newell: Fuck me! That’s gotta hurt!

Carnate doesn’t give Solex a moment to recover, he lifts him to his feet and Irish whips Solex into the corner. He charges in after him with a big avalanche splash. Maintaining the momentum, Carnate whips Solex across the ring into the opposite corner.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate going coast-to-coast here. BIG butt bump into the corner.

Benny Newell: Butt bump? Shoulda known Carnate was some kind’f faggot the way he’s acting.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate lifts Solex up onto the top rope. What’s gonna happen here?

Carnate steps onto the second rope, applying a front facelock to Solex. Solex attempt to power out but he can’t so he drives fists into the ribs of Carnate. The grip begins to loosen up.

Joe Hoffman: Solex punching his way out of a sticky situation-

Benny Newell: Okay, this is just getting fucking putrid. I’m drinking.

Joe Hoffman: -he breaks Carnate’s hold. Headbutt! ANOTHER! Carnate falls to the ring.

Solex stands up on the top rope and leaps off as the fans hold their breath.


Joe Hoffman: Two boots right in the bread basket and Carnate is in trouble here. COVER!




Joe Hoffman: NO! POWER OUT! That was a close call!

Boettcher shows Solex two fingers, reiterating the fact he missed out on a three-count. Solex shoves him out of his face and goes back to work. He stabs a boot into the side of Carnate’s head before hitting the ropes and rebounding.

Joe Hoffman: Solex on the rebound. Dropkick to the right knee. Carnate sits up in pain.

Benny Newell: This fucking weirdo, Carnate, needs to learn when to fucking quit. Solex is going to cave him in.

Joe Hoffman: Solex pulls Carnate to his feet, tucks his head in his armpit and running bulldog! Plants his face into the canvas.

Solex bounces to his feet and climbs up onto the second rope, flinging his arms up for the fans as Carnate clutches his face in the center of the ring. Solex climbs to the top, turns around and slaps his knee, stalking Carnate to rise to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Solex going for his flying knee. Carnate getting to his feet. He doesn’t even know Solex is there.

Benny Newell: Solex is gonna spread this fuckheads face out on the inside of his mask.


Carnate falls to his knees as Solex flips around like a fish out of water, clutching at his throat. Carnate crawls over to Solex and drops an MMA elbow into his face before getting to his feet and pulling Solex to his.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate in control. Snapmare on Solex. Carnate spins and drives a palm thrust into the back of Solex’s head- COVER!




Joe Hoffman: NO! KICKOUT!

Benny Newell: That was too fucking close, Joe. DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: Carnate moves on with business. Pulls Solex to his feet. Knee to belly. Single arm DDT!

Carnate is quick to his feet again and slides out of the ring. He pulls the apron up and rummages beneath, pulling out a steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate has a steel chair! What’s he got that for?

Benny Newell: It’s not fucking rocket surgery, Hoff. He’s gonna fucking whack him with it.

Joe Hoffman: Referee Matt Boettcher is trying to intervene as Solex stirs inside the ring.

Boettcher is refusing Carnate entry into the ring with that chair. Solex gets to his feet and sees what’s going on. Carnate throws the chair over the head of Boettcher and Solex catches it. Boettcher turns to see the chair in Solex’s hands. He begins to lecture Solex.

Joe Hoffman: What the Hell is going on here? Justin Carnate just threw the chair into the ring to Steve Solex.

Benny Newell: I told you that douchebag was a whackjob.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate enters the ring and he is telling Solex to hit him with the chair. Boettcher is between them, pleading with Solex to put the chair down.

Carnate is getting wilder and wilder, pointing from the chair to his head. He is trying to get to Solex but Boettcher won’t move out of the way. Frustration growing, Carnate pushes Boettcher out of the way and gets in Solex’s face shouting at him. Solex is shouting back. He pulls the chair up into the air and winds up.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes what Carnate wante- NO! Carnate with a stiff jab to the guts. ROPE WHIP! Solex hits Boettcher and he topples out of the ring to the ringside area!

Benny Newell: Oh man! Now Solex can fuck his shit up!

Solex watches as Boettcher writhes in pain ringside. Carnate picks up the chair and stands in the center of the ring. Solex turns to see the chair in his hands. Carnate holds it out for Solex.

Benny Newell: Is that fucken psycho giving Solex the chair again?

Joe Hoffman: I think so, Benny. I’m really not sure what’s going on here.

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Solex takes the chair and looks at the fans, who are cheering and booing and roaring just to see some blood. Solex shrugs and smashes the chair over the head of Justin Carnate. Carnate drops down to one knee as Solex grins wildly to himself. Carnate stands.

Joe Hoffman: Justin Carnate, our resident nutjob, just gave Steve Solex a steel chair and invited him to hit him over the head with it so he did!


Carnate beckons Solex to do it again. This time, Solex slices it downwards from above and to the right, catching Carnate with the edge of the chair on his brow. Carnate drops to the ground this time, clutching his head as blood begins to run out from his mask out of the eye hole at a great speed.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex has busted Justin Carnate open! There is blood pouring out of a cut somewhere inside of his mask and it’s running down his face. He is probably experiencing a little bit of blurred vision.

Benny Newell: That was a perfect shot! That dickhead invited an opportunist to smack him with a chair and that’s what you get.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate on his feet and he’s got blood running down his face. Down his chest. There’s a lot of blood.

Carnate holds his hand out, staring at the blood in them before smiling at Solex and nodding his head. He beckons with his hands.

Joe Hoffman: Justin Carnate is beckoning Steve Solex to hit him with that chair again. Referee Matt Boettcher is slowly coming to on the outside. There is blood EVERY-WHERE!

Benny Newell: This guy! What a fucking fool! Solex is gonna smash his eyeball out with the next one.

Joe Hoffman: Solex winding up….

As Solex charges to deliver the final hit with the steel chair, Carnate ducks under the swing, lifts him and up turns him around, driving him into the canvas with a 180 degree spinebuster slam. The fans groan as Carnate bounces to his feet, shaking his head and spraying blood spatter as he does.

Benny Newell: Yuk! Drink!

Joe Hoffman: Carnate just exploded at Solex and smashed him into the canvas with a spinebuster slam and now he stalks him. He’s just lurking around behind him like—

Benny Newell: Like a pedo in a playground!

Joe Hoffman: Thanks, Benny. You creep.

Benny Newell: Get fucked.

Solex rises to his feet, groggy and disorientated as Matt Boettcher rolls into the ring, holding his head. Carnate spins Solex around, boots him in the gut and lifts him into a package and walks around the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Justin Carnate, showing off his power! He’s just walking around like he’s—

Benny Newell: –a pedo that picked up a kid in the playground!

Joe Hoffman: Oh! Would you just stop?

Benny Newell: Fuck you.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate, holding Solex in a package, backs up to the corner and – OH MAN! PACKAGE RELEASE POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! I THINK SOLEX IS DEAD! HE’S NOT MOVING!

Benny Newell: HOLY FUCK!


Carnate kneels beside the body of Steve Solex, whose only movement is the rise and fall of his chest to indicate he’s still breathing. The eerie Carnate stares out at the fans with a deadpan gaze.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate dabs a finger inside his mask and leans down. What’s he doing on Solex’s forehead?

Benny Newell: I can’t really tell, Joe. What’s with this freak?

Joe Hoffman: Can we get a camera around there?

A cameraman jumps onto the turnbuckle to get a better vantage point, showing a question mark drawn onto the forehead of Steve Solex as Carnate kneels beside him and presses both hands onto his chest. Boettcher, dazed and confused, crawls over and begins to hit the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: There’s the cover!





Joe Hoffman: IT’S OVER! Carnate wins! A big War Games win for the crazy monster from Australia and Steve Solex is just lying there. We ought to get him some medical attention.

Benny Newell: Awww, man! How depressing! DRINK!

EMTs rush down the ramp as Carnate rises to his feet, staring down at Solex whilst Boettcher checks if he’s okay, lightly slapping his cheek.

Joe Hoffman: Justin Carnate with that release package powerbomb RIGHT into the turnbuckle. Steve Solex will rue the day he took to Carnate with that chair.

Benny Newell: Its shit but even I’M impressed by that move. That was devastating.

Carnate rolls out of the ring, allowing the EMTs to move to Steve Solex as he makes his way up the ramp. Blood continues to run under his mask and down his face, dripping onto his chest as he exits the ring area. He stands on the stage and turns around, watching as the EMTs tend to Solex’s broken body. He calls a tech over to bring him a microphone.

Joe Hoffman: Carnate going to address the fans.

Benny Newell: Great! A perfect excuse to go get more alcohol.

Pointing down towards the ring, Carnate smiles as he holds the microphone to his lips.

Justin Carnate: High Octane Wrestling…

His speech is disjointed between erratic breathes as he tries to regain his breathing.


He wipes a hand across his face to get the blood out of his eye.


He palms the blood filled hand on his chest to wipe it away.

Justin Carnate: I’m getting sick and tired of being the one driving the interrogation here and THIS will become of EACH and EVERY single ONE of you fuckheads backstage if you don’t start talking!

His eyes are wild.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is this idiot talking about?

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea.

Justin Carnate: I am TRYING to help you people. I am trying to help you FIND yourselves. I am trying to help you BECOME yourselves. To JUST…

He smiles. His teeth seem whiter with the crimson tide running over his mouth.

Justin Carnate: To just… incarnate.

And he drops the microphone and turns on his heel, heading out the back leaving silence and confusion in his wake.

Benny Newell: Did that just happen?

Joe Hoffman: Well that match was a disappointment.

Benny Newell: No shit! I had a severe hard-on that these two were going to beat the fuck out of each other and we get that?!?!?!? I mean what the fuck Hoffman? My dick is limper than Jason Biggs’ after busting his load after seeing that Russian bitch’s pussy.

Joe Hoffman: Really? An American Pie reference?

Benny Newell: Fuck you Hoffman, the match was pathetic just like the character!

Joe Hoffman: In any case, there have been rumors of Solex being sick to a contract dispute.

Benny Newell: Contract dispute? What he got red M & Ms instead of green?!?!?!? Don’t make excuses for him Hoffman, if Michael Jordan can play with the fucking flu and win, there is no excuse. None!

Joe Hoffman: Whatever the case may be for Steve Solex’s poor performance here tonight we are about to see a young upstart taking on the cornerstone of High Octane Wrestling.

The lights flicker out in the arena as a bell chimes, signaling the start of “Conflict’s Chime” from Bravely Default. When the music kicks in, the lights and screens come back on in time for Ryan jogging onto the stage, bouncing on the balls of his feet before shadow-boxing and then starting his walk down the ramp.

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and weighing in at two hundred eight pounds…this is his pay-per-view debut….RYAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN MCKENNAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: I like this kid Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Why’s that Benny?

Benny Newell: The kid new that to make a name for himself he had to go up to the biggest and baddest person in the company and punk him and he did just that.

Joe Hoffman: Well he got punked by Kostoff’s wife a few weeks ago.

Benny Newell: Fuck that bitch Hoffman! If she is smart she’ll stay in the back and watch her husband’s ass kicking from there instead of getting hers kicked as well.

He stretches his arms and shoulders on his way down. When he gets to the ring, he climbs onto the apron and through the second rope before climbing onto one of the far turnbuckles. He puts his right hand on his heart, before raising it as a fist into the air to the crowd. After an appropriate amount of time, he turns and drops down, crouching at the turnbuckle in wait on his opponent.

As McKenna’s music begins to fade, the lights flicker and dim out to darkness. A single white light shines on the stage as “Revolution Is My Name” by Pantera screams across the speakers. From the back Kostoff appears and stands in the spotlight. After a few moments, Kostoff slowly looks up and makes his way down to the ring.

Benny Newell: This is where we are going to separate the men from the boys.

Joe Hoffman: And hopefully Kostoff doesn’t separate McKenna’s head from his body, since he’s been dying to get his hands on him for weeks.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Tampa, Florida and weighing in at 285 pounds… He is The ONE! The ONLY! Chris KOSTOFF!!!!

Kostoff reaches the ring and stops in front of the steel ring steps. He takes a moment to psyche himself up before letting out a primal scream and slapping the ring steps before climbing them into the ring. Once inside the ring he beats his chest and raises both arms above his head as he lets out another yell as the crowd showers him in praise.

Hortega checks both competitors and calls for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And we are underway.

McKenna calmly walks to the center of the ring to meet the legend and they lock horns. After a few moments of joking for position, Kostoff violently tosses the youngster to the canvas.

McKenna jumps back up and locks up with Kostoff again but the results the same as he slithers into the corner thinking of what he wants to do next.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna not oozing that confidence he was showing a few moments ago.

Benny Newell: Fuck off Hoffman, he’s just playing mind games with the meat head.

Kostoff standing like a statue, emotionless and not budging, in the middle of the ring slowly watches his opponent.

The crowd boos McKenna for cowering in the ropes and this makes him mad. McKenna gets to his feet and goes chest to chest with the much bigger Kostoff.

Ryan McKenna: Who the hell do you think you are? Huh?!?!?

McKenna shouts at the Hall of Famer as he rapidly pokes him in the chest.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think it’s wise for McKenna to poke the bear.

Ryan McKenna: I asked you a question Christopher!

McKenna yells before slapping Kostoff across the face.

Benny Newell: Oh shit!

Kostoff slowly turns towards McKenna while rubbing his face and sees a small trickle of blood on the palm of his hand. Kostoff checks his lips and they are busted from the slap. Kostoff’s icy expression begins to melt as it turns to rage and McKenna’s demeanor turns to fear.

Ryan McKenna: I’m sorry….

McKenna begins to say as Kostoff flat lines him with a very stiff clothesline.

Kostoff yanks the youngster to his feet and sends him into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Another brutal clothesline from Kostoff.

Benny Newell: McKenna is going to need some liquor to numb his pain after this match. Drink!

Kostoff covers.



McKenna gets the shoulder up.

Kostoff goes to pull McKenna up but the rookie from Scotland pushes him away and slides out of the ring. Kostoff follows him and McKenna lets out a scream before running around the ring and Kostoff gives chase.

Benny Newell: Did he just scream?

Joe Hoffman: Yes he did.

Benny Newell: Jesus, drink.

McKenna slides into the ring and immediately begs off Kostoff as the “Demon of HOW” stalks the rookie.

Benny Newell: Do something you pussy!

Kostoff is salivating as the thoughts of pain and punishment cross his mind as he gets closer to McKenna. As he grabs McKenna by the hair, McKenna rakes the eyes of Kostoff and as he staggers back drops him to the mat by taking out his knee.

Benny Newell: I knew he was going to do that.

Joe Hoffman: Huh?

Benny Newell: Kostoff was going to lean in and tell McKenna he was the better man and quit but McKenna wasn’t going to have none of it!

Joe Hoffman: Are you drunk?

Benny Newell: Maybe, don’t know. Drink!

Ryan McKenna: Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

McKenna shouts as he stomps on the head of Kostoff.

McKenna drops a few elbow drops before hitting the ropes and dropping a leg across the back of the head of Kostoff. McKenna rolls the big man over and hooks a leg.



Kostoff powers out.

McKenna waits for Kostoff to sit up before lighting up his chest with kicks.

Joe Hoffman: Each kick makes an even more sickening sound as it hits Kostoff’s chest.

Benny Newell: That’s my boy! Going to get a huge payday tonight.

McKenna rears back for the payoff kick but as he swings Kostoff catches it.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna trying to fight free, but Kostoff has a firm grip on that leg.

The Brute of Tampa reels in McKenna and flattens him with a spine buster. Kostoff covers.



Shoulder up!

Joe Hoffman: McKenna with the shoulder up.

Kostoff pulls McKenna to his feet and slings him over his shoulder.

Benny Newell: This isn’t going to be good.

Kostoff rams the back of McKenna into the nearest turnbuckle and turns.

Joe Hoffman: Running power slam! Cover.




Joe Hoffman: McKenna showing tremendous fortitude taking the onslaught of Kostoff.

Kostoff picks up McKenna and slings him over his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff looking for snake eyes.

McKenna wiggles free and slides down the back of Kostoff.

Benny Newell: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Kostoff is seeing stars after getting rocked by that uppercut.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna with the Cortex Vortex following his signature Claymore.


Benny Newell: I can smell the money rolling in now Hoffman. Glorious day to be me.




Shoulder up.

Benny Newell: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McKenna is stunned as he flashes a three to the ref but Hortega speaking his jibberish flashes dos.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna must be thinking what is it going to take to put away Kostoff because he just gave him his best shot and it didn’t work.

Benny Newell: Fucking beaner! I want him deported!!!!

The youngster from Glasgow eyes the turnbuckle and a devilish grin forms.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna is perched on the top.

McKenna waits for Kostoff to pull himself up.

Benny Newell: Stick a fork in him because Kostoff is done Hoffman after my boy hits this.

McKenna launches himself at Kostoff.

McKenna goes to flip him over but Kostoff blocks and jerks him back up.

Benny Newell: Punch him!

Benny yells as McKenna tries to punch his way free.

Joe Hoffman: NO REMORSE!!!!!

Benny Newell: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is slow to the cover, he must still be feeling the effects of McKenna’s finisher.

After a few moments, Kostoff makes his way into a cover.


Benny Newell: Kickout!!!!




Shoulder up.

Benny Newell: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bet is still alive! DRINK!!!!!!!!

Kostoff can’t believe it as he looks up at Hortega to make sure of the count.

Joe Hoffman: This has been one heck of a match thus far ladies and gentlemen. Both men have hit each other with their best shot and it hasn’t finished one another off yet.

Benny Newell: Anymore close calls and I may have a heart attack on air Hoffman. When you play with my money you are playing with my emotions.

Kostoff is back up and drags McKenna up and tosses him into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Tilt-a-whirl coming up.

Kostoff goes for the backbreaker but…..

Benny Newell: DDT! DDT! Cover!




Joe Hoffman: Beautiful counter from the rookie but it wasn’t enough to keep the veteran down.

McKenna picks up Kostoff and whips him into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Reversal.

McKenna ducks a clothesline from Kostoff and builds up momentum on the rebound and spears the knee of Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Now that’s a thing of beauty right there Hoffman.

Kostoff is screaming in pain as he holds his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff could be seriously injured here folks.

Benny Newell: Don’t worry Hoffman, I’m sure his ObamaCare will kick in when he gets to the hospital, just ask Mike what he thinks of it.

McKenna begins to target the leg of Kostoff, the knee in particular, as he puts the boots to it. McKenna picks up the leg of Kostoff and “The Demon of HOW” tries to push him off to no avail as his leg his spiked into the canvas.

Benny Newell: Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Yes Benny?

Benny Newell: Is it weird that the screams of pain from Kostoff are giving me wood?

Joe Hoffman: Oh god.

McKenna spikes the leg once again before locking him a figure four leglock.

Benny Newell: Tap you son of a bitch!

Hortega is position and asks Kostoff if he gives up.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff telling the referee no as he is trying to drag himself to the ropes.

Kostoff musters enough strength to grab the bottom rope but McKenna doesn’t break the hold.





McKenna breaks before five.

Benny Newell: Have I said I like this kid? Because I really like this kid.

McKenna makes his way over to Kostoff and leans in to pick him up and eats a knuckle sandwich for his trouble.

The punch staggers the Scotsman long enough for Kostoff to pull himself up to his feet and make a charge hobbling forward.

Joe Hoffman: Drop toe hold from McKenna into a calf slicer.

Ryan McKenna: TAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McKenna screams as he wrenches back but Kostoff doesn’t and crawls towards the ropes.

McKenna breaks the move and applies a single leg Boston crab.

Benny Newell: That a boy! Break his fucking leg!

Kostoff screams in pain as McKenna leans back further and further.

Kostoff attempts to power out but to no avail as his arms go out from under him and he lays motionless on the mat.

Hortega lifts Kostoff’s arm and it falls to the mat.


He lifts it once again.


He lifts it for the third and final time.

And the arm is falling…..




Kostoff begins to go crazy as he yells and pushes himself upwards and breaks the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff may have survived there but he is still hurt.

Benny Newell: Good.

McKenna cannot believe that Kostoff survived that attack.

Kostoff uses the ropes to pull himself up and as he looks around to find McKenna, he meets a high knee from the Scotsman that sends him to the nearest corner.

Benny Newell: What is the kid doing?

McKenna runs to the opposite side and slides before rushing back towards Kostoff and delivers another high knee.

Joe Hoffman: Oh god, the whiplash of Kostoff’s neck.

Benny Newell: I fine with the kid breaking his neck.

Joe Hoffman: I’m disgusted hearing that from you.

Benny Newell: Go fuck yourself you hypocrite! Like you weren’t cheering when Kostoff tossed GOD into that hole and poured concrete on him last year.

Joe Hoffman: …….

Benny Newell: That’s what I fucking thought.

McKenna climbs the turnbuckle and locks in a dragon sleeper.

Benny Newell: McKenna going to choke him out.

McKenna yells as he musters enough strength to deliver the nail in the coffin.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff has just been Lobotomized!!!!

Benny Newell: Really? It’s not like he had much there to begin with.

McKenna with the cover.




Joel Horetega signals for the bell.

Bryan McVay: And the winner of the match….RYAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN MCKENNAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: Fuck yes! I love this fucking kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hortega raises McKenna’s arm in victory as he stands.

McKenna goes to each turnbuckle to let the fans know he was victorious tonight as the boos reign down to him.

Benny Newell: I got a dollar! I got a dollar! I got ten thousand dollars! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!!!

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff put on a heck of an effort here tonight, but the young upstart from Scotland proved it was his night tonight.

Benny Newell: Fuck right he did Hoffman!

McKenna goes over to Hortega and demands he raise his arm one more time before he rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks… and we are just one more match away from War Games… but it is one match that has certainly had a lot of twist and turns…

Benny Newell: To say the fucking least Joe! Stevens ate a fucking used tampon!

Joe Hoffman: I was going to start off with how this was originally going to be a match between Scottywood and Scott Stevens. A match that has been building since last year’s War Games when they were on the same team. But after…

Benny Newell: After Stevens ate a fucking tampon!

Joe: No, after Tara defeated both Scott Stevens and Scottywood in back to back weeks, she was inserted into the match. But then …

Benny Newell: Stevens ate a fucking tampon!

Joe Hoffman: Benny! You’re going to turn off the snooty grammar Nazi Facebook Fed Place people if you keep saying that!

Benny Newell: Fuck them Joe! They are prudish little fucks who are wastes of fucking life to the wrestling world. This is H-O-fucking-W and I will say all fucking night how Scott Stevens ate Tara’s used fucking tampon until I pass out here on this table with near alcohol poisoning. DRINK!

Benny knocks back a shot of Jack from his trusty official HOW flask as Joe Hoffman just shakes his head.

Joe Hoffman: Ugh… fine… but back to the match, we saw Scottywood removed after he was brutally attack by a longtime foe of Scottywood’s, Reggie Rivid who made his HOW debut.

Benny Newell: Ya, by bludgeoning Scottywood in the skull with the blade of a hockey stick… I like this guy already.

Joe Hoffman: An attack, which we learned fractured the skull of The Hardcore Artist. Who we only know he was taken by ambulance… somewhere… but where exactly, no one has been able to find out. It’s like he has just vanished…

Benny Newell: But the fucker was in New York for Game four of his shitty ass Rangers.

Joe Hoffman: That is what his Twitter account claimed… but that has yet to actually be confirmed to be true.

Benny Newell: Well either way, Scottywood will NOT be here tonight… and it has already made War Games 2014 a better show.

Joe Hoffman: But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of hate in this upcoming match. Because as Benny Newell has said already multiple times tonight, Tara did one of the most disgusting things HOW has ever seen… old or new era…

Benny Newell: Oh come on Joe… you never rode a girl while on her period? Never got your red wings?

Joe Hoffman: That’s disgusting Benny…

Benny Newell: Well Stevens has taken all of that to new levels after what Tara did to him on the last Mayhem before War Games… Roll that footage!

And just as Benny commands, the footage from last week starts to roll on the HOV screen.

Jace and Tara turn around and see that Stevens is still on the mat holding his chest in pain and smile at each other. Tara walks over and grabs a hold of Stevens lifting him up to his feet. Jace gives Stevens a boot to the mid-section then plants him with Twisted Reality as the crowd boos loudly.

Joe Hoffman: Come on is this really necessary? That man is obviously injured and needs medical attention.

Benny Newell: This is payback Hoffhole, he disrespected Jace and he disrespected his wife and now he’s going to pay for it.

Tara looks down at Stevens who is absolutely motionless and lifeless on the mat and stands over him. Just when everyone thought this was over Tara pulls her hot pants aside much to the shock of the crowd revealing her vagina to the audience.

Joe Hoffman: What is happening here?!

Benny Newell: I must be dreaming! Hurry up fucker give me your phone! Take a picture goddamnit!!!!

Benny literally pushes Joe out of his seat and begins mauling him for his cell phone as Tara reaches down slowly between her legs and pulls out her own tampon. The crowd gasps in horror as Tara holds the dripping wet bloody tampon high into the air over Stevens. Tara turns and looks over at Jace who nods his head up and down before Tara leans down and literally shoves the used tampon down the throat of Scott Stevens. The crowd groans in horror as Tara laughs wickedly while fucking the throat of the proud but lifeless Texan in the most disrespectful manner in HOW history.

Benny Newell: THAT. IS. AMAZING!

Joe pulls himself back up to his seat and literally gags while turning away from the ring.

Joe Hoffman: That is literally the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on television and I work for High Octane Wrestling.

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up Stevens is one lucky bastard!

Joe Hoffman: How is THAT lucky?!

Benny Newell: He knows what Tara’s pussy tastes like!

Joe Hoffman: Yeah but…

Benny Newell: Maybe she’ll let him taste that next!

We cut back to side and Joe Hoffman is leaning off to the side of the announce table.

Joe Hoffman: You might not be the only one to puke here tonight Benny…

Benny Newell: But you will be the only bitch at this announce table.

Joe Hoffman: Well needless to say, that incident has given Scott Stevens sufficient reason to forget about Scottywood… for the time being and focus on getting some revenge against Tara Davidson tonight.

Benny Newell: If he hopes to ever save some face here in HOW… he better hope he can destroy that bitch.

“Roman’s Revenge” by Nicki Minja hits as boos start to fill The Best Arena and we see Tara make her way out onto the stage with a box in her hand.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of Benny… here she is… with… what is that in her hands?

Benny Newell: A box of tampons! Now that is hilarious Joe!

Joe Hoffman: She’s certainly not worried about rubbing any salt in the wound of Scott Stevens. She better hope that it doesn’t bite her in the butt later.

Benny Newell: I’d bite her in the ass Joe…

The following match is scheduled for one fall… first making her way to the ring from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 120 pounds…. TARAAAA MICHAELSS-DAAAVIDSONNNN!!!!

Tara rolls into the ring and rips the box of tampons open as she starts to liter them across the ring and then heads back into the corner to wait for Stevens.

Joe Hoffman: This could get ugly real quick folks…

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen, “Nothing survives my sting!” The crowd reaction is mixed as an electric guitar wails throughout the PA system and the words of Dave Mustaine’s voice echoes throughout the arena,

“As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting.

I will, tell you what you want to hear and not mean anything.

Then I, treat you like a dog, as I shoot my venom in.

You pretend you didn’t know, that I am The Scorpion, whoa!”

The crowd intensifies as the instrumental after the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the Champion of Texas.

Bryan McVay: And her opponent, hailing from the great state of Texas and weighing in at 256lbs, he is “The Scorpion” SCOTTTTTTTTTTTTT STEEEEEEEEEEEVENSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

As Stevens stands on the ramp, his music is abruptly cut off.

After a few moments a song begins to play, but not just any song, “The Tampon Song!”


Stevens looks behind him at the HOV as it shows a bloody tampon doing stupid things and he simply shakes his head in disgust. He walks down the aisle, talking trash the entire way while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens might lose it before the match even begins…

As Stevens reaches the ring he begins to circle it and tear up any signs that mention tampons or 97 Red. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down at the crowd, who let him have it with boos and with a barrage of Tampax tampons as they are thrown into the ring like streamers.

Benny Newell: It’s raining tampons!!

Joe Hoffman: Should have expected this… and it seems Stevens did too…

Stevens shakes his head as he drops to the mat and begins to stretch out on the ropes.

As the bell sounds the crowd begins to chant, “Change your tampon.” As Tara smiles and picks up one of the tampons from the ground and unwraps it as she reaches for her wrestling bottoms…

Benny Newell: Here we go again!!!

But Stevens doesn’t let it happen this time as Stevens charges at Tara and spears her to the ground as he starts to unleash a barrage of fury that must have been building up to a boiling point for the past two weeks. Rights starts raining down on Tara’s face, one , two, three, four shots to the face before Tara is able to get an elbow up into Stevens’ face and then another before she pushes him off and rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And I’m sure that felt good for Stevens… but far from redemption…

Benny Newell: He ruined a perfectly good crotch shot of Tara! I had my iPhone ready and everything!

Stevens doesn’t give Tara a second to breathe though as he rolls out of the ring and grabs Tara by the hair before she can escape and throws her into the steel guardrail around the ring. She is slow to start getting up, but Stevens helps her back to her feet and throws her into the guardrail again as Boettcher starts his ten count on the two.




Stevens picks Tara back up and lifts her up over his head right in front of a fan with another sign “Stevens Loves #97Red”. Stevens mouth “fuck you” as he drops her stomach across the top of the guardrail.




Joe Hoffman: Stevens better be careful or this will be a short night for him.

Benny Newell: Maybe he is trying to save himself in case he is needed as a War Games replacement later tonight. I hear he is still portioning to get in the match.

Joe Hoffman: I doubt that is going to happen.

Benny Newell: I know…. Barely could say that with a straight face… Too funny that he thinks that! DRINK!



Boettcher rolls out of the ring to warn Stevens that he’s almost reached the ten count as Stevens pulls Tara up again and throws goes to throw her into the steel steps…. But Boettcher is there and he gets slammed into the steel steps, his head banging off the ring post as he collapses to the ground unconscious.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher down!

Benny Newell: That has to be on purpose!

Stevens smiles… not because of his intentions…. But because of the outcome as he immediately heads over to the timekeepers area and grabs himself a steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: Now this may be a quicker means to retribution….

But Tara isn’t gonna take a chair shot as she rolls out of the way and Stevens slams the mat on the outside. Tara then pops up and nails Stevens with a drop kick. Stevens staggers backwards as Tara charges at him… and gets a steel chair in the gut. Stevens then raises it and cracks it across the back of Tara… who collapses to the ground, the shot nearly cracking her 120 pound frame.

Joe Hoffman: Bet that felt good.

Stevens throws the chair into the ring as he goes over to the steel steps that Boettcher is laying on and throws the top one into the ring too.

Joe Hoffman: House cleaning by Stevens… and those are going to hurt a lot more than the tampons that still liter the ring.

Stevens goes back to Tara… but she has reached under the ring and pulled something out which she nails Stevens in the head with it…

Joe Hoffman: Did she just hit Stevens with…

Benny Newell: A sandbag! She hit Stevens with a sandbag!

Stevens shakes it off as Tara charges at him and Stevens boots her in the gut and nails the Toxic Sting!

Joe Hoffman: Toxic Sting!

Tara falls to the ground as Stevens shakes the sandbag shot off for a second and looks over at Boettcher who is still out cold by the ring post and he shakes his head. Stevens just grabs Tara and rolls her into the ring… and then grabs Boettcher and throws him into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is going to try and make something happen here… but the referee is still out.

Benny Newell: Because of him! This is all Stevens’ fault.

Getting back into the ring, Stevens as he sees the tampons which are still littered across the ring and smiles as he picks one of them up and starts to unwrap it. Of course the HOW fans start up another “Change your tampon” chant… but Stevens just brushes it off as he kneels down next to Tara and grabs her jaw. He then opens her mouth and goes to shove the tampon down Tara’s throat… but Tara nails Stevens with a hard right.

Benny Newell: Backfire Stevens!

Tara keeps nailing rights until Stevens staggers back onto his ass and Tara rolls back to her feet and nails a .24 Carat Kick to the head of Stevens who collapses to the mat. Tara quickly rolls him over for the pin.

Joe Hoffman: Light out still for Boettcher…

Benny Newell: I’ll go count!

Joe Hoffman: Sit down Benny.

Tara shakes her head as she gets up and grabs the steel chair that Stevens has brought into the ring and sizes up Stevens as she cracks him across the back with the chair… once, twice, three times before she throws it out of the ring. She then grabs Stevens’ legs and twists him up into a Texas cloverleaf as he reaches out for the ropes… just out of habit since there is no referee to even break the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is in a bad spot now. He took those devastating chair shots and now Tara is just wrenching his back.

Benny Newell: Tap to the bitch Stevens! Tap!

Tara wrenches back one more time before she lets go of Stevens and makes her way over to Boettcher who she shakes to try and revive and he starts to come around. She turns back to Stevens who has gotten up and picks Tara up and nails the spinebuster right onto the steel steps that are still in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Double S Spinebuster!

Benny Newell: Now he gets rid of the evidence… cheat!

Joe Hoffman: Tara just used a steel chair.

Benny Newell: That Stevens introduced!

Stevens kicks the steps out of the ring as he hooks the leg and goes to pin Tara as Boettcher barely is able to make it over to count.




Benny Newell: Cunt!

Joe Hoffman: Tara just barely with the shoulder up!

Stevens can’t believe it as he slams his fists on the mat as he pulls Tara back up to her feet and kicks her in the gut and…

Joe Hoffman: Tara reverses it!

She pushes Stevens away and he turns around right into a boot in the gut as she throws her legs up and connects with a scissor kick.

Joe Hoffman: Goodnight Kiss!

Benny Newell: Again! Lucky ass!

Joe Hoffman: It wasn’t a real… never mind. Cover by Tara!




Benny Newell: It’s over!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Foot on the ropes by Stevens!

Tara rolls over, nearly spent as she can’t believe that didn’t just end this. Boettcher still lays on the ground, holding his head as Stevens rolls away from Tara to the corner and starts to pull himself back up. Tara starts to get up as Stevens charges at her and goes for a big boot, but Tara ducks it and turns around to a high knee in the face. Stevens is staggered as Tara goes for a facebuster but Stevens pushes Tara away and she lands flat on her face.

Benny Newell: FAIL!

Joe Hoffman: Stevens looking to end it!

Tara gets back up to her feet as Stevens runs and nails Tara with… with…. I’ll let Benny describe it…

Benny Newell: Cunt Punt!

Joe Hoffman: Stevens with a low blow to Tara lower regions… and she may not have balls…. But that still hurts!

Tara grabs her lower regions, but stays on her feet as Stevens nails her right a hard right that frees Tara’s hand from her vagina and allows Stevens to connect with another…

Benny Newell: Cunt Punt again!

Joe Hoffman: Do you need to call it that?

Benny Newell: It’s a medical term Joe! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!

Joe Hoffman: No it’s not a medical term!

Benny Newell: Well fucking sue me then!

Stevens boots Tara in the gut now and goes for the Toxic Sting…

Joe Hoffman: Reversal by Tara again!

Tara pushes Stevens away and leaps off the second rope right as Stevens turns around and eats a beautiful disaster from Tara.

Joe Hoffman: .24 Carat Kick!

Benny Newell: Fuck that shit! Never put a fucking ring on a bitch!

Joe Hoffman: Cover by Tara!




Benny Newell: Is it over?

Joe Hoffman: It is!


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 17:49……. TARA MICHAELS-DAVIDSON!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Tara pulls it out again!

Benny Newell: No Joe! She sticks it in!

Joe Hoffman: Ugh! No, Tara squeezes out a win in one hell of a match! Stevens came close and gave Tara the punishment she deserved after last week… but it wasn’t enough to score the win over Tara this time.

Boettcher can’t even raise Tara’s arm as he rolls out of the ring and some HOW staff attends to him as he needs to be ready in a few minutes for the War Games match. Tara meanwhile celebrates her win as she takes a couple of the Tampons in the ring and throws them down at Stevens before she rolls out of the ring herself.

Joe Hoffman: Well that is three matches down and that just leaves one….


Joe Hoffman: Yes it is… and we will have the spectacle that is War Games right after this commercial!!!

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June 24th, 2014
The Best Arena
Chicago, Illinois

The High Octane Television logo gives way to a live shot inside The Best Arena. There is an eerie loudness to the silence we witness as the camera pans around the arena looking for the usual signs from fans in the crowd.

But today there are none.

The arena is empty and as HOWrestling.com broke yesterday all fans have been turned away at the door and literally the only thing visible inside the arena is the setup for the War Games match.

As the camera zooms in on the two ring set up we see that the cell is already in place and probably been in place since last Monday when the match was originally set to air. The camera literally pans around the entire cell, highlighting just how large the structure is, and as it finally ascends to the ceiling we get a final pre match view of the whole structure and with the absence of fans in their seats the view seems….off.

The live feed then cuts to the announce table where we see…..nothing.

It too is empty. As the camera stays fixated on the seats normally filled by the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell it has become obvious that the upcoming match will have no commentary with it.

The feed quickly cuts to the top of the entrance ramp where we see a man standing at the top of it. As the camera zooms in we see that it is the owner of High Octane Wrestling……Lee Best.

There is no entrance music, no entrance video playing on the huge High Octane Vision screen that encompasses the top of the entrance ramp, no announcers hyping him up and certainly no fans cheering the local kid turned GOD.

There is only a man and his microphone.

The camera zooms in on Lee and we see a tired and beaten man. His famous #970000 colored jacket seems two sizes too big and his pants seem like something out of MC Hammers closet.

But the eyes are alive…

And that is what the camera focuses in on as Lee raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak for the first time in several weeks.

Lee Best: 2002. Twelve years ago I started this company. Twelve years ago having my OWN arena was a pipe dream. My own network? I would have told you to go suck Princess Angels dick before I believed that one. But here we are….twelve years later. I have my own network, my own collection of arenas and of course High Octane Wrestling.”

Lee pauses as his eyes dart back and forth taking in the view of the empty seats in the arena.

Lee Best: Twelve years have passed and millions of fans have bought tickets to my events. Some people have literally been to every event here in this arena and some witnessed their very first wrestling match in this arena. But not tonight. Tonight the crown jewel of matches will be witnessed by only those that tune in on HOTv. The last two years my life has took a shit and I have been beaten down both physically and mentally. The last two years War Games has not been anything more than a fucking joke. I have failed to deliver on what used to be the biggest match of them all in HOW. Twelve years ago this place would have been packed and all the local bars would be filled with those that couldn’t get a ticket. This match MADE wrestlers want to COME to High Octane Wrestling….

Another pause for the cause..

Lee Best: …but now it’s the reason wrestlers will leave High Octane Wrestling. Thru the years I have delegated more and more of my responsibilities in the company as I try and prepare the company to carry on without me. Should I have delegated this event ahead of time to my son Michael? Sure…that would have been easy and more than likely you would be watching a replay of the Mayhem AFTER War Games right now………but this is my company….this is my fucking network…and this is my baby.

Lee begins to walk down the aisle and a cameraman backtracks in front of him keeping feed on the owner as he continues to talk.

Lee Best: I know full well that my days are numbered but literally and figuratively here in High Octane Wrestling. Do you honestly think I would go out with a whimper? Do you honestly think that I would NOT delay this match until I could give its proper due from myself? I do not give two fucks about anyone holding their breath for this match. I do not give two fucks about the fans that bought tickets and want back in. The fact of the matter is this…

Lee stops speaking as he climbs the steps and enters Ring number 1, the ring on the left to those of you watching on HOTv, and slams the cell door shut behind him.

He pauses and looks around the structure.

Lee Best: You know this is basically the same cell we have used since the first War Games? Sure I have had to pay to have some sections redone courtesy of random things like tanks and the like….but ya…this baby is and always will be the one thing that will make you famous here in HOW.”

Lee reaches over the ropes and runs his hands across the wall of the cell…smiling as his mind remembers some moment in time that surely involved blood and pain.

Lee Best: Tonight it all comes to an end. Tonight my son Michael could end up winning the ownership of HOW inside this very structure. Tonight could be the very end of not only my reign in HOW……but literally the end of ME.

As the camera zooms in even closer on Lee we see that his eyes are twinkling and a small smirk comes across his tired face.

Lee Best: Or not.

Lee turns a full 180 degrees, seemingly taking in the structure for possibly the last time, and then turns towards the entrance ramp.

Lee Best: Tonight ten men will come down here with their eyes on the World Championship. To some of these men winning War Games will mean more than the Title that comes with the victory. But each of these ten men will come out of this match both mentally and physically fucked up. No one escapes this match unscathed. No one enters this match and EXPECTS anything else. If you do….well you are more fucked up in the head than I.

Lee reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a piece of paper.

Lee Best: In past years I would have some sort of contest in the back with the competitors of this match to see what the order of entry would be. This year the order has been determined solely by what I want to see. Now some of you expected to see Michael Best as entry number one but think about that for a moment. Why would I give Michael the opportunity to go the wire and win the match? I would be reading those fucking tweets from the grave. Instead I am giving Shane Reynolds, my personal monster, an opportunity to finally etch his name as a true legend of HOW. The other man that will start this match….

Lee laughs to himself before continuing…

Lee Best: Is a man that if Mike’s team were to win tonight would benefit the most and quite honestly PISS MICHAEL OFF more than anyone else if he were to win…..David fucking Black.

Lee begins to make his way out of the cell and as he exits he begins to walk towards the announce table as he continues.

Lee Best: Now it’s pretty obvious to those in the know that we will not be seeing the best of Christopher America tonight. But if you think that he will be the reason that Mike’s team wins…well you are truly missing the mark. I alone know what surprises are in store for tonight and there is a fucking reason there are no fans, no announcers, and no crew backstage. Go ahead and assume Michael’s team is going to win….go ahead and assume that it will come down to Michael and Max. Ignore the current World Champion John Sektor, ICON Champion Shane Reynolds and LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson. Go ahead and assume that those three men alone couldn’t carry the team by themselves. Go ahead and assume that Jatt Starr, even at 75%, won’t do enough to bring home the victory. Please….just keep on assuming. It will make the twitter butt hurt posts all that more enjoyable at the end of the night.

Lee finally makes it to the announce table, sets his mic down and puts on the headset normally worn by Benny Newell on.

Lee Best: What the fuck??

Lee rips them off as he apparently felt some kind of substance on the headset. He reaches over and puts on the Joe Hoffman worn headset instead.

Lee Best: There we go. Now do not expect a lot of commentary from me here tonight. I want what possibly could by my final match as owner in HOW to be all about the action in the ring. This match will dictate the future of High Octane Wrestling and quite honestly I will be watching right alongside most of you. I have delayed the potential end of my reign as long as legally possibly and now it is time for the men to go to War.

Lee stands up and motions towards the ramp and a few seconds later Matt Boettcher and Joel Hortega come racing down the ramp and enter the rings.

Boettcher takes his position in Ring number one, again the ring to the left for those watching at home, and Hortega takes his position in Ring number two, the ring on the right for those watching at home.

Suddenly a third referee makes his way out and Lee stands up and begins clapping as Nigel Lette limps his way down to the War Games structure and enters the cell.

Lee Best: As you all can see the refs are now in place. Matt Boettcher, HOW’s senior referee, will be counting the pinfalls and taking all submissions in ring number one with Hortega doing the same in ring two and the courageous Nigel Lette will be doing the same on the outside of the rings. Now for those that are fucking idiots or are just mentally retarded here are the rules.

Lee begins coughing furiously and has to pause as he struggles to open a water bottle. He finally is able to take a legit drink and with a heavy sigh he continues.

Lee Best: This is an elimination tag team match at its base. The only way to win this match is to eliminate a whole team thru pinfall or submission only. There are no disqualifications and there are no count outs. Pin the motherfucker or make his ass tap out. If there is only one survivor on the winning team that man will become the World Champion. If there are two or more survivors then the Captain of that team, even if the fucking Captain was eliminated, will choose who the World Champion will be. Got it?

Lee pauses for literally no one but the viewing audience as a graphic is shown on the feed for those watching.

Lee Best: Now two men, The ICON Champion Shane Reynolds and David Black, will start the match and every five minutes another man will enter the match until everyone in the match has made their way into the match. Remember….pinfall or submissions only and they can take place ANYWHERE.

Another pause for the cause…

Lee Best: Ok…..lets do this.

David Black makes his way out from the back and stops and takes in the view of the empty arena. It is truly an eerie sight to behold from this perspective….that is until you get blindsided by the ICON Champion who happens to have just smacked you in the middle of the head with his ICON Championship.

Black tumbles down the ramp as the ICON Champion smiles down at the man he just blindsided.

Lee Best: That is an ICONIC start to this match if I dare say so myself.

Reynolds delivers several more kicks to the midsection and back area of David Black as he literally knocks him down to the bottom of the entrance ramp. Black tries to get up but is met with a boot to the temple and he rolls towards the cell.

Reynolds looks down at a #970000 colored watch he is wearing and smiles as he sets his ICON Championship on the guardrail and walks up to Black, picks him up and slams him face first into the steel mesh of the cell……then again….and again. Reynolds holds Black up by the back of his head and proceeds to literally drag the former World Champions face across the steel until they reach the cell’s opening.

As Shane reaches with his left hand to open the door he holds Black’s face up against the cell with his right…..and then lets go just as he swings the door open as hard as he can and sends it crashing into the back of the Team Mike member. As Black slumps to the arena floor we see that is has been busted open and literally only minutes into this War Games match we have blood.

Lee Best: Well that did not take long at all. Good to see that Black is trying to get some sympathy by bleeding so early. Fucking douchebag.

Reynolds glances at his watch again and quickly picks up Black and walks him into the cell and rolls him under the bottom rope of Ring 1. Reynolds quickly follows suit by climbing up to the top turnbuckle and proceeds to execute a near flawless dropkick just as Black was staggering to his feet. The momentum of the move causes Black to literally fly across the ring and he finishes rolling near where the two rings meet.

Reynolds motions for Boettcher to come over as he goes for a quick cover.



Reynolds nods in agreement as it is way too soon for a pinfall victory.

Lee Best: Was worth a shot there but lets be honest…..even I know you will need more than a dropkick and some blood to keep Black down.

Reynolds slowly picks up Black and nails him with a snap suplex. The sound of Black hitting the mat resonates loudly in the empty arena and Reynolds smiles at the sound of the impact….but as he glances at his watch he snaps out of it and is back on the offensive.

Reynolds eyes Black as David gets up on one knee before the ICON Champion runs towards the near ropes, uses the second rope as a catapult and nails Black with a springboard leg drop that drives Blacks face into the canvas, smearing his blood on the fringe of the HOW Logo in the middle of the ring.

Lee Best: All Shane Reynolds to start the match which is no surprise. According to my booking for dummies book at home that means at any moment Black should make a comeback and eliminate the next man in the match who is literally about to show himself….

We get a side by side view of the action in the cell and of the entrance ramp as both Shane and Lee are looking down at watches on their wrists…identical watches for those wanting to keep track of such things.

Suddenly Christopher America, multi time winner of this very match, makes his way down towards the ring.

Lee Best: Damn that book is something else. If this was on DVR I would just fast forward to the part where Black eliminates America….for fuck sakes you know that is coming….fucking douchebag.”

Reynolds smiles at the sight of his teammate making his way down to the ring as he tosses Black over the top rope and to the arena floor. As Amerca arrives at the cell he motions for Reynolds to hold Black up and the ICON Champion obliges as he braces Black up against the cell.

With a dazed Black motionless on the cell wall, America and Reynolds nod at each other spring into action.

America takes several steps backwards back up towards the entrance ramp…..Reynolds rolls back into the ring and after another nod both men race towards Black….

Shane dives over the top rope and literally meets nails Black with a suicide dive from INSIDE the cell just as America nails Black with a running dropkick from the OUTSIDE of the cell.


The one man Holy Shit chant started by Lee Best quickly fades out as he realizes no one else is there with him to chant.

Lee Best: Well color me awkward.

Black is fully wearing the proverbial crimson mask as we see America walk around and enter the cell and helps Reynolds to his feet. Both men take a look at their matching #97red watches and motion towards the ring.

Reynolds rolls into the ring and looks back expecting America to be behind him but he is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Nigel Lette’s voice can be heard.



KICKOUT by Black.

Reynolds leans over the rope and asks what America is doing…….we can see him mouth the words “stick to the plan”.

America can only shrug.

Lee Best: Pretty clear here that America wanted to eliminate Black there. Can’t blame him. I think America has gotten married five times in between victories over Black. Fucking douchebag.

Back outside Ring 1, America picks up Black and goes to roll him into the ring but Black falls to the ground lifelessly as the loss of blood early in this match is already taking a toll on him.

Reynolds starts to exit the ring to help America but America motions to him that he’s got him.

America kicks Black in the back of the head to prove it as Reynolds holds his hands in the air and backs up towards the center of the ring.

Suddenly Nigel Lette’s voice can be heard again.




Christopher America has been eliminated via small package by David Black!!!!

Lee Best: Motherfucker. Did I tell you or did I tell ya!! Motherfucking Booking 101. DRINK Benny if you are watching….fucking Drink.

The elimination of his teammate jolts Reynolds into action as he bounces off the far ropes and once again takes to the air as he dives thru the middle ropes this time…..

….and misses another suicide dive as Black dives instinctively out of the way resulting in Reynolds smashing his face and shoulder into the steel mesh of the cell. As Reynolds rolls around in pain we see Black using the steel ring steps to pull himself up to his feet.

Lee Best: This motherfucker just never stays the fuck down. I know who the fuck is coming out next and Reynolds better get his fucking ass up NOW….

We cut to Reynolds who has pulled himself up to his feet and he glances at his watch and looks up just in time to time to see Black’s right hand coming at his now bleeding face.

Knuckles meeting bridge of the nose and the subsequent breaking of said nose echoes throughout the empty arena as Reynolds falls to his knees as his eyes begin to water uncontrollably from the punch.

Lee Best: That sounded just like the time I popped Mike’s moms pussy. I mean that in a very literal way obviously…..fucking whore.

Black, his face covered in dried blood, begins to unload on the ICON Champion with a flurry of punches, kicks and elbows until he can swing no more. Black slowly rolls into the ring and lies on his back trying to catch his breath as a hard camera focuses in on Reynolds who is now bleeding profusely from his right eye as he is lying on the ground on the outside of Ring 1.

Lee Best: Well if we were based out of Stamford we would be taking a commercial break right about now but since we are based out of Chicago and it’s my fucking network let me tell you about this one time in Tampa. It was me…Benny…and a girl named…

Lee stops as he realizes that there is a man at the top of the ramp and it’s the next entrant into the match……

Lee Best: Fucking kids…..they ruin everything.

The adopted son……Maximillian Kael……is sneering at the top of the entrance ramp as he makes his way down.

Lee Best: So for the uninformed we have Kael and Black officially in the match for Team Michael and the ICON Champion Shane Reynolds still in for my team. Ya I said my team motherfuckers.

Kael, in full out Max mind set, stalks his way into the cell and immediately climbs into Ring 1 where Shane Reynolds has propped himself up in the corner.

Max charges and lands a power clothesline to Shane’s throat in the corner. The move, like all the moves so far tonight, resonates loudly in the empty arena. Max grabs Shane by the chin and forces the ICON Champion to stare into his eyes and it is at that exact moment that Shane knows that it’s going to be Monster vs. Monster tonight.

To back that up Max promptly bites down at Shane’s already broken nose and Shane screams out in agony as he falls to the mat and quickly rolls out of the ring.

Max ignores him as he walks into Ring 2 and leans over the ropes and motions to Lee that he didn’t get a watch and he’s a sad fucking panda because of it.

The visual of Max with Shane’s blood dripping off his chin is enough to cause Lee to toss his water bottle to the side and grabs Benny’s resident Jack Daniels bottle and takes a nice long swig as he continues to stare into his adopted Son’s eyes.

Lee Best: Where was this shit for the last few months Son? You would be on my team numnuts. FUCK WILH….

Lee is cut off by a blood curdling roar from Max as Kael cuts Lee off before he can even mention that name.

Lee musters a middle finger at Max who turns his attention back to Shane who is sitting down, propped up against the side of the cell, trying to set his nose back in position.

He sees Max in the far ring coming for him and he smiles….seemingly ready now to go one on one with the original monster in HOW…..the Hall of Famer Maximil…


All thoughts of a one on one battle with Max just went out the window as David Black just hit a homerun by smoking Shane Reynolds across the face with a baseball bat that he pulled from under the ring…..

Lee Best: That fucker just broke his nose….again!!

Reynolds is completely knocked out cold and literally just lays there and bleeds as Black and Max stare down at the ICON Champion. Max motions to Black that he does not want Reynolds eliminated….yet.

Black gladly backs off to try and completely gather himself as Max makes his way thru the rings.

Max slowly exits Ring 1 and looks over at Black who is cleaning off all the blood from around his eyes.

Lee Best: It’s never a good sign when Max is standing over an unconscious body……it’s like Benny at a strip club….Suarez after a three day fast….Mike moving to another state……NOTHING good comes of it.

Max rolls Shane over and stares down at the man who has been just as much a part of his life these past several years as the Best Family. Max almost looks like he is feeling sorry for Shane….

….that is until he grabs him by the nose and twists it hard to the left resulting in Shane regaining full consciousness and immediately screams out in pain.

Max smiles and twists it hard in the opposite direction resulting in more screams. Max leans his head back and takes the screams in like someone would listening to Mozart for the first time….well someone that would enjoy Mozart that is.

A right handed jab from Shane to the ribs of Kael snap him back into focus. Max lets go of the ICON Champions nose and sits on his stomach, literally mounting him, and begs Shane to hit him.

Blinded by his own tears because of the damage to his nose again, Shane swings blindly and is only able to hit Kael with glancing blows and Max playfully dodges the punches.

After a few moments, and presumably bored of that exercise, Max grabs Shane’s wrist and pins them down behind his head. Max leans in and whispers something in the ear of Shane and as the camera zooms in we can see Shane’s eyes grow wide and he begins thrashing around violently, ultimately throwing Kael off of him and he pushes himself backwards and finally up to his feet as he stares at Kael and a new rejuvenated David Black.

He glances down at this watch and smiles and this smile throws the two men off.

Lee Best: That was the longest fucking five minutes of my life….and trust me….I have had some long ones….Paras promo anyone?

Max and Black turn towards the entrance ramp and they do not see anyone….but there is something.

Lee Best: Jattmobile on motherfucking crack plus war paint equals instant hard on.

Max and Black are taken aback by the sight of the HOW Hall of Famer and War Games Captain Jatt Starr and his new special edition War Games Jattmobile.

Lee Best: Get motherfucking hash tag WARJATT trending assholes. This motherfucker is about to do some damage.

#WARJATT heads down the entrance ramp but stops suddenly about halfway down. The camera catches Jatt sneaking a peek at his own #97red watch and seems to be counting down the seconds till…..


Lee, once again seemingly forgetting that the arena is empty, dives under the announce table as the sounds of the 7.62 Gatling Gun firing sends him searching for cover.

Inside the cell, the wrestlers are all hiding as well as the gun continues to fire off rounds.

Finally the clicking sound of it being finally ran empty causes everyone to lift their heads up slowly and it is at this point everyone sees Captain Jatt smiling from ear to ear as he has his sights on Maximillian Kael.

Max and Black return to their feet and turn towards Jatt who is reloading the gatling. Max and Black immediately exchange words and its apparently clear that they agree to attack Jatt before he can reload. The two men rush out of the cell and towards the #WARJATT and are only about 10 feet from the cart when the sound of Jatt locking in the new rounds is heard.

They stop on a dime as Jatt only smiles and pulls the trigger.

But nothing happens.

Jatt looks down at the gun and its obvious that its jammed. Before he can even unload the ammo he is yanked out of the #WARJATT cart and thrown to the ground. Black nails Starr with a wicked right hand sending the HOW Hall of Famer crashing into the side of the cart. Max screams at Black to hold Jatt up for him and as Black does he is unable to warn Max in time…





Reynolds nails Max in the back with the baseball bat used earlier by Black and continues to pummel Kael until the bat completely breaks in half.

Black tosses Starr to the side and goes to tackle Shane but as he does the ICON Champion sends the splintered end of the baseball bat directly into the thigh of Black.

Black falls to his backside as he screams out in pain trying to rip the bat out of his leg. Just when it is a few millimeters from being out, Shane takes his right boot and stomps it back into his leg…even further now.

Black falls back on his back and is writhing in pain as Reynolds twists his foot back and forth.

“Well this just turned into a channel 9 news fight…”

Shane finally lets up on the pressure as he walks over and helps Jatt to his feet. The Captain of the team surveys the damage and motions for Nigel Lette to come over and make the pin fall counts.

Jatt motions to Reynolds that he wants to pin Max and Shane smiles and nods as he drags the still screaming David Black to the middle of the entrance ramp and proceeds to cover the man as Jatt puts a foot on the chest of Max to begin his pinfall on his fellow HOW Hall of Famer.

“Sorry Michael but your brother is dunzo….hashtag #BROBLEMS”




Hes done it….he fucking did it….JATT STARR PINNED MAXIMILLIAN KAEL AT WAR GAMES!!!!!”

But the pinfall count from Lee does not match up with what Nigel counted as the still injured referee has not even got into position yet.

Both Reynolds and Jatt are screaming for Nigel to hurry up and to his credit he is trying his hardest. He finally makes it in the vicinity of the two pinfall attempts and begins to count.




Both Black and Max kick out of the pinfall attempts literally milliseconds apart from each other.


Lee throws down his headset and with a full purpose in his step exits the announce table and heads towards the action.

Jatt and Reynolds see the GOD of HOW coming and they stand up together and back up just a little…unsure of what is going on as this is surely not part of any plan.

Lee makes his way to Nigel Lette and begins berating the injured man.



Lee smacks the man several times in the face, sending the man down to the ground. Lee grabs him by his left ear and motions for Jatt to load up the #WARJATT.

Jatt is not sure of what is about to take place but Shane quickly jumps ahead of Jatt and enters the vehicle and begins to reload the Gatling gun.

As Shane is loading the gun Lee continues to pummel Nigel with smacks to the face.


Lee is blind with rage as Shane screams out that the gun is ready. Lee pushes Nigel up against the guard rail and tells Shane to fire.

The gun begins to go off with fervor and everyone ducks for cover.

After a few moments the gun clicks to a stop once again and we see that it’s no longer the ICON Champion in control of the gun.

It’s the next entrant into the match….

Silent Witness.

The camera pans quickly to Nigel Lette and we see the man touching himself all over and realizes that he has not been hit.

The viewers at home are now seeing a replay on HOTv that shows Witness emerging from the back and literally pushing Shane out the other side of the cart just before it began to fire and it was Witness who aimed the gun.

And it wasn’t at Nigel Lette.

As we see another reply of Witness struggle to straighten the gun out we see who just got hit.

Back live and we finally see the victim.

Lee Best

Everyone literally just stops what they are doing as they realize what just went down. Suddenly John Sektor comes running out from the back and begins attacking Silent Witness who appears even stunned at what just happened.

Before Witness regains his focus to begin fighting back it is too late as the World Champion has yanked Witness out of the #WARJATT and is raining down with right hands.

Suddenly Sektor is tackled to the ground as the next entrant Rhys Townsend enters the fray early as well as he tackles Sektor off of Witness.

The World Champion and Townsend begin exchanging blows as Witness tries to regain his bearings on the entrance ramp.

Meanwhile both Shane and Jatt can be seen sitting next to the prone body of Lee Best. Max and Black are both struggling on their own to get to their feet.

The cameraman struggles to get a shot of Lee to see how badly he is hurt until both men slowly stand up. Both men now have blood on their torsos and as they slowly back up we see the damage.

Lee’s upper body is covered in blood…so much so that it’s impossible to see exactly how many times and where he was hit. The camera pans over to Jatt who is holding the infamous #970000 colored jacket of Lee’s. He lays it on the front seat of the #WARJATT and its almost symbolic of what just happened.

Jatt motions for Shane to help him pick up Lee as he wants to place him in the golf cart. But before they can they are both blindsided by Max Kael and David Black who has finally succeeded in dislodging the broken piece of the baseball bat out of his leg and has used what appears to be a black and white shirt as a makeshift tourniquet. We then see what exactly he used as we see a now shirtless Nigel Lette in the background as the action restarts.

Max and Shane are exchanging blows with Black and Jatt doing the same. As the feed pans back we see that the World Champion John Sektor and Rhys Townsend are now inside the cell and in ring 1 exchanging blows as well.

The whole time this is going on Lee is lying prone on the ground. As the six men continue to brawl they slowly make their away from the scene of the shooting and it is then and only then do we see some crewmen make their way from the back. These are obviously men from the production truck as the feed does not change at all as we see the men literally pick Lee’s body up and carry him off to the back.

The viewers at home continue to see the panned out version of the events unfolding as the empty arena proves to be allowing the wrestlers to use the whole environment as both Max and Shane and Black and Jatt are now brawling in the actual seating of the arena.

Suddenly the feed changes and we get a split screen of all three brawls at the same time. It is obvious that the monkeys in the trucks have returned to their posts.

After a few moments of this we cut to a shot inside the arena………Lee Best’s body being loaded into the back of a car and speeding off.

As the car speeds away we see that the license plate reads BEST14.

The camera pans over to the right where see Scott Stevens on a cell phone for some reason. He is trying to answer the phone but the annoying ring tone continues to ring as the man cannot figure out how to answer.


Stevens and his cell phone go flying as Shane Reynolds whips Kael into the man. Kael slowly gets to his feet and sees Stevens on the ground and the phone next to him….still ringing.

Kael reaches down, grabs the cell phone and proceeds to smash it on Stevens forehead…knocking the man out and ending the ringing.

Shane gives Kael a smirk before charging the man again as we cut away to where Jatt Starr and David Black are brawling.

They have made their way to the upper deck of the arena. Both men are still exchanging right hands and we now see that Jatt Starr is wearing the tourniquet that Black was using around his knuckles on his right hand and blood is now flowing from the leg of Black. The former World Champion is limping pretty good as the man battle thru, on, and around the seats.

That all stops suddenly as Black ducks a right hand from Starr and nails him with a desperation Black Out.

David makes the pinfall but Nigel Lette is nowhere to be found and the nearest refs are both inside the cell where Sektor and Townsend are now brawling inside Ring 2.

Frustrated, Black slowly picks himself up and looks around. There is no sight of Nigel Lette anywhere. Black then smiles as he realizes what he must do.

He brings Jatt to his feet and walks him to the edge of the upper deck. He then looks behind him and closes his eyes and says a silent prayer and lifts Jatt in the air……..

……and proceeds to suplex him over the guard rail and down to the lower level seating below….just narrowly avoiding falling himself.

The hard camera that was following these two men races to the edge of the upper deck and points down so that the viewer can see that Jatt has literally landed on and gone thru some concession tables that were set up last week to sell some merchandise during the initial airing of the PPV.

As the camera zooms in we see that Starr is out cold and a small puddle of blood has formed underneath him. Black immediately makes his way towards the ramp that will take him down to the lower level.

As he is doing that we cut back to Max and Shane and we see that both men have brawled their way back inside the arena and are making their way towards the ring.

The feed then cuts to another panned out shot of the arena and we can see that all six men are now gravitating towards each other and as Max whips Shane into the side of the cell and Black enters the lower level where Jatt is lying prone we see the next entrant make his way out onto the entrance ramp…..


Jace immediately knows where he is going as he jumps off the entrance ramp and speeds thru the empty seating towards his teammate and captain Jatt Starr. Black sees Jace coming towards him and literally screams at Nigel Lette who can be seen following the Max and Shane action.

Lette hears Black and begins making his way towards the men but the man is still operating at half speed. Black looks back at Jace who is about halfway to him and realizes that he must make another desperation call.

Looking down at his leg he knows that running or dragging a lifeless Jatt Starr is out of the question. Instead Black drags him to the top of the stairs and proceeds to kick the ever loving shit out of Jatt, sending the Hall of Famer crashing down the steps and into the guard rail that separates the lower level from the ringside area.

Black begins slowly making his way down the steps and as he does Jace is in full out attack mode and closing the distance between the men quickly.

David literally reaches Jatt Starr just as Jace enters the same section of seating where they are at. Black tosses Jatt over the guard rail and goes to jump over the railing himself but he is grabbed from behind by Jace.

Jace unloads with a right hand to Black and sends him over the guard rail anyway….just not in the way he was planning. As Jace jumps over the guard rail as well and sets his sights on Black he is met with a perfect drop kick from Silent Witness……the man who literally has done nothing since shooting Lee.

Witness is a man possessed as he begins swinging wildly at Jace and the two men continue to brawl towards the announce table where Lee was just sitting earlier calling this very match.

The feed cuts to an overhead shot to show Rhys Townsend executing a superplex to John Sektor in Ring 2.

We see Max Kael and Shane Reynolds have made their way to the top of the cell where Shane is rubbing Max’s face into the steel mesh as retribution to the damage Kael did to Shane earlier.

We see Black lifting Starr up to execute his Black Out but Jatt nails him with a desperation kick to the gut and then with a desperation Falling Starr onto the cold arena floor.

Finally we see Silent Witness nailing Jace with a Breaking Immersion brainbuster thru the announce table.

As all this is going down we cut to a live profile shot of the final man to enter the match and the captain of his team Michael Lee Best standing at the top of the ramp.

Michael smiles…albeit a little nervously…..before heading down towards the action.

The camera follows Mike down the ramp way but he stops suddenly halfway down and turns and looks at the blood where Lee was shot earlier. There is a serious moment of reflection there as Mike is conflicted on his true feelings of what went down but he is jolted back into the moment as the sounds of bodies crashing into each other can be heard.

The feed cuts quickly over to see Max, Shane, Jatt and David Black lying on the arena floor. The viewers at home are treated to a replay on HOTv as we see Shane literally toss Max off the top of the cell and onto Black and Jatt below.

Shane followed up that insane toss by sacrificing his own body by executing his Diablo’s Inferno 450 splash finisher onto all three bodies below.

The feed continues to show the replay over and over from different angles from inside the arena and each time the move is even more jaw dropping than before.

We cut back live and we see Jace has just kicked out of a pinfall attempt by Witness and the LSD Legend, frustrated with not getting the pinfall, turns his attention to the carnage that just happened on the other side of the cell.

Inside the cell back in Ring 2, we see Townsend is continuing to pummel Sektor with power moves and currently has Sektor locked in a single leg boston crab.

We then cut back to Michael who is walking towards the carnage from the ICON Champions leap. He literally stops and stands over the four men and drags both Max and Black out of the pile and then proceeds to cover both Jatt and Shane at the same time.

Nigel Lette, who just counted the pinfall for Witness at the announce table wreckage, begins limping his way over towards Michael.

Micheal gets to a count of 13 on both men before Nigel finally gets into position and makes the counts….




Pissed off at Nigel, Mike jumps to his feet and proceeds to choke out Nigel Lette with his Five-Timeout triangle choke finisher.

Within seconds Nigel is completely out and inside the cell Hortega looks to Boettcher for guidance and Boettcher motions to him that he will cover the in ring action and Hortega can cover the outside pinfalls.

Hortega, no stranger to LSD Matches, nods in agreement and exits the cell and rushes over towards the carnage and motions to Michael that he is here to count.

Michael seems happy with that and turns to cover both Jatt and Shane but as he turns he is met with a wicked right hand from Reynolds who obviously did not take the brunt of the fall.

Best is surprised by the blow and Reynolds is able to gain the advantage as he unloads on Mike again and again until Mike is able to finally dodge a right hand answer with his own. Now its Michael who has the upper hand and he drives Shane back towards where they started……which is not a good thing as he does not notice that Jatt Starr has used the guard rail and is back to his feet and has Michael comes into range he strikes……


Jatt stands back up and goes to cover but is nailed with ANOTHER Black Out from David Black.

Black falls on Jatt and covers just as Shane covers Mike.





Michael Best is able to kickout just barely but Jatt Starr is unable to. The Captain and HOW Hall of Famer just took too much damage and is eliminated from War Games.

Shane looks over at the sight of Jatt being eliminated and jumps into action and literally just curbstomps Blacks head into the ground and covers.

Nigel makes the count as Michael and Max begin to stir…




David Black is eliminated.

Shane is seen smiling as he stands up and is now standing literally between Max Kael and Michael Best who are struggling up to their feet. The ICON Champion seems to resist the urge to attack both men as he stares thru the cell and sees Witness has just set up Jace for another Breaking Immersion brainbuster and this time nails it on the cold concrete of the arena floor.

Witness covers Jace and Hortega and Shane race over to the pinfall for obviously two different reasons.

Hortega begins the count but only gets to one before Shane curbstomps Witness into the ground as well breaking up the count.

Reynolds covers the LSD Legend just as Mike and Max have gotten to their feet.




Silent Witness has been eliminated. Shane stands up just in time to turn around and be greeted with a right hand from Michael and a left hand from Max literally at the same time….both fists making whats left of his nose nothing but broken pieces.

Shane is once again blinded by his own tears as the double blow to his nose literally shattered his nose. But his nose is the least of his worries as Mike and Max begin to execute a litany of double power moves on Shane on the outside of the cell.

The camera quickly catches Jace crawling away from the action….literally trying to hide to gather himself.

Back in ring no. 2 we see both Townsend and Sektor are back to their feet and are going toe to toe…both men literally not giving an inch to each other and both taking turns with the advantage.

Townsend whips Sektor into the ropes and Sektor bounces off and clotheslines the bigger man but this time Townsend does not go down and smiles at Sektor trying to overpower him. Sektor smirks and bounces back off the ropes where he is met with a drop toe hold from Townsend sending the World Champion down to the mat.

Townsend lets Sektor up and taps his forehead and begins talking trash about being the more powerful and better technical wrestler.

Sektor then attempts to beat Townsend at his own game and offers up his hands for a test of strength. Townsend begins laughing but steps forward to accept the challenge but he is quickly grabbed by Sektor who executes a perfect belly to belly slam.

Now it is Sektor who lets Townsend up to his feet and is talking trash.

Townsend gives Sektor a small golf clap and the men lock up once again as we cut back to the outside where we see Shane Reynolds is literally running up the stairs towards the exit with Mike and Max quickly in pursuit.

As the hard cameraman hustles in after the men we cut back to the ringside area where we see Jace has finally gotten back to his feet and is entering the cell and is already climbed into Ring 1 where in Ring 2 we see Townsend whip Sektor into the turnbuckle and follow up with a powerful clothesline.

Townsend then picks up Sektor and places him on the top turnbuckle and wastes not time at all by locking in his #Predictable musclebuster finishing hold.

As Rhys walks Sektor towards the center of the ring he sees Jace in Ring 1 and he nails his finishing move on Sektor just as Jace enters Ring 2 as well.

Knowing he cannot make the cover Townsend stands up to go after Jace but as he stands up he is met with a right hand that is loaded with brass knuckles.

Townsend falls flat to the canvas and is out cold as Jace makes the cover….




Rhys kicks out just in the nick of time. Nodding as if he expected that Jace delivers another right hand to the temple of Townsend and then proceeds to lock in his Ascended Slumber anaconda vice submission finisher.

Boettcher gets into perfect position as he asks Townsend if he quits….but he is out cold from the two shots with the knuckles.

After what seems like an eternity Boettcher has no choice but to raise the right arm of Townsend to see if he will respond.


The arm falls.


The arm falls again.


The arm falls for the final time and Boettcher signals that Rhys Townsend has been eliminated.

Jace lets go of the hold and pushes Townsend away from him as he goes to help the World Champion to his feet as the feed cuts to wherever the hell Max, Michael and Shane are at.

The hard camera finally catches up the Best Brothers and the ICON Champion. They are literally in the lobby of the arena and thru the glass doors we can see hundreds of fans who were still protesting the show, now are pressed up against the glass screaming for the action to come outside.

Both Michael and Max ignore the fans and focus on Shane who can be seen crawling on the lobby floor away from the stalking men.


The sound of glass breaking can be heard as the fans literally have thrown a brick thru the window and after a few moments they begin piling into the lobby of the arena as Mike and Max look on in shock.

The fans literally over run the lobby and Mike and Max head for cover as Shane covers himself up while in the fetal position as the crowd charges towards the rings.

As the fans enter the arena by the hundreds, a small group of fans who obviously came to protest together, stop and turn their attention to the wrestlers.

The cameraman is surrounded by fans wanting to be on the broadcast and the feed is shaky but we are able to make out a small mob of fans attacking Mike and Max.

Max literally loses his mind and begins lashing out at the fans…….fists….feet…..and even at one point headbutting about ten fans in a row.

Michael does all he can but the mob around him is much greater. The Son of GOD has no chance as the fans bring him down to the ground and begin kicking and punching him and during the whole time they are cheesing it up for the camera.

Max however is able to fight off the fans and they quickly disperse and Max turns to make sure his back his covered and that is when Shane strikes…

…Max falls to the lobby floor dazed as he barely is able to register that Shane Reynolds just hit Max with a broken piece of the infamous Scottywood statue which is now being carried around by hundreds of fans in pieces.

As Max lays flat on his back on the lobby floor he turns his head to the left just as he feels Shane Reynolds cover him as Hortega counts….


Max smiles at the broken piece of the statue


In Max’s mind the piece, which happens to be the head of the statue, smiles and winks at Max….


Max Kael has been eliminated.

As Shane stands up having pinned Max Kael he has no time to enjoy the moment as he is literally snatched up by several fans. No matter what he attempts the numbers are too great. The fans are literally dragging him back inside the arena and towards the ring.

Shane lifts his head as he is being dragged and he sees that the fans that stormed the arena have literally surrounded the cell and at least a hundred of the fans are standing or sitting on the TOP of the cell with several other fans hanging off the sides.

The fans drag Shane down the stairs and walk him directly to the door of the cell as there is no evidence there was ever a guardrail.

The fans toss the ICON Champion into the cell and its at this time that we see that Mike Best is in Ring 1 and Sektor and the LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson are in Ring 2. Even Hortega and the cameraman were thrown into the cell.

Shane scrambles over to Ring 2 and joins his teammates. They look across at Michael in Ring 1 and all four men take in the fact that the fans have literally taken over the arena.

Shane, Jace and Sektor…..the Champions of HOW……look at their matching #970000 colored watches and a look of dread comes over them as they realize the time is near.

The fans are screaming for the four men to fight….but no one is moving.

The hard camera pans up and we see that the top of the cell is bending with the weight of all the fans.

Finally Michael looks across at the three men in the other ring and scream at them….”LETS FINISH IT”

But before they can act on that demand the arena’s lights go out. It is obvious that the fans have gotten to the arena’s electrical boxes…….or maybe not.

A spotlight comes to life at the top of the ramp and slowly what appears to be several fans carrying a cross appear from the back.

Michael immediately knows what is coming next.

Fans on the entrance ramp make way for the cross carrying fans as they make their way down to the cell. As this is happening the live feed cuts to an overhead shot of the arena and this is when we see that there is already a body on the cross…….

Lee Motherfucking Best.

The fans carry the cross literally to the end of the entrance ramp and together they stand the cross up……but as they do we realize that the cross is upside down and Lee is not moving. The fans are obviously making a statement and playing on what happened to Michael at RATR when he was stabbed by John Sektor in the ribs and then carried out by Shane Reynolds……who are all literally standing across from Mike in the other ring.

Mike looks back at his opponents and then back at the sight of his father hanging upside down on the cross literally just as he was not too long ago.

The arena lights come back on fully and we see for the first time that the fans are now dumping gasoline on Lee and the cross.

Immediately the Champions of HOW exit the ring and attempt to get to Lee but the fans and their numbers are just too overpowering as the literally have the men blocked inside the cell.

Back in Ring 1 Michael is just gazing at the sight of his father and is not even moving. As he stands there he does not even hear the sound of the top of the cell break and give way. Nor does he hear the screams of the fans as they plummet from the top inside the ring next to him, behind him, into Ring 2 and all around the rings.

Several fans fall on top of the Champions of HOW and all three men are pinned underneath fans as Michael just somehow ignores the madness going on around him as he watches one fan literally begin to piss on the body of Lee Best while another one finishes dumping the gasoline on Lee.

One fan then takes his shirt off, wraps it around the other half of the broken bat from earlier, and proceeds to light it on fire.

He turns and looks at Michael and kneels down and holds the self made torch close to the head of God of HOW.

Mike finally snaps out of it and slides out of the ring and steps over several broken bodies of fans who fell from the top of the cell and attempts to exit. The fans do not fight him at the door. Instead the part like the red sea and allow the Son to exit the cell.

As he does Michael walks to the cross and at the fan holding the torch. The fan hands him the torch and begins reciting all the horrible shit Lee has done to Mike over the years.

Without even blinking…….Michael brings the flame dangerously close to the head of his father.

But suddenly he is tackled from behind as the Champions of HOW make the save.

Jace tackles Michael to the ground while Sektor grabs the torch and literally puts the flame to the fan who made it. The fan immediately is engulfed in flames and begins running around wildly…..and in the process catching several other fans on fire.

Shane continues to fight off the remaining fans as ALL of them start to run as it appears to be hundreds of fans are suddenly ablaze.

One fan pulls a gun out and threatens Shane but he is quickly dealt with as Sektor literally stabs the fan in the neck with the splintered end of the bat.

Shane rushes to Lee’s side and unties the man from the cross. Shirtless and with the blood dried from the shootings earlier we see the damage that was done….and its bad……

But hes alive.

Shane yells at Sektor that Lee is alive and Sektor runs over and checks Lee’s pulse and although its faint…its there.

As complete madness continues to reign supreme around the men we see Michael being held up by Jace. Sektor and Shane stand up and approach the Son of God and Sektor and Michael begin screaming at each other.

Shane walks back over to Lee’s body and pulls out Lee’s Bottom Line Pen. He walks up to Michael and has all intentions of stabbing the man who has fucked with his family for the good part of the last several months.

But Sektor stops him and pleads with Shane to give him the pen. Shane refuses and the two men continue to argue until finally Sektor promises to give Shane a title match and that he can do whatever he wants with Michael after the match.

Shane finally relents and hands the pen to Sektor.

Sektor holds the infamous Bottom Line pen in front of Michael and smiles……

……and promptly turns and stabs Shane Reynolds in the eye.

Jace in shock charges Sektor who is ready for it and nails Jace in the gut and proceeds to nail him with his C-Sektion finisher.

Sektor stands up and as we hear Reynolds screaming in the background with the Bottom Line pen sticking out of his eye, he motions for Mike to pin Jace.

Michael slowly gets down on his knees….flinches and covers as Hortega makes the count.




Jace Parker Davidson has been eliminated.

Mike instantly jumps back to his feet on the defensive but Sektor does not move. He stands silently as Michael slowly walks over to Reynolds and covers the man who has passed out from the pain.




Shane Reynolds has been eliminated.

Michael stands quickly to his feet once again and stares at Sektor who simply asks Michael one question.

“Lee or the title?”

Michael looks at his father and then at Sektor and answers by swinging with his right hand. The two men begin exchanging right hands as chaos continues to run rampant around them.

They literally continue to throw punches and only punches until both are on their knees swinging. They are so passionately into fighting for the belt they do not see the building starting to crumble around them as huge chunks of concrete begin to fall from the ceiling and the walls begin to fall.

Both men are bleeding and throwing haymakers as their faces feel the full brunt of all the hard work for this very moment.

With one final punch it happens…and one is knocked out…and the other covers.





Michael crawls off of Sektor as Matt Boettcher races over to Michael and literally just drops the belt on him and then immediately heads for the exit.

Somewhere in a production truck a monkey hits a button and the cell rises as we see Michael stand up on his feet and immediately heads towards his father…but pauses and grabs an item first from the guard rail.

He puts it on and then proceeds to drag the man with one arm into Ring number 1 and we get a final image as we head to black.


Roleplay Countdown


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