June 14th, 2016: War Games 2016- End of an Era

And now the final appetizer before tonight’s main course. The final pay per view in 2008-2016 era- War Games 2016

By June 2016, it became apparent that time was running out on HOW. Both Jason P. and Tara Davidson had defected to 4CW. The roster size dwindled down to a hardcore few. But in true fashion, HOW would go out in their own terms- in a blaze of glory at War Games.

Going into War Games 2016, ‘Mr. Executive’ Brian Hollywood held the HOW World title for nearly three months after defeating Darin Zion and then Champion Reggie Rivid at March 2 Glory in a Three Falls, Three Stages of Hell Match with Jason P. Davidson as the guest referee.

Ray McAvay came into War Games in the middle of an 81 day title reign as the ICON champion after defeating Darin Zion in his first title defense in March and successfully defending the title against John Sektor and Shane Reynolds.

Meanwhile, the LSD Title belonged to Electra after she defeated Brian Hollywood in April and successfully defended the title against Hollywood and then Scottywood in the weeks leading up to War Games.

HOTv presents War Games 2016 and we will see you all tonight for War Games 2019 from Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida.

-Scott Stevens (captain)
-ICON Champion Ray McAvay
-Darin Zion
-Ryan McKenna

-John Sektor (captain)
-HOW World Champion Brian Hollywood
-Lee Best
-David Black
-LSD Champion Electra

-Rhys Townsend (captain)
-Silent Witness

– Jace Parker Davidson (captain)
-Tara Davidson
-Jason Cashe
-Caleb Houston
-Jair Hopkins


War Games 2016
Roman Coliseum
Rome, Italy
June 14th, 2016

The HOTv logo gives way and we cut to an overhead shot of the Roman Coliseum where tonight we literally have only one match that will dictate the future of High Octane Wrestling….

War Games.

As the hard camera inside a helicopter above the Coliseum continues to provide a live overhead shot, we see that the place is packed with wrestling fans of all creeds and colors…and almost all of them are dressed in traditional Roman garb…..it is the world’s biggest Toga Party…..literally.

We then cut away from the live overhead shot and fade directly to a shot showcasing 4CW Owner Perry Wallace sitting in one of the Emperor seats high above the Coliseum grounds. Perry is looking very confident and relaxed.

Next we cut to the actual dirt floor of the Coliseum where we see the EPU has surrounded the Coliseum and are dressed in old Roman guard gear……equipped with legit…and lethal spears.

A pair of them stand on opposite sides of the huge doors that will soon see wrestlers emerge and enter what we see next.

The War Games cell.

We see two HOW rings sitting next two each other, enclosed inside a huge steel cell. There is a huge lighting structure overhead that is secured by several cables that are grounded throughout various parts of the Coliseum. It is a technical marvel to see a modern day War Games taking place inside this ancient battleground.

We then cut to the Emperors box on the opposite side where Perry Wallace is sitting and we get our first glimpse of our Hall of Fame announcing duo of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell.

Joe is dressed to the nines in a three piece suit….and Benny….well Benny looks like a broke ass John Belushi in Animal House…equipped with a bottle of Jack to boot.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome to War Games!! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined tonight by Big Buff Benny Newell….and we have to first apologize for the delay in the show. We were supposed to be coming to you live on Sunday but circumstances dictated that we wait for tonight…..and let’s be honest….the wait just made the anticipation even greater.

Benny Newell: Fuck that. All I did was worry about Lee. Fuck the rest of these guys and wanting to tweet about the shit…..priorities bitches.

Joe Hoffman: Well let’s talk about that. The rumors are true. There is a true health scare going on with Lee and his immediate family we know. As most know this started last year and has continued this year, often resulting in a roller coaster ride of emotions for the fans and workers here in HOW.

Benny Newell: Lee. All that Matters. The Creator. Our roller coaster has at least been open long enough to get thru it. Most companies would have been closed 20 times since last year.

Joe Hoffman: I agree. Tonight the people that have kept the company going will be on full display and it starts none other than with the man now repping 4CW….Jace Parker Davidson….as he will start the match tonight against The Creator himself….Lee Best.

Benny Newell: The only question tonight is will Jace’s team carry him to the theft of the World Title or will the HOW teams do enough to keep the 4CW squad from securing gold…thats the only thing that fucking matters tonight.

Joe Hoffman: For once I have to agree……and we are about to find out exactly what is going to go down as we are mere moments from the start of the match.

On cue we cut to a graphic highlighting the squads for tonights match:

Hall of Fame Team:
Rhys Townsend- Cpt
Silent Witness

Team Best:
John Sektor-Cpt

Lee Best

Brian Hollywood

David Black


Team Lonesome Loser
Scott Stevens-Cpt

Ray McAvay

Darin Zion

Ryan McKenna

Team 4CW:
Jace Parker Davidson-Cpt

Tara Davidson

Jason Cashe

Caleb Houston

Jair Hopkins

As the graphic cuts away we then see the EPU agents by the door get into position and begin to open the door as “Hail to the King” begins to play over the speakers inside the Coliseum and we see Jace Parker Davidson make his way towards Ring #1 (the ring on the left for the home viewer).

Jace smiles at Nigel Lette as the referee opens the door to the cell where inside senior referee Matt Boettcher is waiting to ref the falls in the Ring 1 area, while Joel Hortega is standing inside Ring 2 for those pinfalls.

Jace pats Nigel on the head and slides into the ring as the crowd is on their feet as Joe begins to go over the rules for the viewers at home.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks here is the deal. This is a team event. The sole survivor on the winning team will win the World Championship. The match will begin with two people with another person entering the fray every two minutes. You can only be eliminated by pinfall or submission. If more than one person survives on a team then it will be up to the Captain of that team, even if the Captain was eliminated, to declare the winner of the match……got it?

Benny Newell: Huh? Nigga shut the fuck up…..its TIME!!!!

And on cue…..the Creator’s music hits and all turn their attention to the doors as this time “Undead” by the Hollywood Undead begins to play as EVERYONE prepares for Lee’s entrance.

A hard camera gets into position in front of the doors and we cut to that feed as we see Lee standing with his head down in the middle of the doors. As they fully open he lifts his head up and we see that he is smiling.

Lee is absent his famous #97red jacket and instead is wearing black pants and no shirt at all. The camera focuses in on the numerous scars and burns on the God of HOW’s body and it is obvious Lee is proud to show everyone exactly what he has gone thru in the past.

Joe Hoffman: Lee is looking focused as all heck…even if he did no promos or appearances leading up to this match. One has to think that he stands no chance against Jace here….I mean that would be very…

Benny Newell: Boardwalkish? You mean if a guy that did no promos or appearances before a big show actually defeated a guy that has done all the legwork and preparation before a match….you mean like what happened to Jace before? You mean that?

Joe Hoffman: Um……ya…I got nothing.

We cut back to Lee who is now standing outside the War Games cell staring inside at Jace who just this time last year was Lee’s right hand man and one of the men responsible for the survival of Lee’s creation.

Smirking, Lee reaches his right hand out and a crewman hustles over and hands Lee a microphone, and he promptly brings it to his lips as his music fades out.

Lee Best: First off I want to say thank you to all the fans in attendance and those watching on the High Octane Television network……trust me….delaying this fucking thing for two days was not something I wanted to do. Health is not something that is on my side at the moment and the summer heat is not something that takes kindly to the family. So with that said….thank you. Now…….before I jump into that cell and promptly piss the world off by eliminating a bunch of people……here is a little twist for tonight….

With that Lee turns and the doors reopen behind him and this time there is not a person…..but people that in the middle of the doorway…..and they are not standing.

The roaming cameraman hustles into position and we see that there is in fact one person standing…and they are standing in front of a pile of people.

We then see who it is and what exactly we are looking at.

The crowd erupts as we see Hall of Famer Scottywood standing over the prone bodies of literally everyone on his team…..including the Captain Rhys Townsend. Scottywood is covered in blood and the camera captures blood dripping off the end of the barbed wire hockey stick that the Hardcore Legend is holding.

Lee Best: You see I made Scottywood an offer he could not refuse and in exchange for literally eliminating his whole team, I have now made this match for the World and LSD Championships…..

Smiling, Lee motions for Scottywood to enter the cell.

Lee Best: Introducing the 3rd entry into War Games….and future LSD Champion….SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Lee drops the mic to his side as he watches Scottywood walk towards the door for Ring 1 and as he enters it Nigel Lette slams it behind him and promptly locks it.

Scotty looks back at him and smirks and then he stares up at Jace who returns the Hall of Fame smirk with one of his own and motions for Scotty to enter the ring with his huge gorilla hands.

Satisfied that the match is ready to begin……Matt Boettcher signals for the bell…..and we are off and running.

Joe Hoffman: LET’S DO THIS!!!!

Scotty slides into the ring and Jace promptly meets him with a boot to the head and as he goes to deliver another one to the side of the head of the Hall of Famer, Scotty is able to swing his barbedwire hockeystick into the left calf of JPD and the barbed wire sticks deep into his leg and the first blood of the match is drawn as Jace falls to one knee, screaming out in pain.

Scotty climbs to his feet nails Jace in the left shoulder with the hockey stick…..and then again….and again……causing Jace to crumble to the canvas, where Scotty promptly proceeds to destroy the back of the 4CW superstar with the hockey stick…….a second blow finally breaks the hockey stick and as Scotty tosses it against the side of the cell outside of Ring 1, we see Jace crawling to the far corner with blood trickling down most of his left side and back.

Joe Hoffman: Wow. Scotty is not messing around tonight. He literally just broke his favorite weapon in half after destorying Jace with it.

Benny Newell: You surprised? C’mon Joe. This is fucking War Games. Who the fuck knows what is going to happen.

The feed cuts to the opposite Emperors box where we see Perry Wallace standing on his feet looking down into Ring 1 concerned over the well-being of his Captain.

Joe Hoffman: Perry has reason to be concerned here. You just KNOW Lee has something up his sleeve to fuck over Perry and specifically Jace.

Benny Newell: You say fucked…I say justice….there is a TON of justice that Lee needs to serve tonight.

Back in Ring 1, Scotty has propped Jace up in the corner and is laying into the man with right hands…focusing in on the left eye of Jace…..and after a final right hand we see that blood is now trickling down the eye of Jace and it appears to be closing up quickly….partly due to the hockeystick and partly to the fist of the Hall of Famer.

Smiling, Scottywood looks down at his right hand covered in blood, as the crowd begins counting down with the huge High Octane Vision screen that has been set up above the entrance doors.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go….entrant number four.

As the doors open up, Lee pulls his mic back out, and begins the introduction of the next wrestler.

Lee Best: Entrant number four here in the War Games match is none other than newest member of the Hall of Fame….David Black!!!!!

The crowd buzzes as we cut to a shot of Perry Wallace flipping off Lee as its obvious that the entry order has been rigged like a FIFA World Cup draw.

As the doors fully open there is no time wasted as David Black runs straight for the cell and jumps into Ring 1 and immediately begins unloading on Jace as Scotty takes a step back with his hands in the air and lets Black go to town.

Lee Best: For the record…this should prove that I am not secretly David Black…..he is in the ring…and I am right here….I’m just saying…ahem.

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea what Lee meant there but what I do know is that Jace is in bad shape….but we all know that this early in the match that whoever is getting the beating more than likely will be winning later. Wrestling 101.

Benny Newell: Yep..the fact that you said that out loud just jinxed Jace….OR…..you reversed jinxed it by saying it out loud….either way…Jace is getting lit up by Scottywood and Black.

The feed cuts to a smiling Lee as Black climbs to the second turnbuckle and begins raining right hands down on the already half closed left eye of Jace.

Jace finally falls to his ass in the corner as Black stands over him screaming at the man to “TWEET THAT”

Joe Hoffman: I have to admit I love this darker and more rabid David Black…..

But Joe is cut off as inside the ring Scotty has turned Black around and grabs him by the throat and procceds to nail him with a chokeslam, sending the Team Best member directly onto Jace.

Black rolls off Jace and as he is struggling for air from the ScottySlam, we see Scottywood sizing him up…waiting for him to get to his feet……..


The crowd jumps to their feet as Jace catches Scotty off guard with the desperation clotheline, sending the Hall of Famer down to the canvas. Jace does not even try to get to his feet as he gets up to one knee before he begins raining down with his own right hands now.

The cameras capture blood flying from the left eye of Jace with each blow be brings down onto Scotty. Jace pulls Scotty’s head up off the canvas and delivers one final blow with his right hand before he too collapses to the canvas from the energy he just spent.

Joe Hoffman: What a start to the match here Benny. Jace is bleeding….Scottywood is probably knocked out and Black is struggling to breathe from that awkward chokeslam he took from Scotty in the corner which saw him land oddly on the body of Jace……just madness….and now its time for another entrant!!

The crowd begins counting as the cameras focus in on Lee who is smiling as the doors open up.

Lee Best: Entry number five for the 2016 War Games match is none other than the baddest bitch in the land…and the LSD Champion…..ELECTRA!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Another Team Best member??? This legit?

Benny Newell: What….do you think the Boardwalk staff is in the back rigging the entry list?

Joe Hoffman: I got nothing. Seriously. Nothing.

Once again we cut to Perry Wallace who turns to head downstairs to go after Lee but he is stopped by several EPU guards who have blocked the exit for the Emperors box.

Lee Best: Hey Perry..its all good man…..you KNOW Jace will make a huge comeback and win the title…right….thats what everyone is thinking…right? Stupid fucks.

Lee just shakes his head as we see Electra walk by him….but as she does Lee grabs her by the arm and stops her and whispers something in her ear which causes the LSD Champion to smile from ear to ear.

Lee smacks her on the ass as she heads to the ring, leaving the LSD Championship with Lee, who puts the belt on around his waist and memories of when it was called the Lee Superstar Division Championship floods his memory.

Lee Best: Hmmmm….LSD Champion….that sounds Boardwalkish….but fuck it sounds good…hmmm.

Lee puts the mic down quickly as he realizes he just said all that shit out loud.

The action quickly cuts back into Ring 1 where we see Electra has entered the cell and immediately slides into the ring and promptly helps David Black to his feet.

With him up, the two Team Best members turn their attention to the center of the ring where we see that Jace has is now using the ropes to climb to his feet, and Scottywood is still lying prone in the center of the ring…..more than likely concussed.

Black motions to Electra that he is ok and the two head straight towards Jace, who motions for them to bring it the fuck on.

Electra swings but her punch is blocked but Jace is unable to block the left hand of Black as it lands perfectly on Jace’s right temple.

Joe Hoffman: Lucky for Jace that left hand did not hit his right eye square. If that one closes up then Jace will effectively be blind the rest of the match and I do not care how good he is…you cannot win this match blind.

Benny Newell: I would rather read a Bobbinette Carey promo in hot pink than go blind in a War Games match to be honest.

Again Joe has nothing, as back in Ring 1 we see Black and Electra toss Jace over the ropes and into Ring 2. They stalk him into the ring and promptly nail him with a double vertical suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Things are not looking good here folks. Jace NEEDS a 4CW teammate to be the next entrant here..

As Black and Electra continue to execute flawless double team moves on the 4CW Captain, the crowd begins counting down as its time for the next entrant.

Lee Best: The sixth entrant of the War Games match……and the WORLD CHAMPION……BRIAN FUCKING HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!

The doors open up and the World Champion makes his way towards Lee. He takes the title and gives it a kiss before handing it to Lee. The Creator smiles as he puts it over his right shoulder and motions for Hollywood to get into the match.

Joe Hoffman: Jace …..poor…poor Jace.

Benny Newell: Crazy how random the entries have been so far…just amazingly lucky for Team Best so far…

Joe can only shake his head as we see the World Champion enter the door inside Ring 1 and Lette locks the door behind him.

But before Hollywood can enter Ring 2 and help continue the destruction of Jace, he is blindsided by Scottywood with a flying forearm.

Scottywood, obviously still woozy from the right hands from Jace earlier, staggers back up to his feet as if he is drunk, sizes up the World Champion, and nails him with a hard kick to the side of the head, sending him to the outside.

Scotty climbs thru the ropes and jumps off the apron to the outside where he grabs Hollywood by the back of the head and tosses him headfirst into the cage.

Joe Hoffman: Irish Whip into the side of the hell is the winner at +430 for those with prop bets for tonight.

Benny Newell: Fuck. I had Tara sucking Lee’s dick thru the cell at -150.

Joe Hoffman: -150??? Was that the favorite? Never mind…

Benny Newell: Actually Zion sucking Lee’s dick was the favorite….-450.

Joe Hoffman: I apologize for asking folks.

Back to the action and we cut to Ring #2 where we see Electra irish whipping Jace directly into a running clothesline from David Black. Jace hits the mat hard and does not even try to get to his feet. Black immediately mounts the man and lifts his head up with his right hand and with his left he begins targeting the left eye of Jace as Lee screams from the outside directions for the two.

Benny Newell: Lee is the greatest coach this side of the Mississippi.

Joe Hoffman: He is also the second entrant and has not even entered the cell yet!!

Benny Newell: In due time sir…in due time. He does look nice with both belts you know…you dont think he will…..NAH…never mind…..there is no way Lee would do THAT…..right??

Before Joe can answer we cut back into Ring #2 where blood is now trickling down from the right eye of Jace and is matching the dried blood of his left eye. Both eyes are now closing up and are dangerously close to being completely closed…and there is nothing Joel Hortega can do to stop the onslaught as there are no rules here tonight.

Electra suddenly pushes Black off of Jace and now she mounts Jace and begins choking the man.

Benny Newell: Would it be wrong if I just popped an erection seeing her mount Jace and start choking him?

Joe looks at Benny who is rubbing his own neck with one hand and his dick with his other.

Joe slides the bottle of Jack over to Benny who thankfully uses one hand to take a drink…sadly it’s the one that was rubbing his neck and not his dick.

We cut away from Benny drinking and rubbing himself back to Ring #1 as Scottywood has just slingshotted Hollywood into the side of the cell as the crowd begins counting down to the next entrant.

Lee Best: The next entrant into War Games is none other than JOHN SEKTOR!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: I give up….seriously…I give up…there is no way this is fair!!!!

The doors open up and out comes the Hall of Famer and Captain of Team Best. We obviously cut back to Perry who now is standing on the edge of the Emporers box and is now literally pissing…sending urine down on top of the EPU guards below him on the Coliseum floor.

Joe Hoffman: Well its apparent Perry is not happy with how this is going.

Benny Newell: Huh what….ya squeeze bitch

Benny has no clue what is going on as he is focused on the action in Ring 2 where Electra has Jace’s head between her thighs in a grapevine as Black is dropping more left hands on the man’s prone head.

It is about to get worse for Jace…..as Sektor has entered the cell and walks directly past Scotty and Hollywood and is marching towards Ring 2 and has his sights on Jace and Jace only.

Joe Hoffman: Well I have no idea what the rest of the 4CW team are going to be able to do to save their Captain but this is just silly.

Benny does not even answer as the action in Ring 2 has literally everyone’s attention as Electra and Black are holding Jace up for Sektor….the two obviously not wanting to piss off the captain who could potentially choose them to win the World Title later if they all survive.

Sektor grabs Jace’s chin and makes the man look up at him and the sight of Jace’s face makes even Sektor cringe. Both eyes are literally almost closed shut and there is dried blood on his face…almost like he was in a bad episode of True Blood and he was crying vampire tears.

You know you got that reference you fucksticks.

Sektor lets go of Jace’s chin and immediately slaps the man…..then again……..and then again.

This time Jace’s head snaps to attention…..almost like Sektor woke him up.

Sektor smiles at Jace, knowing he has his attention.

Joe Hoffman: How much longer do we have to watch this? Why don’t they just pin him??

The answer comes next as Jace amazingly breaks the hold of Electra and Black who admittedly were not holding him that tight and are taken off guard as Jace nails them both with elbows that send them flying backwards…and then promptly kicks Sektor in the nuts and follows that up with a impact DDT onto the canvas.

The crowd pops huge as Jace has gained a second wind and is going apeshit as he turns towards Black and Electra and nails them both with a double clothesline. He then bounces off the far ropes and runs towards and punts Black right in the side of the head…sending him concussed and rolling under the bottom rope to the outside.

Jace then turns towards Electra and stalks the woman with his blurred vision as she staggers towards the corner and motions for Jace to wait a moment.

Jace does not comply however and pulls her up by hair hair and nails her with a viscous headbutt that causes the LSD Champion’s nose to begin spurting blood as if it was a Pettis Period.

Joe Hoffman: YES!!!!

Benny Newell: So we are condoning of beating of women now huh Joe?? You sick fuck.

Joe ignores Benny as Jace tosses the LSD Champion over the ropes and to the outside of Ring #2. He then turns towards the center of the ring where Sektor is slowly getting up to his feet as the crowd begins counting down for the next entrant.

Lee Best: The next entrant……and the only champion that is NOT defending their title tonight….RAY MCAVAY!!!!!

The doors open and we see Ray and his full entourage ready to enter the fray….but suddenly the EPU spring into action and block off all the crazy characters that McAvay has had with him for the past several months……and only The ICON Champion is allowed to enter the Coliseum floor.

Ray walks quickly up to Lee and begins asking what is going on as the doors shut behind him.

Lee does not answer and instead motions for Ray to hand him the ICON Championship. Ray looks at the strap around his waist and slowly takes it off and places it on the left shoulder of the owner.

Lee smiles as he does that and then brings the mic up to his mouth as he now has all three belts on his person.

Lee Best: Good luck Ray……and ya…by the way…..whoever scores the first pinfall in tonight’s match wins the ICON Championship and I do not give two fucks if they finish second overall or not…..FIRST PINFALL OR SUBMISSION WINS THE ICON CHAMPIONSHIP MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my GOD!!! So whoever pins or submits Electra wins the LSD……and if they do it before anyone else is submitted they win the ICON as well!!!???

Benny Newell: ‘Merica Joe. Merica.

Ray starts to argue with Lee but quickly realizes that is a losing proposition and realizes he has to get into the action before someone is pinned and he loses his Championship.

As Lee watches McAvay rush into the action he looks down at himself and realizes that maybe he has been missing out all these years by not giving himself a shot at the big boy titles.

Lee Best: Hmmmm….

As EVERYONE rushes into Ring 2 to attempt to score a pinfall or submission to win the ICON Championship, we see the Creator quietly put the titles on the ground and slowly head towards the cell.

He motions for everyone to be quiet as Nigel Lette quietly opens the cell door and allows the GOD of all things High Octane to enter the match. Lee looks back at Nigel once he is in and motions for Nigel to lock it up.

Joe Hoffman: He is in the match folks…officially Lee Best is in the War Games match.

Benny Newell: You just KNOW he is about to piss a lot of people off…and who the fuck can blame him after all the verbal and twitter abuse he has taken this past year……fucking do it boss..just fucking do it.

Inside the cell and outside of Ring #1 we see Lee duck down and slowly start walking while ducking around the backside of the ring as back in Ring 2, everyone else but Electra are battling between the ropes.

Outside of Ring 2 Electra is trying to get her nose to stop bleeding and her eyes from watering. Its obvious the headbutt from Jace did some serious damage.

About 30 feet away Lee is stalking her as if he was the lion he rode in on earlier today.

Joe Hoffman: No way…there is no freaking way Lee is about to do this…..right??? Right???

Everyone but the wrestlers are watching Lee as the Creator has now fully creeped all the way up to Electra….a woman that is on HIS TEAM……and is only a few feet behind her when she senses something is up and turns to see Lee right behind her.

Lee puts his hands up and smiles as motions that he is coming to help her.

Relieved, Electra accepts Lee’s help as he motions for her to lay down so he can apply some pressure and help stop the nose bleed.

Electra lays down on her back as Lee pinches her nose for her and moves her hair out of her eyes with his other hand as literally only a few feet above them in Ring 2 the action is hot and heavy as Jace and Sektor are battling, and Black and Hollywood are tag teaming Scottywood.

But none of that matters as Lee cares for the LSD Champion. A few moments pass and Electra motions that she is ok and sits up. Lee lets go of her nose and wipes the blood on his pants. He says something to Electra and then stands up.

He reaches his hand out and Electra takes it and Lee pulls her up to her feet…..with enough force that she stumbles forward and shares a stare with Lee. She appears to be blushing as Lee moves his head in towards her.

Joe Hoffman: Really? Right now? They are going to do this?

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up Joe…I am trying to concentrate.

Back outside Ring 2, Electra closes her eyes and leans in to meet Lee who promptly closes his eyes as well before he brings his own forehead down on the LSD Champion’s nose, sending her reeling backwards with fresh blood spurting everywhere.

Lee looks under the ring apron and pulls out a steel chair and promptly slams it across the face of Electra who was trying to sit up.

The sound of the chair hitting skull stops everyone in the ring in their tracks as Lee drops to his knees and motions for Hortega to get his ass over to him to begin the count.

Lee hooks the leg and our first pinfall count begins.

Hortega drops into position….



But there is no Tres as an elbow nails Lee in the back of the head, knocking the GOD of HOW off of the LSD Champion and into the side of the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood with a diving elbow on Lee!!!!! Scottywood has screwed Lee out of winning the LSD and ICON Championships!!!

Suddenly EVERYONE rushes out of the ring and the action has spilled on the Coliseum floor as Sektor, Black and Hollywood cut off McAvay and Jace from getting to Lee.

But Scottywood is already there and grabs the GOD of HOW by the back of his bald head and picks him up and quickly drops him to the dirt and sand floor with his Game Misconduct finisher.

As Scottywood goes to cover he is pulled back towards the ring as David Black has grabbed a handful of Scotty’s hair and is literally dragging the Hall of Famer into the ring.

Suddenly someone rushes right by them……jumps to the top turnbuckle and flies out of the ring and towards Lee.

The crowd gasps as we see Lee’s head smashed into the sand and dirt…….which quickly begins to turn maroon as now Lee is bleeding.

The person covers Lee as Hortega rushes to count as Black tries to scramble to make the save by is cut off by Scottywood as Hortega counts.


Suddenly the doors to the Coliseum begin to move…


The doors fly open and the rest of Team 4CW come running thru the entrance and towards the cell, no longer caring to wait for the rigged entry list to get to their names…



The HOV comes to life as we see a replay of the move that just eliminated the Creator….

A running top rope curb stomp from none other than Jace Parker Davidson.

Joe Hoffman: A nearly blind JPD with a Bow to the King on the CREATOR OF HOW…….AND NOW OUR NEW ICON CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: What the Royal Fuck.

The camera focuses on McAvay who hears the announcement and is stunned and shocked at losing his title without being pinned or even covered one time.

Benny Newell: Well this obviously means Jace will not win the World Title….no fucking way 4CW will take two titles from HOW to their fed….no fucking way.

Back outside Ring 2 Jace is standing over Lee who is out cold from the move and unmoving. Jace almost looks down remorsefully at Lee but quickly moves past that as Sektor nails him with the steel chair to the back.





Sektor tosses the steel chair to the side as he is worn out from swinging it repeatedly on the back of the new ICON Champion.

The camera focuses in on the bent chair and then at Lee who is being carried out of the cell by Nigel Lette and Matt Boettcher…leaving only Joel Hortega as Jason Cashe, Tara Davidson, Caleb Houston and Hopkins all make a beeline for Sektor who just wore out their Captain.

Joe Hoffman: Team 4CW is not caring for the rigged entry list and is in the cell!!! LOOK…here comes Scott Stevens and his whole team as well……OH MY GOD!!!!

We cut to an overhead shot of the Coliseum as we see the cell fill up with bodies just as Lee is handed off to a medical team waiting for him outside the cell.

From the overhead shot we see the remaining 12 wrestlers fill up both rings as an all out brawl ensues.

Cashe, Houston and Hopkins hustle to Jace’s aid outside of Ring #1 and begin brawling with Sektor, David Black and Brian Hollywood as Electra is still down for the count bleeding outside of Ring #2.

Inside of Ring #2 the whole Scott Stevens team has gone after Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s obvious here that the Stevens team has come in here with a plan and have isolated Scottywood as one of their main targets.

Benny Newell: No shit Sherlock. It’s also pretty fucking clear that 4CW has a fucking death wish going directly after Team Best.

Joe Hoffman: Well I mean Sektor was just beating the royal heck out of Jace with a steel chair…

Benny Newell: That was like five hours ago…that doesn’t matter now!

Joe Hoffman: In REAL time Benny that was literally like a minute ago. Either way….the random one at a time entry order has been thrown completely out the window and look at the EPU. They have surrounded the medical staff who are working on Lee outside of the cell.

We cut to another overhead shot where we see that literally every EPU agent has formed a large double layered circle around Lee Best and the medical staff that is working on him. We can also see that Perry Wallace is in full IDGAF mode as he lobs obscenity after obscenity down at the knocked out owner of HOW.

Joe Hoffman: There is no word on the condition of Lee Best. Literally the only thing we do know that Lee will go down as the first person officially eliminated in the match tonight as Rhys Townsend, Silent Witness and Darkwing never made it to the ring.

Benny Newell: There is a hash tag Predictable joke in there somewhere….

Before Joe can reply to the latest four wall breaking comment from Benny, we cut inside Ring #1 where Stevens and McAvay are working over Scottywood as McKenna and Zion have left the ring to go after the LSD Champion Electra on the outside.

Using the cell she has made it to her feet but is promptly met with rights and lefts from the Team Stevens members.

Electra is covered in blood, looking like she just went down on Tara after she put her tampon in Stevens mouth as McKenna and Zion continue the onslaught. McKenna reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and hollers for Hortega to get his ass over here.

As the Hortega makes his way thru the rings to avoid the mass of humanity, Zion holds Electra in place as McKenna puts the brass knuckles on his left hand and promptly blasts the LSD Champion square in her already broken nose….this time mercifully knocking her out.

Hortega makes it to Zion and McKenna just in as Electra falls lifelessly to the ground and as McKenna goes to cover her…..


Joe Hoffman: Zion just smashed his own teammates face into the cell!!! ZION WITH THE COVER!!!!!





McKenna staggers to his feet just as Zion rolls off Electra and stands up grinning from ear to ear.

Joe Hoffman: Well you gotta give credit to Zion there….he saw an opportunity and seized it without costing his team a shot at the World Title.

Benny Newell: Oh believe you me…..he did. No way does The Fallen Ryan McKenna let this one slide before he gets his payback during the match.

Joe Hoffman: Well either way….as of now it appears McKenna is just going to tip his hat to Zion for seizing the LSD Championship.

We now cut over to Ring #1 where things are getting nasty.

As all attention turns to the carnage in Ring #1 we see Jace has propped himself up against the cell wall on the opposite side of the action as he is still recouping from the absolute beating he has taken during the match.

Inside the Ring Jason Cashe and Hopkins are working together on David Black as outside the ring John Sektor and Hollywood are going at it with Caleb Houston and Tara.

Black is in the corner as Hopkins delivers several loud backhand chops to the newest HOW Hall of Famer. After each chop Cashe follows up with an European uppercut. After a few of these combo moves Black finally falls to the bottom of the corner where Cashe pushes Hopkiins out of his way as he backs up and executes a perfect running cannonball sending Black’s head bouncing off the bottom turnbuckle violently.

Hopkins then pulls the body of Black away from the corner and promptly drops a couple knee drops on the head of Black for good measure.

Joe Hoffman: I am pretty sure everyone in this match is going to have to donate their brains to be tested for CTE…..Jesus Almighty are there a lot of head shots going on right now.

To drive home that point, Hopkins bounces off the ropes and nails a jumping elbow drop right into the temple of Black as Cashe bounces off the other ropes and executes a jumping headbutt to the other side of Black’s head.


Just as we see Cashe motion for Hopkins to go for the pinfall we see Sektor nailing Caleb Houston with his C-Sektion double arm sit out face buster onto the Coliseum floor.

Sektor covers Houston as Boettcher rushes back into the cell from the outside as inside Ring #1 Hopkins covers Black.

Boettcher has to pick which pinfall to count as he cannot see both at the same time due to the one pinfall being in the ring and one on the outside….

He makes his choice and begins the count.




Joe Hoffman: Caleb Houston has been eliminated!!!!!!

Benny Newell: Score one for the good guys!

Immediately after the three count, Boettcher slides into the ring and begins the pinfall count on Black who is being pinned by Hopkins after some stellar tag team work with Cashe.




Joe Hoffman: Black kicks out!!! The delay in the count saved him there I believe.

Benny Newell: Being on the BEST team saved him there Joe…..nothing more.

Immediately after the kickout Cashe picks up Black and motions for Hopkins to climb to the top turnbuckle. As Hopkins gets in position Cashe whips Black into the ropes front first and delivers his U.T.I back to back cutter finisher just as Hopkins jumps off the top rope and nails his OMFG! Springboard Moonsault Double Foot Stomp finisher on the chest of Black.

This time it is academic as Hopkins covers Black and the crowd counts along.





After the elimination Cashe picks up the HOW Hall of Famer and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor and then helps up his teammate Hopkins….

Just as Sektor nails him from behind with a running Hall of Fame elbow to the back of the head that sends Cashe to the outside as well.

But Sektor is not alone as Hopkins turns around quickly as he sees Sektor nail his teammate and he is promptly met with an Executive Promise superkick from Brian Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor and Hollywood jumping into Ring #1 after seeing Black eliminated and Hopkins is in trouble!!!

We cut another overhead shot as Hollywood covers Hopkins and as we see Boettcher begin the count we see off to the side that Tara is helping Jace to his feet outside of Ring 1.




Joe Hoffman: Jair Hopkins has been eliminated but not before he has a good showing in his first War Games as he showed some great chemistry with Jason Cashe there.

Benny Newell: They eliminated a Team Best member and promptly got dealt with. Cashe is next motherfucker.

As if on cue, Sektor and Hollywood exit the ring to go after Cashe as we cut to Ring #2 where McAvay and Stevens are literally dragging out the potential elimination of Scottywood as they have stopped several times to watch the eliminations occur in the ring next to them.

Joe Hoffman: team Stevens is playing it smart. They have their target in Scottywood and are allowing 4CW and Team Best to eliminate each other in the other ring.

The cameras focus in on the new LSD Champion Darin Zion and McKenna who are literally in opposite corners of Ring 2 watching McAvay and Stevens work over Scottywood…..but they are not watching for long as McKenna appears bored and jumps into the fray, pushing Stevens and McAvay to the side as he pulls Scottywood up to his feet and goes into full out Muay Thai mode with some vicious strikes.

Stevens and the rest of the team take a backseat as McKenna begins working over Scottywood with picture perfect Vertical, Belly to Belly and a few German suplexes as well, as McKenna’s full out arsenal is on display.

McKenna climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off for a perfect cross body and covers Scotty as Hortega begins the count.




McKenna nods his head in acknowledgment and promptly rolls Scottywood over and locks in his Last Gasp Crossface Chickenwing finisher.

Joe Hoffman: This is where Scotty destroying his whole team is going to hurt him……he is in the middle of Ring 2 surrounded by a whole other team and is stuck in McKenna’s finisher!

Benny Newell: The Fallen has Risen Joe? Is that it?

Joe Hoffman: Wow…that was horrible Benny….simply horrible.

Scottywood does not tap and looks to be passed out.

Hortega raises the mans hand and after three lifeless attempts he signals for the end.


Behind McKenna, the rest of his team applaud his elimination but their celebration is cut off quickly.

WHACK……down goes McAvay

WHACK……down goes Stevens

WHACK……down goes Zion

Joe Hoffman: Holy smokes. Jace and Tara literally just laid out three fourths of the Stevens team with matching baseball bats.

Benny Newell: God do I hate those two fucking cumstains.

With the rest of the team taken out momentarily, the couple focus in on Ryan McKenna who turns to see the two former HOW stalwarts staring him down with baseball bats.

McKenna looks around and shrugs and gives the proverbial “Fuck It” look and charges the two Davidsons.

McKenna ducks a wild swing from Tara and nails Jace with a superman punch knocking the bat from Jace’s hands.

Benny Newell: Pretty clear that the battered fucknut that is Jace couldn’t see that coming. That motherfucker looks like he is dating Chris Brown.

Again Joe has nothing as Tara swings again and this time connects as the bat meets ribs and the bat will always win that battle.

The sound of air escaping McKenna can be heard as he falls to his knees and Tara wastes little time as she follows up with another swing of the bat, this time breaking it in half across the neck of McKenna and The Fallen one falls face first into the canvas as Tara drops the broken handle of the bat and makes the cover.





McAvay, Zion and Stevens are all staggering to their feet just in time to see the pinfall as Tara helps Jace back up to his feet. As the five wrestlers position themselves in Ring 2, back in Ring 1 Sektor and Hollywood have tossed Jason Cashe back into the ring and are stalking the Team 4CW member.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor and Hollywood are working well together and they will have to as there are the sole survivors at the moment for Team Best. Stevens, McAvay and Zion still are alive for the Lonesome Losers and Cashe is still alive with Jace and Tara obviously for Team 4CW. Only the Hall of Fame team has been eliminated and you gotta give props to Scottywood on that one. He did all he could single handily.

Benny Newell: Shut up and focus. Sektor and Hollywood got this fucker Cashe.

We shift focus to Ring 1 as Sektor executes a perfect standing drop kick, showing off his technical prowess once again.

Not to be outdone, Hollywood follows up that dropkick with a lionsault on the fallen 4CW member.

Benny Newell: A thing of beauty there Joe….a thing of fucking beauty.

Sektor follows Hollywood’s lead and bounces off the ropes to deliver a…..


Jace destroys the back of Sektor with a blow from the baseball bat.

Joe Hoffman: Jace literally just swung from Ring #2 and nailed Sektor who was bouncing off the near ropes in Ring #1 and brought the Hall of Famer to his knees.

Benny Newell: Jealously Joe….pure fucking jealousy. It is obvious that Jace hates all Hall of Famers because he couldn’t get in himself.

Joe Hoffman: I do not know the reasoning but all I know is that sure as heck stopped the Team Best momentum.

Seeing what just went down Brian rushes towards Ring #2 and dives over the ropes for both Ring #1 and Ring #2 and nails Jace with a flying clothesline.

Ring #2 is literally filled with everyone minus Jason Cashe now as all cameras and attentions are focused on that ring.

As Ring #2 fills up, Stevens and his team once again show a smart strategy by quickly exiting the ring and take up places around the ring…strategically placing themselves to run in and snare any pinfall opportunities. By doing this they leave Jace and Tara to take on Hollywood and Sektor…who has made it into Ring #2 holding his back.

Tara clotheslines Hollywood shortly after his flying clothesline of her husband and she turns quickly to pick up the baseball bat her husband just used.

As she goes to pick it up she is stopped by the right foot of John Sektor.

She looks up at the man who rains down a heavy right hand to her temple sending her reeling to the mat as Hollywood whips Jace into the far corner away from the action and as far away from his wife as possible.

Now it is Sektor who picks up the baseball bat and looks at Jace…and then down at Tara….and makes his choice.

Benny Newell: HERE WE GO!!!!




One final swing and the bat breaks in half and Sektor tosses it out of the ring and to the outside against the side of the cell.

He looks down at the damage he just caused and then towards the corner where, even with shitty vision, Jace just witnessed Sektor DESTROY Tara with the baseball bat.

Hollywood knocks Jace down with a deliberate low blow and then holds his head up while the man is on his knees…making him watch what comes next.

Sektor rolls Tara over and he mounts her as Hortega gets into position to count. Sektor puts both his hands on the breasts of Tara and wraps his legs around under hers in a full out missionary style position as Hortega counts.

Joe Hoffman: Disgusting…straight up disgusting.





Sektor slithers off of Tara, dragging his right hand over her crotch and walks to the corner where Hollywood is still holding Jace up.

Looking directly at the HOW turncoat Sektor slowly licks his hand that was just on Tara’s crotch and then smacks the 4CW outta Jace.

Jace falls limply to the canvas as Sektor and Hollywood smirk down at the HOW Hall of Fame Finalist.

They then see the three members of the Lonesome Losers team and Sektor and Hollywood motion to each other to head back to Ring #1 where Jason Cashe has propped himself up in the corner…..finally getting his wits about him.

Benny Newell: Greatness here. Numbers are not in their favor so Sektor and Hollywood are heading to take out Cashe while the three Losers take out Jace.

Joe Hoffman: Hard to argue that logic….it really is.

We cut to another overhead shot showing Stevens, McAvay and Darin Zion entering Ring #2 and surrounding Jace…..while Sektor and Hollywood head into Ring #1 to battle Cashe once again.

We then cut to the hard camera for Ring #1 as Sektor and Hollywood walk towards Cashe who sees them coming and immediately rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. Sektor and Hollywood exit the ring on opposite sides and literally surround the 4CW future Hall of Famer.

Sektor nods at Hollywood and the two men charge Cashe and Jason picks his poison and goes towards Sektor and begins exchanging right hands until the numbers game catches up to him after a few right hands as Hollywood nails him from behind.

As Sektor gathers himself, Hollywood picks up Cashe and throws him into the steel mesh of the cell and as Cashe bounds off it, Hollywood greets him with a powerful clothesline sending him down to the ground.

As Hollywood begins to stand he notices a weapon underneath the ring and he smiles as he lifts the apron and reaches in and pulls out the weapon.

Joe Hoffman: Well this is not good. Not good at all. Hollywood has just pulled out baseball bat covered in nails……someone has been watching too much Walking Dead.

Benny Newell: Or too much baseball….GO CUBS GO!!!

Smiling at the weapon, Hollywood stands up and motions for Cashe to get to his feet. The man slowly obliges and as he begins to stand he jumps forward and nails Hollywood with a desperation punch directly into the balls.

The baseball bat covered in nails drops to the Coliseum ground and now both Sektor and Cashe see it literally lying between them on the ground….equal distance apart.

After a moment of brief realization from both of what exactly is at stake…they both lunge at the weapon and only one is able to secure the weapon and he swings it just as he grabs it and the bat strikes the other man directly under the chin….knocking him backwards.

The force of the blow causes a nail to be dislodged into the chin of the man and as he lays there the man that delivered the blow covers him and Boettcher gets into position and makes the count.




Joe Hoffman: Holy SHIT!!!!! Yes I said SHIT!!!! John Sektor just kicked out after being smacked in the face with a baseball bat covered in nails….with one of the damn nails still stuck in his chin!!!!!!

Cashe cannot believe what just happened and he quickly grabs the bat and lifts it to strike Sektor again but this time he is stopped by Hollywood who grabs the bat with his two hands….causing himself to be impaled on a nail in the process.

Cashe turns around as Hollywood swings the bat at him but Cashe ducks and as he does he quickly springs into action and nails his Under The influence finisher on Hollywood as the mans momentum caused him to turn his back to Cashe ever so slightly.

Cashe quickly rolls over and covers Hollywood as Boettcher once again counts.


Sektor begins to slowly sit up…


Sektor sees Hollywood being pinned and rips the nail from his chin…….beyond pissed off.



Sektor in mid dive during the final count….drives the nail into the right shoulder of side of Cashe just as Boettcher finishes the three count.

Cashe quickly rolls off of Hollywood but is in serious pain as Sektor stands up and slowly pushes his foot down on the body of Cashe…forcing the nail further into the mans body.

Sektor, smiling and bleeding, makes the cover as blood slowly trickles from underneath Cashe.

Boettcher begins the count.





Joe Hoffman: My gosh what a match. Sektor is the last man standing for Team Best. Jace is the last man standing for 4CW….and the Lonesome Losers still have their Captain Scott Stevens, the new LSD Champion Darin Zion and of course the former ICON Champion Ray McAvay.

Benny Newell: There is no way Zion or Stevens should have finished ahead of …..



McAvay and Zion clock Sektor from behind as they seize the opportunity as the medical staff scurries out of the way with Cashe and Hollywood in tow.

McAvay and Zion roll Sektor into Ring #1 while back in Ring #2 Stevens is standing over the limp body of Jace who is laying with his head on the bottom rope…..beaten and barely able to see.

Stevens waits for Jace to get up and as the man staggers with all his might to stand with the help of the ropes…..the Texan strikes….jumps into the air…grabs Jace by the back of the neck with both hands and falls to the canvas to execute his Toxic Sting finisher.


Stevens falls awkwardly to the canvas and now it is Jace who jumps into action and springboards off the bottom rope and jumps into the air and drives his right foot into the face of Stevens…..a reverse Bow to the King curb stomp if you will….

Jace falls on top of Stevens as Hortega begins his count.


Zion sees what is going on and begins running towards Ring #2


Zion trips over the ropes in his haste and falls like he was trying to tweet something…


SCOTT STEVENS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: How the heck did Jace pull that off!!!! Stevens is eliminated and now only McAvay and Zion remain against Jace and Sektor. Final Four time!!!!

Zion gets back to his feet and realizes he is too late and hesitates just a fraction too long as he debates on his next move as Jace rolls up and extends his right leg out in an ugly but effective Executive Promise rip off superkick……
Joe Hoffman: What an ugly kick that found the mark however as Zion just fell forward like his last name was Flair.

Jason…damn near blind now due to the swelling in his eyes…..covers Zion as Hortega makes the count


McAvay sees Zion being pinned and is unable to help as Sektor nails him in the back of knee with a shoulder tackle that cripples any forward progress McAvay could have made.




Joe Hoffman: So we are down to three. Sektor, the new ICON Champion Jace Parker Davidson, and Ray McAvay. Each the last representative of their teams.

Back in Ring #2 Jace has crawled to the farthest ropes away from Ring #1 and is literally lying there resting as back in Ring #1 Sektor has gained control over McAvay and has begun to work the legs.

As if he is wearing Red and Yellow, Sektor drops repeated quick elbow strikes to the inside of the knee he just tackled…which would be McAvay’s right leg for those keeping track at home.

Sektor then wraps on a single leg grapevine on the leg and wrenches it in tight as McAvay screams out in pain as the technical prowess of Sektor is hard at work once again.

Benny Newell: The world wants it and we are going to get it…John Sektor World Champion once again motherfuckers.

Joe Hoffman: You do know that people will think that by you saying that …..well he will not win now right and by me seeing that…people will think he will win?

Benny Newell: Fuck off you buzzkilling confusing me guy.

Joe can only shake his head as back in the ring Sektor has let go of the grapevine, drags McAvay to his feet and quickly knocks him back down by dropkicking him directly on the right knee that he has been working on.

Joe Hoffman: Just sickening execution by Sektor right now.

Sektor is smirking but then stops in his tracks as he looks across the way into Ring #2 and sees a prone Jace Parker Davidson. He then looks down at McAvay who is struggling to even sit up as his right knee is a hot mess at the moment.

Joe Hoffman: I think Sektor is seeing a big opportunity to take out the favorite here in Jace Parker Davidson.

Benny Newell: Why not? Ray can barely walk!

Sektor literally steps on the right knee of McAvay and over the man on his way to Ring #2. As he bends down to exit Ring #1 and thru the top rope into Ring #2 he is met with a huge boot to the face from Jace who was literally waiting and biding his time for Sektor.

The force of the blow sends Sektor thru the middle ropes and back into Ring #1.

He lands next to McAvay who is unable to stand to take advantage of the situation but instead rolls thru and locks in his Dragon Sleeper finisher. It is a sloppy hold at first but he is able to prop himself up on his left knee and he wrenches the hold back as Sektor is locked in with no one around to help.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor literally got kicked right into McAvay’s lap!!! Can he finish him off!!????

Jace leans on the Ring #2 top rope and watches as McAvay leans back with all his might as Sektor begins to fade. McAvay is unable to keep his balance however without the use of his right knee and he falls backwards onto the canvas…almost Invert DDTing Sektor……but he does not let go of the hold as Sektor’s neck is bent back in an awkward way as he slowly goes to sleep as Boettcher checks on him

He raises the Hall of Famers arm……and it drops.


Boettcher raises the arm a second time and now Jace slowly makes his way towards Ring #1….and it drops again.


Jace is literally standing over Ray and Sektor as Boettcher raises his arm again…..and it drops for the final time.


JOHN SEKTOR HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boettcher stays in position and counts….



Joe Hoffman: There was no way that was going to win the World Title.

With no one else left in the match we finally get all the cameras focused in on the two men and we can now see the true extent of damages done to Jace’s face earlier in the match. It literally looks like he had an allergic reaction to some Darin Zion tweets as both eyes are damn near closed shut.

We also see that McAvay’s knee is really bothering him and one has to wonder if the 36 year old Texan can even walk at this point…let alone run around the ring.

Suddenly the cell begins to raise…..

Joe Hoffman: What the heck???

Benny Newell: Its Perrys fucking dragon isn’t it??

There is no dragon and there sure as shit isn’t a monkey in the truck doing the raising.

Suddenly everyone sees the real reason as none other than Lee Best makes his way back onto the hallowed grounds of the Coliseum. The curbstomp from Jace earlier did its damage as Lee also looks like a puffer fish in the face…..but his mouth is working fine as he begins to talk to the men in the ring.

Lee Best: Let’s congratulate Mr. Ray McAvay and Mr. 4CW for their great accomplishment of being the final two in this year’s War Games…..kudos to you both….but that’s not why I am out here. You see after what has gone down tonight already I feel that it is in my best interests to make sure that this ends how it should end…and after talking to a few people in medical….well I just had to come out here and share my idea!!

Everyone is obviously concerned as Lee continues.

Joe Hoffman: Who the hell was Lee talking to in medical? It could be literally everyone that was in the match tonight.

Before Lee can say another word the cell reaches its apex and stops high above the Coliseum. Suddenly the whole EPU surround both rings and this time they are equipped in full out Roman garb….helmets and swords to boot.

Lee then motions up to Perry Wallace who is still being guarded by two EPU guards in the Emperors box.

Lee Best: Mr. Wallace it has been a pleasure to work with your dumb ass. I truly appreciate you whipping your little dick out and pissing on these hallowed grounds because of the order of some wrestlers….you fuckstick…..but I digress…..my idea.

Lee does not say another word but instead drops the mic and with the same hand that just held the microphone he raises his arm high in the air with his thumb up. The crowd immediately picks up on what Lee is putting down and they begin chanting for “KILL KILL KILL” like any good High Octane Wrestling fan would do.

Smiling Lee nods in agreement with the fans and turns his thumb down and as he does the EPU storm the ring and attack.

They leave one man alone and begin destroying the other one. The man just cowers and covers his head as the EPU deliver blow after blow after blow to the man.

The cameras capture Perry Wallace sitting back down in complete and utter shock of what he is seeing. He absent mindedly reaches into his pocket and lights up a half smoked joint he was saving and can only watch with everyone else as it unfolds.

The man is a bloody mess as all but one EPU agent exit the ring. The man is lying prone in the center of the ring on his back as the EPU agent kneels next to him and lifts his head up. It is then…and only then does he take off his helmet to reveal himself to the man.

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????????????

The other man in the match is literally dragged over to the center of the ring and placed ontop of the EPU beaten man and Boettcher has no choice but to make the pinfall count.




The EPU agent…with helmet off…takes his place next to Lee and they both smile as they watch Matt Boettcher award the World Championship while the beaten man lies there in a puddle of his own blood.

The Beaten Man? Jace Parker Davidson

The EPU Agent? Jason Cashe


War Games comes to a close with a final shot of Ray McAvay holding the World Title as Perry Wallace looks down shocked at what Jason Cashe just did to Jace Parker Davidson.

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