A New Begining

[Well, that went about as well as you could have thought. He went out and won, but not just that he showed that he still knows a true competitor and has respect for someone that he ran with for a long fucking time. Don’t get me wrong, he still hates everyone, and they probably hate him as well. He can accept that and he digs it. Remember kids, even tho he is longer in the tooth now, he still can fight with the best of them. They all know it, they know he will just go out and brawl. He just does what he does.]


(The scene opens up with him walking down a hallway. His stride shows he is on a mission and is not about to take a step away from his path. He looks over his shoulder as he steps out into the sun. Squinting his eyes, he looks around.)


Kostoff: Hell of a fight huh? I almost felt bad for dropping that little fuck in the body bag.


(He laughs to himself.)


Kostoff: Keyword is almost. What he learned and what he found out is you do not disrespect a man I get along with. We may not have always seen eye to eye but SW has always been a good guy. We ran the circles for years, the two of us know each other well.


Kostoff: But now, now it is time to move to the next one.


Kostoff: You see, it felt good to team up and beat someone down. We had fun. It got my blood going again. Each week, each match, each hit…it gets my blood pumping more and more.


(He turns a corner and makes his way down a side street. As he comes to another main drag, he makes a turn and heads off. Pulling his phone out, he takes a quick glance and looks around.)


Kostoff: See, like I keep on saying, I have some very unfinished business in HOW. I can honestly say I am not sure if it will ever really be finished. I hope so one day, I do. As time moves on and on, these feelings get tiring. They do wear me out. My body and mind can really only take so much ya know?


Kostoff: Maybe this is really the beginning of my ending here? Maybe the time in the clock is about to run out? Maybe all 0’s are fixing to show up on that clock?


(He stops and takes his phone out again. The sun beats down as he covers his eyes so he can see the screen proper. He squints and starts to head off down the street.)


Kostoff: See, this is the shit that is going through my mind right now. Not who or what, but the when of it all. This is what happens as you get older and you have been in wars for years.


(He comes to a intersection with houses on one side and a park on another. He turns towards the houses and makes his way onto the sidewalk. Pulling out his phone one more time he looks at the screen and nods his head. Making his way down the sidewalk he stops in front of a house and nods his head.)


Kostoff: See, this is how things should end for me. This is how it should all start for my ending.


(He sighs as he steps up to the door.)


Kostoff: And end, it will….


(He knocks on the door and takes a step back. A few seconds later, the door knob shakes as the door open. Silent Witness stands in the door way as Kostoff extends his hand to him.)


Kostoff: Can we talk?


(SW nods as he shakes his old friends hand. The two men walk inside the house as the scene fades to darkness.)

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