Back again

[So, here it goes again. He is back and he is hungry, you can tell can’t you? I mean his vicious streak is coming back out more and more with each week. His attitude is ramping up more and more. His anger is coming back like there is no tomorrow. Now, how does this line up for others in HOW? Well, if the past means anything to the folks here, then you my friends are about to see old school violence at it’s best.]

(The scene opens up with him pacing back and forth in his house. He has on a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt. His bald head has sweat beading up on it as he stops and looks at the wall.)


Kostoff: So I took a minute and did take a look finally at the card. Man, this has the making of a wild one huh? I mean look at the tag team line up. This is going to be something that the kids are going to be talking about for a long fucking time.


Kostoff: So, me and my old running buddy are back. Hmm, you know now that that has hit me, we are one hell of a force. Always have been always will be.


(He turns slowly to the camera.)


Kostoff: See, the two of us have always had each other’s back. We went in different directions for a bit, but let me say this. That little fucker that we destroyed deserved it. I fucking refuse to let some little pencil dick boy talk shit on someone I know.


Kostoff: So, that one moment, that one event, brought back together one of the greatest teams HOW has ever seen. Look at our resume’s boy’s. We are just that fucking good.


(His eyes get wide as he shakes his head. He hits himself in the head a couple times to get his mind back.)


(Mumbling)Kostoff: I know, I know. (whispering) Stop, please…..


(He shakes his head again and looks up into the camer.)


Kostoff: These guys have no idea…


(He walks to his bar and grabs his phone off it. He looks at the screen and smiles.)


Kostoff: I like this shit.


(He looks at his phone and begins to send a text. His eyes glaze over as he lifts the phone to his ear.)


Kostoff: Hey bro. Yea I know, looking forward to it again. Yea, we got this shit. Look, we can take on whichever one we want to get our hands on. It makes no difference to me. Yea. Yea. Ok. Well look bro, when you touch down here holler at me and we can get together and grab some chow and get a game plan.


Kostoff: Ok bro. See ya


(He ends the call and staggers into another room. He takes another step and falls into the wall. Sweat begins to drip down his face. His tanned skin has turned pale. He runs his hand over his head and pushes himself to his a standing position. His eyes tell the story.)


Kostoff: Ah, been a bit eh? Hahaha, well just think. I have been patient for a long fucking time. Him and Witness are going to hurt these boys real bad. Ah fuck stop it!!!



(He reels again and falls into the wall. He lays on the floor looking at the ceiling. His eyes shift back and settle down.)


Kostoff: Fuck, this is going to be some shit to deal with.


(He pulls himself up as the scene fades to black)

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