Not Your Average Benchwarmer

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida: Tropicana Field
July 24, 2019, 8:30 AM


As the scene opens up to the inside the home of the Tampa Bay Rays, but more importantly, War Games 2019. We see the field being prepped and the video boards flashing graphics of the rosters of the two teams playing later on today and the two starting pitchers dueling for supremacy is David Price for the Boston Red Sox and former Houston Astros’ pitcher, Charlie Morton, for the Rays. The camera notices a figure sitting in the dugout of the Home team, but it isn’t anyone from the Rays and the person’s attire doesn’t match that of the Red Sox.


As the camera zooms in closer we notice that the person of interest is Scott Stevens in a 97 Red colored High Octane Wrestling baseball jersey and cap with a par of white Oakley sunglass hiding his emerald eyes. Stevens leans back on the wooden bench and watches as the workers get the field ready for today’s game.


Why is he there?


Is he trying to suck up to Lee Best because the Professor X reject is a fan of the sport?


Is he trying to invest in the team?


Is he trying to get the team to allow HOW sponsorship in their stadium and on television?


Stevens was brought in as the guest to throw out the first pitch today and as a former collegiate and minor league player in his you he should have no issues throwing it across the plate. The Texan watches as the field crew water and rake the dirt to soften it up which is a process they will repeat in a few hours before the game starts.


“Purity in its most simplistic forms.”


Stevens says as he gets up from the bench in the dugout and walks to the wall and watches the crafting of the field like a chef preparing a meal.


“They say baseball doesn’t like change, and that it’s stuck in its ways.”


Stevens says as he shakes head.


“Everything that changes doesn’t mean it’s for the better.”


Stevens says as he places his hands behind his back.


“There are many popular sports in the world: Football, soccer, basketball, hockey….NASCAR.”


Stevens says with a sigh.


“However, baseball is the one that fights the change and occasionally bends, but hardly ever breaks unless it absolutely has to. Baseball is the American Past Time, and it is engrained into the fabric of everyone’s consciousness that it’s very existence is like breathing to us. The sports mentioned before love change and will adopt rules and regulations that will probably get revised in a few years anyways, but baseball usually stays the course. Hell, in football they don’t know what a fucking catch is and in baseball the strike zone is a problem because they various from umpire to umpire, but the pitches that cross the plate remain the same.”


Stevens says with a nod.


“You see, Lee Best use to believe in tradition, but lately not so much.”


Stevens says with an air of disappointment in his tone.


“Whenever a new era of HOW came to be or a pay-per-view need some star power Lee would flip through the old rolodex and reach out to the people that not just create the land of High Octane, but the ones that became internationally known from it as well.”


Stevens says with admiration in his voice.


“I used to not see this and when I first came into the company I would get so fucking pissed that these guys that haven’t been around a here taking our place and our opportunity instead of thinking smartly and using the opportunity to defeat them and get that credit of beating a living legend or a HOW Hall of Famer.”


Stevens says with a nod.


“Lee’s a traditionalist and loyalist to those that have stuck with him through the years and that’s why he makes the HOW rookies earn their spots because at the end of the day the core loyalists to High Octane Wrestling is probably under forty wrestlers with a promotion dating back to 2002 and who knows how many wrestlers have come through since opening the doors.”


Stevens says with a sigh to signal the other shoe is about to drop.




Stevens tone quickly changes.


“With the latest run in the Refueled Era, Lee Best has been anything traditional or loyal.”


Stevens leans on the dugout wall and sighs once again.


“Lee Best doesn’t care about any of us.”


SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??


“Maybe it’s the concussions or because I’m slow, but Lee Best telling everyone and anyone that would listen that the HOW Originals, Hall of Famers, and people that have stuck with me haven’t done shit and aren’t doing shit so I’m going to hire an All-Star cast that has never stepped foot into HOW and give them guaranteed spots where people who’ve gave their blood, sweat, and tears has to earn it.”


Stevens says shaking his head.


“That’s like telling Chris Kostoff your fucking accomplishments and Hall of Fame status doesn’t mean shit because even though you gave everything you had for me what have for you done for me lately?”


Stevens says with disgust in his tone.


“It took me until now to realize that Lee Best only cares about the bottomline and I don’t mean stabbing people in his eye.”


Stevens says as he rubs his fingers together to show the sign of money.


“Lee only cares about you when you are making him money. Why else do you think he brings in the talent from the past? If Jatt Starr came back; merchandise sales would sale like hot cakes because Jatt would have a thousand and one catchphrases you can brand and sale. Ratings would go up from people tuning into HOTV, and pay-per-view buys would increase as well because everyone wants to see The Jattinum Standard compete. Why else would he have gotten John Sektor help for his heroin addiction? I mean we’ve had people with major addictions in the past and the HOW Rehabilitation Center was a fucking joke because one never existed. Lee Best was high on cocaine or drunk on Titos and Coke half the fucking time.”


Stevens says bluntly before continuing.


“What sales more? The Heroin Standard or the Gold Standard.”


Stevens says as he slowly takes off his sunglass and places them on top of his baseball cap.


“Why else would he have made a special about Samuel Owens, aka Silent Witness, detailing his return to the HOW ring with his Legion of Darkness tag partner, Chris Kostoff?”


Stevens asks he stares towards the field.


“Everyone loves a redemption story and that creates money and ratings.”


Stevens says with a nod.


“The LOD have a cool new t-shirt that is one of the top three sellers right now and they are a team that hasn’t been seen in years so that is creating a buzz and interest leading into the War Games tag title match. They aren’t the only reunion as we have the eGG Bandits once again in HOW to create buzz. We have a reunion of Sex and Money going on as well with Noah Hanson and Darin Zion being forced to compete with one another. Hell, Lee even brought in Jace Savage who was tag champions with Brian Hollywood in 4CW to create buzz and excitement for our match showing that other company’s tag teams are coming here for the prestige of being crowned the first champions of the Refueled Era. Then you have the leftovers in Bobby Dean and newcomer, Crash, who were thrown together into a team like myself and O’Dell.”


Stevens says before a sly smirk appears as he mentions his tag partner.


I mean we’ve called long term HOW employee, Rhett Khan, a few times and people that were “dead” to this organization have come back because Lee uses and abuses you. You’re in his good graces as long as the cows are producing milk and when the well tries dries up you get your head crushed in by Embosser. Right Jiles? You get a shovel to the school. Right Kostoff? Or you get your head fucking smashed into a side of the dumpster by one of your best friends and can’t compete for close to a year. Right Witness?”


Stevens asks with a nod.


“I have accomplished many things in HOW that many that have passed through these hallowed halls could only hope to accomplish and I’m still treated as a fucking joke no matter what and that’s Lee’s fault because he has to use me to make an example out of everything. Most people would have quit, but I’m loyal and I thought Lee was the same, but he’s never cared about me, and it’s taken a little of eight years to realize this.”


Stevens says with disgust in his tone.


“I’ve done almost everything there is to do in HOW and yet I’m looked at as a benchwarmer because of Lee. I could go on a win three more World titles or ten ICON championships, but the stigma that Lee has sewn into my fabric will always be there. Hell, I’ve heard people talk backstage that if I had the honor and privilege of making the Hall of Fame it would diminish the value of prestige because what has been done to me. I’m sick of it!”


Stevens says bluntly.


“I’ve become so frustrated with it that’s why I don’t give a fuck anymore and I’ve been attacking people because I want to be sent home if you aren’t going to use me and I want to some activity if you’re going to punish me for my attacks. I got a tag title shot for kicking the eGG Bandits’ ass after being put on the sidelines for a month and being lied to about opportunities of being in the War Games main event. May not be for the World or the ICON, but a title is a titles and all HOW hold weight unlike some other organizations.”


Stevens says with a smirk.


“Most of you think I’m bitter about everything, but my eyes are wide open for the first time in a long time and the mystique of what Lee Best is all about finally started to present itself was when I won the LSD championship and became clearer when I won my first world title.”


Stevens says before releasing a deep breath and continuing.


“Lee’s favorite game is, “How Can I Fuck with Stevens.”


Stevens says as he stares at the ground.


“If you make fun of his football team you hit run over by a taxi and then get a Polish sausage shoved where the sun doesn’t shine. When you are in a funk so bad you almost go a year losing every match his idea of motivation is have a nasty, dirty, bloody tampon shoved into your mouth.”


Stevens says as he acts as if he might puke.


“Being led on like a fool like I had a chance at War Games was just his latest stunt of fucking with me. His highlight reel includes multiple match changes like when you and a bitter rival are supposed to have a match to end the rivalry once and for all and he tells us I’m throwing someone else into the match because they had nothing else going on. Scotty wanted a Crucifixion match and I wanted a Texas Death Match and instead we get a fucking triple threat with Tara Michaels-Davidson because she couldn’t find an opponent that pay-per-view so we get stuck with her when she wasn’t even in the build up.”


Stevens says with a sigh as he shakes his head.


“Or the time I pinned Jace in War Games but didn’t win the ICON championship because he mentioned that LSD and ICON titles weren’t on the line which was the first time ever in the modern era that happened. This was all to protect Jace as he was injured and Lee wanted him to remain champion when the belt should’ve been dropped to me.”


Stevens says as he points to himself.


“You just couldn’t let me have my moment because I wasn’t one of the boys.”


Stevens says looking up at the ceiling.


“The best one was you trying to screw me out of the one match I wanted and it was five years in the making. You just couldn’t give the people what they wanted and you tried to derail the match between Mike and I act ICONIC because you had a hard on for a triple threat with Jace involved and Jace point blank said I don’t want to do it and it blew up in your face. You had me defend my title on the go home show because you thought you could force a triple threat and it backfired when Jace no showed the event and you were forced to strip him of the title and the match that you didn’t want to happen took place. Jace looked pretty good in a 4CW ring though Lee. Apparently he had time for them but not you.”


Stevens says with a smile.


“You made it your mission to take the World title off of me because you said it yourself that I diminished the prestige of the championship by holding it. Thanks for the vote of confidence Lee.”


Stevens says with a thumbs up.


“You were just pissed because I went from Lonesome Loser to World Champion by beating your bread and butter, Jatt Starr at Rumble at the Rock, and that didn’t sit well with you.”


Stevens says shaking his head.


“All of that snowballed and when I competed against other feds like UTA, 4CW, and even now in OCW you threw a bitch fit because you only cared about my behind the scenes roles I do for the company. I mean if you cared about my in-ring talent you wouldn’t have kept me off television for a month.”


Steven says with a shrug.


“You think you’ve got one over me by pairing me with O’Dell because we have nothing in common and that we would be easily defeated, but the jokes on you Lee.”


Stevens says with a smile.


“Jonny and I do have something in common and that is to shed this loser perception that has been cast upon us like an evil spell.”


Stevens says with a nod.


“The Lonesome Loser and The Perennial Jobber teaming up to win tag gold would be the ultimate fuck you to Lee Best and that’s what we want to do because as we hold those beautiful tag titles around our waists we will watch in jubilation as Lee Best and the DEFIANCE Alliance lose War Games. Lee is going to lose ownership to Mike and Max because when the stakes are raised and include ownership of HOW Lee Best always loses.”


Stevens says with a nod.


“Hey Lee, when you lose, and you will you will wonder what the fuck happened and you’ll realize you should’ve picked your Benchwarmers because will be the one climbing high to retrieve those tag titles and leaving victorious because I mean my teams are the defending champions of War Games after all. My team defeated Boardwalk and my other team defeated everyone else and left with the top prize.”


Stevens says with a sly grin.


“My team will win once more and you’ll just taste defeat because that’s what you’re best at.”


Stevens says with a wink as he turns and sit back on the wooden bench and as he does everyone’s favorite stadium anthem begins to play…..


♫ “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men ♫


As if on cue, the Texan hears someone screaming for help.


“The hell?”


Stevens says to himself as he gets up from the bench and looks towards the direction of the screaming and the Texan sees Jonny O’Dell running from stadium security as he is carrying something.




O’Dell screams as the security guards chase him all over the field as he carries the Ray’s American League Pennant Trophy, and Stevens face palms.


“Mother fucker said he was just going to see the history of the team because he’d never been to a baseball game. Lie. Mother fucker said he wouldn’t cause any trouble. Another lie. I should’ve known better when he tried to convince me he held the World title back in 2004, and I knew that was a fucking lie because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie!”


Stevens shouts as he watches his tag partner get tackled to the ground by security.


“He wants this to work he has to begin to tell the truth or there won’t be any trust between us and if there is no trust there is no victory.”


Stevens says as he walks away and heads into the baseball tunnel while O’Dell fends for himself and suffers the consequences of his actions.

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