December 22nd 2002: The First War Games

Bottomline PPV from HOW's first run


**The Mike Best during this era was Lee’s brother…who was later killed(?)**

Cameras are now backstage as the ring crew begins to assemble the second ring and the huge hell in a cell cage is lowered.

Lee Best is preparing to enter the the biggest match in HOW history. Lee is stretching when the rest of the Alliance comes in.

They all shake hands and pat Lee on the back.

Mark: We are going to try and watch your ass Lee..but do you really know what you are doing?

Lee: Look guys I know you are worried. But trust me..i got a plan that not even you guys know about. Mark, you and Omar make sure Team Alliance is the last team standing. And Starr, you make sure that damn Duck don’t do shit, or his team for that matter.

Starr: Don’t worry boss. That little attack we did earlier should have sent him the message.

All share a good laugh over that one.

Lee: Well Kostoff is in jail, so the LOD should not be a problem tonight. Just take care of business guys and we will be fine. Where’s Barbi at by the way?

Omar: Mike helped her I guess. That’s what I heard.

Lee: Mike did what??…..

Suddenly the door opens and Mike Best appears.

Lee: Just the numnut I am looking for. Where the fuck is Barbi..and did the cops lock up Kostoff?

Mike: Settle down Lee. All is taken care of. Barbi is in your office sleeping. I had to tell her it was my office…but she is there. Kostoff is locked up and the key has been thrown away. So don’t worry about him. I am more worried about you. Are you sure you want to do this?

Lee: Damn right I do. Look I am going to go talk to that bitch and make sure she isn’t suing my ass. Need to tell her it was nothing personal. Surely she will understand?

Mark: Dunno boss. Shocker was sure slapping the shit outta her. Where is he?

Lee: Don’t worry about Shocker. He’s getting ready for the match. No one will suspect him as the mystery guy. This is going to be good.

Lee looks at his watch.

Lee: The ring and the cell should be ready in 20 more minutes. Go prepare mentally and I am going to go cover my ass with Barbi. And Mike…is

All nod their heads and everyone leaves the room. Mike stays behind. Sure that everyone is gone Mike gets on the phone.

Mike: Ok get him here now. I will take care of my end….take care of yours.

Mike hangs up the phone and heads outta the room.

****15 mins later****

Mike hops into his limo and leaves the arena and heads towards the airport.


Mark: What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Laying in the pool of his own blood is Shocker.

Omar and Starr run up to Mark and see Shocker laid out.

Starr: Who the hell did this. They are dead. C’mon help me get him up.

The three BA members pick up Shocker and carry him to the nearest room. Omar calls for the medics , while Mark runs to get Lee.

Lee arrives with Mark and sees the damage done to Shocker.

Lee: Find out who did this.

Lee looks at his watch again.

Lee: Shit no time. The rings are set up as is the Hell in a Cell.

The medics arrive and begin to tend to Shocker.

Mark: Well who we gonna get for the match now??

Lee: I don’t know. Fuck. Where’s Mike?

Starr: Haven’t seen him since earlier.

Lee: Oh well. Fuck..goddammit. Lets go guys. Time to bring the title back. We will get the fuckers that did this later.

Team Alliance takes a last look at Shocker and head towards their own personal team waiting area. They will wait here until their numbers come up. Each team has their own area.

Mark: Good Luck Omar. you are number 3 overall and the first of us to go out there.

Omar just nods his head as the team awaits the start of the match.

Cameras cut to the Mayhem announce team.

Joe: Well Shocker has been laid out and Team Alliance is now short a guy. I have a feeling Lee is in over his head now.

Newell: Never. You heard him. He has a plan. I am just hoping he cleared shit up with Barbi. Hate to see my pay cut because of a lawsuit. Even though her husband pulled a gun on Lee. THANK GOD HES IN JAIL.

Joe: It has been a very emotional night to say the least. Well the rings are set up. The massive Hell in a Cell has been lowered. Its now time for the biggest match in the short History of High Octane Wrestling. Any favorites Newel?

Newell: Well I still have to say Team Alliance will come out on top.

Joe: Well the order favors the alliance but I am saying El Nutso or Darkwing will win it. Its time for a champion to step up and hold onto the title. I think these two could do that.

Newell: The duck champion? Never.

Joe: Well we are about to find out. Lets go to Amy Smeets for the intros of the first two guys.


Coming down to the ring as the first participant in this match for the Vacant Title match, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 239 pounds and hailing from Inglewood California…….DAAAAAAARRRRkWING!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd jumps to their feet as Darkwing appears and the pyros go off all around him.

Joe: Darkwing appears very confident.

Newell: He wont be for me.

Joe: Be careful Newell. You might end up like that TNT announcer, Jake The Snake, who got killed by Kostoff.

Newell: I dare one of these snot nosed punks to try something on me. Unlike Roberts, I am a legend.

Joe: Of the Indy feds…

Newell: A legend nonetheless.

Joe just rolls his eyes as Amy Smeets begins to announce the second man to enter what the wrestlers have been calling the Suicide Match.

Amy Smeets: Now coming to the ring standing 5 feet 10 inches weighing 210 pounds and hailing from Hollywood…..Dusty J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty J comes out to a mixed reaction as he heads to the two-ring hell that awaits him and all the competitors in this match.

Darkwing is in the Ring #1 bouncing off the ropes, loosening up.

Joe: This is gonna be a classic, classic match. These two got the short end of the stick with the draw but they won’t be in there by themselves for long. Every 5 minutes another guy will enter the fray.

Dusty enters the cell, rolls into Ring #1 and stares down Darkwing.

Newell: No more talking shit…its time to get down to business.

The ref signals for the bell and the biggest match in HOW history begins.

Dusty J and Darkwing get nose to nose and the crowd stands on there feet waiting for that first punch.

Darkwing raises his fist rears it back. and…..shakes the hand of Dusty J.

Joe: What the hell!!!

Newell: That damn Duck has either joined the LOD or made a deal with them.
Joe: Can you blame him? After being jumped by the Alliance earlier.

Dusty and Darkwing begin to assemble some weapons as they await for the next man to make his appearance.

Darkwing throws several chairs into both rings, while Dusty is putting tables up all over the place.

Joe: God Almighty. They are preparing for war aren’t they?

Newell: This is totally unfair to the Alliance. Totally unfair.

Joe: Well you can quit bitching cause here comes the countdown to the next man.











Bombs over Baghdad blasts over the PA and Omar Rasheem makes his way down to the rings.

Darkwing and Dusty are both holding chairs in their hands and are eagerly awaiting Omar to enter the ring.

Joe: I feel sorry for Omar.

Omar walks back and forth thinking of the best way to enter the match. There is only one door in and both Darkwing and Dusty J are in the ring closet to the door. ring #1.

Newell: If I was Omar I would just wait for the next idiot to come down and enter the ring before him. I mean….

Suddenly Omar mutters “Fuck It” and races thru the door and dives into the ring.

Darkwing and Dusty both swing their chairs at Omar but Omar ducks the chair shots, causing the chairs to collide and the impact causes both Darkwing and Dusty to drop the chairs.

Omar bounces off the far ropes and delivers a double clothesline knocking Dusty and DW to the mat.

Joe: Wow didn’t see that coming.

Omar grabs Dusty and nails him with a DDT. Omar then dropkicks the DW as he just got to his feet, knocking him back down to the mat. Dusty is back on his feet and Omar clotheslines Dusty over the top rope and onto the floor.

Newell: This is where the Cell comes into play.

Omar motions as if to go outside the ring but instead focuses on DW. Omar picks DW, whips him into the ropes and delivers a SANDSTORM!!

Newell: PIN HIM!! PIN HIM!!

Omar covers..



Dusty scrambles to the top rope, jumps off and nails Omar with a diving chair shot breaking up the count.

Newell: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Hoffmann: Whew that was close for DW.



The crowd counts down as one.









THE GREAT ANT comes running down the aisle and towards the ring.

Newell: TGA is the second member of Team Darkwing in the match, boy is Omar in trouble now.

TGA dives into the ring and stands over the three barely moving men. TGA moves DW outta the way and covers Omar.



Kickout by Omar.

TGA picks up Omar and throws him outta the ring. TGA rolls outta the ring as DW and Dusty catch their breaths and recoup.

TGA picks The Beast from the Middle East up and whips him head first into the steel of the cell. Omar falls to the ground holding his head. TGA gets down on one knee, holds Omar’s head up and begins rubbing Omar’s head fiercely into the steel. Omar’s forehead begins to bleed. TGA finally stops and rolls Omar back into the ring. TGA slides a table into the ring and slides into the ring.

Dusty and DW are both on their feet now and set up the table while TGA perches himself onto the top turnbuckle. Dusty and DW lift up Omar and hand him to TGA, who proceeds to powerbomb Omar thru the table.

Newell: GODDAMN!!

TGA stands up and high fives Darkwing and Dusty J. TGA turns to pin Omar but is grabbed by Darkwing who proceeds to give him the DEGENERATE DROP. Darkwing covers TGA.





Hoffmann: What the fuck was that? TGA was a member of Darkwing’s team!!!

Newell: Who cares..Omar is still alive.

Dusty covers Omar.




Newell: YES!!!!

Hoffmann: Unbelievable. That extra few seconds saved Omar.

TGA is rolled outta the ring by Darkwing and is quickly carried to the back as the countdown begins again as DW and Dusty begin to pummel Omar with hard kicks.


(spare you guys the countdown every time lol)


Narcotic makes his way down to the ring. Darkwing and Dusty stop their beatdown of Omar to turn and see Nark enter the cell and jump into the ring.

Joe: Narcotic is the wild card. He is teammates with Dusty on Team LOD, but whos to say that they are teammates. No one knows where he stands so this will be very interesting to see how this unfolds. But they need to eliminate Omar now. They have him weak.

Narcotic points at DW, then nails the TCD on Dusty J. Darkwing starts to lunge at Nark but thinks better of it.

Newell: That’s what I am talking about. Now cover him Nark.

Nark makes the cover while the whole time staring at Darkwing who has just thrown Omar outta the first ring and into Ring #2.





Narcotic pushes Dusty J outta the ring and heads over to the second ring where DW just whipped Omar into the ropes and nailed a vicious sidewalk slam. DW covers but Omar kicks out.

Nark walks right up to Darkwing and the two superstars stare at each other. Nark is just smiling at Darkwing. Suddenly Darkwing goes down in pain as Omar just delivered a hard low blow to the former ICON champion. Before Nark can do anything Omar rolls outta the ring and falls to the floor. Nark shakes his head and smiles.

Nark walks over to the corner and picks up a steel chair, sets it up in the middle of the ring and sits down. The crowd begins to laugh as Nark waits for Darkwing to quit squirming in pain.

Newell: This isn’t right. They are not on the same team .Nark needs to nail Darkwing. It’s the match up everyone wants to see.

Joe: Like I said Nark is a wild card. Who knows what his agenda his. All I know it makes him very dangerous in this match.

Newell: Well the only good thing about this is that Omar is getting a much-needed rest.

Darkwing using the ropes stands to his feet. He turns and sees Nark sitting in the chair. Darkwing laughs and approaches Narcotic. Nark stands up and kicks the chair to the side. The two superstars are once again face-to-face. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation.

Suddenly DW pushes Nark outta the way and his nailed with a chair, as Omar had snuck up from behind and was aiming to hit Nark with the chair.

Omar turns towards and nails Nark with the chair. The sound of the chair shot echoes throughout the arena as the seemingly dead Omar has just taken out both Darkwing and Narcotic.

Hoffmann: What the hell is going on here? This match is getting stranger by the minute. Why did Darkwing move Nark outta the way??

Newell: Who knows, all I know he did it for nothing. Cause that fucker Nark got nailed anyway. What a damn idiot that Duck is. And look who is back in control…Omar.

Omar stumbles over to Darkwing and covers.



kickout by Darkwing!!


(countdown spared again)


Explosive is coming down to the ring now!!

Newell: Finally a Team Alliance man. Finally some help for Omar

Omar looks up , sees Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal enter the cell and Omar quickly rolls outta Ring #2 .

Mark climbs into Ring #1 , picks up a chair and walks into Ring #2. Narcotic is busy trying to get to his feet when Mark steps over Darkwing and nails Narcotic with the chair. Narcotic falls to the mat and Mark swings the chair again and again as Omar is laughing outside the ring.

Mark drags Narcotic to the center of the ring and covers.


Darkwing is up!!!


Darkwing is running towards Mark…


Darkwing stops and allows the three count to happen.


Newell: YES!!!!!!

Hoffmann: How the tables have turned. It’s now Team Alliance in control.

Darkwing kicks Mark swiftly in the back of the head but is then clotheslined to the mat from behind as Omar has re entered the action. The ref rolls Nark outta Ring #2 as Team Alliance begins to work over Darkwing.

Omar whips DW into the ropes and Omar and Mark deliver a double drop kick to the mouth of DW. Mark then holds DW in place as Omar climbs to the top rope and in true Superfly fashion, executes a perfect Splash from the top rope.

Omar covers



Omar lifts the head of Darkwing and stops the count.

Newell: That’s it. Punish the Duck.

Omar picks up DW and throws him outta Ring #2 and onto the floor. Omar and Mark roll outta the ring and Mark motions to Omar to set up a table.

Mark delivers a few punches to keep DW down as Omar sets up the table. Mark then motions under the ring, Omar smiles and begins looking under Ring # 2.

Hoffmann: What the hell is he looking for..Oh NO!!!!

Omar has found what he was looking for, lighter fluid. The crowd jumps to their feet as Omar douses the table with lighter fluid.


(countdown spared again..damn I hate counting backwards!!)


Stryker is coming down, and in a hurry!!

Mark sees Stryker coming, throws Darkwing headfirst into the cold steel of the Cell and jumps back into Ring # 2, and then jumps into Ring #1 just as Stryker makes it into the ring himself.

The two meet head on and begin exchanging punches. The crowd is red hot as two of Mayhems elite are going at it.

Meanwhile Omar has lit the table on fire and the crowd cant decide on who to watch. Omar picks up the now bloody DW and rolls him into Ring #2 as Stryker and Mark are still exchanging blows in Ring #1.

Omar whips DW hard into the corner. Omar grabs DW, climbs the turnbuckle, and pulls DW up with him as the two men are standing on the top turnbuckle, with Omar having DW locked in position to deliver a Superplex.

Hoffmann: Someone stop this!!

Newell: If Omar Suplexes him onto that burning table its over!! DO IT OMAR!!!

The crowd is all focused on Omar and DW now. Omar lifts DW up but DW blocks it. The two men almost lose their balance but using each other they maintain their balance. Darkwing begins to punch Omar in the face, and Omar matches blow for blow.

Newell: This is crazy. They are exchanging right hands on the top turnbuckle as a tables burns right below them!!

Mark has gained the advantage in Ring #1 and is kicking him repeatedly in the corner. Hearing the buzz in the crowd Mark looks over into Ring #2 and sees Omar and Darkwing exchanging blows on the top rope. Mark quickly forgets about Stryker and jumps over the ropes of Ring #1 and jumps into Ring #2. But when he did that he shook the top rope and Omar and Darkwing are about to fall!!!!

Sensing that they are about to go Darkwing jumps backwards off the top turnbuckle and drop kicks Omar at the same time sending Omar off the top and crashing thru the burning table on the outside!!


Hoffmann: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Mark races outta the ring and drags Omar outta the burning mess that was a table. Omar is on fire, and Mark does his best to put the flames out. But there is too much lighter fluid on the floor and the whole floor around the table is on fire.

The referee intervenes and douses Mark and Omar with a fire extinguisher. Omar is screaming in pain as he falls to the ground. Mark, relatively unhurt looks to the back to the ring only to see a flying Darkwing coming at him!!

Newell: DAMMIT!!!

Darkwing executes a perfect flying clothesline off the top turnbuckle. All three men are laid out.

Meanwhile in Ring #1 Stryker is watching all this as he struggles to his feet.


(damn countdowns..who thought of this match??)


El Nutso makes his way out!!!

Newell: Another damn member of Team LOD.

Stryker sees El Nutso coming and positions himself in Ring #1 to take him on.

Meanwhile outside Ring #2 Darkwing has rolled the badly burned Omar into the ring and has made the cover.






Hoffmann: I will give Omar credit. He survived a lot of shit. And still lasted this long. But that dropkick that sent him thru the burning table was just too damn much.

Several HOW officials race out and help Omar to the back, as he has several severe burns.

Mark is back to his feet and sees Omar being carted away as Darkwing is lying down resting in the middle of Ring # 2. Mark slides into the ring and Darkwing jumps to his feet and the two men begin an all out brawl.

Hoffmann: Nothing scientific about this. Mark and DW are just straight out fighting.

Meanwhile in Ring #1 El Nutso has just executed a perfect corkscrew plancha to the outside onto Stryker who was thrown outta the ring by El Nutso.

El Nutso gets to his feet and sets up a table. Then he sets up another table on top of that. Stryker using the cage for support has made it to his feet. Stryker turns and is met with a vicious chair shot to the head of Stryker. Stryker starts to bleed from the forehead as El Nutso picks him up and rolls him into the ring. El Nutso looks under the ring and grabs a ladder.

Newell: Oh shit. I don’t like this.

El Nutso drives the ladder into the gut of Stryker who rolls instinctly away. El Nutso sets the ladder up, near the ropes. El Nutso looks it over and satisfied with its positioning turns back his attention to Stryker.

Meanwhile back in Ring #2 Mark has just delivered a pile driver to Darkwing. He covers.



Kickout by Darkwing. Mark struggles to his feet and locks in a figure four leg lock right in the middle of the ring.


(fucking count)


Newell: JATT STARR!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffmann: Well he’s team LOD but obviously he is here to thwart any attempt of Darkwing winning this match.

Newell: Well Lee is a genius for picking Starr to be Darkwing’s final teammate after the Duck lost that match.

Hoffmann: Yeah Lee hasn’t stacked the deck has he? Jeez.

Starr runs right to Ring #2 and begins dropping elbows onto Darkwing as Mark cinches the Figure four even tighter.

Hoffmann: Darkwing can be eliminated if he taps…this is no fair!!

Newell: nature of the beast. He knew what he was getting into.

Starr begins to slap Darkwing , yelling at him to give up. But Darkwing refuses to give an inch. Finally Mark releases the hold and Mark and Starr begin to double team Darkwing, who was the first man in this hellish match.

Meanwhile in Ring #1 Stryker and El Nutso are perched on top of the ladder. El Nutso is standing on the very top rung while Stryker is one below him. El Nutso jumps up and grabs Strykers head with his legs, preparing to hurricanrana Stryker off the ladder and thru the two tables. But instead Stryker uses his strength and grabs hold of El Nutso and lifts him up in a powerbomb position and jumps off the ladder.



El Nutso is out cold and Stryker isn’t too much better has he hurt he back while landing.

Back in Ring #2 Starr is just nailing Darkwing with rights and lefts as Mark is resting in the corner. Starr turns to ring number one when he hears the chant of Holy Shit erupt thru the crowd. Starr quickly DDT’s Darkwing and sensing an opportunity Starr exits Ring #2 and climbs into Ring #1.

Newell: Looks like Starr is going to eliminate Stryker or El Nutso or both!!

Stryker is standing with his back to the ring and Starr leans over and pulls Stryker by the hair and into Ring #1. Stryker swings wildly but Starr ducks and delivers his finisher the Falling Starr. Starr covers.





Hoffmann: What a cheap way to eliminate someone.

Newell: Hey this is war, not some contest on how to eliminate someone.


(look out here comes the winner!!)



Newell: Oh boy it’s Lee Best. What is going to happen now. We have Mark and Darkwing in Ring #2, Starr in Ring #1 and El Nutso laid outside Ring #1. This is chaos.

Hoffmann: Well there is officially 2 members of Team Alliance left, 1 member of Team Darkwing, and 2 Members of Team LOD, even though Starr should be counted as a member of Team Alliance. Whew. this is all BA .

Lee Best walks confidently down to the ring, shakes the cell and enters the cell.

Hoffmann: Well its official now. Our boss is officially in the cell and in the ring. And I hate to admit it but he has the best chance of winning this damn thing since he is captain of the dominant team right now.

Newell: You are damn right. Lee Best, HOW World Champion, sounds good to me.

Lee steps on and over the still out cold El Nutso and rolls into Ring #1. Lee hugs Starr and hands Starr a t-shirt. Starr smiles and puts it own. Lee is sporting the same shirt. The two model the shirts to the crowd. On the front it reads..

“Fuck with the BA”

And on the back…

“Get buried like Rage and Jay”

With a picture of tombstones underneath the writing.

Newell: Where can I get one??

Hoffmann: OH shut up. Those two are modelling during the biggest match of the year!!

Meanwhile in Ring #2 Darkwing has finally gotten up and has actually gained the upper hand on Mark. Darkwing whips him into the ropes and delivers a flying elbow. Darkwing struggles to his feet, as he is tired as fuck, and sees that Lee Best and Jatt Starr in Ring #1. Darkwing springs into action and bounces off the far ropes and dives over the ropes of both rings and nails Lee and Starr with a double clothesline.

Newell: Holy Kobe Bryant Batman.

Darkwing begins to pummel Starr with punches as El Nutso finally makes it up off the ground and has rolled into the ring. Lee seeing this rolls outta Ring # 1 and hustles over to Ring #2 and helps Mark to his feet.

Hoffmann: There’s a team player for you. He just left Starr to Darkwing and El Nutso.

Newell: Hey he’s GOD of HOW. He can do what he wants. Starr isn’t on his team anyway.

Hoffmann: Oh shut up please.

Darkwing and El Nutso begin double teaming Starr as Mark and Lee Best sit and watch in Ring #2. Mark wants to help Starr but Lee is holding him back, saying that the team Alliance is more important and that Starr is just doing his job.

The crowd all roars as Darkwing and El Nutso execute a double superplex off the top rope. El Nutso covers Starr.



El Nutso jumps up as the countdown for the mystery guy starts. Everyone directs their attention to the ramp way as the counter reaches zero.

Newell: WHO IS IT????

Suddenly a man appears and the crowd erupts in a thunderous ovation!!!
Lee’s eyes become HUGE as he sees who the man is.


Newell: What the fuck..hes supposed to be in jail dammit!!!!

El Nutso and Darkwing smile as Kostoff is smiling and the crowd is going absolutely crazy. Panicked Lee Best runs for the door.

Lee exits the cell as Kostoff is halfway down the ramp. Seeing this Kostoff begins to run and seeing no other place to go, or just from being panicked Lee best begins to climb the cell.


The crowd is going wild as Kostoff climbs up the cell after the man that ordered the kidnapping of his wife.

Lee makes it to the top and runs to the far side of the huge structure.

Meanwhile below in Ring #1 Mark has joined the action.

Hoffmann: Damn we got Darkwing, Starr, El Nutso and Mark in Ring #1 and we got Lee best on the top of the Cell with Kostoff just about to get there. Damn.

Kostoff has made it to the top and begins to walk slowly towards Lee . Lee is looking down and decides its time to scale back down the cage. Suddenly Jason Sinn appears outta the crowd and Lee seeing this scales back up the cell and back on top.


Hoffmann: Looks like Lee is trapped between the man that he had retired and the husband of the woman he kidnapped. Doesn’t look good here.

Sinn is smiling as he begins setting up tables all outside the huge Hell in the Cell.

Mean while Lee is on his knees begging as Kostoff is now standing over him. Kostoff just shakes his head and picks up the owner of HOW by the neck and walks him over to the edge.

Meanwhile in Ring #1 all four men are bloody as Starr has been thrown and slingshotted into the cell numerous times by Darkwing, while El Nutso has been nailing high risk move after high risk move on Mark.

Back on the top of the Cell Lee is screaming that he taps. he quits, as Kostoff is threatening to throw him off the cell.


Newell: that’s unfair. Kostoff is threatening his life. Of course he’s going to submit.

Hoffmann: Like you said it’s a war.

Newell: Shut the hell up.

Kostoff lets go of Lee and seems satisfied that Lee will not win the match. Lee straightens himself up and begins to walk away. Lee stops, turns and spits in the face of Kostoff and begins to walk away. Kostoff grabs Lee, turns him and proceeds the chokeslam Lee OFF THE TOP OF THE CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lee braces himself the best he can but its to no avail as he goes crashing thru several tables that Sinn had set up on the outside. Lee is a crumpled mass as several HOW officials run down. Sinn, laughing motions to Kostoff, and exits thru the crowd.

Back in Ring #1 Starr being distracted from the site of his beloved owner being choke slammed off the cell just got nailed with a shot to the back of the head with the ladder. Starr is out cold and el Nutso climbs to the top of the ladder and jumps off and delivers a 750. El Nutso covers





El Nutso pushes Starr outta the ring, turns and is met by an Explosive Drop by mark. Mark covers.





Hoffmann: Damn the action has picked up. Darkwing, Mark and Kostoff are the only men left in the match.

Newell: Dammit. It’s a member from each team. Kostoff is just coming down the cell, and Darkwing is out on the floor. I have to say Mark is in control but dammit Kostoff is fresh. That asshole choke slammed Lee off the top of the cell!!!!!!!!

Mark is leaning against the turnbuckle as Kostoff finally makes his way down from the top. Mark is fuming after seeing Lee Best taken out on a stretcher due to Kostoff.

Kostoff smiles at Mark as he prepares to enter the cell. Wasting no time Mark rolls outta Ring #1 and walks outta the cell and gets right into the face of Kostoff. The two men are nose-to-nose…


Newell: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffmann: WHAT THE FUCK????????????

Barbi Kostoff jumped the barrier that separates the fans from the wrestlers and just nailed Chris in the back of the head with a crowbar, the same crowbar Shocker used earlier on.

Barbi hugs Mark and helps Mark carry Chris into the cell and they roll him into the ring. Darkwing gets to his feet and struggles to get into the ring as mark covers..





Hoffmann: Un fucking believable.

Barbi runs over to Darkwing and nails him in the knee with the crowbar. Darkwing swings at her wildly as he falls down holding his knee. Mark rolls outta the ring and throws Darkwing into the ring. Mark follows right after him, picks up Darkwing and nails him with the Explosive Drop. He covers.






Newell: YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!

Hoffmann: No way. No fucking way did I just see that right. No fucking way.

The PPV ends with a Mark and Barbi walking to the back with Mark holding the title above his head.

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