Meet the Team: MJ Flair

To say that Mariella Jade Flair was born to do this is an understatement. Not only is her father legendary late-90s, early 00’s brawler Eli Flair, not only is her mother Angel, singer and co-founder of goth-industrial band Valerian’s Garden, but MJ Flair was literally born on the road while her mother’s band played Toronto, Canada.

In January.

Growing up surrounded by musicians and wrestlers alike, it’s only natural that she’d be drawn into one field or the other. What nobody expected, however, was that she would be far too impatient to do so, donning a mask and a false identity to join WrestleUTA as The Second Coming at the age of sixteen. She would be assigned to their developmental promotion, Valor Championship Wrestling, and ultimately be that company’s final Champion before moving on to the main roster.

She would make her mark in the WrestleUTA proper for nearly a year before leaving the company and business altogether on the backs of (true) rumors that she was working illegally.

Years later, once of legal age, MJ would give the sport another try without a mask or an alias, and see if she could really go. Joining up with the Championship Wrestling Federation as a free agent for their annual Modern Warfare tournament, she would go on to win their World Championship twice.

Championships –

Valor Championship Wrestling

– VCW Champion x1 (final)


– Legacy Champion x1
– Wildfire Champion x1
– World Tag Team Champion x1

Championship Wrestling Federation

– CWF World Champion x2

MJ is in a unique place on her team, as her father was friends (or, at least, allies) with Dan Ryan, Lindsay Troy, and Jack Harmen during his career, and had a certain level of animosity with Eric Dane. While MJ has never faced off with Ryan, Troy, or Harmen in any capacity, she’s wrestled against Dane in multiple gimmick matches, evidently impressing the Only Star enough for him to be the one to insist on her inclusion in the War Games team.

Lee Best had this to say about the youngest member of his Best Alliance and War Games team:

”Look the last name Flair means a ton in our business and in this case its no different. I knew of Eli Flair and his allies long before any inkling of the possibility that any of them would sign with HOW. Now, years later, it would have been foolish of me to have not taken the chance of signing MJ at the request of Dane. I am honored to have her in the company, in my stable, and on my War Games team as I look to remain the true GOD of HOW.”

As MJ Flair’s High Octane career continues on a hot start one had to wonder if this daughter of a legend can win it all.

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