Meet the Team: Dan Ryan

The next member of the roster to be profiled is none other than Dan Ryan. Dan was signed and immediately placed in The Best Alliance but also the War Games team for Lee Best. This signing was a pivotal one in the Refueled Era as it clearly signaled to everyone that Lee had lost faith in the old guard of HOW and was focused on bringing in the best free agents from across the pro wrestling landscape to the land of High Octane.

Dan Ryan was born on May 1, 1979. Ryan grew up in a normal middle class home. His father was a semi-well-to-do wrestling trainer, his mother was a school teacher. Graduated in the upper third of his class in high school and excelled as an amateur wrestler. Ryan was offered several scholarship opportunities to major universities to compete in their wrestling programs early on in high school. However, his father took a job in Kyoto, Japan training wrestlers and working as a liaison to gaijin working the Japanese circuit, and Dan followed.

While in Japan, he took up with training in various martial arts and became most interested in various submissions and joint-locks. Eventually, he took up with a wrestling company who agreed to train him based on his size and physical acumen for the sport. After a little more than a year in training and a few small successes in the Orient, he moved back to the states with an offer from New Breed Wrestling.

From there Dan had some very notable moments in his career before ultimately landing in High Octane Wrestling:

  • Began his career as “The Ego Buster”, winning early World Championships in both NBW and NthWA under this name before shedding the moniker and competing under his real name of Dan Ryan. The “Ego Buster” name later came back as promoter used it to link him to his past successes.
  • Won World Championships in both EWI and NAWA shortly after as a founding member of “Team Phenom”, as well as multiple GXW World Championships after NthWA and EWI merged.
  • Entered a period of unparalleled success from 2002-2008, winning World Championships in CSWA, NFW, A1E and NAPW multiple times each, including a period of time when he held all four World Championships at the same time.
  • Opened Empire Pro Wrestling in 2004 and ran the company for ten years, during which time it rose to the top of the circuit and was regularly voted as the top company to work for.
  • Competed in and twice won the World Championship in VWF during this time.
  • Retired for a brief period, returning to join DEFIANCE, and won the FIST of DEFIANCE three times.
  • Following the third FIST of DEFIANCE reign, he retired once again, returning in 2019 to compete in CWF, where he won the CWF World Championship twice that year.

With the closing of CWF, the wrestlers in HOW better keep their eyes on Mr. Ryan, as he is solely focused on High Octane Wrestling and after a great battle with the ICON Champion he is looking forward to War Games to cement himself here in the Refueled Era.

Lee had this to say regarding Ryan:

“Look Dan Ryan was a no brainer once I realized the possibility of signing him was real. Dan brings a wealth of in ring experience and has been one that has steered clear of the political bullshit that often plagues our industry. He obviously is a force to be reckoned with and now with his focus zeroed in on War Games and HOW in general….I cannot wait to see what he does at War Games and beyond. The very future of HOW is tied to The Best Alliance and Dan is a vital cog in that wheel.”

After a great steel cage for the ICON Championship that ended in defeat for Dan… has to assume that he will be coming into War Games with a chip on his shoulder and an eye on the ultimate prize.


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