Where we stand heading to War Games

The numbers are in......

With War Games coming up quick it was announced today that Lee and Michael Best had to release their finances to the fine folks that they struck a deal with to have HOWrestling come to Tampa Florida…namely the board of the University of South Florida and of course Stuart Sternberg, the owner of the Tampa Bay Rays, who will be hosting HOW and War Games inside Tropicana Field on August 3rd.

Lee…always worried about misinformation….has decided the make the numbers public for everyone to see. So with that said here is the high level takeaways from the information that was released to the esteemed Tampa businessmen:

  • High Octane Wrestling has turned a profit so far with $751,045.95 cents brought in from Ticket Sales minus $437,623.85 paid out in Payroll for a profit of $313,422.10
  • High Octane Wrestling has sold a total of 89.81% of the tickets available from Refueled I thru Refueled VII
  • The initial payroll budget was set at $1.92 million and of that only $115,704.00 remains. The highest paid wrestler is High Flyer who signed for a one year $72,000 contract.
  • The highest paid non wrestlers remain Lee and Michael Best who gave themselves an annual salary of $200,000. The average pay of the wrestlers as a whole is $48,531.84 (25 wrestlers currently still under contract).

With the payroll budget rapidly dwindling it has been rumored that Lee and Michael will be looking to cut some salaries to make room for new signings for the next PPV period. When asked about cutting their own salaries to open up the budget more…..well lets just say that resulted in the dot com budget being slashed.

With the company finally in the black it was also stated that Lee and Michael will be looking to add an additional backstage interviewer, another agent and potentially one more referee.

Stay tuned as the business continues to literally and figuratively pick up here at HOWrestling as the whole outlook could change with whoever wins the coveted 1% wager between Father and Son.

**Below are snapshots of part of the documents submitted**
Name Contact Ends Annual Wage Role
Lee Best 12/31/2019 $200,000.00 *Owner
Mike Best 12/31/2019 $200,000.00 *Owner
Christoper America 12/31/2019 $75,000.00 Agent
Benny Newell 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Announcer
Joe Hoffmann 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Announcer
Blair Moise 12/31/2019 $20,000.00 Interviewer
Joel Hortega 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Referee
Matt Boettcher 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Referee
High Flyer 12/31/2019 $72,000.00 Wrestler
Darin Zion 12/31/2020 $62,400.00 Wrestler
Scottywood 12/31/2019 $62,400.00 Wrestler
Max Kael 12/31/2019 $61,200.00 Wrestler
Cecilworth Farthington 12/31/2019 $60,096.00 Wrestler
Chris Kostoff 12/31/2019 $60,000.00 Wrestler
David Black 12/31/2019 $60,000.00 Wrestler
Silent Witness 12/31/2019 $60,000.00 Wrestler
Brian Hollywood 12/31/2019 $57,600.00 Wrestler
John Sektor 12/31/2019 $57,600.00 Wrestler
Lindsay Troy 12/31/2019 $57,600.00 Wrestler
Scott Stevens 12/31/2019 $57,600.00 Wrestler
Eric Dane 12/31/2019 $52,800.00 Wrestler
Dan Ryan 12/31/2019 $48,000.00 Wrestler
Halitosis 12/31/2019 $48,000.00 Wrestler
MJ Flair 12/31/2019 $48,000.00 Wrestler
Chris Diamond 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Cool Jiles 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Doozer 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Jonny O’Dell 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Noah Hanson 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Robert Dean 12/31/2019 $36,000.00 Wrestler
Black Mamba 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Wrestler
Crash Rodriguez 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Wrestler
Jace Savage 12/31/2019 $24,000.00 Wrestler
DATE Max Rps Rps Done % Total Seats Tickets            Sold Money Earned Expenses Venue City Promoter Show
04/08/19 52 44 84.615% 10,411 8,809 $79,510.23 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best I
05/03/19 32 32 100.000% 10,411 10,411 $137,561.00 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best II
05/17/19 14 13 92.857% 10,411 9,667 $120,251.71 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best III
06/14/19 20 16 80.000% 10,411 8,329 $72,595.00 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best IV
06/28/19 18 15 83.333% 10,411 8,676 $73,006.00 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best V
07/12/19 17 17 100.000% 10,411 10,411 $123,061.00 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best VI
07/19/19 4 4 100.000% 10,411 10,411 $145,061.00 $47,265.00 Yuengling Center Tampa FL Lee Best VII
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