Meet the Team: Lindsay Troy

There is a reason that Lee Best has been trying for years to sign Lindsay Troy to High Octane Wrestling. She was and is the benchmark for female fighters in professional wrestling, the one all women are measured against. She’s put the time in training wise, works hard, takes what she wants, and makes no apologies for any of it.

Troy is cunning, quick-witted, sarcastic, and perceptive – traits which have served her well on both sides of wrestling alignments – but she is also loyal, honest, quick to call bullshit, and the first to throw down if a friend is in trouble. If she counts you worthy enough to be in her inner circle, you’ll have a friend and an ally for life. Wind up on her radar or piss her off and you might find yourself cut at the knees and neck before you have a chance to wonder what hit you.

At 6-foot-3-inches tall, if Troy’s not standing head and shoulders above you then you won’t have to look far to find her. She has hazel eyes, olive-toned skin, and a mop of shoulder-length curly brown hair with red and blonde highlights. Her body is toned and muscular, but not overly so like a body builder’s would be, and her core is most certainly defined as a cut 8-pack. She wears an ever-present smirk which most will either find attractive or aggravating to the point of wanting to smack it off her because she said or did something they didn’t like (which happens frequently).

Lets take a look at some of her notable accomplishments:

-Legacy of Champions (LoC): Underground Champion, Underground Tournament Winner
-PRIME: Universal Champion (x2), Tag Team Champion (x2), Intense Champion, Colossus Curse Breaker, Hall of Famer, Partial Owner (farewell run)
-PTC: Unified Champion
-EPW: World Heavyweight Champion (longest reigning), Tag Team Champion, Hall of Famer
-TEAM: Champion of Champions
-FWO: Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion
-A1E: Tag Team Champion, Triple Star Champion, Cyber Champion

Wrap that all up and its a no brainer that Lee wanted her not only in HOW but in the Best Alliance.

”Lindsay is the exact type of person I want on my side and in my company. She has proven herself all over the world in the ring but to me it is how she carries herself for the reason I been begging like Keith Sweat for so many years for her to join. Her signing with HOW is one of the most satisfying days I have had in this fucked up industry. Without her signing I would not been able to reach out and put the rest of the BA together. LT was the first and most important domino to fall in terms of free agent signings here in the Refueled Era.”

We here at, per the strict instructions from Lee, will be focusing on going thru the roster till War Games. Watch for a different Meet The post daily.



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