War Games Location

Due to not wanting this information to get lost in the shuffle of tonights show…and to make it easier to be seen and reread if needed…..please read below on the final War Games information to come out……the location.

On August 3rd War Games will be coming to you live at 10pm CST live from Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays. That exact day the Rays will be taking on the Florida Marlins in MLB action and because the attendance is already said to be severely lackluster, Lee Best was able to secure a deal where any fan that buys a ticket for the MLB game will also get a ticket to War Games and vice versa.

Here is what Lee had to say:

“Look until we get a PPV under our belt we are going to be struggling for cash. I spent a ton on signings and my son has put a ton back into Five Time. We NEED War Games to happen but we also need War Games to happen as inexpensively as possible. A deal with the areas MLB team not only gives us a venue with a great capacity…..but also keeps costs down. Thats it. Nothing more to it. Good ol KISS method”.

So there ya go folks…..War Games will happen merely a few hours after the conclusion of a MLB game inside a MLB stadium. The real question now is…..which event will have the larger gate?

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