Trimming the Fat…The Anger Edition

“This is fucking INFURIATING!  How did I KNOW this was what it was going to come to?  Leave it to Lee to make all the wrong decisions lately.  Now he’s going to not only regret his war games team choices, but he’s going to feel the repercussions of what happens when you don’t heed my advice and warnings!”


Hollywood is raging at the bit.  How could he lay out so many warnings and red flags, and the God of HOW not take it upon himself from, by far his most loyal and trusted confidant, to look into that advice and use it for the betterment of HOW?  Hollywood continues to ponder this question over and over in his head and every time, he arrives at the same answer…and that answer just angers him further.


“So not only am I left off the war games main event, but I’m left off the event entirely.  Is this seriously what I’m owed after EVERYTHING I fucking did for Lee?!  I carried this company on my fucking back and not only did I do it…I was fucking GREAT at it!  I didn’t need ANYONE’S fucking help to do it, either!  I did it all by my fucking self!  Who else in HOW history can say that they did that?!  NO ONE!  Not one motherfucking person!  Every incarnation of Lee’s “Alliance” has either come up short, or it took them far too long to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish.  Except for ME!  I did EVERYTHING in the course of a few short months.  Let that fucking sink in for a moment.  Let that be a testament for the kind of person I am.  I played the game MY way and it triggered RESULTS!  I have always been methodical in my methods and every time it paid off for me.  So what about now?  What makes this new refueled era any different to Lee?  What makes this era any different for me?”


Hollywood pauses for a moment at this point he was already seething with hate.  There was only one thing that came to his mind at this point and it was one word that summed up everything…connected everything to Hollywood’s suspicions.  Biasedness.


“Biased views will get you everything you deserve.  NOTHING.  All this time Lee, I thought you were smarter than this, but in the end, you’re just the man I’ve come to expect you to be when this new era kicked off.  I thought it would be different for you…but in this instance..I was wrong and right about you.  You succumbed to the man you used to be and that is your greatest WEAKNESS!  You succumbed to the NOSTALGIA and that nostalgia is going to be your fucking undoing!  You thought you could count on nostalgia to give you the greatest product to your company, but you haven’t seen nostalgia yet.  I look at these war games teams and I see the same god damn thing.  The hall of famers Mike has in his employ and this so called new best alliance you’ve gotten in what I like to call the Defiance of Alliance.  You’ve taken these fucking newbies and have entrusted that they are your answer in conquering HOW.   You couldn’t be more wrong!  You took the enemies of the state and have made them your allies.  It’s a team that’s going to blow up in your fucking face and that won’t be the only thing that happens to you.”


Hollywood stops short of that sentence.  Hollywood knew Lee more than Lee knew himself.  It was the ability of knowing people and how to exploit their weaknesses that was one of the many traits that made Hollywood such a big threat.  And now that Hollywood isn’t even apart of war games, that just made Hollywood even more dangerous.  Hollywood shakes his head in disgust as he shifts his attention to this weeks refueled seven.


“So what do I get to do this week?  I get to take that anger out on a poor fucking excuse for a man in Bobby Dean.  Oh Bobby, how your return to HOW has been under advertised.  You’re back to your losing ways and that’s what made you the greatest weakness when I was in the Best Alliance in the first place.  I discarded you because I didn’t need you.  Now that you’re back, it’s funny that you’re the very person I get to take my anger out on.  How ironic is that?  I’m going to make an example out of you, Booby Dean.  I don’t even know what Lee ever saw in you…nor do I know what he STILL sees in you.  I see the opportunity right in front of me, though, and I think it’s funny that you will help me make my point all over again.  If there’s one thing I’ve always been able to do, it’s to turn something from nothing into….an opportunity.  Let me destroying you be that opportunity, Bobby.  That’s what I can do for you…and maybe after this next go round, I can help you see why you belong in the wrong conversation.  But don’t let that discourage you, Dean.  Oh no….I’ve got far better ideas and this one might just benefit you.”


Hollywood stops short of finishing again.  Next to destroying Bobby Dean, was there something else Hollywood could possibly do for him?  Hollywood was aware that Bobby Dean can be a force of destruction, but only if it was triggered and channeled properly.  Hollywood saw the good and bad in everyone, and there was most definitely a way for Hollywood to turn it in his favor…but first, Hollywood would have to destroy him to get it.


“Bobby…come time for Refueled Seven, I will give you a way out.  In all actuality, there is more than one way out of this but you have to CHOOSE which way that’s going to be.  I will beat the ever living hell out of you, but only to help benefit what I want.  That should terrify the entire fucking roster, but it doesn’t have to terrify you, Bobby.  In fact…if you choose option number two…you’ll be fucking THANKING me for what I’m going to do to you at Refueled Seven, Bobby.”


“Lee gave me his answer, and it’s going to be an answer that comes back to haunt him in more ways than he will ever realize.  He is about to allow me the satisfaction of knowing I was right all along and he’s also going to allow me that satisfaction to destroy him for it.  I said it last week it would be his greatest mistake if he chose to ignore me and not put me on that war games main event team.  Now, because of that…I have set something else in motion and it’s going to make him open up his motherfucking one eye wide to see just how wrong he was in the first place.  I’m going to exploit that mistake and make it a nightmare for him.  As for this week, though, I have no choice myself but to inflict the most painful, ruthless aggression upon yourself as I can to make a fucking point!  Lee wants me focused….he is getting just that.  However, it’s the focus Lee is getting that he will wish he never got.  The writing is already all over the wall in plain sight…yet Lee can’t see it because he’s too focused on blowing wad all over that fucking glory hole of his with the Defiance of Alliance.  It will be that blown wad that will be his ultimate undoing.  Now…he’s going to see where HIS fucking focus should have been in trusting me on his team.  Now all he will get, is my undivided attention in undoing that very focus he’s placed his sight on and placed all his chips in one pot.”


“Come time for Refueled Seven…I will begin putting the pieces of the focus in motion right in front of him.  He’s already beyond saving, but maybe…just maybe….he will catch what I will have to say to him because it’s his last fucking chance to figure it out before what comes next.  I’m not only going to destroy you, Bobby, but I’m going to open up your eyes to everything.  But most importantly….I will snap my fingers, and lay out all the groundwork with what follows.  Because I’m Brian Hollywood and if anger is the only thing Lee will see….he will have another thing coming because he’s not the only one is always thinking about that next move…Lee made that move and now it’s my turn….that move will come at Refueled Seven because I’m not only angry but…..





“I’ve ALWAYS got a motherfucking plan!….”

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