Concussion Issues rise again…

Eric Dane, the in-ring leader of Lee Best’s Best Alliance, was apparently admitted to Memorial Hospital of Tampa in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It’s being said that the reason HOW officials, specifically Lee Best himself, have only just now become privy to the situation is because Dane had refused medical attention after taking a C-Sektion from John Sektor at the end of last week’s edition of Refueled!

Dane, ever obstinate, shoved HOW trainers and medical personnel away from him as he picked himself up off the mat and scurried away into the backstage area alone following the fiasco that he’d instigated following Dan Ryan’s unsuccessful rematch for Cecilworth Farthington’s ICON Championship.

The Only Star was apparently treated for and diagnosed with a Grade III concussion, meaning that there was some loss of consciousness and that various symptoms persisted longer than fifteen minutes. This isn’t the first time that Eric Dane has been treated for a severe concussion, as it was reported here when he received a similar injury after a particularly violent match Heidi Christenson in DEFIANCE in August of 2013.

Dane, again showing his bullheadedness, checked himself out of the medical facility against doctor’s orders early this morning. The Only Star has since gone dark, he refuses to take phone calls or answer any inquiries concerning his condition leading into HOW’s signature event, War Games. Lee best has expressed his own frustration with The Only Star, having the following to say about the situation:

“Obviously this is concerning as we have a few folks who are now struggling with concussion issues. As always I have a back up plan in place…. ALWAYS.”

-Lee Best

Stay tuned for more information on this story as it develops!

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