War Games: The Match Rules

So as we head into the go home show for War Games we here at HOWrestling.com were instructed to remind folks of the rules for the match as obviously we have some newer faces this time around for this HOW staple. The first HOW War Games match took place in 2002 and saw Mark O’Neal get the win after Barbi Kostoff turned on her husband Chris Kostoff.  After closing in 2004, HOW returned in 2008 with another War Games match where Shane Reynolds and Bobbinette Carey were the sole survivors and we saw Carey award herself the World Championship per the Captain stipulations heading into the match. That brings us to 2019 where once again War Games will determine the future state of the company. With the SON of GOD and his team wanting to burn down this version of HOW, and the GOD of HOW wanting to move forward from the old guard, we have the ingredients to see the real end of High Octane Wrestling.

But enough of a history lesson….lets get to the IC rules:

  • Each Team will consist of five wrestlers and one captain (Lee and Michael Best)
  • The match will start with one member of each team kicking things off. After five minutes a new wrestler will enter the match. From there every five minutes another wrestler will enter until EVERYONE is in the match.
  • Wrestlers can be eliminated at ANY TIME by pinfall or submission only.
  • The match will continue until there is only one team remaining. This could be all five members of a team or just one sole wrestler.

Now lets talk about the OOC rules for this match:

  • All roleplays for a team will be averaged and there will be a team score. For reference look at the RefueledVI roleplay scores and note the tag team match and how it was calculated.
  • The team with the best overall score will win War Games.
  • The top roleplayer on the WINNING TEAM will win or retain the World Championship (hello Max).
  • The 2nd highest roleplayer IN THE MATCH will win or retain the ICON Championship (*thumbs up* Colin).
  • The roleplay limit for everyone in the War Games match is 3 per person.

Now we will also see the Tag Titles won at War Games and the rules for that match will be revealed at Refueled VII.

Again we encourage everyone to do a deep dive into the site and learn where all the information is located and if you have any questions reach out to Lee Best directly.

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