Zion Always A Day Late and A Dollar Short

It's a celebration bitches!!!!

Location: Houston, Texas: Taste of Texas
July 2, 2019, 8:30 PM


The sound of a cork being released from a wine bottle is heard amongst the chatter inside the steak house as we see the waiter pour a 2016 Pinot Noir called Goldeneye into the crystalline wine glass and places the bottle back in the bucket of ice while he places a whiskey sour on the wooden dinner table next.

“Ready to order?”

The waiter asks as the people he is waiting on are none other than Scott Stevens and his wife, Lisa.

“I believe so.”

Stevens asks as he closes the menu.

“Ladies first.”

The waiter says and Lisa replies.

“The Cowboy Steak.”

The waiter nods as he writes down the order.

“How would you like that cooked?”


Lisa says and the waiter takes note.

“And your two sides?”

Lisa takes a moment before responding.

“Baked Potato and the mac and cheese.”

The waiter jots the information down.

“Soup or salad?”

Lisa takes a moment.

“Tortilla soup.”

The waiter finishes writing down her order.

“Excellent choice ma’am, and you sir?”

He turns to Scott.

“I’ll have the fourteen ounce Filet.”

Stevens responds.

“How do you want it cooked?”

The man asks as he finishes writing.

“Well down and butterfly it as well.”

The Texan says and the waiter nods as he writes.

“Your sides?”

He asks and Stevens thinks a minute.

“Mashed potatoes and the asparagus.”

Stevens replies and the waiter jots it down.

“Soup or salad?”

“I’ll have a salad.”

Stevens says as he takes a sip of his drink.

“I’ll get this in and help yourself to the salad bar.”

The waiter says and the Texan disappears to get his salad while Lisa takes a sip of her wine. Lisa is looking ravishing tonight as her olive skin exuberance the dark blue cocktail dress she is wearing. After a few minutes, her husband with a plate full of lettuce, carrots, chopped up hardboiled egg, chipotle chicken, bacon bits, croutons, fruit slices consisting of oranges, strawberry, and cranberry finishing it off with enough cheddar cheese and ranch dressing you’ll have a massive stroke and heart attack by just looking at it. As Stevens sits down we notice he is wearing a dark blue suit as well to match his wife.

“I thought you were on a diet?”

Lisa says as she sees the artery clogger of a so called salad in front of her husband.

“What you mean?”

Stevens asks confused as his wife points to his plate.

“Babe, I lost two pounds. I need to bulk back up for my matches against Chastity Temple and Zion.”

Stevens replies and Lisa just rolls her eyes as she reaches into her purse to produce a compact mirror and looks at her left eye.

“How’s the eye?”

Stevens asks before taking a bite of his salad.

“Still got the massive black eye from Christa Carmondy, but it was worth it”

She says with a massive grin.

“Of course because that’s how we roll.”

Scott says as he lifts his whiskey sour toasts his wife.

“Outside of HOW and OCW, MVW is the place to be as it’s producing talent people want to see and people want to go there and get noticed. Halitosis went from being simply a tag team champion there to the HOW freaking World Champion, and you my darling, once again became the Women’s champion.”

Stevens says as he winks at his wife who blushes a little.

“It was a long road back to the top but it was worth every bullshit finish and screwjob to have my hand raised in victory and have that gold around my waist.”

She says with a wince as she holds her side for a moment as her husband nods as he continues to eat his salad.

“Speaking of getting to the top.”

Lisa says bluntly and Scott stops eating and swallows before replying.

“Babe, I just signed with OCW, it’ll take me a little bit to get to the top…..”

Lisa cuts her husband off before he can finish.

“I’m not talking about OCW.”

She says shaking her head.

“I’m talking about High Octane Wrestling.”


Stevens says as he slumps in his chair and runs his hand through his beard.


Lisa says nudgingly.

“I don’t know and honestly, I really don’t care.”

Stevens says as his wife shoots him a look.


She says calling her husband’s bullshit.


Stevens says firmly.

“Than what was that hissy fit you threw? For someone who doesn’t care you seemed to be extremely pissed about it.”

Lisa says and Scott surrenders.

“Fine, what the fuck you want me to say? That I care? Because I do care and that’s the frustrating part. I’m tired of being looked at as useless. I’m tired of being passed over by people who haven’t accomplished anything in HOW when I have given my blood, sweat, and tears for a company that lately couldn’t care less if I was on the program.”

Stevens says as he balls up his fist.

“I’m tired of Mike Best dangling that carrot out and saying go prove something when the truth is he has no intention of picking me for his team, and that is perfectly within his right to do as the Captain of the team, but if you don’t want me just say so. Quit playing the games. His team is solid as it has both the ICON and World champions on it as well as the former world champions Halitosis and Scottywood. If I was a betting man that is the safe bet, but safe isn’t always the route to go. Scottywood tried to place it safe when we teamed and he ignored my advice and we lost because of it. I say all the time that I can beat anyone it doesn’t matter who it is and everyone outside of Halitosis I have beaten, but it’s not about what you’ve done then it’s about what have you done now.”

Stevens says as  he leans back in his chair.

“And lately you can’t buy a win.”

Lisa states and Stevens nods in agreement.

“Exactly, and that is why Lee is outsourcing his picks to outsiders.”

Stevens says as he takes a long sip of his whiskey sour before continuing.

“Don’t get me wrong babe his team does have talent. Hell, they were some of the most sought after names in all of wrestling and money does talk because he was able to wrangle them into HOW for War Games, but most of these people won’t be around after the pay-per-view, but I will!”

Stevens shouts as he bangs his hand on the table.

“Calm down.”

Lisa tells her husband who takes a moment to regain his composure.

“I’m tired of being passed over by Lee as he keeps recycling the same old shit and when will he learn that it won’t work. He can bring back all the old and decrepit Hall of Famers he wants to put out there to boost sales, but he’ll take another loss. He can continue to bring in outsiders like he did with Boardwalk and 4CW and he’ll continue to lose. I’m an HOW Original and I get treated like shit, but yet I stay because it’s Stevens and he won’t go anywhere, but I did and Lee threw a fucking fit.”

Stevens says with a sigh.

“He gave you no choice. You gave him five years but yet you aren’t good enough for War Games.”

Lisa says and Stevens nods.

“But I’m good enough to compete steadily in OCW.”

Stevens says with a shrug as he finishes his drink.

“But, it’s whatever.”

Stevens says as he takes a sip of his newly filled drink.

“But isn’t the match against Zion a War Games Qualifier?”

Lisa asks confused and her husband chuckles.

“Lee just dangled that carrot out there to give me and Zion hope that if one of us wins it’ll put us in prime position hoping and waiting for a spot that will never come.”

Stevens says as twirls his glass with his fingers.

“What makes you so sure?”

Lisa asks and Scott sighs.

“Because what has Zion done to warrant a place on either team?”

Scott asks Lisa and she can’t think of anything.

“Your silence is the correct answer. Sure, he beat Eric Dane but what has he done lately and he’s done about as much as me.”

Stevens says as he points to himself.

“Mike and Lee only care about the here and now and since he’s not from DEFIANCE, CWF, Valor PRO, or Mad Clan Academy, Lee Best has no interested and he’s Darin Zion so Mike has no interest.”

Stevens says as he takes a sip of his beverage.

“That is why Zion is trying to jump on the gravy train and ride the coattails of three of the most vocal people who aren’t on a War Games team and doing a shitty job at it.”

Stevens says with a tone of disgust.

“I mean it’s really pathetic when you think about it babe that you know your chances of going to War Games is fading fast with each passing day that you have to emulate people who have been speaking their minds about War Games the past month. John Sektor came out and said he was going to choose his own destiny to War Games. He was going to insert him on whatever team he felt gave himself the best chance at winning. The deranged and crazed, Jonny O’Dell, has been spewing that he needs to be picked for War Games week in and week out, and on top of that he beat Zion proving he’s better. Then you have me, and you already know how I feel about it.”

Stevens says and his wife nods.

“That is why it is fucking laughable when Zion comes out on television and says it’s time for him to be selfish and do what he has to do to make it to War Games. Sorry Darin, but get your ass to the back of the bus where it belongs because dick riding me, Sektor, and O’Dell to help you get notice is pathetic. Maybe go back and do some yoga or punch a punching bag really hard saying you want it badly enough three times that maybe just maybe Mike and Lee will dangle that carrot in front of you before they pull it away again.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“You see babe, Darin will be at War Games.”

Stevens says and Lisa looks confused.

“I thought you said he wasn’t going to be.”

Lisa says and Stevens smiles.

“He’ll be competing in the tag title match as the one man tag team because he’s so pathetic that Brian Hollywood trading him in for Jace Savage and Noah Hanson would rather team up with Colonel Sanders than Zion.”

Stevens says as he finishes his drink and taps it for another.

“I, on the other hand, will be in the main event. I can either help Mike or Lee win or I can show up, walk in, and walk out as the new world champion. Point is I’ve already made clear what I was going to do weeks ago when Zion is trying to get on the tit, but being the runt of the litter he’ll have to wait his fucking turn. I’m going to War Games for one thing and one thing only and that is the World title. I will not settle for a match on the undercard or the tag title match. Sure, I’d love to be a champion again, but that’s not the champion I desire to be. You are the top female in your promotion and I desire to be atop High Octane Wrestling once more as a three time world champion.”

Stevens says as the steaks arrive.

“Will you please cut into your steak to make sure it is cooked properly?”

The waiter asks and both Scott and Lisa cut into their steaks and they nod in approval as the waiter takes the empty salad plate and glass for another refill.

“I will say this babe.”

Stevens says as he cuts off a piece of steak and picks it up with his fork.

“After Friday night, Zion’s chances of going to War Games to compete in the Main Event will be like this steak, DONE.”

Stevens says with a smirk as he places the tasty morsel in his mouth and his wife shakes her head.

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