War Games info…..

HOWrestling.com can finally confirm some information as Lee Best has been working with the non usual suspects to close out some deals for High Octane Wrestling heading into War Games.

Here is what we can announce:

  • Official Theme Song for War Games will be Gasoline by I Prevail (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)
  • The matches will be taking place at an outside venue. Location to be revealed at Refueled VI
  • Official roleplay limit will be 3 rps per person

We can also confirm that Lee Best is planning both for the continuation of High Octane Wrestling post War Games and the potential demise of the company at War Games. Lee is said to be extremely happy with the wrestlers and the last two shows have proven that there is still fuel in the tank.

Stay tuned as more information is released leading up to Refueled VI.

Roleplay Countdown


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