The Return of Jace Savage

Jace working out in his at home private gym, complete with wrestling ring and everything else he needs to get back into competition shape for his return match to Four..C..W. Back and forth Jace runs the ropes from one side of the ring to the other. It is a basic fundamental of wrestling to know how to use the ropes without getting hurt. It’s a basic lesson, but one that will save you many times over if you perfect the art of hitting the ropes.

A man in a grey suit walks in and watches Jace for a moment. While Jace is still running the ropes and not noticing he has a guest. He stops for a moment to take a break at this point he notices his older brother has stopped by to visit him.

Jace climbs out of the ring to great his brother. Taking off the tape from his wrists and grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat from his face. Grabs his bottle of water and takes a drink of it.

Jace in a non to pleasant tone. “It’s about time you came to see me.”

Sheepishly Jace’s brother replies. “Yeah man, Sorry about that.”

Jace: “Sorry about that? You didn’t visit me for three years you fucking prick, and now your just going to walk in here without so much as even a phone call? What do you want Marcus?”

Marcus: “I want to apologize for not coming to see you. Business took a hard hit after your arrest and conviction. Nobody wanted to do business with me as C.E.O of the company as long if I had anything to do with you while you were in prison. It was a compromise I had to make to stay in charge of the company.”

Jace: “I see that’s what was important your image. I told you I had nothing to do with what I was accused of.”

Marcus: ” Yea I know but your signatures where all over those documents. All the spending and moving money around was signed off by you. What was I to do lose control of or families company, why because you made some mistakes? Or at least at the time I thought you  did.”

Jace raising an eyebrow at his brothers last statement that has piqued his curiosity.

Jace: “Did? What do you mean?”

Marcus: “When you got arrested things seemed to cool down a bit. Last year I noticed money being shifted around in various accounts and in low amounts at first. I believe someone set you up to take the fall so they can continue to siphon money from the company.”

Jace: “See, I told you it wasn’t me. SO what are you going to do about it?”

Marcus: “I have to keep following the trail. This time around it’s a bit different. Instead of all the signatures being a singles persons like in your case. There are multiple signatures from all the board members. Whoever this is has the inner working knowledge of how the company works and who to go to for certain signatures. All of the board members have been notified and all have agreed when we catch who is doing this you can be reinstated.”

Jace: “I don’t know if I really want to be reinstated to be honest. When I was locked up all I could think about was getting back into the ring. I have signed a contract with High Octane Wrestling. My first match is actually coming up this friday. My friend Brian made some mention to me about some hardcore plans he has and wants me to help him. If there is anything I can do though to help clear my name let me know.”

Marcus: “That might actually be best for now. If it’s seen that you are trying to step away from the business world and trying to move on than it can help to prove your innocence. I will have to admit though that I have always admired this side of you. I know we weren’t raised in the most loving environment and we were always taught business above all else. I’m proud of you for going out and doing something for yourself, something you enjoy you know.”

Jace: ‘Yeah it hasn’t been easy.. In the seven years I have been doing this a lot has gone down. I have seen and learned so many things. I have been part of some great matches. I have won some and I have lost some. I have met and fought against some of the greatest talent this business has to offer, and I’m not done yet. In seven years I have yet to hold a singles title. That is something that does not sit well with me. I have had my chances but someway, somehow I would always end up letting it slip through my fingers. Not this time around though. This time I will climb the ranks I need to and claim the Icon Championship.”

“It doesn’t matter if Cecilworth Farthing still holds it. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dan Ryan. It does not matter if it’s any one of the names who holds a higher position than me when it comes to who is in line for a title shot. When I get the chance I will not let it go I will hold the Icon title and when I do and Hollywood holds the World title. The only thing after that is to be come tag team champions once again. To be honest though it doesn’t really matter what order it happens in, just know it will happen.”

Marcus: “Damn bro. I knew you were determined and I’m glad to see you set goals for yourself. I know whatever happens though when you set your mind to something you make it happen. Before I go though, I just want to say I’m proud of you. I’m sorry I didn’t come see you and I am sorry I didn’t believe you but I am going to try and make things right.”

Jace: “Apology accepted. Now I have to get back to training I have a match coming up and as it is my return match it will set the precedence on what’s to come in the future. Let me know if you find anything out about that shady business though.”

The two brothers hug it out. Jace goes to tape up his wrists once again as his brother leaves. Jae getting back inside the ring and once again begins to run the ropes. After a few short minutes he stops and once again unwrapped his wrists as he rolled out of the ring. He walks over to where his phone is, and dials a number.

Jace: “Hey how are you? That’s good…….. I’m glad to hear………. Hey I was wondering if you were busy tonight and perhaps wanted to go get something to eat?………….Alright awesome. I’m just finishing my work out. I’m going to shower and get ready. I’ll be by to get you in an hour or so, okay?…….Great, I’ll see you then.”

Jace hangs up his phone. He smiles for a minute then heads inside to get ready to go out for the evening.



Greystone Mansion and Park, Beverly Hills, CA.

Jace Savage is sitting on one of the many benches on the fifty-five bedroom, sixteen acre estate playing a game of Chess by himself. After completing a move for the white pieces, he spins the board around and is now playing the black pieces turn. The game has been played through a few rounds.

A few pawns and key pieces still remain on the board, protecting the king for the black pieces. The Queen, Knight, and Bishop. Jace moves his hand back and forth touching each piece for a moment before moving to the next.

Jace: “Greystone Mansion has been part of some great memories for some people. Award winning movies have been made here. This foundation has contributed to its success. Much like the foundation that the members of The Best Alliance stand on. Everyone looks at all the great things that have taken place but forget the bad that has happened.”

“Greystone Mansion has a terrible past. People’s lives were ended here. A murder-suicide had taken place. That dark past will always be apart of this foundations history. Once again very much like The Best Alliance. These people once trusted each other and yet nothing stopped Eric Dane from betraying them once. Nothing will stop him from doing it again. The Queen is supposed to protect the King but how can she when she knows that at any time the king will sacrifice her to protect himself. That’s the name of the game right Lindsay?”

Jace takes the black queen and moves her into the open and unprotected on the chess board. He once again rotates the board this time playing the white pieces turn. Placing his hand on a Rook.

Jace: ”On one side you have Dan Ryan, Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair The Best Alliance. On the other you have Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage. Just because this is a two v. two match up doesn’t mean Brian and I are stupid enough to believe that we aren’t  outnumbered. It’s a game of chess after all and in this game you have to use all of your pieces to clench the win.”

“Believe when I say that is exactly what The Best Alliance will have to do to get the win over us. Brian and I are not just some random pairing of people. I am not some random friend of Brian’s who just decided to get in the ring and tag with him. No, Brian and I are former tag team partners and former two time tag team champions.”

Jace: ”Lindsay Troy “The Queen”, you have an impressive history I’m sure. None of it matters though when your not playing your own game. You see our tag team match at Refueled five will be another defeat for you.”

Jace placing his hand on the other rook and holding it there for a few seconds. The only other power piece on the board for the white side. It looks as if the white pieces are losing this match.

Jace moves one of the Rook to take the Queen. And once again turns the board.

Jace: ”Lindsay I believe you have already had the pleasure of facing my partner in a one on one matchup. How did that turn out for you? Not so well did it. You thought that you had him beat didn’t you? You seen yourself pinning him for the three count, as you sailed through the air looking to connect with the The Raynes of Castamere. You lose sight of your goal with your vision of winning. You took yourself out of the moment and because of that Brian was able to move out of the way and counter with the Executive Promise and you could do nothing about it.”

“At Refueled three, you and your group of friends surrounded and attacked Cecilworth Farthington. You have to absolutely be the best in order to attack someone three on one. Knocked him out cold and stood over him with his title. Cowards all of you. The last three years I have spent in prison. I have watched people like you use the same tactics the entire time I was locked up. You get a group of people together to instill fear into others. In turn they do what you want them to do. It’s no coincidence that Dan Ryan has a title match is it?”

“With Dan Ryan facing off against Cecil, The Best Alliance has brought in a new member to be your tag team partner. MJ Flair is here to help you all out? No, She’s here to be used. I got to give the BA a hand. Already trying to stack the cards in their favor with the reopening of HOW. Already they are trying to prove to be the dominating force and take control of whatever they want. MJ, sweety, you chose the wrong side of the fight. You see wherever Brian and I go, we make a name for ourselves as one of the toughest tag teams around.”

“At Refueled four you happened to win your tag team match. You also happened to be facing a bunch of nobodies. I can promise you it won’t be easy to beat us as it was to beat the Egg Bandits. No it won’t. First you are teaming with someone new. Second your opponents are Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage. We have a long standing history and a few titles in there. MJ Flair and lyndsay Troy have nothing.”

“We have spilled copious amounts of blood in the ring. We have faced some of the most brutal teams that have ever been known. We won some and we lost some but every time we walked away learning something, Though our years of teaming together, through the wins and loses we have become a formidable team. You and Lindsay are just beginning. So at Refueled class will be in session and I suggest you pay attention because this is going to be one hell of a lessened learned.”

“It won’t matter if all the members of BA are ringside. It won’t matter if anyone interferes. We have always had the bar raised on us. When everyone knows you are the best, they tend to try and make things harder. However, we do not run away from a fight. We do not back down and we will fight everyone of you if we have to, but we are walking out of Refueled as the winners. We will have our rightful spot as the best team HOW has ever seen. You can count on that.”

“Three years of my life I spent behind bars. Three years sitting in prison waiting for this moment. I was arrested, falsely accused and convicted on tax evasion, misappropriation of funds and securities fraud. I was setup and took the fall. In that time only one person never turned his back on me. All of my so called friends in high society shunned me. People stopped doing business with me. My reputation in the business shattered. That one person was Brian Hollywood. A few months after my release and looking to get back into the ring Brian and I came to the conclusion we were going to team up once again.”

“With HOW reopening I jumped on the chance to sign with them as soon as I could. Brian has a plan and wants my help? I’m in no questions. There is a trust between us that doesn’t exist between all the members of The Best Alliance. I can say one hundred percent without a doubt I know who has my back. No one in TBA can say the same. Great things are coming to HOW and it won’t be The Best Alliance ushering them in.”


The screen fades to black.

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