Statement from Lee just received the following statement from the GOD of HOW himself. There is a ton of fallout coming off of last nights show and its pretty obvious we would hear from Lee at some point today. So here it is…

“Last night was a good show….no doubts about it. You saw debuts, you saw Witness and Kostoff turn back the clock and we saw a new World Champion crowned. All great shit and made for a good two hours of a wrestling show.

Today? First off fuck you Sektor if you think you can dictate what the fuck you are going to do at War Games. Before that press release from you I would have agreed on all points that you have earned the right to be in what could be the last one. Do not expect me to pander to your requests. You want to win and have a chance at the Title….you know what side to pick. But because you went into douche mode…..have fun jerking the curtain at Refueled V.

Now…..about the HOR. Very doubtful that it goes down tonight due to an unforeseen Father’s Day engagement. Happy fathers day to all and a special shout out to all the single mothers doing both roles.

Finally…..the staff and I continue to work hard to tighten up the website. Please have patience or maybe lend a hand?

Have a great weekend you numbnuts.

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