One Pinfall Away…

Yuenglings Center

June 13th

“This is the moment that nobody wants.  There’s only one moment that only one man wants more than anyone in the world.  We are in the fourth quarter…the final stretch that will officially decide the HOW World Championship fate moving forward…and that man is me.  The only one who seemingly wants to be the HOW World Champion is ME!  It’s been that way since the days of HOW’s final moments in the last era and it still holds true to this day in the last era…this era belongs to me and I’m going to make it a memorable one!”


The scene opens up inside an empty arena as Hollywood is seen scoping with his eyes as he is standing inside the squared circle.  Hollywood leans up against the ropes as he begins to contemplate his last showdown with Halitosis for a chance to pick up where he left off and become HOW World Champion once again.


Brian Hollywood: I’m just one more match away from taking winning the Hollywood HOW World Championship Extravaganza!  This tournament was supposed to be the HOW World Championship Tournament, but as it has gone throughout this tournament, it became the Hollywood show.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that I made this tournament my own!  Now I stand in the finals just like I always intended to be.  I’ve come a long way since winning the HOW World Championship in HOW’s final moments in the last era and I’ve come a long way in establishing myself as THE MAN in HOW!  Now I’m only one pinfall away from successfully DEFENDING my HOW World Championship and officially cementing my undoubted legacy in High Octane Wrestling.  Now I turn my focus and my game against Halitosis…the bad breathed rookie who’s looking to trying and making history by winning his first HOW World Championship and doing the unthinkable.  However….I, too, am looking at making history and doing the unthinkable.  Not only do I have a chance and crowning myself the HOW World Champion, but I have a chance at winning an unprecedented tournament that nobody has done in the history of HOW.  To be the last HOW World Champion and potentially WINNING a tournament to recrown myself as the undisputed HOW World Champion.  Recrown, but RETAIN!


Hollywood pauses as he pans across the arena which will be filled with thousands of fans in less than twenty four hours.  Hollywood smirks as he shakes his head and imagines the noise levels and the animosity he will undoubtedly receive from everyone.


Brian Hollywood: I expect everyone in this arena to root for Halitosis.  I expect the entire locker room to root for Halitosis.  That’s what I’ve come to expect in HOW since I rose to dominance and that’s exactly what I’ve come to be used to.  You see, I’m USED to people being against me!  I’m used to people constantly wishing for my demise and it just goes to show you the kind of things I’ve done in HOW since I took power.  Lee Best is the one who runs this federation, but I’m the FACE of this federation!  I’m the one in control and I’ve established an uncanny level of intellect along the way.  I’ve spotted the FAKES and I’ve spotted the heretics of High Octane Wrestling.  I’ve used that to my advantage and I’ve flushed them all down the mountain!  Three years ago NO ONE expected me to be on top of the mountain and three years later NO ONE expected me to be positioned back on top.  You see, I THRIVE in this environment and I THRIVE on exposing the weaknesses of my opponents.  NO ONE deserves to hold the HOW World Championship than me and I think I’ve proven that over the years!


Hollywood exits the ring as he starts to walk around ringside and slide his fingers over the barricade as he starts to get some ideas on what he’s going to do come time for Refueled Four tomorrow night.


Brian Hollywood: Tomorrow night will indeed be historic…but it will also be a historic match in what I ultimately decide to do.  Now it wouldn’t be fun in the slightest to reveal just exactly what I plan on doing.  But I can provide a spoiler…I don’t care what the match entails…it will not be fair and if I have to pull some shenanigans in order to protect my ultimate prize I will.  But let’s not dismiss Halitosis and what he may have with him come time for this match.  I know that you are with Ray McAvay and Dawn McGill and I know they would love nothing more than to watch me fall in a blaze of glory.  However, as I have accurately predicted in EVERY ONE of my matches this year…I’ve always called my shot!  I’ve always watched as I make my opening and capitalize on it.  There will no doubt be some possible arrival of the Les Miserables.  I mean, all those motherfuckers want nothing more than to see me lose this match.  You may dismiss this fact, Halitosis, but it still provides everything in the bit of the man you are.  You are a man of McGill and McAvay.  You are a Les Miserable yourself…don’t deny it.  But history has always shown when I’m facing them…I always find a way to belittle and destroy them.  That is the CURSE that has always followed your friends around and that is the CURSE that you now carry soley on your shoulders as you enter this match with me.  I hate to disappoint you…but you are not ready for this spotlight because I’m not ready to give it up!  You think I haven’t calculated seeing you in this match?  You think I haven’t thought about who I might face in the finals.  Whether it be you or Max Kael…it didn’t matter because all I see is that one final enemy of standing in the way of the ultimate coronation. 


Hollywood smirks and lets out an evil laugh as he makes his way to the far barricade nearest the ringbell.  Hollywood picks up a steel chair as he rubs the chair and pounds it against the barricade.  Hollywood takes the steel chair and rolls back into the ring with it.


Brian Hollywood: You see, Halitosis, this represents the equalizer in HOW.  I may not be able to use this…but I simply don’t have to.  No…I’m going to sit in this chair before our match up and I’m going to reflect on when I get that one last pinfall to win the Hollywood HOW World Championship Extravaganza!  I’m going to reflect on what it’s going to be like when I officially win the HOW World Championship and I’m going to make sure I stand atop the HOW mountain once more and continue what I started.  Because for me, winning the HOW World Championship isn’t the start for me.  It’s continuing this WAR that I’ve started in HOW and that will all culminate at WAR GAMES when I am on the ultimate collision course for steering this federation to the heights it should have stayed!  I’m taking NO prisoners in this match, Halitosis, and I will make sure that you are simply a footnote in my next successful reign in HOW!  I can’t explain that any more clear than that!


Hollywood pauses again as he sets up the steel chair in the middle of the ring.  He sits down in the center of the ring and looks out into the empty seats of the arena.  Hollywood than begins to contemplate the official revelation of the HOW World Championship as a smile comes across his face.  He knows what he has to and that title not only looks beautiful to him, but it’s the most beautiful site he’s ever set his eyes on.


Brian Hollywood: When I saw Lee Best officially reveal the HOW World Championship, I couldn’t help but allow myself to feel the emotions come across me because it’s so beautiful.  I love how it’s crafted and I love how its built.  That perfectly defines my rise to the top of this company and that title belongs around my waist.  I, too, have crafted a beautiful path to the championship in my HOW career as of late, and that is only going to fuel me further, Halitosis.  I don’t think you truly realize just how much this is my tournament to win.  I don’t think you fathom just what that title means to me and I don’t think you fathom just what I’ll do to make sure I secure that Championship for myself.  How could you know?  You’ve never held the HOW World Championship so you couldn’t begin to feel the importance of the urgency to me of this final match between us.  You will undoubtedly be a good superstar in HOW, but you’ve got to understand first…ON YOUR OWN, what the meaning and the feeling is to be CHAMPION.  You can’t be told by a former HOW World Champion in Ray McAvay just what that title means or to feel of holding the championship.  That is an eyewitness account of a first person reality of holding the championship.  There is going to be A LOT of pressure on you to correct the failures of Ray McAvay and Dawn McGill.  I KNOW that will be your thoughts running through your head.  How couldn’t it be?  I know you would love nothing more than to make Ray McAvay proud but I know that that is simply a pressure point on a rookie who’s already got a lot on his plate.  This HOW World Championship is more than just a title….it’s more than just an accolade…it’s destiny.  It’s PRIDE but most importantly…it’s the HOW machine at its finest.


Hollywood stands back up out of the chair as he walks towards the turnbuckles and slaps the corner.  Hollywood turns around and leans against it as he begins to contemplate the match and just exactly what he’ll execute.


Brian Hollywood: It’s interesting…but not because this match is the main event.  But it’s the main event of history that will happen in High Octane Wrestling.  Every moment of this match will be carefully planned from the start of the opening bell.  I will fight to my final breath to winning my HOW World Championship.  That 97 red will be proudly flaunted by me because there isn’t a single HOW wrestler who embodies HOW right now than me.  That isn’t a cocky statement, but a TRUTHFUL proclamation!  I’ve given everything in this ring and I’ve done everything in my power to make sure that HOW World Championship stays around my waist.  I welcome you to name ONE person who has held the best interests of the HOW World Championship in mind other than me.  I’ll wait.  I’ll wait because there isn’t anyone other than me who has done everything possible to ensure that reality.  Halitosis, this is WAR and it always will be as long as that HOW World Championship is mine!  Reigns don’t matter to me…holding that HOW World Championship in my grasp is the only thing that matters to me!  Don’t you see that everything I’ve done in HOW has to put over the HOW World Championship?  Many wrestlers have put themselves over and just consider themselves great because they won the title but that’s where it stops.  They’ve won the top prize in all the land and then they stop caring because they won the World Championship.  But not me.  I’ve NEVER fucking stopped since winning the HOW World Championship and that is something you will NEVER understand!  This is all that I live for and you couldn’t begin to grasp the importance of what I will do to go to extreme lengths to see me pour life into the HOW World Championship!  It’s inevitable Halitosis, and it’s the feeling that will continue after our match concludes tomorrow night on Refueled Four.


Hollywood rolls out of the ring and retrieves a water bottle from under the ring.  He takes a large swig of it as he brushes the sweat from his forehead.  Just talking about the HOW World Championship and the meaning it means to Hollywood makes him sweat.  It’s because he continues to reinvent himself and the championship and it’s something that Hollywood will continue to do as long as he lives.


Brian Hollywood: Let me try and explain something to you, Halitosis.  You’re going to have to KILL me to win this championship away from me.  It’s that simple because as long as I’m alive in this ring, I’m going to keep going and going and fucking going again.  HOW needs a champion that not only believes in the HOW World Championship, but believes that this federation can endure and survive.  It fucking sickens me that HOW hall of famers and even HOW wrestlers have gone over to OCW to compete and have chosen to dedicate their time to be apart of a federation that DIDN’T create them!  It fucking SICKENS me that guys like Mike Best, Max Kael, Cecilworth Farthington and even Darin Zion are trying to spend more of their time over there.  Why?  Fucking WHY?!  For what purpose?  They have forgotten where their careers were MADE!  They have all forgotten where they truly mattered.  Lee Best himself was PISSED about everyone popping up over in OCW and I fully understand how he fucking feels!  I mean, for fucks sake, most of those guys were in this HOW World Championship Tournament and now look where their at?!  That only FUELS me further to do what they have ultimately shut themselves away from and I’m going to push it in all of their motherfucking faces when I win the HOW World Championship.  This is the ONLY place that matters to me because this is where my career is going to end!  I don’t expect you to understand that Halitosis because you haven’t been here as long as I have.  I have always appreciated everything Lee Best has done for me.  For richer or poorer, no matter what side of the spectrum I have been on with Lee, I have always bled 97 red and I have always bled for High Octane Wrestling.  That is why I know what I must do in order to win this final match and that’s only bad news for you, Halitosis.  You are the fucking enemy, and I will hurt you…I will even go as far as ENDING your god damn career in order to win the HOW World Championship!


Hollywood pauses one last time as the anger flows within him.  His blood is boiling and he cannot fathom why everyone has turned their backs on HOW.  Hollywood may not have been liked by many, but you had to god damn respect what he was all about.  Hollywood shakes his head as he allows the thoughts of his critics to fuel him.


Brian Hollywood: This last era just isn’t named the Refueled Era, the final era, but it’s the FUELED era that FUELS me to fucking hold this championship!  I understand that fully, Halitosis, and I will beat that understanding into you!  I have to and know that it is every bit personal because it threatens my existence in High Octane Wrestling.  I will not EVER rest in this business…even after I have won the HOW World Championship because that is where it simply begins.  HOW not only NEEDS a fucking champion….but it NEEDS someone to carry its legacy on and that man will be me!  It will always be me and I don’t give a fuck if I’m the only one left running this company.  That’s just what it means to me Halitosis, and you will find that out first hand at Refueled Four.  Like I said…you are going to have to kill me and I know you are not capable of that because I AM HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING AND YOU CAN BET THAT AS AN EXECUTIVE MOTHERFUCKING PROMISE!!!



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