One more for the road?

[Been a busy few weeks. Been here and there, been alot of places really. Do they matter? Some yes, some no. I say that because, outside of the meat sack that he carries around for me to…well to move around…he is a useless person. I mean what does he do or bring the table? Violence? Come on, I can basically grab any sack of flesh and get them to do the same exact shit he does. Maybe not with flare he does from time to time, but I can get anyone to do what he does. Now he is going to step in with ring again with one of his oldest friends again, seems to be a theme here doesn’t it? Keep on putting him in the ring with his old buddies and see what comes out of it.]


[Well, we will see I guess. Maybe he needs the tune ups with his old running buddies? Maybe this is what he needs to get his head back into the animal that he is known for? Who knows? But we are going to see soon….]


(The scene opens up poolside. He is sitting in a chair taking in the Florida sun. Sweat drips from his face as he absently runs a finger over a scar on his arm.)


Kostoff: See, like I have said for years…I live where you vacation folks.


(He tilts his head and looks at the camera.)


Kostoff: Enough about the actual facts, let’s just cut the shit and get right to it?


Kostoff: Witness, we are going to face off against each other. The part that sucks about this one is we did run alot together. More than me and Ducky. You were a very big part in the launch and success of LOD. You helped make that team a major part of HOW history.


(He looks off and shakes his head.)


Kostoff: See, of all the places…of all the matches….this one blows. I am tired of going against guys that  teamed with me. I also understand the why to this.


(Clearing his throat he stands up from the chair and grabs his shirt.)


Kostoff: See Witness, this is needed because I have to close up all the lose ends that I allowed to be left open. I left you as a open end because there was always that hope that we would team up again. As LOD we made shit happen. We made shit go down.


Kostoff: Problem was that you needed more. You craved more. You strayed, you went to the BA and left me high and dry. It happens I know. I also know that you did that because you were always needing to be seen as a bigger person than you were in the ring. You grew tired of being the little guy that ran around with the bigger guys. You needed that bigger pay day. Larger bank account, what I had…have. You needed to be seen as a large than life player in the business and it killed you to not be that guy.


Kostoff: So here we are


(He looks at the camera and smiles.)


Kostoff: In a few short days we will step into the ring again. We will go at it. Friendship or not, this time Witness I am going to beat the living fuck out of you. I am going to hurt you Witness. You…you are my tune up for what I am really here for.


Kostoff: See ya in the ring boy


(he walks off and enters his house through the sliding glass door as the scene drifts to darkness)

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