The Mystery Boiling to the Surface

Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Los Angeles, California

Saturday, June 15, 2019


The scene opens up with one of the local doctor’s flashing a light into Hollywood’s eyes as he follows up on a possible concussion Hollywood suffered in his HOW World Championship match against Halitosis.  Hollywood sits there in disbelief.  The doctor can’t figure out if Hollywood is dazed or just at a loss for words.  Doctor Calloway asks Hollywood a few simple questions to further diagnose Hollywood.


Doc Calloway: Mr. Hollywood…can you tell me what day it is?


Hollywood just sits there in silence, ignoring the doctors question entirely.  Hollywood just sits there and stares off into the distance, like a light left his eyes.  Doc Calloway didn’t know what to take out of Hollywood’s silence, but he sure as hell knew what came about Hollywood’s possible diagnosis.


Doc Calloway: Alright…that’s alright Mr. Hollywood..can you tell me the last thing you remembered doing last night?


Again, Hollywood was just completely mum.  He continued to look forward, almost at nothing as the doctors question went in on ear and out the other…or even potentially right over Hollywood’s head.  Hollywood’s silence was starting to concern the doctor.  He pulls another file and looks at it as Hollywood clearly isn’t paying one bit of attention.  The doctor takes a look at Hollywood’s medical files from four years ago and saw there was a lot of paperwork attached to the file.  It was in regard to Hollywood’s last head injury he suffered a year before High Octane Wrestling closed its doors for the next three years.  Hollywood’s psych evaluation and incidents were all archived in this folder.  Hollywood’s psych doctor was clearly unavailable that day, so Calloway couldn’t contact him directly.  This was a little concerning to the doctor, who was potentially worried about a relapse of sorts that may have been reactivated with the head on collision Hollywood suffered in his match against Halitosis.  Finally, the doctor asks one more question..potentially in a creative manner to reach Hollywood.


Doc Calloway: Mr. Hollywood what did it feel like for you to officially win back the HOW World Championship last night?


Doc Calloway was taking a major risk with this sort of play to reach Hollywood…given the fact that there was a sort of aurora that set off Hollywood when it came to false narratives and false things that Hollywood clearly saw right through.  The only problem with this plan from the doctor….was that it worked.  Hollywood snapped out of whatever world he was in and began ripping into the doctor!  It was, perhaps, too much of an overthought plan the doctor attempted as Hollywood began to tear into the doctor.


Brian Hollywood: EXCUSE ME?!  Who do you think I am?!  A fucking idiot?!  You don’t think I see right through your fucking bullshit?!  What makes you think I won the HOW World Championship?!  You’re just another fucking liar, another fucking heretic taking advantage of HOW’s legacy!!!  I didn’t win the HOW World Championship, and because of that, has made me into an even more dangerous motherfucker!  Since when did HOW become a company based upon lies and false pretenses?  You don’t think I know what you’re fucking doing “doctor?”  You think I honestly make you out to be an actual fucking doctor in this whole delusion playing out all around me?  How do I know your not just another person hired under the HOW mantel that is disrupting what HOW is suppoed to be?!  There has been a lot of bullshit that has POLLUTED High Octane Wrestling and quite frankly I’m sick and fucking tired of it all!!  What do I have to do in order to purge it all and burn it all to the motherfucking ground?!  Maybe that’s what I’m going to have to fucking do, actually!  Is burn it all to the motherfucking ground!!


Doc Calloway just unleashed a monster that had been growing inside Hollywood for a long time.  It wasn’t even clear how much damage and how much of a dangerous threat he just unleashed within Hollywood.  Calloway starts to grow uneasy as Hollywood has become hostile, obviously in defensive mode of just how much HOW meant to Hollywood, in his own right…and even that wasn’t clear just how much HOW meant in Hollywood’s mind.  Regardless, the doctor tries to calm Hollywood down.


Doc Calloway: Now Mr. Hollywood please….calm down.  I didn’t mean to try and trick you into thinking you became HOW World Champion…I was merely trying to reach you…seeing as how you were clearly unresponsive…please forgive me…I meant no disrespect or treachery.


Hollywood wasn’t having it, nor did he buy the good doctors intentions.  Hollywood stood up to his feet and got up right in the doctors face.  Hollywood shoves him once as he continues to rip into the doctor…the fiery rage growing in Hollywood’s eyes like a trigger point brought upon by something Hollywood considers…sacred.


Brian Hollywood: Don’t bullshit with me you fucking peon!  You want to know your problem?!  You want to know the problem in HOW as a whole?!  It needs to fucking CHANGE!  It needs to be cleansed of the filth and the corruption and it needs to be eliminated!  I didn’t come back to HOW to watch someone else carry MY fucking HOW World Championship!  I didn’t come back to HOW to watch HOW become unhinged from the foundation but maybe it does need to be unhinged at the foundation…perhaps that’s what ultimately needs to be done in order to recapture everything I hold dear…everything I hold in high regard when it comes to making HOW into MY image…the image HOW has obviously deviated from.  It’s a fucking poison I’m going to suck out at every points of its foundation and it starts at the motherfucking top!  You have no idea what you just started, “doctor,” and it’s something I’m going to set out to do until the HOW machine is back to what it’s supposed to be!  Mark my fucking words…it’s going to happen and now I’m going to make sure to do what I set out to do….only this time, it’s time that I take another approach…an approach that everyone is going to wish never came about.  But it’s got to be fixed somehow…and I vow to make that fix…by any means necessary!


Hollywood shoves the doctor once again as the doctor starts to fear for his own safety.  He calls for security, but Hollywood storms out of the room before they can even arrive as Doc Calloway sighs, unaware what exactly he just brought out within Hollywood as Hollywood’s quest to purify HOW in his image….begins…


Hollywood Enterprises

Los Angeles, California

Monday, June 17, 2019


It was a bright, sunny Monday morning as Brian Hollywood finally returns to Hollywood Enterprises.  The feeling was much different, though, as Hollywood walks through the front doors for the first time in a month.  Hollywood gets a few eyebrows raised at him as he is supporting a questionable bandage on his forehead and a slight bruise around the bandaged area.  It was also the first time that people saw their boss in the building in a month as people aren’t stopping to ask him any questions as they go about their usual day at the office.  Hollywood approaches the front desk, where his long termed secretary looks on in concern, but happy to see his boss.


Julia Winfield: Oh my god…Mr. Hollywood, are you alright?!


Hollywood, who has been putting on a show with his own company, looks at her and simply smiles…holding everything beneath the surface.


Brian Hollywood: I’m alright, Ms. Winfield.  It’s been a long trip indeed and I’m just happy to be back in the office.


Seemingly fooling his long standing, company secretary, Julia nods her head as she inquires about Hollywood’s noticeable head injury.


Julia Winfield: What happened to your head, sir?  Looks like you should be resting in all honesty.


Brian Hollywood: That’s quite alright, Ms. Winfield.  Just had a nasty fall on my business trip to Tampa.  Nothing too major.  There’s no time to rest, though.  I’ve got too much work that I need to get done now that I’m back in town.  Tell me, has our main visitor arrived yet this morning?


Julia pauses and looks at her computer to see the potential list of visitors for that day.  She sees a bold name at the top of the list being priority number one and nods her head as he has, indeed, checked in.


Julia Winfield: Yes sir, according to the check ins, he’s waiting up in your office.  Would you like me to offer my apologies on his wait?


Hollywood smiles and shakes his head, not at all feeling pressured of beating him here today.


Brian Hollywood: That’s quite alright, Julia, thank you.  Keep my schedule open today and clear any of my appointments for the day, if you could please.


Julia Winfield: Of course, Mr. Hollywood, I will do that.  I’ll clear your day out and if there’s anything I can help you out with today, let me know!


Hollywood smiles and nods at Julia.


Brian Hollywood: Thank you, Ms. Winfield.  That will be all for now!


Hollywood walks by Julia as the smile quickly vanishes from his face as he makes his way out of the front lobby and to the elevator as he heads up towards the top floor to his office.  He gets to his office door and opens it up as he lets out a small smile and walks into his office.  Hollywood looks out into the hallway once more to make sure no one is around before closing the door behind him.  Hollywood turns his attention back to the guest in his office as the smile crosses his face again.


Brian Hollywood: Hello old friend.  Been awhile!


The office slowly pans out to reveal Jace Savage sitting down but quickly rising to his feet to greet his old friend with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder.


Jace Savage: Brian, my friend, it’s been quite too long!  How you been buddy?


Brian Hollywood: I’ve been busy, but I’m doing alright old friend.  Thank you for meeting me here today.  We’ve got a lot we need to discuss!


Jace nods his head as he heads back to sit back down.


Jace Savage: Well if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now so thank you for looking out for me once again.  If there’s one thing I know I’ve always done right in my life, it’s doing business with you.  You’ve looked out for me like no one else in my life has and I will always be eternally grateful for that.  That’s why I jumped at the chance to get here as quickly as I could in order to help when you reached out to me.  It’s the least I could do.


Hollywood smiles but keeps his composure steady.  He had a lot on his mind, especially the events that transpired after the HOW World Championship match last Friday night.  Hollywood had revenge on his mind…practically on the entire roster, but with HOW as a whole.


Brian Hollywood: I appreciate the importance you are taking with this, man.  We’ve got a lot of work to do coming up in the coming weeks and months and it starts with bringing you on board.  But there is something that you’ve got to keep in mind around here.  There isn’t one person in this company that knows about my other life in wrestling, per say, and I’d like to keep it that way, if at all possible.


Jace, understanding completely what Hollywood was saying, unquestionably nods his head in agreement.


Jace Savage: Absolutely brother.  You know me, I’m not going to tell a soul about our endeavors.  After all, the less people know the better, right?


Hollywood nods his head in agreement as he approves his friends statement as Jace knows Hollywood well.  They had, in fact, been through a lot together and were very successful as a tag team.  They were two time tag team champions and were, at one point, the longest reigning tag team champions in 4CW history.


Brian Hollywood: Appreciate you, man.  We’re going to be working closely together moving forward, and Hollywood Enterprises, and its endeavors, needs to be completely left in the dark.  That’s why, moving forward, I’m hiring you onto the company.


Jace smiles and nods as a feeling of excitement comes over him.  It had been awhile since Jace was on his feet, and being a prominent member of a pretty prominent company made him feel important again.


Jace Savage: Thanks man…that means a lot.  I won’t let you down!


Brian Hollywood: I know you won’t, bro, that’s why you’re here.  To be honest, High Octane Wresting has become a poison and it’s a poison that needs to be sucked away and purged.  There isn’t one man or woman in HOW that holds HOW in such high esteem than me.  They can try and debate that all they want…but it’s something that I have proven time and time again to be truthful when it comes to what I’ve done for HOW.  The fact of the matter is….I’ve got BIG plans moving forward in HOW, Jace, and I called you to the front lines to help me fight it.  In all actuality, I need soldiers, and I want you to be one of my right hand men under this new plan I intend to lay out for all of HOW in my fight to take back the machine to prominence.  That fight begins on June 27th at Refueled V.  I won’t divulge my longterm plans just yet, but rest assured, I’ve got a pretty big plan in place that will unfold under everyone’s eyes at War Games.  But first, we have a match against “Best Alliance” members, Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair.


Jace Savage: Well when I was called up to help you in your fight, I was surprised we were put up against The Best Alliance so quickly.


Hollywood smiles as he shakes his head.


Brian Hollywood: The Best Alliance isn’t the Best Alliance, Jace.  It is yet ANOTHER fucking lie…another foreshadowing of more heretics falsely preaching HOW’s name.  Why do you think I called you in, Jace?  No one knows the Alliance better than me…I used to spearhead the Alliance under Lee.  I was his general because Lee knew he could trust me…rely on me and I never fucking let him down.  Now though…the Alliance has become what…a bunch of Defiance members?  I don’t know what Lee’s plans are, but it’s obvious if he wants to win War Games, he needs someone like me to make sure this Defiance fucks stay together and don’t turn!  That’s why I’m going to plead my case to Lee and get onto War Games because because of that, it’s all about two things.  Making sure the Alliance stays together….AND winning back MY HOW World Championship!  There was no way the match with Halitosis should have ended the way it did.  He got lucky after that head on collision and he just happened to fall on top of me and scored a victory.  It was a fluke, Jace, and it’s a fluke I’m not going to allow happen every again!


Jace Savage: But what about our match with Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair?  Why put us against them?


Hollywood smirks and understands exactly why.


Brian Hollywood: It’s simple, Jace.  Lee wants to see just how much Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair are worth.  I like to think I know Lee pretty good and this match is just a testing ground for them before War Games.  Lee wanted to pit them against a guy he knows is the top dog in HOW and someone that can be a measuring stick for everyone in HOW.  But there’s something else at play here, Jace.  You see, I’ve already beaten Lindsay Troy in a singles match and quite frankly, I have no problem doing it again.  When it comes to MJ Flair, that was a surprise.  I can’t say I know too much about MJ but it’s clear that it’s not going to matter come time for Refueled V.  Lindsay and MJ want a fight?  Their going to get just that.  It may not be a war against the Best Alliance but this is a war for HOW and its future.  I’ve always been HOW’s future and I’m going to make sure we’re victorious at Refueled V.  Call it a warm up match of sorts.


Jace nods his head as he follows Hollywood’s logic.


Jace Savage: Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair won’t know what hit them when we step in that ring with them on Friday night.  Plus it will give me an opportunity to show HOW what I’m capable and I’m ready, man!  I’m not going to let you down, brother!


Brian Hollywood: That’s what I love to hear, man!  In all honesty, though, HOW is heading for a collision course for a redo.  I plan on being that redo and enacting my plan to make it all right.  That’s why this match will be groundwork for War Games because I know what Lee is thinking.  He needs a general to watch these Defiance fucks and I plan on being that person.  I have always been the guardian who has watched the HOW realm and I know what HOWs interests SHOULD and NEED to be!  Not this fake bullshit heretic false narrative shit!  I’ve already warned Lee about his alliance and just who all four of them are..if they want to hold HOW’s future in high regard, then I need to see that first hand because I’ll be able to spot if their not sincere about it.  But believe me…I have ALWAYS been able to spot the lies and decete and I’m going to make sure War Games happens under my own watch.  War Games wouldn’t be complete without HOW’s general fighting for it’s survival and that’s why Lee needs me.  One way or another, I’m going to make sure it goes down the way it is SUPPOSED to and it’s only a matter of time before I regain MY HOW World Championship and usher in the true meaning of the age of Hollywood in High Octane Wrestling.  For now…that means jogging the interests of Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair…but there’s always a plan, Jace…and one way or another….that plan WILL enact itself come time for War Games and the road towards it.  Thank you for coming my friend.  Well talk more later.  I’ve got more things I’ve got to do to prepare for this ushering in to HOW.   Until then…can’t wait for our match at Refueled V brother.  Remember keep this on the down low…until it’s time for me to reveal everything…


Jace nods his head as Hollywood smiles as the wheels start turning in his brain as the scene fades to black…

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