Proving Myself…….I Guess

Location: Houston, Texas: Los Palomos Mexican Restaurant
June 22, 2019, 2:30 PM

As the scene opens up to a cloudy day outside where the wind is blowing slightly and the drizzle of precipitation is rearing its ugly head we see someone who looks rather familiar. As we get a closer look beyond the cheap suit, the five o’ clock shadow, and blood shot eyes we come to recognize former HOW interviewer, Brian Bare.

“He has to be here. That’s what guy says”

Brian says to himself as he looks at a piece of paper with the name of the restaurant he is standing outside scribbled on. Brian puts the paper away into his wet, suit jacket pocket and goes inside looking around as a hostess tries to seat him.

“How many sir?”

The lady asks, but Brian ignores her looking around the restaurant before spotting his target and marches in that direction.


Brian yells as he makes his way over to the Texan who happens to be eating lunch with his wife, Lisa, and their two kids.


Brian yells again this time causing the patrons of the restaurant to turn and watch as this crazed and dripping wet individual is yelling and standing in front of a table.


Brian states, but is suddenly cut off by Scott.

“What the fuck are you doing here Brian?”

Stevens asks in a confused, but pissed manner.

“I’m here to interview you?”

Brian says as he pulls up a chair to the outside of the table and Lisa gives her husband a what the fuck stare and Stevens throws his hands up in confusion.

“You’re here to interview me?”

Stevens asks and Brian nods.

“You don’t work for HOW anymore though.”

Stevens says confused as Brian smiles.

“I’ve been rehired on a temporary basis. You see, Lee brought me back and said to go interview you for your first match back in over a month.”

Brian states and Stevens looks at him dumbfounded.

“And you had to come while I eat lunch with my family? You couldn’t set anything up with my people?”

Stevens asks in a very annoyed tone and Brian seems confused by the Texan’s tone.

“Lee said it would be ok since you have nothing of importance going on anyway, and if you want future bookings you will do the interview now.”

Brian states as Stevens flicks is tongue over his teeth.


Stevens says sarcastically as Lisa shoots him a look and he shakes his head.

“You have five minutes Bare.”

Stevens says bluntly as he gets up from his table and heads outside with Bare in tow. As they walk outside Stevens looks at his watch and motions to Brian that time is ticking.

“Well then……”

Brian states as he fumbles around in his pocket.

“I don’t have my question…..”

He says to Stevens who shakes his head in annoyance.

“Better hope you memorized them because you’re wasting my time and yours.”

Stevens reminds Brian who starts with his first question.

“How does it feel to be back in a HOW ring after a month layoff?”

Brian asks and Stevens shrugs.

“Not surprising.”

Stevens says as Brian looks puzzled.

“Why’s that?”

He asks as Stevens removes his sunglasses and his eyes reveal a level of intensity that state he wants to rip Brian Bare’s head off of his shoulder, but he keeps the rage in check for the time being.

“Well, since Lee wants to keep my ass at home and continue to use everyone else for his wrestling shows I took it upon myself to find work because apparently I wasn’t good enough for a company I gave five years of loyalty to!”

Stevens emphatically states.

“Yeah, I heard Lee wasn’t particularly happy you signed with OCW.”

Brian says and Stevens simple chuckles.

“And you think I give a shit about Lee’s happiness?”

Stevens asks and Brian goes to answer, but is cut off by Stevens.

“Brian, the only thing Lee should be happy about is that his fucking checks didn’t bounce when I cashed them since it seems he is breaking the bank and taking ten mortgages out on his homes and the Best Arena to pay for every flake, floozy, and fucker who was supposedly to good to step into an HOW ring until now.”

Stevens says in a pissed tone.

“You seem mad?”

Brian says and Stevens shakes his head.

“You’re damn right I’m mad, and why wouldn’t I be?!?!?!? Five years of loyalty has gotten me a permanent seat on the bench, and I’m fed up with it. If I’m not going to be used than I’m going to take my talents somewhere I am appreciated.”

Stevens says sternly.

“But Lee gave you everything….”

Brian says and Stevens shrugs.

“He has and I thank him for most the things he has done for me, but why should I show him the same appreciation when he doesn’t reciprocate it? The only reason I’m on Refueled is because baldie saw me on the OCW pay-per-view and didn’t want to pay me while I wrestled in another company. He wants me to work for my paycheck.”

Stevens says as Brian disagrees.

“I believe he’s doing it to give you a chance to be on a War Games team?’

Brian says and the Texan has a good laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Brian asks and Stevens takes a second to compose himself.

“War Games? You think this is about War Games?”

Stevens asks as Brian nods and Stevens begins to laugh once again which causes Brian to become annoyed.

“Brian, this isn’t about War Games because if it was then why is MJ Flair on a team? Didn’t Lee say you have to prove yourself to make it on a team and what has she done to earn her spot? What has Eric Dane and Lindsay Troy done besides prove to be busts in the World title tournament? Hell, Cardboard Dan Ryan deserves more of a spot than regular Dan Ryan since the cardboard cutout at least shows up to the events. I can see through the bullshit and when I heard we had to “prove” ourselves to potentially be considered for a spot I knew it was all lies. Lee is proving it by handing spots to people who haven’t proven anything. I mean Lee picks an outsider over the newly crowned World champion, Halitosis, and the tournament runner-up, Brian Hollywood. What the fuck is that?”

Stevens says confused before continuing.

“And things like that have shown me that I will not be at War Games this year and I’m fine with that because everyone seems to forget my team was the one who won the last War Games. Not the Hall of Famers, not a group of outsiders, and damn sure not The Best Alliance, but MINE!”

Stevens says as he points to himself.

“So Lee can continue to put together team after team after team of whomever he has a hard on for this week, but the fact remains he won’t be winning War Games because the last time the Best Alliance won was when Max won back in 2012 if I am correct. Guess what Lee, two of your former War Games champions who just happen to be your own sons are going against your team. Not good for you.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“Point is, The eMpire is going to reign supreme and I wish I was going to be there to participate in it, but it is what it is?”

Stevens says and as Brian asks the one question Stevens didn’t want to hear.

“Mike could always pick you, you know?”

Stevens shakes his head.

“Sure he will.”

The Texan says sarcastically.


Brian says before moving onto the next topic.

“At Refueled, you aren’t the only one making his return to a HOW ring as your opponent, Noah Hanson, is making his return as well after a three year hiatus. How are you approaching this match against the former Tag champion?”

Bare asks and Stevens takes a moment to choose his words before replying.


The Texan says as the answer has Brian shocked.


Brian asks and Stevens nods.

“What? You expect me to say I’m going to beat his ass and it’s going to be easy?”

Stevens asks and Brian nods.

“Well, you’re dumber than you look and that’s saying something.”

Stevens says with a sigh.

“Many of you remember Noah during his last run as being the weak link to Sex and Money, or that he was The Story Driven Character that was obsessed with eating KFC. He also had questionable acts like turning down a world title shot or whether he claimed to be an A-List movie star. However, since he left HOW the man has reinvented himself.”

Stevens says and Brian looks intrigued by the comment.

“Reinvented himself?”

Stevens nods.


Brian asks and Stevens is more than eager to reply.

“You see, I like to keep tabs on HOW talent because you never know when they may come back to compete. Since HOW closed its doors Noah had become a journeyman as he traveled the globe competing and he had become highly successful. Seems like he needed to get away from all the negativity and bullshit to get the creative juices flowing to capture glory once more and capturing glory he has been in these past three years. He’s found a home in a promotion called World Wrestling Headquarters where he is a former Hellsfire and Hellsgate champion, but most importantly, he is a two time and the current World Champion of the company as well.”

Stevens says and Brian seems shocked.

“I can see the look on your face Brian that I must be making this up, but I promise you I am not. Noah Hanson has reinvented himself and ascended to the top of the mountain once again. Some say they haven’t seen this Noah since PWX. Some say this Noah is the best version we have ever seen and that is why I’m taking this match with extreme caution. If you remember my record against Noah Hanson isn’t the best. Sure, I’ve beaten him, but he’s beaten me more and you can say well it was tag matches or make up whatever excuse you want, but the fact remains they are still a loss. Noah is coming in red hot as another company’s World champion and I can’t even buy a win.”

Stevens states as he hangs his head in embarrassment.

“Didn’t Hanson lose to Zion in OCW?”

Brian states and Stevens shakes his head.

“Yes he did, but it just proves a blind squirrel will find a nut every once in awhile because what has Zion done since he beat Eric Dane? Not a damn thing.”

Stevens says and Bare bites his tongue.

“At Refueled I’m expecting a victory because if I don’t than why the fuck would I show up then? However, I’m not expecting to face the Noah Hanson of old.”

Stevens shakes his head no.

“Sure the Hanson of old has beaten me more than I have beaten him, but that Noah wouldn’t have become a world champion. That Noah wouldn’t have gotten has far has he had in WWH. That Noah would’ve been living off of past success and riding Zion and Hollywood’s coattails in a division that was weaker than a paper plate full of piss. This is the Refueled Era of High Octane Wrestling where the slate is clean and what you did in the past doesn’t matter because at the end of the day I have two losses to my name and he has zero.”

Stevens says as he makes a zero with his hand.

“That alone proves I have to work twice as hard to beat him and if I take him lightly I give him his first win of the Refueled Era and I move further down the ladder while he moves up, and I can’t have that. I need to get back on the winning track because I’m a winner.”

Stevens says which causes Brian to chuckle.

“Not lately you aren’t.”

Brian says and Stevens nods.

“True, but whenever everyone tends to see me as the Lonesome Loser that’s when I bounce back. Everyone tends to forget that I can beat anyone at any given time. I have beaten some of the most “supposed” unstoppable oppositions thrown my way. All it takes is one victory Brian and all the dominos will start to fall into place and the first domino to fall will come Friday night as I spoil Noah Hanson’s return. Now if you will excuse me…..”

Stevens says as he heads back inside to finish lunch as Brian Bare heads back out into the rain towards his car as the scene fades.

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