A little scrambled?

Or maybe just fried...

We have breaking news out of the Bandit’s camp.




Reporters, probably there to interview Halitosis – pretty sure they all had nose clips, at least – anyway, the overpaid flesh-stands for microphones apparently recorded some dialog from both Doozer and Cool Jiles, of the eGG Bandits, leaving a High Octane training facility after their Monday morning training session.


CJ: “I’d probably bang Flo over LT, but neither compare to my girl Bobby.”


An awkward chuckle…


Doozer: “Speaking of bitches, no disrespect to the ladies whatsoever, but Polowy has barely said a word to me since I got here. I mean, it’s not like we ever got along in the squared circle… but still.”


Cool wasn’t touching that one.


CJ: “Well I can’t BELIEVE you let Wacky Inflatable Dean Man and Cardboard Dan beat us in an egg toss competition! How many times do I have to tell your big, dumb ass? Soft hands and cradle catch! For the love of COOL!”


A sigh from the big man.


Doozer: “Whatever. Can’t stop thinking about work. Weren’t we supposed to be featured in a news bit or rumor mill thing last week? Shouldn’t we be a little more concerned about what’s going on with all that?”


CJ: “Wait. We Nicking or Maxing on that?”


Doozer: “Either way. I say we fire our PR guy. Do we even have a PR guy? If we do, fire his has. Or her ass. I know what year it is – don’t PC police me.”


A couple seconds pass…


Doozer: “Maybe Halitosis has terrible breath from eating boiled eggs all day? Do you think…”


CJ: “I think I’m going to protect my first win.”


A confused Dooze ensues.


CJ: “Ya know? Make it special. Like being a virgin again. Exciting, in a way…”


A couple weird moments pass…


CJ: “Kinda jealous of Zion right now…”



A lot to digest there. More to come!


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