Prescribed Medication

conspiring to get well..

HOW have been making gigantic strides in their pursuit to get current and ex stars the respected treatment they so desperately need.

Mid-April saw John Sektor successfully undergo rehabilitation on the HOW Wellness Program. Thus promoting HOW to act quickly in their latest attempts to get ‘The Wild Conspiracist’ himself, Jonny O’Dell, the treatment he so evidently needs.

HOW doctors insisted immediate around the clock treatment was needed.  However, it has become apparent that O’Dell has refused to be sent away for help as he generally believes that there is a much powerful force than GOD. Whatever the hell that means.

Reports suggest today, that Jonny O’Dell has instead agreed to a daily dose of medication to been taken. One post meal, one as and when required, and the last just before beddy byes.

As always, good luck Jonny. Everyone here at HOW hope you a fast and speedy recovery.

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