The rich get richer?

Or do the poors get poorer?

Cracking news.


Hot off the heels of a hooting and hollering, helluva Refueled 4, we here at have received a HOT tip regarding the possible expansion of HOW’s favorite and most honorable of stable.




The tip, received via email from is a video of COOL Cool Jiles at an OCW Monday Night Massacre show.


The video shows COOL Cool Jiles dressed in street clothes, conversing backstage. He is the only person visible in the video. However, the audio is quite telling. Jiles at one point says, “WE aren’t some shitbag, no good, Tomfoolers. WE. LIVE. THIS. Just like you. For that alone, I’LL WAIVE THE INITIATION FEE.”


Jiles later goes on to say, “Here’s the bottom line. We would love for you to join the Bandits. We have a few open spots left on our War Games team and think you’re just the guy we need to tip the scales in our favor.”


The video cuts out shortly after.


When the video was shot, is unknown.


Who Jiles talked to, is unknown.


Were there other Bandits in attendance, is unknown.


Did Jiles meet with OCW officials, is unknown.


Did Jiles forge his HOTv Press credentials, possibly.


What we do know is this.


The witness went on to add in the email that he spotted Jiles leaving and asked him what he thought of the show. Seemingly mesmerized, Jiles simply responded, “GREAT.”


More on this as it develops.


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