HOW World Champion Halitosis Talks Winning the Title

Newly crowned High Octane Wrestling World Champion Halitosis appeared earlier tonight at an independent house show at the Hale Arena in Kansas City, Missouri- his first public appearance since winning the title last night at Refueled Four.

Halitosis received a hero’s welcome from the Kansas City wrestling fans as he walked to the ring with the #97 red HOW World title belt slung over his shoulder, stiff, sore, bruised, but triumphant following his war the night before with Brian Hollywood and subsequent post-match beatdown at the hands of the Best Alliance.

Inside the ring waiting for the new HOW World champion to arrive: former HOW World champion Ray McAvay, former HOW LSD champion Dawn McGill, Rah- The Sunshine God, and a few wrestlers from Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Halitosis high-fived McAvay after climbing through the ropes into the ring. He also hugged McGill and fist-bumped Rah.

Some quotes from his appearance.

Winning the title.
“I said the night after the Max Kael match that I was going to do everything in my power to see what I’ve started over the past few weeks all the way through to the end. I was going to finish what I’ve started and I was going to get the job done at Refueled Four. And that’s exactly what I did.

“The great philosopher Keanu Reeves once said: ‘I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that’s just wouldn’t be our style.   Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.’ Well, the pain will heal. My wife digs the scars. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will ever top holding the world title belt for the first time last night.

“My wife said to me before the Max Kael match since no one on the planet thought I’d be in this position- don’t be afraid of losing and more importantly, don’t be afraid to win. Don’t let the moment overwhelm you. Don’t let the occasion get the better of you. Fuck fear. Don’t fear failure. Don’t fear success. Don’t fear the moment. And I didn’t. I didn’t blink.

“Brian Hollywood deserves all the credit in the world.  He gave everything he had and that was a great match.

“As for the post-match stuff…it could have been a ten on one beatdown and you still weren’t going to take that glorious moment away when Matt Boettcher raised my hand and handed me the title belt.”

Twitter reaction.
“Ray McAvay pointed me towards some really good advice from someone on Twitter today about corporate sponsorship. So I am pleased to announce here in Kansas City tonight that I have signed an exclusive fourteen day agreement with Reese’s Cup. 

“So, sorry, not sorry that for at least the next thirteen days I am the HOW World champion and the first HOW World champion of the Refueled Era.

“Sorry, not sorry that I defeated five wrestlers, including three HOW Hall of Famers and another who should merit HOF consideration, in the ring over four consecutive shows to win the HOW World title.

“Sorry, not sorry that I used every single thing said about me over the past few weeks and used it as motivation to drive forward to win the HOW World title.

“Sorry, not sorry that I’m standing here in Kansas City, Missouri in front of you wonderful fans and sorry, not sorry that I am holding this beautiful, #97 red HOW World title belt in my hands right now.”

Dawn McGill’s role in his success.
“She guided Ray McAvay to the HOW title in 2016 and now me. Manager of champions.”

The road to this moment.
“Eleven years ago, I started a journey starting at the very bottom rung of the minor leagues of professional wrestling. Eleven long years of blood, sweat, and tears, working on my craft, honing my skills, and moving up the ladder step by step. That was my apprenticeship. That was my wrestling school 101. Learning the hard way through hard knocks at every step of my wrestling education.

“Then two years ago, Dawn McGill decided she was going to manage Rah and myself in MVW and take part in a tag team tournament in 4CW. That’s where I took the next step forward in my wrestling journey. That’s when Halitosis stopped muddling along in mediocrity, drifting from venue to venue without any direction, and became a much better wrestler.  Enough that earlier this year Dawn and Ray recommended me to Lee Best when HOW reopened. Lee took a chance on me. And the rest is history.”

Final thoughts.
“This victory doesn’t just belong to me.

“This victory belongs to Dawn McGill. She won just one match in HOW and it just happened to be for the LSD title. But she was able to relay to me her vast years of experience in HOW and other wrestling companies during this journey.

“This victory belongs to Rah. Unlike McGill, Rah didn’t care much if he won or lost a match. He was there to have fun and just be Rah.

“This victory belongs to Ray McAvay, HOW’s man of the people who led his mighty Les Miserables in 2016 to the ICON title and then won War Games and the HOW World title. I was able to draw on his experience and how he was able to handle big time matches.

“This victory belongs to a wrestler…sitting in a dressing room at a high school gym somewhere in America…trying to get his career on track…scraping out an existence from show to show…who doesn’t arrive at the arena in a fancy car or riding in an expensive limo…who has a dream…a dream of holding a beautiful world title belt like this one someday. This win is for wrestlers working at small and medium sized promotions…praying for their big chance.  All I can tell you is keep moving forward. Keep dreaming. And don’t let anyone tell you…ANYONE…that you can’t do it, that you can’t win a world title. Because I am living proof that you can.”

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