Mouth Wash to the Championship

A flash roll up.  That’s what it ultimately came down to at Refueled Three.  I gambled with it and I won with it.  It was an ultimate surprise but ultimately, after I’ve had a couple weeks to think about it, I’m really not that ultimately surprised about it.


Hollywood smiles as we open up inside a private room in the back of a local Tampa Bay bar.   The room was filled with a poker table in the middle of the room along with a bar near the back.  This room was really only for club members or people with the right connections.  There weren’t that many people in the room at the time but Hollywood was seen at the bar currently drinking a whiskey.  He takes the glass and swirls it around for a bit as he mauls over the results of Refueled Three.


Brian Hollywood: The truth of that matter…that fact of the matter is the better man won.  I always told everyone I was capable of anything and I didn’t give a fuck how I have to get a win.  A win is a WIN and no matter what the cost, gets me that much closer to holding MY HOW World Championship high above my head and put to bed any doubt about me undoubtedly being the best and still the only one DESERVING of being the HOW World Champion.  A couple weeks ago, I showed the world, and most importantly to John Sektor, that Sektor wasn’t in the right frame of mind to hold my Championship.  I showed the world and John Sektor that he wasn’t fit to be the HOW World Champion.  It didn’t matter if it came down to a flash pin or not.  The reasoning is simple.  Sektor had other things on his mind.  I also exposed Sektor as a liar and a false heretic of being the man to stand atop this great company that HOW has undoubtedly shown to be throughout the years.  Now it’s time to move on to this week.  To ONE more match in the finals of the HOW World Championship Tournament which I have effectively renamed to the Hollywood HOW World Championship Defense Extravaganza!


Hollywood smiles as the thought of renaming the tournament to his own tournament fit the bill for him perfectly.  He had been fighting and clawing his way through this tournament and starting as the number two seed seemed like an injustice to start.  He’s used that to fuel his way through the tournament and here he is in the finals facing Halitosis.  Hollywood takes a sip of his whiskey as he looks across the room.  He spots a few guys just minding their own business.  One guy, he notices, is sitting by himself and not necessarily drawing attention to himself, but he was definitely up to something.  Hollywood just let it go and didn’t pay any more attention to it as he continues.


Brian Hollywood: So here we are one more match to go at Refueled Four.  I’m facing the Cinderella man himself, Halitosis.  Heh, who would have ever thought a guy like Halitosis would make it to the Finals?  I got to give you credit where credit is due, though.  You were an underdog every match but managed to pull out the wins against David Black, Scottywood and even more impressively…Max Kael.  A guy that can take out Max Kael is a dangerous man.  I’ll admit it.  I said it…but like every man in this business, every one of them is defeatable.  All I got to do is figure out your weakness and boom times up.  I’m impressed you were able to take out Kael, but Kael is defeatable as well.  How a guy like you was able to topple him…I’ll never know.  Perhaps luck?  I mean, you’ve got the golden ticket, isn’t that what you said, Halitosis?


Hollywood smiles and shakes his head.  He knew guys like Halitosis well.  The guys who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Hell, he used to be one of those guys at one time.  However, he knew what it took to succeed and adapt and that’s exactly what Hollywood did as he takes another swig of his whiskey.


Brian Hollywood: I’ve had that golden opportunity before, Halitosis, and it makes you feel powerful.  I know the energy and the excitement that surrounds that kind of atmosphere.  However, like I said before, every man has a weakness and I’ve already gotten yours pegged, Halitosis.  You are going to fight like key motherfucking sweat to try and topple me to try and claim my HOW World Championship.  However, you’re overlooking a few major things and that’s how I’m going to use that strength to my advantage.


Hollywood pauses for a moment as he thinks about where he was at three years ago in HOW.  He was fighting Ray McAvay the last time he became the HOW World Champion…especially when he had to regain it back from Ray after losing it at War Games of 2016.  Hollywood shakes his head as he recalls all too well the misunfortunate events that transpired before he won his title back for good.


Brian Hollywood: I made the mistake to lose my championship to Ray McAvay at War Games.  I took my eye off the prize and the problem was I wasn’t contending with just one man.  However, when I won my Championship back, I made sure I wasn’t going to lose it again!  That’s the difference this time around, Halitosis!  I know that after my tournament extravaganza concludes, we go right into War Games.  It’s almost nightmare PR for me because the events are transpiring almost identically as they did before.  However, the difference this time is I know what to be prepared for this time.  I’ve treated this tournament as a declaration of fucking WAR, Halitosis, and when I’m at war with pretty much the world, I ALWAYS look out for number one first.  That’s not only myself, but my HOW World Championship.  I have every intention to be apart of War Games and to ride into War Games with Lee Best to take on Mike Best and his army of losers.  I’ve been on a collision course with Mike Best since HOW came back, and it’s destiny that this match takes place.  But here’s the kicker….War Games is merely the next phase AFTER this tournament concludes.  While I will do everything I can to get on that team and to represent HOW the way it was MEANT to be represented, I know I have to take you out first.  I know War Games is on your mind…but I know that my championship is number one on your priority list.


Hollywood finishes his whiskey as he pauses for a brief moment.  He looks at the bartender and points to his glass for one more round as the bartender nods in approval.  Hollywood strokes his chin as he knows he has an interesting task this week at Refueled Four.  He had put everything in his life on hold, even his business dealings with Hollywood Enterprises on the backburner in order to officially get his HOW World Championship back.  That’s how much the World title meant to Hollywood.  He was taking a risk going behind a couple of his best friends backs by not mentioning his dealings in the wrestling business.  Whether that put him at risk or not remains to be seen.  However, it was clearer than the bright motherfucking sun just how much that HOW World Championship meant to Hollywood and here he was…one more match away from finally resecuring it for good.  Hollywood would stop at nothing to accomplish that.


Brian Hollywood: Let’s be honest, Halitosis…there’s A LOT of pressure on you in this match…but it’s not the end for you.  Oh no…you’ve done what a lot of people haven’t been able to do…and that’s get yourself a HOW World Championship match after four matches.  I once again tip my hat to you…but that’s as far as it goes…you are STILL the ENEMY and right now you are my number ONE enemy!  Like I said, this won’t be the end for you.  After I pin your shoulders to that mat for the three count, your golden ticket gets taken away.  Like everyone else that has been in your place, including myself back in the day, I got back up after that and chased my way to making myself better.  That’s what you will do when this tournament ends and I will not fault you for that.  However, I want you to understand….that just what I did to Sektor to get a win…I will take it a step further to make sure I secure the victory I need to retain my HOW World Championship.  Heh, if Lee wants to, he can give me a third official reign…or I’ll do something that has NEVER been done before in HOW and I’ll make the title more legitimate in the fact that I didn’t need an official third reign to make my stats look better.  But on the contrary, choose to keep my second reign and rather retain the belt altogether.  That’s the kind of man I am, Halitosis because that’s how much that HOW World Championship means to me.  I don’t expect you to understand that because you’ve not only been around here…but you’ve never held this belt before and that’s what’s going to further separate you from me and what this match truly means…


Hollywood powers down the whiskey the bartender gives to him.  He closes his eyes as he lets the whiskey slide down his throat.  Hollywood starts to smile briefly as he already has several different ideas for his one final match to getting back to his HOW World Championship.


Brian Hollywood: You know, it’s funny….just sitting here…just how my mind works is truly fascinating.  But that’s the pure gift in it all, Halitosis.  That’s the truth about just the man I’ve become here in HOW.  That makes me a dangerous man and I know just how badly people want the HOW World Championship away from me.  But don’t you understand?  That’s exactly what FUELS ME!  That’s exactly what gets my fucking veins PUMPING!  I love the feeling…the challenge of being hated.  It means I’ve done my job in High Octane Wrestling and it means that everything I’m setting out for myself is coming to pass.  It has the first time and it will again.


Hollywood pauses again as he slaps down a large bill for the bartender.  He shakes his head as he looks down at his watch, still feeling the power flowing through his veins.


Brian Hollywood: Come time for Refueled Four, Halitosis…you won’t just be one breath away.  It will be the last breath you ever take when I nail you with that Executive Promise.  You won’t be just one breath away Halitosis, but rather I’ll be one pinfall away from finally ending this tournament and standing back on top of the mountain.  Looking down at the HOW I helped create right before it closed and reclaiming the success to continue it and mold it even better in this last run.  This is my last run in my wrestling career Halitosis, and I plan on making my mark where people talk about it until the end of time.  I’ll see you at Refueled Four and I best hope you understand just what exactly is coming for you….


Hollywood gets up and walks out of the private room as the camera slowly pans over to the man Hollywood was eyeing earlier on.  He gets on his phone and waits a few moments…


??? Yes Mr. Chair sir…he was here and I’ve got something interesting your going to want to hear….

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