War Games Information including Roleplaying

#CenturyClubHOR is in the books and there was either some drunken confusion after I removed Halitosis and Hollywood from the War Games teams…….err….lets just blame it on that so I dont have to feel like its other than that but here is some of the information on the War Games PPV coming up on August 3rd.

The War Games match featuring Lee and his SON captaining their own specific teams will not only have the side bet in action but will also be for the World Championship. Both Hollywood and Halitosis were taken off the team as we have no idea….until Refueled IV…who will be the World Champion and the loser should NOT automatically get a spot. After the main event there will be a very important statement will be coming out to announce ALL THE details. Some are just NOT going to come out until after this weeks show. Until then…..

  • War Games Match featuring the Father vs. the Son with the World Title on the line
  • Roleplaying will be from July 20th thru July 31st
  • August 1st and 2nd will be used to score roleplays, write matches, and create poser scenes
  • There will be an undercard. Yet to be determined

More questions than answers at the moment but by the end of this week you ALL will have ALL the answers.


Roleplay Countdown


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