The Last Time the HOW World Title Changed Hands.

Refueled Four is just four days away and a new High Octane Wrestling World Champion will be crowned. Will it be two-time HOW Champion Brian Hollywood? Or can newcomer Halitosis finish his Cinderella run through the tournament by winning the title?

Since Brian Hollywood is all but ‘defending’ the HOW World Title that he never lost this Friday night, let’s go back nearly three years to the last time the HOW World Title changed hands inside the ring.

June 27th, 2016. Monday Night Mayhem.

But before that…

Brian Hollywood entered War Games 2016 88 days into his HOW World title reign as a member of the Best Alliance.  But Hollywood finished a disappointing seventh during the War Games match and dropped the World title to Ray McAvay.

Thirteen days later, Hollywood would get a shot at redemption at Monday Night Mayhem when he faced McAvay in singles action for the HOW World title.

For some inexplicable reason, Scott Stevens, captain of the winning War Games team that included McAvay, decided to be at ringside for the match.

What Happened?
Hollywood kept McAvay grounded in the early going. The champion managed to kick out of Nigel Lette’s fast counts and get a little offense in. Hollywood took a powder and found himself in the middle of McAvay’s Les Miserables at ringside.

Hollywood escapes but McAvay goes on the offensive. He goes for the McGill-Bomb but Hollywood slips out and hits the Paper Cut. McAvay kicks out though causing Hollywood to berate Lette for speed of the count. McAvay then slides out to ringside and hangs out with his Les Miserables.

Hollywood wades into the din. Lette calls for the EPU to come out and things get a little volatile at ringside. The EPU get into it with the Les Miserables. Scott Stevens gets into it with Brian Hollywood. Things are about to explode.

Turning Point?
Things explode.

McAvay vs. Hollywood – Monday Night Mayhem / June 27th, 2016
As Hollywood and Stevens get into a yelling match, McAvay slowly gets to his feet and sees Hollywood distracted he charges full force.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood moves out of the way!

Benny Newell: YES!

Hollywood avoids the attack and McAvay spears Stevens instead.

Benny Newell: That’s what you get bitch!

As McAvay checks on Stevens, Hollywood takes a few steps back waiting for McAvay to turn around.

Joe Hoffman: EXECUTIVE PROM……NO!!!!!!!!!!!

McAvay ducks under the kick and Hollywood turns around to a waiting McAvay as he tosses him into the air.


Benny Newell: FUCK!

McAvay picks up Hollywood and rolls him back into the ring as Nigel follows to.

McAvay covers and Nigel Lette has no choice but to count.





Nigel Lette is dragged out of the ring by Scott Stevens?!?!?!?!?

Joe Hoffman: The heck is Stevens doing?!?!?!?!?

Which is the same question Ray is asking his friend as he leans through the ropes and starts yelling for an answer which Stevens answer with a Toxic Sting that jars McAvay’s neck against the middle rope.

Which leads to this…

McAvay vs. Hollywood – Monday Night Mayhem / June 27th, 2016
As McAvay holds his throat gasping for air, Hollywood is back on his feet and delivers a super kick to the back of McAvay’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Executive Promise to the back of the champion’s head.

Hollywood rolls McAvay over as Stevens tells Nigel to get back into the ring and count.

Benny Newell: Count Nig!

Nigel cautiously rolls into the ring to make a quick count of…..




Benny Newell: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

Nigel signals for the belt as the official announcement is made.

While Hollywood celebrates regaining the title. Stevens snaps and delivers a vicious post-match beatdown to McAvay.

However, eleven days later McAvay would get payback on Stevens at Friday Night Chaos defeating the Scorpion in a wild match that featured the Les Miserables getting into it again with the EPU, an off-key mariachi band featuring one mini-McAvay, and both wrestler’s wives getting into a full blown catfight at ringside.

Hollywood would defeat Darin Zion later on in the night to consolidate the World, ICON, and LSD titles on the final HOW show before the hiatus.

Hollywood vs. Zion- Friday Night Chaos / July 8th, 2016
Nigel Lette proceeds towards Hollywood as Hollywood is finally able to muster a little strength to be able to stand on his two feet. Lette hands all three titles, the HOW LSD, ICON and World Championships to Hollywood as Hollywood holds all three belts high in the air as the camera focuses in to a close and final shot of a very bloodied Hollywood triumphing with all three HOW championships as Chaos fades to black from the Best Arena.


This Friday night, can Halitosis cash in on his miraculous run and will he become the first HOW World champion of the Refueled era? Or will the clock strike midnight on the Cinderella Man and Brian Hollywood begins the new era of HOW the same way he left the previous era- as the HOW World Champion.

Tune in to Refueled Four and see for yourself.

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