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Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds win War Games

With War Games upon us we here at HOWrestling.com thought we would dive into the archives and bring you a little history to this prestigious spectacle.

On August 10, 2008 the first ever War Games of the Modern Era took place to crown a new World Champion after it had been vacated. Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds won the match last eliminating Max Kael and thus team captain Bobbinette Carey gets to decide who gets the World title.

War Games: August 10th, 2008

On August 18, 2008 on Monday Night Mayhem, Bobbinette Carey awards herself the HOW World Title via the Captain’s Advantage stipulation.

Mayhem: August 18th, 2008

With this War Games not having a specific Captain in the match itself will it have a Captain’s Advantage? Or if two members of Team Mike Best or Team Lee Best will they decide on who gets it? If we hear anything HOWrestling.com will be the first to report on the subject, but in the mean time take a look back of these historic moments on HOTv.com

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