Zion Issues Open Challenge

98.7 WILD Radio called Darin Zion to hype up HOW’s upcoming War Games match.  When he ended his time on the call, he had the following quote he delivered to the Radio Station:


You’re damn right I believe everyone wants this spot.  I’m looking to prove my hunger for that spot.  I once signed up for a company that allowed you to collect a pay check while sitting your ass at home or allow yourself to sell your soul to job for money and it made me miserable.  I signed up knowing I could walk out with a Hall of Fame spot guaranteed just because I signed my contract.  It didn’t fulfill me.  It made me bitter with myself.  I came back to HOW to work my ass off and get challenged.  It’s the exact reason I love this company.


Call me a hypocrite or crazy for speaking out of line being the least tenured HOW faithful wrestler, but what I am about to say may rub people the wrong way.  I apologize about that in advance.  I want to lead this locker room and set a good example for all the talent.  I haven’t earned my stripes and I know it’s going to take time and require me to come out of my shell and be forthright about my opinions, so I’m just going to come out and say it.  I’ve been told to stop being timid.


To anyone who wants to sit out and collect a pay check and not issue challenges to better their career:  you don’t deserve a shot at War Games.  I don’t care if you’ve been here 10 seconds or 10 years: You don’t deserve to hit that next level that could put you in Hall of Fame status if that’s truly in your heart.  These Hall of Fame legends that came back didn’t come back at lower pay grades, so you could milk the company of funds.  We could have invested that salary into other programs, talent, etc.  It breaks my heart because truth be told: I’m always open for challengers.  I came back to fight.  If you’re sitting at home, I’m open to stealing the show with you just so you can prove your worth, and I damn well know everyone here has worth.  To see anyone saying that makes me frustrated because that’s something I said back after HOW closed.  I don’t want to see that poisonous attitude affecting any one of my peers.  Every single talent is better than that.  This is could be our last War Games.  I’m not about to let anyone sit on their asses on something like that.  You want to fight for your spot; my schedule is free and open.  Hit Lee Best up for the fight and I’m sure he’d love to book big matchups for me.  It would excite me greatly to see my schedule fill up.


When asked if he was targeting anyone specific; he simply said


The one I’m targeting specifically knows who he is.  He’s got a phone and I’ve been specifically been looking to earn a win back over his ass after he beat me the first time in 4CW.  But I’m not limiting myself to just one person.  I am looking for challenges to grow more.  I crave nothing more than to challenge myself to grow.  Right now, I’m trying to grow outside of the year I hit second place.  I want to win War Games more than anything else right now.  But I must get on the card first.  Anyone who wants to square up; you know how to find me!



Who could Zion have been challenging?  And will anyone step up to Zion’s open challenge?  Tune into the following weeks to see what happens next.

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