Zion’s Feelings on War Games

Earlier today at Dick Sporting Goods near the Tampa Bay area while signing autographs for fans, Darin Zion got asked regarding people passing him over in the first 8 picks for HOW’s possible last War Games match.  When asked regarding this topic; his eyes lit up with passion, almost reflecting back on the memories on the past two War Games matches he participated in.  He regained his composure and kept rather calm and collected when responding:


While I’m disappointed I got looked over; I cannot say I’m surprised.  I used to get angry regarding getting passed over.  I went all ‘Rambo’ on Twitter begging and pleading trying to get campaigns started on Twitter looking thirsty as heck for attention.  But it feeds me.  I felt challenged.  Little do they know; I love challenges.  It fuels me to step up even more and prove my worth to HOW.  I understand why they didn’t select me.  I’ve had a shitty attitude over the last few weeks.  I didn’t act like the same Zion who almost beat Jason Parker Davidson in my first War Games match walking out with the ICON Championship.  I didn’t perform like I did 3 years ago when I was third runner up and walked out with the LSD championship.  I didn’t value our brand.  But you’re damn sure going to see me in that War Games match regardless.  I will bust my ass to get into War Games because winning it puts you entirely on another plane of existence in HOW.  Sure, the HOW World Championship is our top prize.  It means everything.  But walking out with a War Games victory to your name cements your legacy in this company.  It proves your tougher than shit.  You come out entirely changed after that match.  You can’t walk out the same when you walked in.  It’s our most brutal match.  I love it.


But make no mistake about it.  When I step up against Johnny O’Dell on Refueled IV; Mike and Lee will both notice me this time.  You don’t tell me it’s the final War Games and expect me to coast and let this opportunity pass me.  This isn’t me trying to start a Vote for Zion campaign for War Games or begging them to select me.  Actually, I want to thank them for not.  I don’t need my ego fueled more.  I don’t expect hand outs and absolutely appreciate them telling everyone in HOW to prove their worth for it.  But I would advice both Mike and Lee to keep watching me.  I damn well will go out there and show them and the world why I’m the next pick in their drafts.

This announcement surely excited Zion to prove his worth more in his match against Johnny O’Dell come for Refueled IV.  With Zion putting everyone on notice he’s going to step up and fight harder.  What will that look like as we head into HOW’s potential last War Games?  Tune into Refueled IV to find out more.


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