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Where is Scott Stevens?

Where is Scott Stevens?

That is the question many have been wondering after his apparent absence from the Refueled IV card as he hasn’t been seen at an HOW event of any kind since he came up short in the battle royal to crown a new ICON Champion at Refueled II. This isn’t like the Texan who in his previous 5 years with the company was one of the first ones to arrive and usually one of the last ones to leave.

So the question remains……Where is Scott Stevens?

  • Is the Texan hurt?
  • Did he have another disagreement with management and they sent him home as punishment?
  • Did the former World Champion ask for his release and they are freezing him out to prevent him from signing with another promotion?

What ever the case may be is that something major must be going on because Scott Stevens has never missed two shows in a row outside of his suspension in 2015.

With the news coming out regarding War Games many have to wonder if Stevens will be involved as the Texan has been a major staple in the hellacious match since he stepped foot into High Octane Wrestling. Stevens has finished in the top 5 every year he has competed in and has always been a strong partner no matter who’s team he was on.

Hopefully we hear from the Texan or management soon regarding Scott Stevens’ whereabouts and when we do will be the first to break the news.

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