Zion defeats Noah Hanson in OCW debut

Last night on OCW Massacre; Darin Zion made his official OCW debut and defeated one of his old Sex and Money partners now turned rivals:  Noah Hanson in convincing fashion.  After the win, HOWrestling.com caught up with Zion for a quick word after his match:

“Honestly, since returning to the professional wrestling business:  I didn’t expect to go 3-1.  After falling so far from grace when HOW turned off the lights and joining 4CW for a pay check; I believed no one would take me back.  I didn’t even expect to beat one of professional wrestling’s greats in Eric Dane.  I didn’t expect to take down my former mentor:  Noah Hanson.  He put up one hell of an effort.  With Refueled III on the horizon, Scottywood; I’m at the top of my game.  I know I have to be there to take your ass on.  You beat the ever living shit out of me last time.  But I echo your sentiments; may the best man win this week…and we know that’s actually me buddy.  I’ll make sure to raise a toast to you after we tear down the house this weekend.”

Will Zion’s momentum continue into the next HOW show?  Tune into Refueled III this week to find out more!

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