We Are Better Than This

And yet here we all are.



Hi, hello there! Glad you could join me here again. It’s been a month since we last talked, or close to there abouts, right? What was going on then? Was it Darin Zion trying to claw his way out of the primordial muck to attain that precious High Octane Wrestling World Championship?


How did that work out for him?


Spoilers, it didn’t work out that well at all.


Max defeated Darin Zion ending the young man’s dreams of a World Championship Reign. Mike Best got himself disqualified in a match against John Sektor advancing the old head of the EPU. Scottywood lost to Halitosis in a match I think most people, including Scottywood, forgot was on the card. Oh and Brian Hollywood managed to advance himself so he does deserve a pat on the back.


But then outside of HOW things have been happening as well. HOW sweet heart lost to a lug named Vincent Langston and drove Max to point of having his old teeth replaced with a chrome set of jaws. Some might call it gaudy or garish, cartoonish even however Max Kael was delighted with his newest physical enhancement. Metal ocular bone, metal eye patch, metal teeth, Max was a TSA Agents worst nightmare.


The tournament had two more rounds left in it, his opponent was to be Halitosis, a new face in HOW looking to score big by getting his first HOW World Championship.


Another Cinderella dream. Another guy just trying to make another dream come true. Whatever.


Max has a dream. A dream that someday he’ll run into a real opponent in this Tournament and not just a bunch of gimmicks and call backs who should have never crawled into that ring with him. Max a dream of a vicious,thriving HOW filled with all the brutality, cruelty, cunning and viciousness that he remembers. A place where he can flourish once again..


But this HOW isn’t that, at least not yet.


Winning the HOW World Championship will be a step in the right direction. In Max’s twisted mind it has always been the HOW World Champion who sets the pace, whose vision of the future is the direction that the company marches. Max is no longer a Best Alliance guy, he’s a HOW Guy and more importantly then that, he’s a Max Kael guy.


The eMpire has been an excellent platform from which he has been allowed to grow. His time in OCW has opened his eye to the world outside of the hallowed land of High Octane, laid bare a few terrible truths that he had never really understood.


The first of these lessons was that the level of competition he enjoyed in HOW for much of his career is almost non-existent elsewhere. Every day he is inundated with pathetic hacks who troll twitter for attention or scream in the locker rooms to be taken seriously. Old men stumble to the ring only to get nearly murdered while people pee on each others feet to cast magic.


In HOW if someone was getting pissed on it was to insult them, figure it the fuck out.


What happened the world? Not just in HOW but out there? When did everything get to shitty? When did the best of the best become guys like Brian Hollywood and Halitosis, the perceived equals to Maximillian Kael and John Sektor? When did the standards fall so low?


Max Kael doesn’t have any idea either but what he does know is he has a plan to change it. A plan to bring things back to the way they used to be, the way happier days when the House of High Octane was number one, when the blood flowed and the trash talk flew. Dirk Dickwood calls High Octane Wrestling a trashy deathmatch federation well fuck him, he might be right. But that doesn’t it bad.. No.. not bad at all.


To Maximillian Best-Kael it is far and away.. Good.



5 Time Academy

Tampa Bay, Florida




The sickening sound of beat and bone connecting echoes around the gym as another body withers to the ground before Max Kael. Standing in the ring looking ghoulish as ever was Maximillian Kael as he glowered down at the broken man at his feet, silvery sharpened teeth glinting from behind cracked, parched lips. Blood appears speckled across Max’s eyepatch and forehead but it doesn’t appear to be his. He had spent the last three days demanding sparring matches against everyone who met Halitosis’s style or size and for three days he had brutalized, beaten and bled just about all of them.


“..another one!” Max snarls as two medics slide into the ring to attend to his fallen opponent. Marcus Washington climbs up onto the ring and slips between the ropes as he approaches Max with a clipboard in hand.


“Look, man, I can’t have you coming through this place knocking out all our guys. We got quota’s to feel, these trainees need to be ready for OCW if the call goes out for one of them to fly down to Key West.” Washington says, his expression matching his frustrated tone. “Sutler is still in the hospital.. Not that you care.”


Max lifts his chain, a hand absently wiping away the blood on his forehead leaving a crimson streak, a mix of sweat and vitae. A cruel smile washes over his lips as Washington can see himself reflected from within Max’s ill intended smirk.


“You think you care about Sutler more then me because I left him with a broken nose and a concussion during out sparring session last month?” He sneered toward Washington before his blue eye looked back down another hapless 5 Time Academy wrestler being rolled out of the 5 Time Academy ring. “I say it took more caring to show him a real truth about life the coddle him like he’s still a child. Sutler made an adult choice and suffered a very adult consequence.”


“Listen, that boy has talent but that’s never gonna get realized with you here like an abusive shadow. You left that boy alone in South Korea!” Washington said putting an accusing finger directly to Max’s chest. “You been abandoning that boy all his life. We trained him here at 5 Time Academy, we took a sad, abused and lonely boy and nurtured his talent and skill. Sulter has a chance to become more then just some.. Enhancement talent used to put over guys who can’t cut it anywhere else but in the ring. But..”


Max’s eye rolls back toward Marcus Washington as he feels the finger jabbed sharply into his chest. Max’s smirk melts into a dour frown, his upper lip pulled up to reveal those precious chrome fangs.


“..if you keep treating him like he’s worthless, you keep breezing in and out of his life whenever it suits your fancy, you keep destroying the life he keeps trying to build and yeah, he might turn out like some worthless enhancement talent as you call it. But that’s on you and the influence you have on this re-”


Before Washington can finish his statement one of Max’s spider like hands snaps out and tightens around the trainer’s throat. Caught off guard Marcus’s eyes bulge as he drops the clipboard, both hands grabbing hold of Max’s wrists. A cruel, narrowed blue eye stares into Marcus’s face as he pulls the smaller man closer.


“What I do with my son is between my son and I. Out of the two of us.. Who’s a former HOW World Champion? A former ICON Champion? Literally the Safest Division Champion? Tag Team Champion? Mmm?!” Max’s fingers tighten as Marcus stare daggers back into the HOW Hall of Famer. He continues to struggle but Max seems to have the hold fastened tight. “Not you.. You train pathetic wastes of time whose whole purpose in life is to make other people look good. You train window dressing.. You train janitors. Losers. I train winners..”


Marcus manages to finally break Max’s grip on his throat knocking his hand free. He takes a deep breath but doesn’t waste any time as he sends a few stiff shots against Max’s chest driving the wind out of the Lord of Kaelsalvania’s lungs. Kael’s expression is of surprise as he staggers back holding his chest, his blue eye burning with a new sense of hatred.


A stiff kick to Max’s abdomen folds the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia in half as he clutches his gut, his lungs burning as he has yet to get a breath back into his chest thanks to Marcus’s blistering offensive. Washington follows his combo up with a vicious uppercut looking to catch Max in a defenseless position.




A loud, solid metallic sound echoes around the academy as Marcus Washington lets out a cry, falling back away from Max as he stares down at the fist he had just tried to uppercut Max with. The knuckles are red and disjointed, likely broken as Max slowly rears back up onto his feet, a stupid, shit eating grin stretched across his face, his metal teeth having taken the entirety of the attack.


“Trainer Washington..” Max hissed as his opponent’s eyes darted up from his broken hand. “I think I found my next sparring opponent..”


In a moment of fight of flight Washington chose to fight. Gritting his teeth and letting out a roar the Senior Trainer for 5 Time Academy launched a new series of attacks against Max attempting to connect with body blows and stiff kicks, each shot absorbed by Max as he was worked back into a corner. The Warrant Office of WORTH’s dirty, matted hair flung around his face though those metal teeth sparkled and glittered in the violence.


Another miscalculation catches Marcus off guard as he attempts to punch Max with his damaged hand causing him to cry out in pain again, his offense sputtering out.




A vicious Brow Beater catches Marcus Washington between the eyes causing the whole world to go Ultra Black. His eyes cross as he stumbles back, dazed and confused by the brutal blow. Cocking his head to the side Max let out a low growl before he spun..




Max’s elbow is driven into the side of Marcus’s head as he is struck with the Arkham Hammer. His eyes roll up into his head as the lids shut, his body folding to the ground like a house of cards.


His blue eye stared down at Marcus as he ran a hand through his greasy, tangled black hair, the touch of a smirk returning to his lips.


“..as I said I’ll train my boy to fight like a winner. Whatever your selling I’m not interesting in buying. This place.. Heh-heh..” Max lifted his head and looked around the Academy, a smug expression washing over him. “..this place is a haven for people like you.. People like Halitosis.. Darin Zion.. Great Scott.. The gimmicks. The jokes. The masked idiots who are so dis-interesting they have to make up something about themselves to be someone.”


Max’s smugness disappears as he lets his jaw slacken slightly. Slowly his expression turns to one of disgust and frustration. A sigh escapes his lips as he runs his tongue over his metal teeth with a thoughtful appearance.


“..I’ve been gone for too long. That’s the only answer. Everybody lost their way without Good Ole’Max around to keep people honest and true. It used to be that HOW was like a hell, burning so bright, so intensely. Crucifixions, vivisections, death matches, FIRE.. Violence, sex, offensive activities.. Mmm..” Max says wistfully as his blue eye turned up toward the ceiling, a single tear forming. “..We’ll get those days back when I’m Champion. Then I’ll train my boy to be a winner..”


His eye turns back down toward Marcus as his disgusted expression returns. With a shake of his head Max turns and exits the ring. Halitosis would put up more of a fight then anyone he had faced at 5 Time Academy, of that he was certain but no one, not Halitosis, not John Sektor or Brain Hollywood would stand between him and his goals..


To return HOW to something.. Beautiful.

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