Simple man with a simple plan

Good Morning, Mr Hollywood..


As a business executive, I assume that’s how you like to be referred by the people underneath you? As you seem to still consider yourself the World champion, and I am not, that you may consider me to be underneath you also?


I know. It’s wrong to assume. After that lovely message of love you gave me, I’m more inclined to assume that you hold a certain amount of affection and respect for me. Which, considering what I’ve become as of late, is reassuring to say to the least. To know that someone still looks up to me and speaks so highly of me, well..


It gives me a warm, fuzzy, feeling inside.


I never forgot about you, Hollywood. I remember the short time we spent together in Ground Zero. I remember a lost kid, who never knew how to balance the world of business with competitive wrestling. A boy, who had experienced so much success in reaching the top of the corporate mountain, that he was struggling to fulfill his dreams as a wrestler. As you were on my team, I viewed your development as an essential part of my own plan in achieving the targets I had set for myself, and what we had set for ourselves in Ground Zero.


So I didn’t forget. I simply stopped caring the moment you were no longer on my team.


I know that sounds harsh, but that’s the cruel reality of who I am. You’re not the first person in this world who I have mentored and helped go on to better things.


Take a look at Christopher America. I took him under my wing and gave him the much needed direction and focus he needed to reach the very top. He went on to win multiple World titles, enter the Hall of Fame and now he’s a road agent, helping bury future talent..


Now, I couldn’t give two fucks about Christopher America.


Scott Stevens. Scott actually came to me because he felt I could help him achieve his dreams of being World champion. I had an ally for a while and someone I knew I could trust to watch my back, during a time when the Best Alliance was hell bent on destroying me. We all know Steven’s just doesn’t have the smarts to screw a guy like me over. So I helped him.  Scott Steven’s miraculously went on to win not one, but TWO World titles in HOW. Why?


Because of John, Fucking, Sektor.


But fuck Scott Stevens, now. I did my bit for him when he was of some minor benefit to me.


I’m not trying to portray myself as some sort of ‘bad guy.’ I’m just being as honest as I always have.


Brian, when I looked at you, I saw what I could have been. My father, like you, was a very successful businessman. He had an empire, just like you do. He intended to leave it all to me, and tirelessly tried to turn my brain into the brain of a businessman.


Whilst my father enjoyed competing in the stock market, I loved competing on the field, on the basketball court, on the track. Once I discovered the wrestling ring? I was hooked! I fell in love.


My father cut me off from the empire, and my inheritance, once he realised that he was banging his head against the wall. I didn’t care. I’m a simple man, Mr Hollywood, with simple tastes. Everything I’ve ever had, I’ve earned in the ring. I earned it the ugly way, making mistakes, learning hard lessons, breaking bones and tearing muscles. I had no one to mentor me, I did it all myself. Some people need guidance, Brian. Some people just want to figure the world out on their own.


After all, I didn’t teach you everything, did I?


Seen as it’s you, and you’ve said such lovely things about me. I’m going to give you one more lesson. For old times, sake.


Quit living in the past!


You’re NOT World champion any more. You’re not. Accept it. It’s fucking gone! You held it 25 days, defended it once against that, piss ant, Darin Zion and then the doors SHUT! You were a flickering light in a shroud of darkness that was beginning to consume the entire company, and you were the last light to die out before everything went black.


Now? There’s lots of stars, and if you keep whining and complaining about never, officially, losing the title? Then you’re going to find them shining a lot brighter than you. Why? Because people who live in the past lose sight of what’s going on in front of them. Stop feeling like the world owes you something, you’ve been spoon fed your whole fucking life. Just, TAKE IT! Move on to the next chapter.


I get it.I know how it feels. It’s hard letting go of something that you never really lost. But you have to just fucking swallow it.


You’re not the same man you were three or four years ago. None of us are. This tournament is the answer to the question of who we really are now. Because for all four of us left in this tournament, we’re all asking the same question. Are we capable of winning the World title?


So when we face each other at Refueled III? Don’t like me. Don’t respect me. Don’t fucking LOVE me! I’m your enemy. Right now, I’m your worst fucking enemy, because I’m the guy that threatens to rip your dream of winning back the World title, into pieces.


I don’t want you think of this match as some humbling moment for you, to finally compete against the man that you seem to owe so much too. You don’t owe me SHIT! Yeah, a few words in your ear might have steered you in the right direction, but you achieved your success by yourself.


Don’t make the same mistake I did with Mike. You’re right. I did deserve better from him. Mike and I earned each others respect during our many battles together, and I truly believed we were right pairing for a career ending match. I’m made such a big fucking speech, telling a story and promising the world that it would be the greatest match anyone has ever seen in the history of fucking wrestling. And then he kicked me in the balls. The balls, Brian. Literally and figuratively. I don’t need you to make me aware of how poetic that is. But as you said, he played me for fool.


You say I deserve better, Brian. So who is that? You? Heh, don’t make me fucking laugh. I’ve come across some fucking ego’s in my time, but this? This really takes the biscuit. You honestly think that you are what I’m looking for? Sorry Brian, but you’re not.


Again, I’m not trying to bury you here. I know you’ll give me a great match. Hell, I hope you come alive and try to fucking kill me. I’ve been preparing for it, every fucking day since I found out that it was you I’d be facing. Whilst you were sitting in your mansion, or flying around in your private jet, or sipping Cristal, on the fucking Yacht you probably own.. I, have been in the gym, every fucking day, sweating my balls off, putting in the real work that I know it takes to compete at this level. I need to work even harder than everyone else because my body is still fucked!


But I’m not just preparing for you. Oh, no. I’m preparing for the match I deserve. The match I will get. The match I was fucking robbed of. The match, against…


Michael, Lee, Best!


You? You’re just a fucking stepping stone to him. When I beat you, I go to the final. When I get to the final? I win the fucking World title. When I win the World title? I have the perfect bait that I need to lure that mother fucker out of retirement and fight me like a fucking MAN!!


I hope your paying attention, Brian. Not just listening to the words I’m saying, but actually reading between the lines here. Because from the moment you step in the ring with me at Refueled? YOU, are going to be Mike Best. You are going to meet a side of John Sektor that you never had the pleasure of meeting when we were so called, buddies. The nasty side. The horrible, dirty, side that’s mean and fucking vicious.


This isn’t going to be one of those matches were its like “Yay another reversal, let’s give them a clap, what great chain wrestling, awwww they’re hugging and crying,” no FUCK THAT! This is going to get nasty. Real, fucking, nasty!


You better be listening to this Michael. The things I’m going to do to this boy will pale in comparison to what I’ll do to you. His blood will be on your hands. I know, you don’t care. But I care. I have a small twitch in my tiny black heart that gives a shred of shit about this boy. We connected once, on the minimalist of levels which he obviously felt was greater than I did. But a connection is a connection. Now, you’re going to make me do bad things to him. You’re going to make me hurt him, all because you didn’t have the fucking balls to go one on one with me.


I’m going to get to you one way or another. I’ll trample over this kid to get to you. I’ll destroy your fucking brother in the final if I have to. Or send Cinderella crashing back down to earth. I’ll do it all.


Enjoy your time bullying the kids over at OCW. Enjoy playing cowboys and swirling your dick around on live television. Enjoy shitting on High Octane Wrestling. But I’ll be here, doing all I can to keep it alive. I’ve always loved this company more than my own flesh and blood. You know my history to know that’s true. I will beat Hollywood. I will win the fucking tournament and become HOW World champion, being the man to carry this company back to greatness. And then? Then, I will come after you. And I will, Michael..












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