Simple is as Simple Does

Grand Hyatt

Tampa Bay, Florida

May 16th


The scene opens up with a shot of the outside of Grand Hyatt Hotel as night falls in Tampa Bay.  Sirens can be heard in the background as we close in on a balcony outside of a room where we see smoke arise in the air.  Sitting in a lounge chair, Brian Hollywood relaxes as he puffs on his cigar taking in the night life of Tampa.


Brian Hollywood: Florida sure is a fascinating place to visit isn’t it?  Florida night life especially never fails to disappoint.  However, night life is just another phase of the process.  Life goes on and it’s another process of how everything must move forward, no matter what.  Everything is corporal and that’s why everything moves forward and can’t move backwards.  It’s fascinating because that’s exactly how things are in High Octane Wrestling.


Hollywood pauses as he takes another puff from his cigar.  He sits in contemplation for a few moments as he begins to think about the concept of time and what it means for him.  Hollywood thinks for a bit longer obviously thinking about the things he said the other night.  He smiles as he continues.


Brian Hollywood: People sure are gullible aren’t they?  I know a lot of people thought I was being vulnerable when I started talking about John Sektor and our past.  The truth is, it needed to come out.  I wanted it to come out because I needed to let John Sektor know where I stood.  The simple fact is, what Mike Best did to him at Refueled Two was low…literally.  However, the conception of what I said was obviously taken out of context.  Sektor thinks I meant it out of love and how there’s simply no place for it in this tournament.  Your right, John.  Remember when I said I didn’t care about my past?  Remember when I said that all that matters is winning this tournament and justifying myself as the HOW World Champion?  I meant every word.  Every fucking word!  The truth is, John, I really didn’t care that you got kicked in the balls and got backstabbed by Mike Best.  I needed you to open up on your true feelings…not only about me but the HOW World Championship tournament and about yourself and you didn’t disappoint.  THAT’S the John Sektor I want to face!  THAT’S the John Sektor I want to see when we lock up in that ring at Refueled Two.  I realize there are a lot of old veterans and Hall of Famers in HOW that are back in this run that don’t see me as a “seasoned” competitor around here and that’s fine.  That’s why I took matters into my own hands to use my abilities to be able to draw out my emotions to get you to bite down the reality of the times we live in today.  But the truth is, John, I just don’t know if I believe you.


Hollywood pauses as a breeze comes across Hollywood’s face.  He closes his eyes and takes in the myriad of thoughts that fill his mind.  Hollywood’s mind has been a dark place before and there was no telling what might pop up into his head.  Truth can be a very powerful tool, especially when you bring emotion into it.  Hollywood wasn’t an emotional guy.  In fact, he always preyed upon the emotions of his opponents to get himself further in the game.  That’s what made Hollywood stronger, in fact.  He PRIDED himself on being able to break people down.  That’s how Hollywood got stronger himself in the first place.  That was what started it all on his journey to the top of the HOW mountain.  One of the strongest assets Hollywood has in his arsenal is being able to turn his opponents own abilities against them.  Even the strongest of them like John Sektor, a HOW Hall of Famer and multiple time HOW World Champion.


Brian Hollywood: The writing is all over the wall, John.  I know your angry.  I know that you might have felt for a brief moment that the whole world was turned upside down.  But how the fuck could you have been so stupid in believing that things would go down the way you wanted them to go with Mike?!  A HOW legend and Hall of Famer who made a career out of being strong and maintaining that strength by keeping the weakness and vulnerability at bay.  You have always shown your strength and even preyed upon your opponents own weaknesses to lead yourself to victory.  It’s ironic, John, because you and I are exactly the same.  The only difference between me and you, John, is that I don’t need to validate my own self worth and my accomplishments to connect with others.  The only thing that matters to me is winning and proving that I can be the best in HOW.  I don’t care how I need to do it or how I need to go about it.  I’ll align myself with the people I need to only if it benefits my own agenda.  That might sound insulting but think about it…look where I’m at today?  Do you see anyone around me today? When the dust settled and I won the HOW World Championship twice, who were my friends?  I didn’t have any, John.  I was all alone, literally at the top of the mountain.  No one was celebrating with me in HOW.  They all were already plotting how to get rid of me and how to take the HOW World Championship away from me.  I didn’t care what they thought.  They were all jealous of what I had accomplished and how much control I really had.


Hollywood takes yet another puff from his cigar as he exhales calmly and watches as the smoke rises to the top.  As the smoke continues to rise and starts to disappear, Hollywood points up to the air as he acknowledges the smokes purpose.


Brian Hollywood: You see that, John?  You are that smoke right now.  Everyone in HOW is that smoke.  Right now there are only four of us left battling for the rights of the HOW World Championship.  There is Max Kael, Halitosis, you and me.  We are the fire that is producing the smoke in High Octane Wrestling.  Now before I bore you to death with metaphors, let me explain because with all the drugs you’ve done in your life, simplicity is the simplest form of explanation I can give you at your point in your life.  You made a choice to drug yourself up and it’s amazing to me how you haven’t killed yourself yet.  That might prove how tough you are…or it might only prove how lucky you seem to be.  Either way, it’s something that has an ending.  Either your life will end or your luck will run out.  I think the latter is the easiest answer here.  You are tough, John, but that toughness has an expiration.  In a way, we are all racing towards that final hour, that final expiration.  In the smokes sense, the smoke will clear.  But what is left after that smoke is gone?  The simple answer is me, John.  ME!  I’m going to be the only one left when the dust settles and the smoke clears.  You want to know why?  It’s because I know there is so much more left for me to do.  With HOW being back in full force, I have a mission and it’s not only being the best.  But because everyone seems to all of a sudden have a purpose again, my purpose never left!  That HOW World Championship STILL is mine to claim!  I have something worth fighting for but it goes long beyond my claim to be the best.


Hollywood pauses as he shakes his head and scratches it.  Hollywood was starting to get carried away and he knew it.  It wasn’t about talking to him.  It was about proving and continuously showing that he is the man to beat.  Training was important, sure.  In his mind, HOW never closed down.  It wasn’t about those three years that passed without him being able to prove he was the best in the HOW ring.  He didn’t have that luxury because there were no cameras, no fans, no wrestlers around.  No.  In Hollywood’s mind, HOW simply picks up where it was left off to him.  Three years might have passed, but time is a logistic…an invisible player that shows where the world is at when aging and moving forward happens.  Hollywood’s mind is different.  It is charged with one simple thing and that is what is happening TODAY!


Brian Hollywood: The past has a funny way of speaking to us, John.  You learn from the past, but you don’t dwell within it.  That is something I finally learned and that is what changed me after Ground Zero.  I’m not a man who lives in the past.  I’m a man who looks at the past as an enemy.  An enemy reminding me of who I was.  An enemy that was constantly trying to remind me that I would never evolve because once your set in your ways, there’s no escaping it.  That’s why I found it so ironic and funny what happened to you at the hands of Mike Best, John!  And that is why I’m EXPOSING that very lie right here and now!  You tell me to stop dwelling in the past but yet it was because of the past influences that you experienced with Mike that got you in trouble in the first place.  You want to know what I think?  I think Mike Best could have easily defeated you in the quarterfinals.  The low blow was really a mercy killing, John!  A fucking god damn MERCY KILLING!  Sure, you advanced and get to face me now, but honestly, I think Mike Best felt sorry for you.  That and he got bored.  He was bored with you and High Octane Wrestling.  It’s quite sad, really. Mike Best is the perfect example of how neither of you are fit to be HOW World Champion.  You both are the perfect example of how you shouldn’t be at the top of this business anymore.  You are so wrapped up with Mike and the past and that is why I’m not only exposing you now but how I will expose you come time for Refueled Two!


This was the Hollywood we’ve come to know.  Everything comes full circle and with Hollywood, it was his general hatred for people and their flaws that got his blood boiling.  It was this same truth that Hollywood was out to prove as to why he still considers himself to be the HOW World Champion.  It was this that kept him going.  It was exposing the very best of people and breaking them down.  It didn’t matter how strong they were…Hollywood had gotten good at being able to spot the one thing he could use against everyone and that is one of the things that made him so hated.


Brian Hollywood: It’s this very hatred that keeps me going, John!  The lies that I see in people is what sets me off because they think their doing themselves the favor of the people by proclaiming the truth!  It’s quite the opposite and I’m going to break it all down…brick by fucking brick!  If there was one thing you taught me, Sektor, was to not be naive anymore.  You didn’t only train me to be the best…but you initially created a monster.  The funny thing about this, John, is that you created a monster you didn’t even mean to create.  I guess it kind of reflects your life decisions and the drugs that you got so hooked up in.  It was the drugs that created the lie for you and after all this time…after all the years of all the hard drugs, you started to believe it.  You may “clean” now, but you will never truly be clean again.  THAT’S why you will never get your validation of being able to have your retirement match against Mike because it was your past that told you in the first place it was a good idea!  And now you have told yourself that by initially being able to beat me and get yourself the HOW World Championship, that you’ll actually be able to lure Mike Best out into the open.  ANOTHER FUCKING LIE!!!  You don’t actually care about the HOW World Championship at all!  In fact, everything you built with Ground Zero is a fucking LIE!!!!  Where has Ground Zero actually gotten you?  Honor and wrestling and earning championships?!  Wasn’t that all part of the experience?  No, John, that’s not what your legacy has become.  You just want to USE the HOW World Championship as a muse, to lure Mike Best out of retirement.  It’s not about becoming champion to you anymore.  You said it yourself…you’re forty years old and aren’t in your prime anymore.  You were thinking about the end game and remember, all things come to an end.  It was that end that you were thinking about.  It was that ending that was so attracting to you because deep down…you and both know that you were hoping Mike Best beat you and retired you.  That’s why I think he took an alternate approach because he didn’t want to give you that satisfaction.  So here we are…you and me fighting for a chance at getting to the HOW World Championship Finals.  The only difference between me and you, John, is that I’m the only one who isn’t kidding themselves.  I’m the only one who really TRULY wants it.  You have your own vendetta to square away with Mike.  That’s why I’m going to give you that vendetta at Refueled Two…just not the way you think you’re going to get it.


Hollywood could see the top of the mountain in clear view.  He could see his priorities and his stance on High Octane Wrestling in full view.  It was the same view he saw right before he defeated Darin Zion and won the HOW World, ICON and LSD Championships on the final show of the last era.  Hollywood’s mind was focused, clearly he knew where he needed to be and where everyone else needed to be.  That is why Hollywood saw the writing on the wall perfectly.  That is why Hollywood was so protective of the HOW World Championship and his legacy….his empire he created in HOW…his passion of what mattered the most, no matter what the cost.  It was why he could see the faults in others so clearly after he was clearly blinded by how to see them all those years ago.  John Sektor had taught Hollywood well…but it was Hollywood himself that taught himself how to craft it for his own trademark.  He wasn’t Scott Stevens or Christopher America…he was Brian FUCKING Hollywood!  He was a man who drafted his own craft and mastered the brilliance of how to topple others in the face of war.  It was clearly war and it’s always war to Hollywood.  That’s what has kept him in prime condition after all this time.


Hollywood sighs as he cracks his neck from side to side.  Hollywood was the ultimate mastermind beyond his time and he knew it.  It didn’t matter how much time it took to unlock the answers to how to ascend to the top and to greatness.  It was how he was constantly reminding himself and others what it took to keep himself there.


Brian Hollywood: You think you’re coming to destroy me, Sektor, but the honestly in that statement is that you’re coming to destroy yourself.  Now…once again I must tell you the flaws of your plan.  You think you’re going to tear me apart in that ring come time for Refueled Two?  You think you’re coming to finish me so you can move on for one final match before winning the HOW World Championship?  You say your driven by hatred for Mike Best.  However, the fact of the matter is, it is a hatred that is falsely placed.  You haven’t been prepping for me…you’ve been prepping for Mike Best.  I’m just a stepping stone to get to Mike.  Isn’t that what you said, John?  The answer to that question…again, John, is that stepping stone is going to trip you up!  That stepping stone is actually a hard pulse of heroin going through your veins and that is the LIE, John!  The drugs are still talking inside you and once an addict…ALWAYS an addict!  You may be prepping to fight me, John, but your prepping to take that inevitable fall once again.  What if I just pulled out a bag of drugs for you and dropped it right in front of your face?  The temptation would be there and that’s all that you need to fall.  Like I told you…the writing is already written on the wall.  Your final chapter has written itself…but it isn’t to be HOW World Champion.  It’s that last match with Mike Best.  That’s what you REALLY want, John!  Mike Best is the DRUG you want, John…NOT the HOW World Championship!  And that’s why I’m going to be the one to put you down in my ultimate quest to hoist MY HOW World Championship back above my head!  That’s why I’m going to be the one fighting with hatred because mine is actually well placed and well validated!  That’s my writing on the wall, John, and it’s the only one that matters to me!  I don’t care what I have to do….I will beat you however I have to…but that is the real simple in everything John.  It really is that simple.


Simple is as simple does, John…and it’s just that simple for me in my quest to once again call myself….HOW World Champion!  Simply put…it doesn’t get any simpler than that John…

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