The Final Stretch

Yuenglings Center

May 15th

The scene opens up in a quiet setting as the camera pans around an empty arena.  Everything was silent, so still in an environment that has been notorious for violence, constant action and the craze of thousands of fans who thirst for the pumping of adrenaline that triggers their violent and crazy desperations.  This brings the attention to one man spotted in the upper echelon of the arena.  The sky box is in view as a man sits in the center of the room.  The camera pans closer to reveal Brian Hollywood, sitting quietly looking out into an empty and open arena pondering carefully.  Hollywood  wouldn’t take his eyes off of the ring.  For a good few minutes, it was just silence and certainly something that wasn’t characteristic for Hollywood.  Finally, the long silence is broken.


In just a few short days, this place will come alive once more as the redemption for HOW continues.  I’ve said it all along that that HOW World Championship is STILL MY property and that until I lose my championship, that HOW World Championship is still mine.  A lot of people will find that selfish….I don’t give a fuck what the people think.  THEY aren’t in this tournament and they sure as hell weren’t the last HOW World Champion.  No.  Their just critics, judges of other people because they can’t validate their own self worth.  That is the difference between me and them.  I’m already a step ahead of the rest and validation that the HOW World Championship is not only mine…but that I never rightfully lost it to anyone in the first place.  That’s why I’m one of four people left.  That’s why there are only officially three more people in my line of sight when it comes to my HOW World Championship.  Max Kael and Halitosis can wait.  I don’t give a fuck about either one of them. I only need to give a fuck about ONE of them, not both.  They can fight and tear each other apart for all I care.  No…I only need to put my effort on one of those two men.  However, the one that I do need to put all my attention on at the moment is none other than HOW Hall of Famer John Sektor.


Hollywood pauses for a moment as he lets that bit of information hit him.  Facing John Sektor was something Hollywood always suspected would happen.  The winner between Mike Best and John Sektor would face him.  Again, that’s all that mattered to him.  Hollywood knew both Mike and John were Hall of Famers.  However, in the same case as Halitosis and Max Kael….he only had to face one of them.  He didn’t care what the outcome was for the two hall of famers.  He didn’t care if it was all out war and career versus career.  It just meant that one man would be the last standing in his way on his quest to get to the HOW World Championship finals.  Hollywood ponders the end result between Sektor and Best as he shakes his head…almost as if he’s struggling to let the ending of what he saw between Sektor and Mike get him to talk.


Look….I know I said I didn’t give a fuck about what happened between potentially two of my opponents…my enemies to the climb back to my throne.  However…I can’t help but to think that Sektor deserved better.


Hollywood pauses again.  What was he doing?!  This was something that Hollywood never bothered to consider because he didn’t give a shit about the concerns of others that wasn’t involved immediately with his.  Yet, there Hollywood was…feeling a bit of remorse for a man who may or may not deserve it.  Hollywood was a bit close with Sektor in the past.  At one point, him and Sektor fought side by side.  Hollywood hated history…especially when it came to the history that was involved with him in current events.  Again, Hollywood starts to speak with a little bit more sympathy.


You know it’s kinda funny…you can ask almost everyone and anyone and they’ll all respond the same.  They’ll tell you I have no heart.  They’ll tell you I don’t like to dwell on the past because you can get lost in it.  Look at Darin Zion for more details.  He can’t elevate himself in HOW, nor come close to the HOW World Championship because he can’t get his own self out of the past.  That’s why he didn’t beat Kael.  He was too worried about redemption and changing himself for the better.  That was his distraction.  But this isn’t about Zion.  No…don’t let me get you off topic here.  The truth is I’m the best because I didn’t let myself get caught up in my past.  I’m the best because I adapted.  I’m the best because I didn’t let my own mistakes hold me back.  So you ask…what does any of this have to do with Sektor?  What does any of this have to do with how I feel about what happened to the man?


Hollywood pauses once again.  It was to the point where it was a bit uncomfortable for Hollywood to take a stroll down memory lane.  All he gave a shit about was his HOW World Championship.  The championship that HE won and how he molded HOW in his greatness.  So what was happening here?  All of a sudden, Hollywood lets out a small smile.


You know what, fuck it!  I can’t help but to keep it off my mind.  I’m in the final four of the HOW World Championship tournament and my opponent in John Sektor happens to be here with me.  Not everyone remembers this…..but John Sektor and I used to ride into battle together.  We defended one another and at one point, John Sektor actually gave me a purpose in High Octane Wrestling.  It was Ground Zero that Sektor and I share a history with.  At one point, Ground Zero consisted of Sektor, Rhys Townsend, Evan Ward and myself.  Nobody remembers I was in Ground Zero.  Hell, I almost forgot I was in Ground Zero.  I almost forgot because it was the mythology of Ground Zero that I struggled with at first.  It was a big struggle for me.  But for some reason…it was John Sektor that didn’t give up on me.  Rhys Townsend forgot about me.  Evan Ward forgot about me.  But not John Sektor.  Sektor was even the HOW World Champion at the time.  Do you remember this Sektor?


Now Hollywood was taking a risk.  There it was….he finally put it out there.  A key moment of his past right there on the table.  There were no cheers in the arena because it was empty.  There was something symbolic about that because no one was around that’s in HOW currently, besides Sektor, who would have ever known it.  Hollywood was very protective about that part of himself because, to Hollywood, the past makes you weak.  It may have shaped you to be somebody, but it still makes you weak because you dwell on it.  Hollywood wasn’t about to dwell on it any longer than he had to.  So still….why does Hollywood even bother with it all?  Why does Hollywood have this seemingly interesting soft spot for Sektor?  Is that what he’s calling it?  Or is it a trip down memory lane for a reason?  Now it was just questions in the form of barrages that was nightmare PR in Hollywood’s case.  Still…Hollywood continues once again.


Do you remember Sektor? Or was years all drugged up make you forget even the most tidbit of historical ironies?  I don’t necessarily mean that as disrepectful.  I know what drugs are capable of doing.  I just didn’t know if you actually remembered we had history.  I just didn’t remember if you knew that you were the HOW World Champion at that time in Ground Zero when you took it upon yourself to still peak your interest in my evolution.  But do you remember?!  I have a vivid memory and I know what I know Sektor!  You went OUT OF YOUR WAY to help me!  You went out of your way, even in the non interests of HOW, and helped me!  You were the only friend…the only actual friend I had then and I didn’t know what you saw in me.  But I beg you to trigger deep down in yourself to remember SOMETHING!  I beg you to because I know what you seek.  I know what you seek and what was TAKEN AWAY from you in a split second in your match against Mike Best!


And there it was!  Hollywood finally makes it come back around.  Hollywood had watched the Sektor and Best match and he reacted to it.  He didn’t need to react to it.  He didn’t need to care about the results, only who he was facing.  Yet here Hollywood was…actually caring…..actually attempting to reach out to Sektor when he knew deep down he shouldn’t.  But Hollywood watched the match, of course.  He watched everything unfold before his very eyes and maybe it was something that triggered the whole thing in the first place.  Who really knows what.  All Hollywood wanted to do at this point was to get Sektor to reach out about it.


I saw what Mike Best did to you, John.  In that moment, Mike was just being Mike.  Whatever you saw in Mike Best over the years, all the matches, all the fights….all the warfare…it hardened Mike.  You have to remember, Mike isn’t just in HOW anymore.  That’s what’s missing from Mike, John.  He’s got his claws in OCW…or OCW has their claws in him.  Either way…Mike Best isn’t in just one place.  He’s distracted and had it ONLY been ABOUT HOW….your guys match MIGHT have turned out differently.  Who knows.  But I’d like to think I’m good about reading people and I’d like to think I’m good at figuring people out.  Mike Best is the kinda guy who figures it out for you.  He gives you that image….that reputation and that’s what makes it so easy for everyone to know who he is.  But the honest answer in all of this Sektor?  Mike Best played you for a fucking fool because it was NEVER about one last match with him.  It was never about career versus career.  That was just something he built up within you so he could take it away from you, Sektor.  It was vulnerability. 


Hollywood sighs.  He pauses for a moment because he doesn’t know if he can continue speaking about this subject.  However…Hollywood, once again against his better thoughts, continues anyways.


I’m not telling you this to get you all angry or to make you feel sorry for yourself.  I’m telling you…..because…..because……


Hollywood clinches his jaw as he fights every being in his body to try to keep it within him.  There was a fire in Hollywood’s eyes….a combination of anger and hesitation.  Something yelling at him to keep it to himself.  However, he just couldn’t do it.  Hollywood finally let’s it out as he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer.


You deserve BETTER!!! 


And there it was….Hollywood pauses once more as he lets that sink in.  There was no turning back at this point and Hollywood had already gone there.  How couldn’t he have?  This time, he couldn’t sit back after watching what happened to Sektor eat him away.


I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, Sektor.  I want what’s best for you.  I do care, unlike Mike Best.  I do remember what you did for me and how I got here.  I have you to thank for that and I can’t let that sit lingering in my conscience because you deserve better than that.  We will lock up in the semi finals, John and I want you to be at your best KNOWING that you actually helped me get here.  KNOWING that because you cared…because you did something with someone like me and made me who I am today.  Were both tough because of it.  But I just wanted you to know that before our match up and I want to say THANK YOU because you DESERVE IT….


You really do buddy.  I’ll see you soon…

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