An Open Invitation

For any out there with a shred of self respect... sorry Stevens, not you.

The eGG bandits have apparently sent out a formal invite to their ICON Championship Battle Royal viewing party. As decreed by the GREEK GOD of COOL himself, any and all aligned with his holiness are welcome to join in protest of being told to participate in such a demeaning and grotesque event.

Doozer declined to comment.

The COOLYMPIAN, on the other hand…

“I just want anyone, and everyone, who feels like this waste of time is pitiful… NAY, a swift kick in the dick to any and all who were volunt-told… well, I want them to feel free to join us. Not to march to the beat, but to watch in silent protest. To show our self worth. To be most righteous to not only our fans, but ourselves.”

That’s when Doozer’s manager, The Dude, put the icing on the cake.

“Also, there will be gifts. And snacks.”

Cool Jiles made sure to add,

“Lavish gifts and snacks.”

Roleplay Countdown


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